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“It was foolish. I didn’t give it thought.” Those words rolled off the tongue of 20-year-old Dmitriy Andreychenko, the guy who donned a tactical vest and carried a braced AR pistol into a Springfield, Missouri Walmart just days after the El Paso Walmart shooting.

He faces a litany of charges, and worst-case scenario, he could be deported if convicted.

From KY3 TV:

It set off panic among some shoppers, and led to Andreychenko being held at gunpoint and arrested. He is charged with making a terrorist threat.

“Praise God that he (the man who held Andreychenko at gunpoint) was trained and that he was able to see that I wasn’t threatening anyone and didn’t shoot me, so praise God for that,” Andreychenko said.

Andreychenko tells KY3 News he now sees his decision was poor timing, given the other two mass shootings in recent days, but otherwise does not regret what he did.

“It was foolish, I didn’t give it thought. It was so innocent that I didn’t think this would happen.”

Here is the interview.

He didn’t think.

Too often this is the problem with some who open carry their long guns in public. While The People of the Gun might not be alarmed at the sight of a man or woman wearing a tactical vest and carrying a long gun, the average John or Jane Doe definitely will be. Particularly right after a high profile spree shooting.

Sadly, open carrying long guns ends up setting back the cause of gun rights, not advancing it.

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  1. Nice knowing you Dmitriy. Have fun back in Russia. Hopefully the Darwin award you tried to win doesn’t catch up to you on the plane.

  2. Sadly, exercising a civil right in a perfectly legal manner is now subject to someone else’s feelings.

    • Even worse… they are gun owners criticizing him for it. They should be thanking him and standing behind him instead of cowering in their corners ranting about how much safer they are concealing.

      news flash idiots: concealment is a result of infringements. The end. Nobody cares about the rest. Concealment is a result of infringements on your rights.

      Stop fucking catering to them.

      • Thanking him? He is a narcissistic coward. He set us back and if you don’t know how and why I bet you have never gone into the office of a purple district legislator to argue against gun control.

        • Funny. I don’t ask for shit from politicians. I make statements and demands. Organize and carry. You should too, because if you keep asking nicely about your second, it’s gonna slip right outta your clammy hands. You honestly blame open carriers for exercising their rights? That is the most narcissistic thing anyone has ever said to me… calling someone doing something that is legal a coward. How many times have you protested anything? lol… Or are strongly worded letters more your style? Because without a militia to back those letters, they might as well be kindling.

        • BD.. In this day and age, if you don’t understand how absolutely asinine it is to do what this person did than you are just as brain dead and or dumber than he is!!

        • Damn! There is a lot of Fudds up in here. Fudding it up all over the place.

          But maybe I was just born in the wrong time. I should have been born in the 1700s where I could walk into a general supply store with my musket and nobody would care. Or even in the 1800s where I could go to the store with my lever gun and there wouldn’t be a bunch of Fudds complaining about how I looked, how I kept my hair, the color of my shoes, the type of horse I rode in on, or the lever gun on my back. Back when as long as I wasn’t shooting at them, or pointing my gun at them, they could care less what I was doing.

          Alas. Instead I was born just before the information age, where some guy 200 miles away knows what I ate for breakfast, and deeply cared because I was different from him. Absolutely unacceptable that I am different from him. Big problem here.

        • Horseshit! He broke no laws. However, the store manager broke several and is going to get a pass. That’s on you, fudd.

        • No Chris, BD has it right. The time has come to stop pandering to “purple district” legislators. In fact they are the worst because they are so gutless they just sit on the fence playing both sides while watching the donations roll in hoping to buy their vote. More better to assure them if they keep playing this game they are going to wind up with a constituency of HANSOB’s.

      • Exactly, this is why we are losing the war for our rights – the left is absolutely unified in their single minded desire to take ALL guns, while we argue amongst ourselves to try and appease them… How many old hunters do you hear saying “well who needs an ar-15?” And here we are turning on each other because some of us choose to open carry because it melts snowflakes… “Shall not be infringed” is not ambiguous or subjective, we can either stand together and support each other or watch as our rights get stripped further and further away. Anyone who is afraid of seeing someone open carry should stay at home in a hermetically sealed bag because going outside exposes you to germs that kill millions more people every year than guns; or grow a pair, act like an adult, and realize that the guy open carrying legally isn’t the one you need to worry about.

        • Agreed! Since we like to draw comparisons to driving, swimming, using a knife, etc., it is like saying “I cannot believe you are driving a car right after that (insert number here) car pileup on the highway where (insert number here) people died! How insensitive!”

          I realize that it wasn’t a smart decision BUT he has every right to do what he did and I’ll support that right, even if I disagree with it…

        • My grandfather was an avid hunter and reloader. Very old school “you don’t eat supper unless you finished your day’s work” kind of guy and WWII combat veteran.

          He had a son – my father – who turned out to like the idea of guns, but only because they provided an emotional link to his dad. He never studied American Revolutionary Era history, the 2nd Amendment, or any of that. In fact, he recently told me there’s no reason for anyone to have ARs.

          My brothers and I all have ARs and eagerly study the Founding Fathers and why we have the 2A.

          Now my son is an adult and doesn’t care one whit for guns. That’s his right, but my attempts to educate him on Constitutional matters fell on deaf ears.

          Generations skip. It’s as old as time itself.

    • This wasn’t about him walking on public property (his civil right/liberty) but about him narcissistically doing so on probate property at a Walmart immediately following a shooting at a Walmart.
      So nothings at all to do with his rights. Everything to do with egotism and ignoring obvious harm to gun owners in an political cultural environment/struggle where public perceptions matter.
      You may not like that public perceptions matter — but it is delusional to assert they don’t.

      • They do. So how will our ability to carry alter by any other means? If not now, then when? Because it’s not happening. Public perception needs you behind someone LEGALLY exercising their rights to open carry… regardless of WHEN, or WHY. The 2A does not exist to make you or others “feel” anything. Fuck your feelings. Fuck their feelings. It’s too late for that shit. Carry. Doesn’t matter why, or how, or where and when… it’s our right, stop letting them infringe on it. The end.

        • So strap one on your hip, grab your rifle, and walk right into a courtroom. See how fast you get to argue infringement in front of a judge B. D.

          No right is absolute, not even the right of free speech. Private businesses have the right to not allow guns in their establishment, and Dimitriy should have thought his actions through a little better. Remember, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. BD, walk into the ‘Hood and start exercising your right to free speech by screaming racial slurs at the little kids. It’s your right to do so and no government official can stop you.

        • Sam@: “No Rights are Absolute…”
          Yeah, Okay….Just spotted another Leftist SJW Troll drifting around a PRO2@ site dribbling falsehoods and nonsense…Another Leftist Troll who’s suggesting that the “Gobermint” gets to “Regulate” Constitutional Rights like THEY were the one’s who “Authorized” them….

        • @Sam “No right is absolute, not even the right of free speech.”

          Actually it is. You just keep giving up your rights. We don’t completely void the 1st Amendment for everyone just because some nutballs like to scream “fire” in a movie theater do we? So no, we don’t completely void the 2nd Amendment for everyone just because a few psychos shoot up a bar, festival or Walmart.

          It clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Stop caving in and giving up your rights inch by inch at a time.

      • don’t try telling these dumb phucks, they won’t listen and they’ll ramble and rage all our rights straight away because they want to act hard but come off acting like children told that bed time is soon and they’re going whether they finish eating or not. The reality is that while there are inalienable constitutional rights we posses like 2A the public still gets to vote, and if history is any guide the public can and will vote some unconstitutional shit in from time to time.

