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screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-05-10-amYou gotta hand it to Arex firearms. The makers of the Rex Zero 1S hammer-fired semi-automatic handgun entered a polymer pistol market more crowded than a Black Friday Walmart. By offering an excellent product at an affordable price — earning four stars in our TTAG review — they’ve made some commercial inroads. Since launch their marketing efforts have been relentless. Including this entirely questionable “Make America Great Again” commemorative pistol presented to — and accepted by — once and future Veep Mike Pence. Here’s hoping we can make cursive script great again! Moving on . . .

springfield-crosscannon_2016-smallNagan fans unite! This whole zombie post-apocalyptic thing is so good for gun rights . . . ‘The Walking Dead’ Recap 7×04: Coming for Your Guns – “He takes all of their guns, and when two show up missing, he threatens to kill helpless inventory woman Olivia unless they find them. In doing so, he makes the Alexandrians police themselves, forcing them to question each other, ransack each other’s homes— pressing them into service, effectively making them extensions of his all-seeing surveillance state. He’s told them that they work for him now, and now he’s making it happen . . .

“On the other hand, Negan seems to have made a tactical error, even with all of his careful scheming. Because in taking all of their guns away, he has signaled that he’d be nervous about what they were capable of if they were armed. He may have had to take them, but that necessity also sent the message that an armed Alexandria could still be a threat to the Saviors. Martyred old Saint Rick (who all but climbed up on a cross in this episode) may not see this, but certainly Rosita does. She goes out into the woods and finds a new gun, tasking Eugene with making her a bullet.”


Utah’s Action Target has put their “Bo and Hope” target (“designed for fun at the range”) into their sales bin. Yours for just .59 a pop. I kinda like the floating brain — did it pop out of our vic’s head? But I don’t know if I could bring myself to shoot a contestant on Dancing with the Zombies. Especially someone named Hope. Unless it was Hope from Thirtysomething. Just saying . . .

Axl Rose just couldn’t help himself, could he? During a concert in the low-crime, gun-free paradise known as Sao Paulo, Brazil [/sarc], the Guns ‘N Roses front man changed the lyrics of Civil War to suggest that the President Elect is feeding the fears of John Q. Public. This despite the fact that Mr. Trump is a GNR fan. The good news? “Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the U.S. Presidential election on Twitter. Ashba said, “Congrats to our 45th President Donald Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #UnitedWeStand #DevidedWeFall #ElectionNight.”


Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a Hexmag out of my hat! . . . Hexmag History: Two Guys, A Lot of Work, and A Good Idea – “To get a magazine to correctly lock up tightly in the firearm, feed reliably and add additional desired features such as a sturdy and functional slots for reliably charging the magazine from 10-round strippers is a real trick . . .  A couple of clear thinking guys saw a way to make a better mouse trap, the guts to try it and the ability to get it done. It is the American way, so American in fact that every single part of their products as well as the assembly is made and done in America.” ‘Merica!


Is putting Wilson Combat-branded grips on your non-Wilson Combat 1911 like putting an M badge on a non-M BMW sedan or SUV? Yes. Yes it is. Shame on you!


Who knew guns could get discouraged? . . . Kenya burns 5,250 guns to discourage illegal weapons – “Kenya has stringent gun laws and obtaining a license is difficult. Applicants must go through several interviews and background checks. Despite the precautions, hundreds of illegal guns are smuggled into Kenya through porous borders, especially from Somalia, Kenya’s war-torn neighbor to the north. Authorities estimate that at least 500,000 guns are illegally held by civilians. The guns are used in cattle raids, extremist attacks and robberies.” And there you were thinking only Chicago suffered from porous borders.


Three Decades Later, Star Wars Finally Gives Warwick Davis a Blaster Rifle – “It’s hard to imagine that after three decades and a bunch of roles in different Star Wars films, Warwick Davis has never actually wielded a blaster rifle. That is, until Rogue One . . . Davis plays an alien insurgent on the planet Jedha who currently does not have a name, but will have one.”  Let’s hope Mr. Davis has better aim than those hapless Storm Troopers. And now for something remotely plausible . . .



