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Megan Kelly didn’t strike me as the kind of woman who considers herself a victim. Yet it appears that her autobiography Settle For More paints the Fox News anchor as the focus of a sexist boss and a real estate tycoon cum President. Here’s an excerpt from Ms. Kelly’s tete-a-tete with a strangely sympathetic interviewer at NPR.


“It was my year of guards and guns — you know, thanks to Trump. I was under security threat for most of the nine months he was really coming after me. I had strange people showing up at my house. I had strange people casing my house. I had my children looking out the windows afraid. … Every time he would come after me, he would release — as I describe in the book — a torrent of nastiness in my life, and I had to sort of just be steady at the helm, because I was going to cover this race come hell or high water.” Did Ms. Kelly apply for a New York City pistol permit, a document so rare it’s featured in the next Da Vinci Code saga? Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity have one. Still, doubtful. Methinks MK prefers to whine.


Speaking of rich, white, politically connected New Yorkers who somehow manage to get a Big Apple pistol permit . . . Doctor who threatened to kill wife wants his 18 guns back – “Dr. Peter Kaplan (above), a child psychologist affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center, had warned his estranged fashion-designer wife, Andrea Karambelas, in July 2013 that he had ‘access to guns’’’ and ‘she would be dead,’’ the woman says. She filed a domestic-incident report and got a restraining order against him, according to court records. Kaplan was convicted of violating the order when he told his brother to ask his wife to drop the claim. He was sentenced to 20 days in jail, a year of probation and his guns were taken away.” Look for more of this misegos as Gun Violence Restraining Orders spread statewide.


A court has granted Public Justice’s request for the release of tens of thousands of Remington documents regarding its defective trigger. They go way back . . . “In 1947, a year before it introduced the Model 721 (the predecessor to the Model 700), Remington knew the unique trigger connector in its Walker Fire Control was ‘very dangerous’ and that it was ‘possible to fire the gun by pushing the safety to the ‘off’ position.’ A safer alternative was proposed as early as 1948, but Remington kept using the defective trigger and made no change until 2006, almost 60 years later. More than 5 million Remington rifles with the defective trigger had been sold by then, with an untold number of consumers injured or killed.”

Who says Guiness is good for you? Guinness refuses to acknowledge NRA’s world record, gun activists say – The National Rifle Association tried to set a world record Monday for the number of people firing two rounds at the same time — but they claimed the Guinness World Records committee shot it down. NRA spokesman Jason Brown said Guinness World Records emailed him to say the organization did not have such a record — and had no plans to create it. Still, he told USA Today it wasn’t too big a deal, saying the NRA was the ultimate authority on gun-related record-keeping.” Sarcasm much?


The same liberals who consider voter ID laws voter suppression want blood tests for gun owners trying to buy . . . wait for it . . . ammunition. N.J. should require photo I.D., electronic tracking for ammo sales, commission says – “On several occasions, the report said, ‘investigators successfully purchased ammunition using another individual’s firearms credentials because the seller neglected to ask the investigators to provide a second form of identification with a photograph, such as a driver’s license, to verify the buyer’s identity.’ The commission recommended updating the state’s firearms purchaser ID to include a photograph, or to require a second photo identification when purchasing ammunition.” Yeah, that’ll stop firearms-related crime. [/sarc]


The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (And Really Big Fires) is changing Ye Olde Form 4473. Not a lot to get excited about — unless you’re a pot smoker in a state where the herb has been legalized for recreational or medicinal use. In that case, the ATF wants to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR you’re still a prohibited person if you’re a user. Will the ATF ever compare 4473’s to states’ lists of licensed dope users? Once they figure out how to get out of a paper bag (English expression similar to “they couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery”).


I spent election night watching MSNBC. Speaking of schadenfreude, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts (above left) penned the following for The Huffington PostDonald Trump Won’t Silence Us – “Disappointed. Sad. Angry. Outraged. I have been pinned to the floor by a panoply of negative emotions after the shocking results of this year’s elections. So many women and activists had hoped to elect the first female president – a gun sense champion – to the White House.” How great is that?


I’d like conclude today’s digest by sharing this image from my afternoon at Best of the West Shooting Sports. Silencer? I just met her! And yes, that’s JWT’s FNX 45. Or at least it is for now . . .

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  1. What are “licensed dope users”? This is the kind of clueless comment I expect from gun grabbers about mythical ATF ‘gun licenses’. I am not aware of any of the states where cannabis is legal issuing a ‘license’ of any sort.

    We expect better Robert.

    • Colorado still issues a medical marijuana card (license) even though recreational use is legal.

      Why anyone would get one now, so they would end up on the CBI’s list of prohibited persons, is beyond me but they are still available.