        So rather than bluster and defend every dumb thing that we *can* do how about going about things the smart way and influencing the fence sitters to realize that we are both right and reasonable. Doing that means winning in the legal system, and winning in the legal system means avoiding the boogaloo which most reasonable people want to do.
        So for example lets do smart open carry, like a handgun on a belt holster. Or even a march or rally through the center of town with long guns and signs demonstrating open carry is harmless as has been done countless times before?

        By all means resist when its time for resisting, but be smart when its time to be smart for God’s sake.

        (*the latter doesn’t entail showing up to venues looking like you work for Triple Canopy to pick up some milk and eggs)

      • Public perceptions = political correctness

        And political correctness works against gun rights. Not for it.

  3. While it was a dumb thing to do, I don’t see how he was making a terrorist threat by simply doing something that was entirely legal to do. Doing something that demonstrates poor judgement and bad taste shouldn’t get you charged with being a terrorist.

    • while stupid not illegal and should of just been asked to leave store and the man that held him at gunpoint should be charged with improper display and endangering the life of the man and false imprisonment

    • Pistol secured in hip holster = legal possession

      Pistol held in hand = legal possession, but possible charge of “brandishing” depending upon situation.

      Both legal, but one is foolish.

      • I haz a answer.

        Aside from foolishly wearing tactical gear into a Walmart days after a mass murder event at a Walmart, the problem was NOT his holstered pistol.

        Slung over his right shoulder, magazine inserted, was an AR PISTOL. That is the one that caused the greatest dismay and distress and caused the Walmart to be evacuated.

        THAT is the one that nearly got him shot.

        Once again the issue comes down to not is open carry of a long gun LEGAL, but is it appropriate to the time and place. If it is NOT APPROPRIATE you should be smart enough not to do it.

        • Smart enough to not exercise a right that is legal?

          People are killed every day, in masses, all across the globe.

          If not now… then when?

        • Chris, the more you open your business to the public, the more you are required to respect the rights of your patrons. The supreme court already had something to say about it when a corporation “owned” a “private” town. Private property is only private property if you keep it private, once you are open for business to the general public, you are expected to respect in the least, most of the rights of the public.

        • ARC, that is not true. You can go into a Wal Mart or a grocery store and start handing our fliers or giving a speech without their permission. Many stores require you wear a shirt and shoes to even enter the premises. While private property owners cannot kill you, harm you, seize your property, etc, they can certainly dictate some of your behaviors on their property. This is because you have the option to shop elsewhere.

          You do not have the option to choose not to obey government, you are compelled to by the threat of force.
          Hence a much more strict enforcement of rights against government intrusion.

          The problem we are beginning to run into here is that my insurance company compels me to use CVS, and CVS now has a policy violating my rights, and the threat of government force compels me to get insurance from my employer instead of in a free market where I could buy insurance at my whim that met my needs. While Wal Mart is within their rights to ban OC, and I am within my rights to go elsewhere, government action prevents me from doing so with CVS.

      • Probably shouldn’t bother conceal carrying either anyway. After all you could bend over and a women could see your gun and then what.

        • You could end up like Erik Scott in Las Vegas, being shot to death by three cops yelling contradictory and opposing commands.

      • After they eliminate OC they will say “All of these people are walking around with guns and no one knows who has one. Ban CC!”

        They make that argument with 80% and home builds now. “OMFG, ghost guns! No one knows who has one!”

    • Any decent lawyer could argue against the threat charge. Andreychenko is/was very open about his actions as a political statement and protest. There was no threat implied. The argument will likely be over what was inferred by others vs what was implied. But… they will likely want “make an example” of him by piling on as many charges as they can.

      Meanwhile, we have had 14 people shot in my city in two days. Last night a young boy was shot in the crossfire of hoodrats doing what hoodrats do. And it isn’t national news like this, and SJWs don’t care one bit. As a previous commenter said: public perception matters. And the left controls that.

      • LOL at this statement. “Any decent lawyer…” this is going to be a crazy uphill battle.

  4. 20 year old who said he “didn’t think”. Why would you be surprised.

    Many people who take “selfie” photos and post to the internet “friends” do not seem to be able to interact with people in real life.

  5. “Sadly, open carrying long guns ends up setting back the cause of gun rights, not advancing it.”

    Which is what many have said from the very beginning…

    • Many, who like the subject of this article, didn’t think ahead.

      Thinking ahead, however, and OCing your long gun in a more intelligent manner can work out without harm and perhaps achieve some of the carriers’ original goals.

      Showing up, kitted up, alone, at Walmart, just days after a Walmart shooting, is not the right approach, but many other examples of open carry have been fine. It’s really just the in your face jackwagons whose antics make the news or Youtube prominence which look bad.

    • WI Patriot-
      What does it say about supposedly constitutionally protected rights, if you actually do those supposedly constitutionally protected rights?

      “Protest rallies ultimately hurt the free speech” “Not allowing agents of the state access to your personal effects” ultimately hurts your right to be secure in your house and papers. etc.etc.

      If you can’t carry guns now, what makes you think you’ll be able to carry them if you have to raise them against your own government?

      It’s and insurance policy, don’t cancel it because your neighbor doesn’t want to pay the premiums.

        • Property that was made open to the public and thus yields some aspects that would usually accompany truly private property. You are either open for business or you aren’t.

        • You are either there to do business or you aren’t. By his own admission he wasn’t. By his own admission he was there for one purpose. Disrupt. That is against the law. And he was using a gun to do it. Doesn’t get any more simple than that.

        • Arc, you have it right:

          “You are either open for business or you aren’t.”

          Open for BUSINESS, not protest, not to pursue some personal promotional agenda, only for doing business.

          This is America, and individuals or corporations who own property can dictate who enters that property and how they behave on that property.

          Unless you’re some kind of dictator who wants to dictate what I can and can’t do on my property and wants to step on my property and tell me exactly what kind of relationship I’m going to have with them.

          If POTG were smart, they would immediately issue multiple statements condemning this Russian national for his intentional infliction of emotional distress on employees and patrons of Walmart with his completely inappropriate display of a military style assault weapon.

    • and they are all wrong. Sad.

      How else do you expect to win the battle for our 2a? Concealment is a direct result of compromising with infringements, and nothing will change the POV of gun grabbers except being forced into situations around them, outside of their “safe zone” bubbles. Nothing will. Nothing short of open carry protests will slow the process that will inevitably end up as a war. Unless of course, your side of the war is “look at those idiots carrying rifles, I’m just gonna give up and not fight”. Because that is what not open carrying does for us. Eventually, there will be no conceal carry allowed either… so what is your plan of action after that happens? Still blame the open carriers? Or get off your ass and do something like those people who are already beyond the point of fed up with tyranny.

      Years ago I looked at open carriers like idiots too. And then one day it all made sense. How else are we going to stop the government and the hard left from taking our rights away? In court… lol… yea, ok. That has worked out SO well it led us here.

      • “Nothing short of open carry protests…”

        That’s probably correct. However, I think we need to take a page from the LGBTQ community on this one and work towards people not freaking out in small steps. After all, exposure/extinction therapy for heights doesn’t start with skydiving.

        Start with OCing pistols calmly, safely, with proper holsters and impeccable manners. Then move from there.

        That sucks. It takes patience but it does seem to work with civil rights.

        It’s either that or you need a major court case that causes a paradigm shift in how legal responses are executed basically overnight. I don’t see that happening, but then I don’t pretend to see the future, so maybe that such a thing will come to pass.