Henry Repeating Arms and the NRA complete successful record breaking 1000 Man Shoot in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ (November 14, 2016) – Less than a week after one of the most important elections of our lifetime, Henry Repeating Arms and the National Rifle Association (NRA) came together in an unsurpassed display of support for the Second Amendment at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

On Monday, November 14th 1000 proud shooters from 16 states stood side-by-side in a line spanning a mile and a half long and simultaneously fired two shots from a commemorative Henry Golden Boy Silver 1000 Man Edition .22 caliber rifle under the close supervision of the NRA.

The world record-breaking event was a combined effort between Henry Repeating Arms, one of the country’s leading firearms manufacturers, and the National Rifle Association. Henry donated the custom engraved rifles and all proceeds will support various NRA initiatives, including those targeted towards promoting Firearms Safety, Youth Shooting Sports, Disabled Shooters, and the Eddie Eagle Child Safety programs, as well as the NRA’s unwavering efforts to protect our country’s Second Amendment rights. A million-dollars is expected to be raised.

Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms commented on the event, “The Henry 1000 Man Shoot was all that I had hoped it would be and more. Looking out at a sea of 1000 participants, their families, and 400 volunteers was very emotional. There was a tremendous sense of patriotism and I’ll never forget it.”

During his welcome speech Imperato reminded the crowd, “Whether we have a President that supports the 2nd Amendment or not, we should never be asleep at the wheel and we must always continue to fight for our freedoms and traditions. So let’s send a loud message to whatever powers that be, that we will never give up the fight. Let Freedom Ring!”

For more information about Henry Repeating Arms and its rifles visit

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    • I’m looking forward to Bill Maher being funny again. He will soon be able to jape at the current president instead of the previous one.

    • And with Siri-enabled shotguns the possibilities are endless…
      “Hurry, rack it!
      no, no no, not Buddy Hackett. Quick, shoot! Quick…shoot…not lick boot.

      Firing Gun, now, Siri, NOT the Flying Nun!”

      jeez – next time I’ll just go with the analog HiPoint.

  1. I had a good time at the 1000 man shoot, but even with the size of Avery’s ranges, we were still squeezed in elbow to elbow.

  2. >The makers of the Rex Zero 1S striker-fired semi-automatic handgun entered a polymer pistol market more crowded than a Black Friday Walmart.

    The Arex Zero 1 is a hammer fired DA/SA pistol, isn’t it?

  3. – That’s cursive, not calligraphy.
    – There’s a bit of a quarrel brewing over the history of the hexmag as the two individuals mentioned in it’s history are not the two individuals listed on the patent. Doesn’t matter anyway as I, like millions of others in this country, already have a stash of pmags substantial enough to sink a small ship. no reason to buy hexmags.

  4. This episode henceforth will be known as the gun control episode… And this did not happen in the comic. Having detailed inventories and centralized armories makes little sense in this world. Guns should be spread among the families, dwellings, and buried in secret locations to avoid a scenario like this. Rick rolling over and giving up the guns was ridiculous… Negan showed up personally with maybe 20-25 men instead of sending a proxy in his place. They could have very easily been ambushed and killed. If Negan rules his roost by terror there is no assurance that his replacement would seek vengeance. I think the left is sending a message as to what we should do if given a similar ultimatum.

    • I’m about to give up on watching the Walking Dead. I get not trying to fight in the first episode this season when they were surrounded by armed men, outnumbered, and weaponless. However, the writers made a huge mistake suddenly turning stone cold killers into complete pussies who cower in fear of their own shadows. Negan is a complete wuss and relies on pretending to be tough to get his followers to fight for him.

      • I think I’m done with TWD, too. I haven’t watched any of the episodes this season other than the first one, and I think I’ve had my fill. This season is just going to be a retread of the Governor storyline, only the guy’s name is Negan instead of “The Governor”. I don’t mind that the show is bleak and depressing, but I won’t stand for repetitive and predictable.

