Mark V Camilla Subalpine Ladies' Rifle: New From Weatherby
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“The new Mark V Camilla Subalpine is the third custom-designed rifle in Weatherby’s line of firearms built exclusively for women,” the company’s presser proclaims [full text below]. “All are named after the ‘First Lady of Weatherby,’ Roy’s wife Camilla.” And there I was thinking they were named after Camilla Parker-Bowles, to whom Prince Charles confessed his desire to be, well, intimate with her. (Parker-Bowles, that is.) Anyway, JWT reviewed a previous Weatherby Camilla and had this to say about that . . .

It would be high on my list for a first rifle for a lady hunter. It’s extremely reliable. Given the right load, it’s accurate enough to take any caliber-suitable game out to 500 yards. Most importantly, it does what it’s supposed to do: it fits a woman’s body. I hope that other manufacturers follow suit and build attractive rifles of this quality, so that we see more female hunters in the field this der season.

Looks like Weatherby’s not waiting for its competition to catch up. The Mark V Subalpine trades walnut and blue steel for “cutting-edge materials” to lose weight and increase durability. 5.75 pounds, sub-MOA and all your (or your lady friend’s) for just $3000. Wow. Still, heirloom quality costs big bucks. And kills them too.

Weatherby Introduces the Mark V Camilla Subalpine Rifle for Women

Paso Robles, Calif. -( The new Mark V Camilla Subalpine is the third custom-designed rifle in Weatherby’s line of firearms built exclusively for women. All are named after the “First Lady of Weatherby,” Roy’s wife Camilla.

Brenda Weatherby explains the inspiration for this feature-packed Mark V: “After hunting with my beautiful walnut Camilla all over the world, I realized that some hunts are more suited for an ultra-tough, lightweight, weather-resistant rifle. It’s only logical to give us ladies more options in a firearm that we already love.”

The rugged Mark V Subalpine joins two existing models in the women’s series: the Mark V Camilla Deluxe and the Vanguard Camilla. All share the same specialized stock geometry developed by consulting Women of Weatherby representatives and other female shooters.

The stock features a slim forearm for a fine feel and reduced weight. The narrow radius pistol grip has a subtle palm-swell and a short grip-to-trigger reach for smaller hands. Camilla’s high comb provides optimal cheek weld and eye-scope alignment. Combined with its 13-inch length of pull and thoughtful buttstock angle, the stock fits a woman’s form with natural balance and fast-to-target shouldering.

For the Mark V Camilla Subalpine, Weatherby has traded rich walnut and blue steel for cutting-edge materials to shave weight from the rifle while boosting durability.

According to Brenda Weatherby, “We combined a lightweight carbon fiber stock and weather-resistant Cerakote metal coatings to create a nimble firearm that handles beautifully while standing up to the toughest conditions.”

The result is a woman’s rifle that weighs just 5.75 pounds.

Weatherby has appointed this new rifle with their revolutionary 6-lug Mark V action, an adjustable match-grade LXX Trigger and a hand-lapped, stainless steel, fluted barrel with a recessed target crown.

The rifle is so accurate that it has earned Weatherby’s SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee* (.99” or less 3-shot group at 100 yards when used with Weatherby factory or premium ammunition). The rifle’s metalwork has a “Flat Dark Earth” Cerakote finish for stealth and exceptional weather and corrosion resistance.

The new Camilla has a very distinct look. “For the stock, we chose Gore™ Optifade™ Subalpine camo from SITKA Gear for unmatched concealment. The pattern matches their new line of women’s hunting clothing – giving every woman the gear they need for the world’s most extreme and thrilling hunting conditions,” says Brenda Weatherby.

Women can choose their new Mark V Camilla Subalpine in five popular calibers including .240 Weatherby Magnum, .270 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win and .30-06 Springfield.

For more information on this and all fine Weatherby firearms, along with their *accuracy guarantee, visit their website.

WeatherbyAbout Weatherby:

Founded in 1945, Weatherby, Inc. is a family-owned company that continues to fuel the passion of hunters and shooters around the globe by building some of the world’s finest firearms. With a legacy of setting new standards in ballistics and performance, the company is committed to redefining excellence on the range and in the field. The Weatherby line features the legendary Mark V rifles (production and custom), popular Vanguard rifles, Weatherby Shooting Systems Rifles and shotguns like the Orion, Element and SA-08. Weatherby’s premium ammunition and shooting accessories are also the choice for discerning shooters worldwide. The company is based in Paso Robles, CA and invites all hunters and shooters to visit their free online communities at, and @weatherbyinc on Twitter. The latest Weatherby films can be viewed at

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  1. RF, please chill out with the bong-bashing. The House of Windsor didn’t install all those speed cameras- the Conservative, Liberal, and Labour Parties in the House of Commons did.

    • The royals are a family of parasites the should’ve been dismantled decades ago. Get over yourself, you traitorous Tory!

  2. .I bought .240 from guy thot it was wore out, he never cleaned the barrel.never.didnt like high cost of ammo. $340. One of my favorites the 240, 30-06 is darn good to and good for the ladies, I’ve got .300 and, not to put girls down,but that 300 ‘s a kicker.. . . Lol… And since I’m rambling, I was looking up ballistics on Rugers 327, heck we’ve got same ballistics or close in the 7.62×25 Tok. I just love that ugly S.O.B.(tt33) really ain’t worth a shit but I like it.

    • I’m thinking a .30-06 out of a 5.75 pound rifle is going to kick a whole lot like a .300 Win Mag out of an 8 pound rifle. Optics will change that a bit, but a a featherweight. 30-06 will definitely notify you when the trigger has been tripped. I own Model 70s in .30-06 and .300 Win Mag.

  3. “I hope that other manufacturers follow suit and build attractive rifles of this quality, so that we see more female hunters in the field this der season.” Because if my rifle isn’t attractive enough I am not going deer hunting this year! 😁

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