        • I agree with most of it, but the LGBTQABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP…. community did the exact opposite. They paraded… held parades?! they fucken marched. For years! They pretty much shoved that agenda where even people who had no opinion on the matter felt uncomfortable, and now look… Hank loves Billy and it’s okay cuz NBC says so.

          So… just march with our guns and hold some kickass parades with non threatening chill vibes music, yah know… a little friendly pantera, and bbq once a year across the nation and boom…
          “What’s Billy (Hanks lover) doing with with his SBR (it’s a perfect world scenario – they pay attention) in WalMart”
          “Buying toilet paper”.

        • Your gay analogy falls flat.

          What business is it of anyone what Adam and Steve do together? As Thomas Jefferson said, it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.

          A.R. 15’s in public places is an entirely different matter, they have been used to kill literally scores of innocent civilians going about their daily business.

        • Good points. Remember the photos of the civil rights marchers in the 1960s? Crisply pressed white shirts/blouses. Pressed trousers/skirts? Marching in large groups in good order? What did that get anyone?

          Remember, also, the Black Panthers bearing long guns in the CA state capital building. Dressed in black leather. What did that get them? The Mulford Act.

          Not that I have anything against the Black Panthers. I know little about them; I was just a teen at the time. (A bodyguard for Cesar Chavez told me that some of the Black Panthers engaged in criminal acts; many did NOT.)

          Rather, I’m interested in the minor nuance of the effect of tactics. What worked for the cause? What worked against the cause? What combination of tactics might be most effective?

          Men of principle have little patience for effectiveness. Principle is everything!

    • Nothing he did was illegal and he should catch no charges. But yeah, showing up OC’ing a handgun is one thing, and thats fine. OC’ing an AR is another, and its probably not the smartest. Doing both of those things AND wearing in your coolguy cawadooty tac vest days after a mass killing by a wingnut is just plain darwin level stupid. Not illegal, but dumb af

    • One can impress people by spitting in the street! But is it the wise, prudent and proper thing to do? Along with the ability to understand the second amendment one should also have the ability to know when and where to do certain things. What do we expect total strangers to think when they see a person dressed in all the garb with a sidearm and a long gun? We have the right but shouldn’t we use our brains to determine if now is the time and that is place where I want to dress in such a manner? Well he exercised his 2A right and now faces the constituencies. What real GOOD did POTG reap from this event? If this is the necessary conduct, then why are we still fighting this battle over our 2A right?

  6. He “thought” enough to get all that shit together, put it on, and then drive down to Walmart. I wonder what he was REALLY thinking before he knew he’d be facing charges. It may be that he shouldn’t be convicted but he’s sill a dummy.

    • Not only that, but he apparently told his sister or some other relative what he was planning to do as a “test of Second Amendment rights” and was told it was a stupid and dangerous thing to do, but he did it anyway.

      • OK, I don’t know his sister, but she may not be Einstein. When I started OCing a handgun way back when everybody and their dog told me I was going to get arrrested, and I was goign to get shot by the cops, or a CCer. Hell, Philly cops were threatening to shoot OCers in the head on the now defunct Domelights forum. One OCer tried to report a crime in the 15th precinct in Philly and the officer behind the window threatened to arrest him. He didn’t get arrested and he continued right on OCing. So not listening to ever blissninny who tells you not to do something isn’t really evidence of anything except not giving into blissninnies.

  7. Welcome to the USA! We’re a free country! Just don’t go thinking that you’re actually free to do those things we say you’re free to do. Otherwise we might deport you.

    • The Clash, Know Your Rights

      “You have the right to free speech. As long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it.”

  8. Poor Dmitriy. Gotta feel a little sympathy for a young douche for not using his head. We’ve all been there and done that. Sometimes what seemed like a good idea……isn’t / wasn’t after careful reflection.

  9. Yes, every group has their idiots. In my estimation, we have a damn sight fewer than most. Problem is, when we do something that dumb, the “media” has a field day speculating about what coulda happened, etc. If the other side owns the media, social or otherwise, we need to be a lot smarter than them! Yeah, I hear ya, “that”s not difficult”, facts, not emotion, folks. Even the dumbest dem voters are starting to say WTF?

  10. If he can be deported, then how did he get all that stuff, (vests, braced weapon, etc.)? He’s either legal or not. I agree he’s really stupid for doing what he did, but , he’s either in the country legally or not. If it’s legal to carry open & he’s legal, he’s just a dummy.

  11. Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
    Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

    The Green County Prosecutor in Missouri refused to charge Dmitriy Andreychenco with terrorist threat in the first degree. The charge was made in the 2nd degree. Dmitriy was open carrying in a Walmart

  12. He’s a jack*ass, like every “Open Carrier”. There’s no sane reason at all to open carry, neither tactical nor political, and that includes “exercising your rights.” You don’t have a right to be an ass*ole, ass*ole. Use your little head; think, think, think.

    • Um, I live smack in the middle of coyote country. I’ve been chased over the years by dogs off their owners’ leash (including a Rottweiler), several bold coyotes, and even a pack of large raccoons once. Open carry is appropriate in some areas.

      You need to work on your trolling. Get some practice to make it more believable.

      • He wasn’t hunting. He also was not on his own land or state land carrying. He was making a egotistical statement that was trolling g to get arrested on someone related private property.

      • I can believe feral dogs, but not coyotes. Not unless they were mixed with common dog, coyotes are simply to shy on their own… unless you are like 100lbs and running, then they MIGHT give chase.

        • Sorry to bust your Disney training there, arc. But I’m six one and go 240. And I’ve had yotes get too damn close while they checked me out.

          The trouble with rules on animal behavior is that animals never read the rules.

        • JWM you really love me don’t ya.

          Yotes are naturally curious and naturally skittish, I’ve had them as close as 50 yards, maybe closer, they never bothered anything. Why do you think curiosity scents are added to lures, hmm? They like to investigate anything new as long as their skittish behavior doesn’t over power it.

          Out here, coyotes attacking anything is unheard of, there is nothing Disney (communist) about it, just reality. I have yet to hear of a single person or pet being attacked in all my time of living in the Texas countryside (flatlands) and have yet to hear of livestock losses from any neighbors or anyone in town. We got too many rats, rabbits, deer, and road kill for coyotes to waste their time with neglected and unfenced livestock.

          If you want an animal to hate on, hate on bobcats, they will attack anything broad daylight and aren’t scared of people. Had one hiding under one of the cars and jumped right out. Unlike coyotes which are fenced out on the cheap, you can’t fence out cats without going full Gitmo, even then, they will find a way in. They will attack pets, live stock guardians (killed one Great Pyrenees locally and 1-2 cows), tear their way into chicken coops if the wire is shitty. They won’t bury leftovers and return to scavenging after they top off, rather they shit and piss all over the left overs, kick dirt on it, and come back for another animal in around six hours. This kind of damage was all done in a years time span while coyotes haven’t done diddly in ~30 years, even though I’m surrounded by packs howling every other night.

          The funny thing is, I have some windwalker and Caven’s sitting in my greenhouse, stinking up the place, and a big bottle of coyote piss. (General purpose predator lures and baits.) I still don’t see any coyotes poking about, they aren’t going to approach no matter how interesting the smell. (Hint, its for the bobcats if they ever decide to fuck around again, I’ll have me some fur lined mitts!)