        In any case, they should have saved the name “The Governor” for this character. I mean, Negan comes along and insists on taking half your shit and threatens to send men with guns to kill you if you don’t comply. He offers you nothing in exchange for what he takes, and actively hampers your ability to be productive. I’m sure this isn’t what the writers intended, but isn’t that just “government”?

    • I thought it was ridiculous that they didn’t 1) anticipate Negan’s early arrival. 2) Have a scout in place to warn of it. 3) set up a crossfire ambush at the town gate 4) shoot Negan in the head through the fence. And I don’t care if Daryl was among them as a prisoner. He could have anticipated it and sought cover. Really ridiculous.

    • I read that as well. I don’t own any(although the design is appealing) and probably will never own any now that I read the TFB story. I don’t care for companies that screw their family over and then take credit for their hard work.

  5. Man, that “Make America Great Again” text is BAD. It looks like a third-grader’s handwriting. If I were a gun maker, I’d be ashamed to present that as a destructive-testing sample, much less a commemoration of anything. Awful.

    I hope that Arex employs machinists with more skill than their engraver.

    • Michael J. Fox edition?

      Seriously, that should be embarrassing. My cursive is better, and I haven’t written in anything but block caps for the last 40 years. Are they Hillary supporters going for some sort of meta?

  6. Regarding the Walking Dead episode, the shell casing Rosita picked up near the end of the show was a .357 Magnum. I couldn’t tell exactly what the caliber was of the gun she picked up, but I’m pretty darn sure it wasn’t a .357 Mag; it looked more like a 9mm or .45. That’ll make Eugene’s job of “making a bullet” quite a bit more difficult.

    • Yeah, it came out of a desert eagle, so he’s going to have a hell of a time making that fit what I assume is a 9mm pistol.

  7. I have had a hard time reconciling the overwhelmingly anti-gun attitude of Hollywood and the largely Brit/Aussie actors in TWD and FTWD with the overwhelmingly gun-friendly (and knife-friendly and crossbow-friendly) plot lines. If the gun confiscation episode was not in the comic, then this was the most pro-gun, anti-registration advertisement in the history of TV. Only coincidence that it aired right after the election? Even if Hillary had won, it would have aired. Was this a message from a few Hollywood types to CA residents about the state of their own state? (I counted at least 3 situations in which an Alexandrian could have killed Negan, with a response by his soldiers unlikely. It’s pretty obvious that like with other dictators, his minions are ready to turn on him and on each other the moment he shows any weakness. While I am sure this does not track with the comic either, I could have seen Rosita gut him with a Bowie knife in front of his soldiers when he came into town, threatened her, and was more than close enough for her to have hit first.)

  8. I thought it was ridiculous that they didn’t 1) anticipate Negan’s early arrival. 2) Have a scout in place to warn of it. 3) set up a crossfire ambush at the town gate 4) shoot Negan in the head through the fence. And I don’t care if Daryl was among them as a prisoner. He could have anticipated it and sought cover. Really ridiculous.

  9. “The Walking Dead”?

    Just look at Rick Grimes not only is he raising another man’s child born to his, Rick’s wife, Laurie, he gave up his community’s guns without preparing for the fight he knew was coming, he’s is a “cuck” through-and-through, a character created by a Liberal hipster d-bag and penultimate “cuck” Robert Kirk-MOIN (man) whom I doubt has ever fired a REAL “firearm” in his life.

    The only positive I see to this show and it’s latest episode is that the teens and millennials that watch it may be swayed to our side

  10. I stopped watching The Walking Dead at the end of Season One, when they left the CDC without stopping to police the parking lot, which was literally carpeted with guns and ammo. Even if the guns had issues, you have a parking lot full of M4s and M9s, and magazines and ammo to match. With cleaning and matching parts, they could easily have assembled a dozen guns with thousands of rounds to supply them. Surely that could be useful in the zombie apocalypse, no?

    • I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone watches TWD. It’s even worse than Revolution. Great premise, storylines are utter trash, characters do stupid things every episode that would get them killed in the setting. Slow, ponderous, meandering. Horrible show, yet it has many fans. I guess it’s like Friends, except it’s got a few more of the undead in it.


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