          If anything, I need more coyotes to eat all the damn barn rats damaging my equipment and ravage the grasshopper population. Yep, yotes will eat grasshoppers and there is no shortage of them. More coyotes means less room for bobcats, too bad we killed all the wolves, could use some of them too.

        • “I have yet to hear of a single person or pet being attacked in all my time of living in the Texas countryside…”

          Central Florida, town of about 70,000.

          “Forensic Tests Confirm Coyotes Responsible for Mutilations of Domestic Cats in Lakeland”

          “Forensic tests have confirmed that coyotes are behind a recent spate of cat mutilations in several Lakeland neighborhoods, ending months of speculation over what or who might have been respon­sible.”

        • @Arc,

          Coyotes – I don’t know where you live, but here in SoCal they’re everywhere. I literally see them on an almost daily basis in the canyon where I live and work. You are correct that they’re mainly shy, but tell that to the 5% of the bolder ones that like to come close to humans, and the 1% of them that are either extra bold, sick (think rabies), or pumped up due to smelling a fertile female nearby. While hiking, I’ve been chased by a Rottweiler, several coyotes, and several large (and angry) raccoons, and it always happened when my wife was with me. Protecting her is my #1 priority when outside.

          I’ve also seen bobcats. Last year one got close enough that I could see it from my front porch. Beautiful animal, but with paws so large I would never want to allow it to get close.

        • @Geoff, you seem to have missed the part where I said I live in Texas and have not heard of anyone or anything being attacked here, what happens in Flordia is irrelevant to me.

          @I haz a question, you also seem to have missed the part where I said I live in Texas, and also don’t have much love for bobcats. They are one of the only animals on my K.O.S list, next to hogs and copperheads. I can’t comment on beauty as I was too busy mag dumping at them since the buggers dart off so fast.

        • Arc, I live between Dripping Springs and Johnson City. I own a goat dairy. It takes no more than 2 days of the dogs being gone to the vet before we start losing kids. It’s been that way for at least 30 years. We hear them right on the edge of the pastures almost every night and they never stop trying to get in. Leave the chickens out one night, any night, and we have a lot fewer chickens. One coop is maybe 40 yards from the house. We have had them pcorner a chicken on our porch. They are cautious, but certainly not timid.
          A little more than an hour away, near the westlake preserve, dogs and cats in the encroaching neighborhoods are regularly taken by coyotes. There are public notices posted around the edge of the park for this reason.
          I am certainly willing to belive the coyotes around you are not aggressive, but I know from a life of working this land that all packs aren’t so harmless.

        • @Jwtaylor I’m about two counties over from Dripping Springs.

          Are you sure its a coyote and not a cat? I hear packs all around but only cats have done any damage. Is the carcass dragged halfway through the forest or is it covered in shit, piss, and dirt when its found? Sometimes I wonder just how much damage is getting blamed on the wrong animals. Have a coop that is ten yards from the house and bobcats love it. We don’t raise chickens anymore simply because of cats, they go right over fencing and doing battery chickens defeats the purpose of raising our own.

          Chickens would fit within a coyote’s diet. I recommend looking into a selective killing and try to push the population back to non-offenders, even though it still disrupts pack dynamics. Coyotes that are chilling in fields, prime rodent hunting grounds, aren’t an issue and if they have made it territory, they will keep out offending animals. People who go out and shoot at coyotes minding their own business are probably what started the problem to begin with.

          Purse dogs and cats run the possibility of being coyote dinner, especially in up-developed regions were people have squeezes the habitat out. I blame the owners for keeping their “beloved” pets outside and without protection. All of our dogs are indoor. Barn cats don’t seem to go missing either but the coyotes have no reason to take any.

          I had only one instance where coyotes wanted to start yapping beside our goats when we had them, the males stink so bad you can find them for miles just by the smell so we got rid of them after a few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if relatives were shooting them at the time and causing problems. No goats were taken and they never came back when someone went out there to investigate.

          Why aren’t your guardian dogs on rotation so that there isn’t down time? I thought it was common practice to have dogs on shifts. I’ve yet to find someone with a ‘coyote problem’ on the internet that hasn’t inevitably come back to fencing being non-existent or rickety barbed wire fencing. Fences solve nearly every problem, border fencing to keep out illegals, lot fencing to keep the neighbors out, and varmint fencing to keep coyotes out. Sorry, it won’t keep rabbits or snakes out.

          The people who have a problem with coyotes are always the ones that are, of course, killing coyotes, or have neighbors killing them and lack fencing. The thing is, when you kill them off, they increase litter sizes and in order to sustain larger litter sizes, they have to seek larger prey. Disrupting pack dynamics increases the total number of breeding pairs as well. Most people seem to be ignorant of this and think they can solve the problem with more killing and trapping which is essentially throwing gasoline on a fire.

          If dog fencing is ‘unaffordable’ – Its not -, you can check with your cooperative extension office for programs that subsidize fencing. The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a federal cost sharing program for producers and may also cover costs, there are dozens of others and even if you don’t get something directly for fencing, you can get one for another aspect of production and use the saved coin on fencing. is a hand full of programs at the federal level that might or might not be of any use. Assuming you are using your own cedar posts, don’t use any subsides, and use a 5′ varmint fence, its around $1/ft. PVC rollers make it un-climbable. Hot wires are effective as well.

          I know Michigan is littered is littered with subsidies but the ranchers there don’t use them, instead they leave carcasses to rot and bake in the fields and then bitch about how more scavengers show up, ultimately claiming “depredation” for their own negligence and billing the state (tax payers) for the losses. I suppose its human nature to fine it easier to bitch than to implement a solution.

          I won’t go into livestock guardian robots too much since they are still in development, but the early models are fairly capable, being ATV, remote controlled, remote monitoring, they can probably even accept GPS marked paths. Until they are mass produced, its irrelevant.

          I should also note that no one in my area kills, traps, or attacks coyotes, except my relatives but its not often. Naturally, the coyote population doesn’t have to compensate and isn’t thrown out of whack. They aren’t compelled to seek larger prey because they don’t have to sustain larger litters.

          Its not related to the subject matter but kind of ironic. Wolves were exterminated from Japan in the 1800s with state sponsored eradication programs and now their out of control deer and hog populations are ravaging crops. They ended up designing animatronic wolves to replace the ones they killed off. Effective for a half mile at deterring deer. I personally don’t have deer issues, likely because they know I’m the biggest predator in the area and will eat them if they give me a reason to.

          TL:DR, the more people try to fight against nature, rather than live with it, the more it costs them in the long run.
          A recommended study to read, there are plenty more out there if you or anyone else wants to break free from old and incorrect thinking.

        • Ooph, wish there was a way to reduce posted font size by a few sizes, TTAG comments are not conductive to large posts and I triggered the captcha.

          I forgot to add that burrows are an effective deterrent against coyotes, its good practice to keep one or two in a herd. Domestic dogs, if they form a pack, will chase down large game as well, coyotes need an outside stimulus to do that, I.E forced litter sizes. A local rancher several miles from me keeps burrows in his herds.

        • Wow, Arc, you suddenly came out of the woodwork as a self-proclaimed expert on coyotes. Geesh. Your posts are way too long. I only ready about 1/4 of the above before abandoning it. Less is more.

    • There are all kinds of reasons to open carry, first and foremost, is because it is your right. A right not subject to the whims of pearl clutching mothers or politicians or keyboard commandos spouting faulty reasoning. You have every right to be an butthole.

      You get the government you accept.

      I see the kind of government you want.

    • I don’t normally open carry, but I sometimes do it if i’m going to and from the range with my pistol. Should I hide it because I stopped to get gas and some water from a local convenient store? Apparently you must think I’m some A-hole when I do.

  13. Twenty=didn’t think. I feel your pain comrade. Had a wife & a kid at 20. I woulda’ pondered my actions Dimitriy. I heard it gets cold in Russia(Serge?)…

  14. When he did it he was lucky to survive. For anyone to try such a stunt, however innocent of mind or empty of thought, so soon after a Walmart was the scene of a massacre is beyond belief.

    It does not now appear that he is liable to be convicted of the more serious charges. Though whatever becomes of him I do hope it is severe enough for him to lose his gun rights as some level of convicted felon.

    Call it punishment for harming the rest of us. For if this incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back and triggered the denial of carry permissions in thousands of Walmart, Kroger, Walgreen and CVS stores, it was in effect a rail car of straw bales dropped upon that damned camel.

    Losing our gun rights will happen over a long period of time. It will happen for a multitude of reasons. All of them tied to poor pro- Second Amendment leadership and the antics of idiots.

    • “..Though whatever becomes of him I do hope it is severe enough for him to lose his gun rights as some level of convicted felon…

      I must have missed some reporting….who did this guy murder? Rob? Hit and Run? Did he shoot someone I didn’t read about?

      A Felony?! Seriously?

      Here’s an idea…Every legal gun owner/CCWs/Whoever/ in that area/town should OC one Saturday at that particular Walmart. Video and News coverage of a couple hundred armed AMERICANS exercising their GOD given right to self Defense. Carrying Posters of Rape victims, Dead Robbery victims, and yes, pictures of dead children that could have been saved by an armed protector.

      At this time, Politics is a war of emotions, images, and the ability to project perceived power. 2A supporters need to figure this out and use the gun-grabbers tactics against them.

    • No.
      This person should NOT lose his gun rights. He didn’t do anything near enough to warrant such a punishment. His actions did nothing to the rest of us. Politicians will be doing it to us. If you have to tip-toe around and not “rock the boat” while partaking in a protected legal activity, you acknowledge what the gun grabbers have been saying all along, that one person can wreck it for the rest of us, that the 2nd is a privilege and not a right, and must be administered by the gov, that guns should only be employed by “trusted individuals”.
      Do you also believe that we should not be able to drive cars because bad people kill other people with them? That we should not be able to have knives, because bad people murder others with knives?
      You accept that your life, and liberty should be restricted and regulated because of the actions and behaviors of other people?

    • Right on brother he harmed the collective. He aught to be jailed and fined excessively. Needs to be taught a lesson for his outrageous behavior. All Open carry should be a federal offense. There’s never a time it’s ok for you to carry a gun on display. Think of what innocent women and children would see of the saw a gun.

    • Enuf said, ” Losing our gun rights will happen over a long period of time. It will happen for a multitude of reasons. All of them tied to poor pro- Second Amendment leadership and the antics of idiots.”
      Yep, this event, no matter the timing, did nothing to advance the cause for pro 2A POTG. However, it does supply the left with one(1) more argument that will undoubtedly be used against us. Think about why Walmart, Kroger, CVS have just this week now decided that open carry is “unacceptable”? Is it coincidence?

  15. “Low IQ Person Reveals Why He Is Dumb and May Be Deported”

    In completely unrelated news, a judge lets a convicted rapist go out the back door so ICE can’t deport him.

  16. Well Hell, I’m now considered a domestic terrorist by the shitty by the bay and I haven’t had so much as a parking ticket in over a decade. Friggin unreal.

  17. I tend to think.
    It’s why I’m not in jail, prison, or any other lockup.
    It’s not that hard.

  18. Hope this guy spends some quality time in jail. He was clearly trying to cause a panic, given his choice of attire and location- and there’s a really strong case that his actions constitute making a terroristic threat

    • He admitted that he wasn’t there to buy deodorant or toothpaste but to cause a disruption. If he went there for the purpose of patronizing the business and just happened to be carrying that’s one thing. By his own admission he went there to disrupt the business. Walmart clears a hundred thousand dollars a day or more per store. He cost them tens of thousands of dollars by using their store as a forum for his protest. He didn’t have permission to do so. Burn him. It isn’t about his rights here. Walmart has the right to conduct business on their property without some clown deciding he is going to appropriate their property for his little 2nd amendment demonstration. If he was a real customer with real business to do there, and just happened to be carrying, that is one thing. This wasn’t the case.

  19. Let’s get real, just because open carry is legal doesn’t mean it should be. We might as well go ahead and ban open carry. Only wanna be ninjas and rednecks open carry. Only dumb fly over states allow open carry. The left makes fun of us if we open carry. If we let people know we’re pro gun then we’ll get made fun of even more. If women and children see guns it’ll turn them into democrats instantly. Open carry should not ever be allowed. Let’s compromise with democrats and trade of a federal ban on all open carry for no assault weapons ban. That way if open carriers are spotted they can be arrested and imprisoned instantly. Sounds like progress.

    • I’ve always felt the term troll was a misnomer.

      I think the correct term is agent provocateur.

      I imagine this sort of thing happens on Facebook as well, although I don’t partake of that particular platform so I can’t be sure.

    • Compromise with Democrats doesn’t mean what you think it means. Democrats see compromise as a long term political strategy, not as a consensus. To them, it means settling for an agreement this year and getting some of what you want. Next year you can get a little more and so on. Eventually they get it all.

  20. In the urban environment, a good rule is carry a pistol for the unexpected, and reach for the rifle when you expect trouble.

  21. This is similar to maliciously yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  22. What a load of crap. My guess is he DID think about it up front and Walmart’s response (banning open carry, some ammo sales, etc) is EXACTLY the result he wanted.

    • It would not be the first time that a Russian national intentionally worked to destabilize and divide American society.

      The Russian ambassador at the NRA convention, the Russian honey trap sleeping with the NRA executives and now a young military age Russian male as an agent provocateur with an AR 15 in Walmart.


      Hey Sergei, you have experience with this sort of people, what do you think?

  23. About the only thing the open carry law did in Texas is all the business’s refreshed their 30.06 and 30.07 signage to not allow it. There is a certain kind of person who is so pig headed and narcissistic that they are unable to see the harm that is possible with their actions and respond with typical internet bravado to any criticism. I especially like the crowd whose mantra is “The Constitution is my carry permit.” Is this the hill you want to die on? What happens when the concerned ‘concealed’ carrier draws down on you and you make a move for the weapon? I’d shoot you in a New York minute. Just missed a Darwin award, I’d say.
    I have raised three children and I know at twenty, their brains are quite all booted up at.
    I guess the ‘social experiment’ didn’t work?

    • “…“The Constitution is my carry permit.” Is this the hill you want to die on?…”

      What did the Fathers of the United States do?

      I can think of worse hills and worse company to align myself with but I think I’ll stick with the likes of George Washington and his comrades.

  24. Open carry in “rural” or open country is reasonable, for self defense against
    dangerous animals, but open carry in city/public areas is not an intelligent
    or profitable thing to do.

    1. You lose your tactical advantage in a threatening situation
    2. You invite unnecessary attention from those who will panic
    3. You make yourself a target for those who might want a gun
    4. Open carry does not convince “anti-gunners” to change their
    minds, it only makes them more anti-gun

    Rights are fine, but wisdom and reality are a good thing to
    recognize and follow – just because you can doesn’t mean
    that you should…

    • Mankind has carried weapons in public ever since he figured out how to make them, its only in the last 80 years that a select group of nannies think they can change that. Returning weapons in public to normalization doesn’t happen on its own, you either exercise the right or you lose it.

        • What is this – double speak?

          Basically you are saying that the restrictions put upon your ability to carry is …. freedom.

          If you want to carry openly, then it is not freedom.

    • Are you trying to decide what the rest of us can and can’t do? That’s sure what it looks like here. Going to use your votes for tyrant purposes yeah?

  25. I don’t care what the rules are regarding open carry, no matter how legal or Constitutional it is, doing it at the present time frightens many people and that we do not need if we want them on our side against the grabbers. It’s as simple as that. And from a practical standpoint if you intend to rob a place who are you going to shoot first? Not the Caspar Milque Toast with his hand on the gun in his pocket who will shoot first clean chance he has or Rambo with Boonie hat and the 18 shot black ugly gun on his waist?

    • Odd, I have never had anyone here in NC react badly to my open carry. Then again, I’m pretty clean cut, no visible tattoos and tend to dress in a “professional” way. I’m also approaching 50. That being said, the way you carry and carry yourself has a lot to do with how you are perceived. If I see someone out and about looking like they haven’t showered in weeks, wearingan “I wish a MFer would” tshirt amd a hipoint in a crappy, wore out, no retention holster I tend to move over an aisle or 2 in the grocery store. That dude may be the nicest, most responsible guy on the planet, but perception becomes reality as unfair as that is.

      If I see a guy jocked up with plate carrier and a long gun or what appears to be one, my threat level is going to peg. Is he LEO responding to something I need to be concerned about? Is he planning something I need to be concerned about? That attire is for responding to a serious threat in my experience and so I will treat seeing someone in that attire as a good reason to unass the AO.

      That level of gear is so out of the ordinary for most people that if they see it, and they’re not near a military base or training area, is probably going to cause some concern. Can you do it? Of course you can. Should you do it? Especially to “test the waters”? Look at the consequences for that action and let me know.

  26. It was kinda hard to tell but in the video it looked like it had a pistol brace. So was it an ar rifle or pistol. If it was a pistol is a 20yo allowed to OC in Missouri?

    Aside from that, yes he was incredibly foolish to do that. But, it doesn’t seem like he did anything illegal and terrorist threats is a bogus charge because he didn’t threaten anyone.

  27. Carrying openly in public should be as legal as Free Speech normally is.

    Walking into a Walmart outfitted like that, at that time, is no different than walking into a darkened movie theater and screaming FIRE! at the top of your lungs.

    On the other hand, walking into a fire department and yelling “Movie Night!” is perfectly acceptable provided you’ve brought along a good selection of DVD or Blu-Ray movies, plenty of popcorn and ice cold beverages.

    See, circumstances and details matter.

    • Walking into a walmart in full kit SHOULD be absolutely acceptable, thats part of what auditing them does, return it to normalization. Suppose its a shitty part of town and a few militiamen are on call, you expect them to leave their kit behind when they are going about their business? Thats asinine.

    • Right when I reply, and check my news feeds, what do I see? “Bahamas: Armed Militias Stop Looting, Killing.”

  28. You certainly have an agenda, Boch. Unfortunately, that agenda is fanning the flames of division. I’m glad that I recognized this from your writings early on.

    • Same. His takes on the red flag laws would turn America into GB, and now he blames open carriers for walmarts bullshit? Just amazing. No fucken balls around TTAG… all old saggy courtroom dwellers hoping they can keep their FUDD rifles.

      • @ B.D.:
        I like my FUDD rifles AND my BATTLE rifles, especially my carbines. While it might be a little different if I lived in the boonies, I share space with five or six million other people in Southeastern Michigan. And a rifle bullet could carry for miles in a densely packed urban area and kill some innocent person. (No wonder that scares people!) So I’m NOT carrying either one of them into a Walmart open-carry or otherwise.

        When I want/need to carry a defensive weapon (as I often do), I pack a handgun under my tee shirt or jacket. I can go into a Walmart (not my first choice) so armed, even now, without stirring up a fuss or getting the fuzz all worked up. I think that’s what makes sense, Second Amendment or no Second Amendment.

        It might be your “right” to do otherwise, but it ain’t smart.

  29. If he had chosen a nice BBQ gun in a fancy tooled leather holster, this conversation wouldn’t be happening. But no, numb nuts had to go shlepping through Wally world with a scary AR 15 strapped to his back! I am inclined to dropping him off in Russia, without landing. But because I am a Christian, I have to forgive.

  30. He is Russian and there is nothing Russia would like more than to have the US either tear itself apart over gun control or actually disarm itself.

    He shouldn’t be deported. He should be taken to Guantanamo and sweated a bit until he gives up his handler.

    • I was going to say some thing like this…. but searched for “Russia” first.
      You are exactly correct. He did it on purpose to get the guns out of the hands of freedom loving Americans. How can Russia/China invade without gun control.
      It’s a grave mistake to disarm America’s, especially as our nation is declining – like Rome, Portugal, Spain, and Briton….

  31. he didn’t break any laws. sorry your a bunch of pusseys who like laws when it suits your purpose. let the dude go. its an open carry state. was it in poor taste yes. illegal no.

    • Actually he did. He went there, by his own admission, solely to create a disturbance. He wasn’t there to shop.
      That is breaking the law. Plain and simple.

  32. If you all had any balls you would be open carrying more now than ever before. It is about public perception, so dress accordingly and maintain professionalism. Hard to do when the gun community seems intent on dividing itself.
    The way it should be: Was it legal? Yes. Good for them. Was it illegal? Yes. Bad criminal.

    In this case… all legal. Walmart chose to make a scene out of it and now you have FUDDS trying to yell over each other about why they are STILL trying to take away our rights. Ladies and Gentlemen… this is not the reason. This event is surely not the cause, nor is it a major impact considering the thousands of infringements already made that you compromise with daily and call yourself a patriot for doing it. A good “law abiding citizen” never has to fight for freedom… because it’s already there? RIGHT? You literally have an entire side of politics running on gun control now, but you want to blame one open carrier in recent events? Get real. America could have one mass shooting per year for the next 5 years, and guess what their agenda will still be? Disarming you.

    So either stand with him, or you are against him. There is no middle ground. You are either PRO-2A being exercised when, why, and wherever… because it’s your right. Or you are ANTI-2A, and think nobody should be allowed to open carry. You can still do all this and respect peoples “private” property. Especially a business like wal-mart’s private public property. You either avoid them, or directly protest them. How many of you who conceal, actively avoid a business because they have a no guns sign? Especially if you need something from that store specifically, right at that moment. Hell, if you did, you would also limit your online experience… lmfao… you know what… lemme just say that you would have a very long list of businesses to avoid, and eventually complacency would set in. So don’t try to play the “law abiding” citizen card here. You do it when you drive, you do it when you carry…. laws are not there for the “law abiding” they are there to turn your everyday person into a criminal. So essentially, what you all have done by saying this law abiding person was stupid for going to walmart, is turn open carry into a criminal act. You catered to their gun grabbers demands… not because of this mans actions, but because of yours.

    If you had only stood your ground. One side or the other.

    • Couldnt agree more. It shouldn’t even be debatable. Keep AND BEAR arms. How its done shouldnt matter except for the preference of the individual. People have sadly given up on open carry and its quickly becoming a thing of the past because so many are allowing it instead of fighting for it. Concealed carry will be the next target because the antis wont give up just when they win the open carry battle.

  33. Given the circumstances, what do you expect? He incited a panic!
    Just like we are supposed to have freedom of speech, but we accept that yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater, when there’s no fire, is dangerous.
    We fault school administrators or DAs for lacking common sense when they suspend kindergarteners for playing with toy soldiers, or biting pop-tarts into non-PC shapes, or prosecuting some adult for pointing his finger in a ‘scary’ way.
    Public perception is, unfortunately, a reality and we all need to exercise common sense.

    • Except that he didn’t incite anything. I’m on the fence with this whole situation. He exercised poor judgement by doing this only a couple of days after the massacre in the El Paso Walmart, and was stupid for doing so. But he didn’t yell, run around, touch his gun, say anything inflammatory…nothing. It was the STORE MANAGER who made the decision to evacuate the store, and the off-duty firefighter who made the decision to point his own weapon at the young man, who still had not even touched his gun. And now the manager and firefighter are being ballyhooed as “heroes” who stopped a possible massacre. Ludicrous.

      Dimitry should not have attempted to go into the store dressed like that so soon after El Paso.

      The manager should have called the local LE and monitored the situation on store cameras instead of inciting panic.

      The firefighter should have monitored the situation and kept his own gun holstered unless and until a specific threat manifested itself.

      A comedy of errors on everyone’s part.

      • I posted this far above but feel it’s applicable…

        Since we like to draw comparisons to driving, swimming, using a knife, etc., it is like saying “I cannot believe you are driving a car right after that (insert number here) car pileup on the highway where (insert number here) people died! How insensitive!”

        I realize that it wasn’t a smart decision BUT he has every right to do what he did and I’ll support that right, even if I disagree with it…

  34. Going to Walmart is like stepping into a cantina in Mos Eisley. You never know what alien creature will be pushing a basket next to you in the aisles. And with Walmart being the latest highly-publicized shooting scene and a possible inspiration for a copycat killer, what this young man did might be construed as reasonable and prudent. Kitted up at all supercenters, we should be…

  35. Sorry, this guy seems to act as if it was just a minor misunderstanding, he didn’t realize what it could cause. Funny, Andreychenko’s wife advised against it, his sister advised against it. He asked but neither would assist him with filming it. No doubt there was a conservation about the pros and cons. He had an agenda and he carried it out, to prove a point. Wrong time, wrong place. Sure it was technically legal and on a different day it may not have caused such an issue. If he would have dressed differently, it may not have caused an issue. If he’d have carried just a Single Action Army and wore jeans and a button up shirt, it may not have caused an issue. If the regular folks and snowflakes hadn’t have panicked, it may not have caused an issue. But it did and one thoughtless person has rained crap on the rest of us. The Lame Stream Media hasn’t helped, they push the anti-gun agenda daily.

    And the rest of us are left to rebuild trust and try to save our lifestyle. Common sense isn’t common anymore.

  36. ok, so he probably made a poor decision but broke no laws and hurt absolutely no one, he should not lose of his constitutionally guaranteed 2nd amendment rights!!

    • He didn’t go there to buy socks. He went there for the admitted purpose of causing a disruption. He dressed and armed in a manner calculated to do so. That is a crime. The intent is the crime.

  37. “While The People of the Gun might not be alarmed at the sight of a man or woman wearing a tactical vest and carrying a long gun [into a Walmart!!] …”

    AYFKM? I’m a PotG, concealed carrier, range safety officer, and member of NRA and ISRA. I’m here to tell you: HELL YES I’d be alarmed! I won’t lose sleep if they deport that a-hole!

    • Okay, Mr. Big Gun Guy. So do you incite panic by evacuating everyone from the store, or perhaps keep things as calm as possible by following him from a safe distance to keep him in your sights?

      So now you want to deport him? Did he do anything illegal? We all agree it was foolish, yes, but illegal? And now you just want to do away with him forever?

      • The guy is clearly lying when he said “I didn’t give it thought.” Yes, he gave it thought! He was trying some kind of misbegotten protest, at best. At worst, he was going to commit an atrocity, and chickened out at the last minute.

        “So do you incite panic by evacuating everyone from the store, or perhaps keep things as calm as possible by following him from a safe distance to keep him in your sights?”

        Neither. I head for the exit pronto.

        I carry only to keep myself alive if I ever walk into a jackpot. I’m not carrying to be a hero, or an avenger, or to act like I’m LE. I’m not looking for a gunfight or a fight of any kind. You wouldn’t “be alarmed” by that guy? Then YOU go be the hero, Mr Big Gun Guy!

        • Ah…”clearly lying”, you say. So now you know what’s in the head of someone you’ve never met.

          The issue of deportation would center around illegal activity to warrant it. Once again, if Dimitry did something illegal, then it’s up for debate. But if only foolish, then…

          That was the point. The addition of all your CAPS and exclamation points doesn’t change it.

      • You admit you believe the man’s behavior was foolish. Tell me: do you often come to the defense of people who do foolish things with guns? Do you believe him when he says he “didn’t give it thought?” Does a person have to be a mind-reader to spot an obvious lie?

        • You’re still conflating “foolish” with “illegal”. A severe reprimand is certainly in order. But a full deportation, when it hasn’t even yet been proven that he broke any laws?

          Dimitry is an idiot, on this I think everyone agrees. Now the discussion boils down to whether or not he committed an actual crime. You’re joining the Left’s bandwagon and vilifying someone before due process has even begun to run its course. If he committed a crime and is proven guilty, then all available consequences are on the table, of course. But we’re not there yet, buddy.

          Don’t be so eager to toss someone to the dogs. Your own personal opinion that “you think he’s lying” isn’t enough to convict.

        • Now you’ve conceded the man was not merely foolish; he is an idiot. Since you refuse to answer any of the simple questions I’ve asked you, I won’t ask you why you defend idiots with guns. You question whether he did anything illegal. In fact, he’s been charged with making a terrorist threat. In Missouri, mind you, not California or NY.

          The only reason you are defending this idiot is that he owns a gun. If he walked into a Walmart with two pails of gasoline and matches, you would not be defending him. Not every gun owner is automatically your brother-in-arms. Not every gun owner crime is a 2A test case calling for our defense.

          I’ll restate my point: if an idiot with a gun is deported, I will lose no sleep over it. Probably neither will you, if you’re honest with yourself. And no, I’m not your buddy.

        • Hey, buddy.

          He’s been CHARGED, but hasn’t gone through the due process yet. In fact, people were clamoring for him to be charged with first degree terrorism, but that was reduced to second degree, and may be downgraded further as this proceeds.

          And yes, everyone Constitutionally deserves a defense until they’re proven guilty of a specific crime. Even idiots.

          And two buckets of gasoline with a match isn’t “arms”, like guns are. Nice try, but no cigar on that one, buddy.

  38. Keep in mind that EVERY word out of his mouth has been put there by an attorney. The “I wasn’t thinking” line is no more true than the flat earth theory.

  39. When I see a guy all tacticool and carrying a rifle, in a public place, I look at his face and demeanor to immediately determine danger or fool (unless it’s a firearms event, 2A rally, or at the range – then he would be appropriately accessorized for the event).

    I prolly would have recognized this guy for the fool he was and asked him: “Whatca tryin’ to do, cause a Sheeple stampede?”

  40. Black protesters took ,heat from other black people for trying to sit at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, NC in the 60’s.

    It seems like POTG have a lot of Uncle Tom’s too.

  41. I’m very pro-second Amendment.. but the guy deserved to get arrested for being a moron out of season.. there were just two massacres (or false Flags you decide) the day before… this idiot decided to dress in tactical Garb similar to what the offenders had during the shootings… it’s a wonder someone didn’t blow his head off because they mistaken him for a copycat… people are going to stop waiting for these Mass shooters to “shoot first”… the guy just did not use his head at all… he got the attention he wanted to get but not what he expected…

  42. Still conspicuously absent in all his testimony– WHY he did it.

    As so many have pointed out, no, he didn’t need a reason as a reason as long as Walmart allowed it, but seriously. Anybody buying this ‘it was just innocent’ BS is hopelessly naïve. And yes, he’s still a retard for doing it. You can exercise a constitutional right and still be a dumbass doing it.

  43. Wonder how Walmart will or anyone, enforce it? And how will that + 70 year old door greeter Fair up against a crazed person with nuts and a gun ? They’ve already sent the invites out,…. will you bet yourself or your family on that?, not me

  44. how did he get the ar lower? hes under 21 so he could not buy it himself? someone beside him is going to be in hot water.

    • The lower could be purchased as a rifle, in which he would be fine.
      You can then put a short pistol barrel onto it as long as the stock is removed, or in his case, a brace added.

      Technically the receiver is still a rifle

  45. The cucketry of the Fudds here is maddening, pass your guns down immediately (don’t wait until you die) to someone in your family that respects the 2nd Amendment or turn your firearms into plowshares, you’re nothing but nutless simps, we don’t need you.

  46. Calling the police on a guy in a tactical vest carrying a firearm is just as bad as calling the police on a black man for coming to Walmart.
    “he’s gonna shoot up the place”
    “he’s gonna rob the place”

    Truth be told kiddies, you don’t know you’re in the presence of a bad person, until its too late.

  47. Just my 2 cents worth, and keep the change if there is any. As an Illinois resident, that a few years ago visited an open carry state for the first time, I see it like this. First, regarding this particular case, while a touch foolish given the timing and current public perceptions, the fact remains that he did not break the law or Walmart policy at that time. If they want to charge someone with a terrorist act they should charge the manager that pulled the fire alarm under false pretences. Had he been yelling and cursing at people, pointed the weapon at people, or similar actions my opinion would change accordingly. Im torn on the numerous issues with the armed fireman/civilian. I’m not sure he constituted enough of a threat for civilian intervention, but I cannot say for certain what I might do in that moment and will be giving it a great amount of thought for the foreseeable future. I also wonder how the scenario would have played out in a different location. Considering this took place in a metro area and one of the 3 blue blotches in an otherwise red state had to be a contributing factor.
    More generally, as I stated being born and raised in a vehemently anti gun state, a visit to South Dakota a couple of years ago really opened my eyes to the true nature of what we are fighting. Almost everyone I saw had a sidearm openly displayed and I must admit, it made me very uncomfortable. This got me thinking, why am I uncomfortable with this when nobody else even seemed to notice or care? The answer is as embarrassing as it was easy to conclude. I had been lied to from birth, and believed every word. The lie? That gun ownership is rare and unnecessary. This was accomplished by repeating this lie over and over and over, by denying the citizens of IL the ability to carry at all, aside from hunting, until they were forced to “allow” concealed carry. After generations, the lie becomes so ingrained that the truth sounds rediculious. This is how we got here, through the manipulation of public perception. Its what the Democrats do, and they do it well because they do it slowly. This is, unfortunately, how we must sway public opinion back in the right direction. Slowly, methodically, intelligently, respectfully. Far too many people are swayed to believe we do not need firearms for protection because they rarely see anyone carrying a firearm in a responsible manner, as many prefer concealed carry for the obvious tactical advantages. Right now, as hard as it is to see, we have the momentum. This why many of the firearm misuses are over-publicized, and the far more common defensive uses are barely mentioned. To sway public perception back in the gun(Dem) control direction. We must stay vigilant and cognizant of the true enemy, public perception, because without the truth the public will sway by votes in the wrong direction out of fear. Im a firm believer that the 2A is not only a Right, but also a responsibility. There has always been, and will always be nut jobs, that is just the way it is and no law will change that, ever.
    In conclusion, I carry openly whenever it is legally possible, and do not go places where any carry is not allowed (with a few exceptions, like jury duty, work,ect.), period. The no gun sign on the door tells me you neither want nor deserve my money. Of course, this greatly reduces my travels. I do not vacation in non Cons. Carry states. I spend as little money as possible in IL as I fortunately live close to the border. Take care all, stay safe, and carry on.

  48. Past letter of mine which ran in the Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune back on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

    Monday, September 9th, 2019

    To The Truth About Guns:

    This is basically a “time, place, and manner” issue. This past letter of mine (below) ran in the Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune: Wednesday, February 26th, 2014. This was two years prior to me relocating to Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County) in October 2016. Too, I have been following the latest news stories addressing “open carry” inside stores: Wal Mart (who I willfully have been boycotting for years anyway!), Lowes, and others. I have no problem or issue with stores asking their customers not to open carry on their premises. I never have, though I have personal issues with Wal Mart and their globalist treasonous upper management! Right now there are an increasing number of American gun owners who rightly are angered and upset with Wal Mart, myself being one of many! But this is beside the point.

    My basic point is this: there is a vast moral difference between say a single woman who ends up broken down, out of gas, stranded, isolated, alone, and in despair somewhere here in our region of Southern Oregon and Northern California, who incidentally and wisely packs a .38, vs. some macho jerk parading around in public with a sidearm or assault rifle displayed openly for all to see. It’s not because I don’t trust the latter, but because it No. 1, is in poor taste, 2,. attracts negative attention such as from security or law enforcement, and 3., will probably intimidate and scare innocent bystanders who certainly don’t understand his motives. Anyway, these are my sentiments for today: Monday, September 9th 2019.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer, Merrill


    Medford Mail Tribune: Wednesday, February 26th 2014

    After reading Suzanne Fretwell’s Sunday, Feb. 16, letter, “Guns were not OK,” I partially, but not totally, agree. Granted, displaying a firearm in public is very poor taste; this practice often intimidates, frightens, scares, and alienates non-gun owners. Remember my own MT letter of July 31, 2011, titled “Concealed means concealed.” The last thing any gun person wants to do is attract negative attention to themselves. With the rash of criminal mass shootings over the years, this provokes and antagonizes anti-gun sentiment, and must be avoided!

    It’s obvious, too; the numbers of letters in both the Medford Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings confirms this.

    I too attended the recent Monday, Feb. 3, Ashland City Council meeting on the proposed gun regulation ordinance, which I naturally oppose. However, I can certainly understand the other side being present (at least they cared enough to attend, as I did) because we collectively care about public safety, sanity, and decency in Ashland.

    Bear in mind my Feb. 6 Ashland Daily Tidings letter, “Gun meeting story was balanced,” found online at

    James A. Farmer, Ashland

  49. THis is such bullshit. If every AR owner would just start slinging the damn thing, everywhere he/she goes, 24/7, with a lawyer on speed dial and the 2A printed prominently on whatever they were wearing and just do their shopping, working, yardwork, whatever, this would be all but history in a few weeks. Once the “I’m triggered” crowd sees JUST HOW DAMNED MANY OF US there are, they’d stop their shite immediately. I’m not playing.
    I’m dead serious: if we ALL did it, there wouldn’t be enought cops to arrest us. It would re-normalize folks to seeing firearms in polite society with out associating them to crime. Just imagine a whole month where every third person you see is open carrying a long gun…

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