      Personally I think the whole thing is stupid. Pot doesn’t cause shootings or violence of any type… well, unless you happen to be a bag of Doritos or a package of mini-donuts… then you might be on the receiving end of some pot related violence.

        • In theory maybe. Not in practice. My friend had to ditch his card and wait two years before he could pass a background check in Colorado to buy a burner.

    • Lol in today’s episode of “keyboard commandos” speaking up on topics they don’t understand we have this classic entry from “Ray.” I would say we expect better, but this is the internet. You hit it out of the park.

  2. ow do you “electronically track” ammunition? If what is meant is tracking the sales, how does this tell a state agency anything? As it is, it is almost impossible to buy a gun, much less ammo, and I rather doubt that the gangs of New Jersey are buying their ammo at the local gun store, since most if not all of them do not have the required piece of paper. Sure has slowed down crime, right? I wish the idiot voters in California had figured this out before prop 63…

  3. Don’t victim blame. If she does not have time to train with a pistol (which takes a while to master), she did the responsible thing by hiring guards and avoiding the potential firearms accidents or lack of effectiveness. Good job Megyn for using good sense!

    • Bullets face forwards, point at bad guy, pull trigger until bad guy stops.

      Every year, American is home to tens of thousands of successful DGUs by untrained gun owners.

      Training is great. But the basics ain’t rocket science.

      • Is Megyn Kelly anti-gun? I’m not familiar enough with her past statements to know one way or another to know, but if she isn’t, then is it somehow hypocritical of her to use armed security? It doesn’t seem so to me. Just because you’re more comfortable outsourcing something to people you feel are more competent than you doesn’t necessarily have any implications for how you feel about other people exercising their rights.

        • “Is Megyn Kelly anti-gun?”

          Megyn Kelly is pro-Megyn Kelly, and that’s it.

          That’s a full-time job, she better get a pimp.

        • So she’s exactly like every other media figure in history, including Trump. Even if she’s interested in self-promotion above all else, where’s the hypocrisy in hiring security instead of getting a carry permit?

      • “Training is great. But the basics ain’t rocket science.”


        Unless of course you fully expect Kelly to tool up and become and operational operator climbing the walls of NYC malls and other shops with her ninja boots while taking multiple .308 rounds to the plate on her back before executing some sweet flip from 45 feet up and gunning down 12 terrorists with her MP5K-SD before hitting the ground and then securing the AO with her PSG-1 while driving her tactical golf cart blindfolded (to give the BG’s a chance).

        • Actually to be as operator as Gecko45 you need to take multiple .338 lapua to the back as your Plan A. In the high threat mall environment 308 rated plates just aren’t enough protection from today’s sophisticated and baggy pants wearing thugs! I’ve heard from an associate of G45 that he recently stopped a street gang that was planning to rob the Orange Julius and were only headed off because of Gecko’s keen senses seeing the well hidden Barrett in one of the thug’s hoodies!

        • From what I’ve read apparently IIA stops anything other than an incoming artillery shell… as long as Gecko is wearing it. Of course that’s a pointless thing to argue because Gecko wouldn’t be where the shell was going to hit because… well… he’s ninja as fuck.

      • Like every other activity, you can do it yourself, or you can pay other people to do it for you, if you don’t particularly enjoy it, and value your time.

      • Doesn’t she live and work in NYC? Maybe she didn’t want to spend the time, bribes, and effort involved in trying to jump through NYC’s ridiculous hoops to get a carry permit?

        I gotta say, if I had a bunch of nutjobs making violent threats against me, I’d probably feel a lot better if I had another set of eyes watching my back. A gun on your hip doesn’t do you much good if you’re ambushed. Trump famously has a permit and supposedly carries a gun – do you see him forgoing his armed security just because he has a pistol?

    • With unlimited funds and political clout, my ideal everyday carry pocket dump would be a fire team fore and aft, an MQ-9, a longbow, the cast of Kingsman, and a personal assistant named Jeeves that would bear the weight of a Vector 10mm SBR until the need arose. At which point he would unwrap it from its leather satchel (a guy named Jeeves needs a leather satchel) and hand it to me, stock first, and wish me a “smashing good time”.

      But alas, I make do with my humble G43 and a good flashlight.

    • Stop White Knighting, it’s embarrassing. Megyn Kelly was never in danger and simply played a victim to save her career after she spent month going on a rampage against Trump, who then won the nomination and eventually the presidency. She was the nasty human being who wanted to wage an all out war against a candidate simply for not being a corrupt career politician.

        • Yes, it’s totally “harassment” to state well documented facts that show SHE was the one spending months spewing hatred at a candidate without any justification. I really wish being a White Knight was a crime…

      • Sean Hannity has a NY carry permit and he gets death threats all the time. I think pretty much every public figure gets threatened. Some choose to bitch about it. I’m talking to you Henry Aaron.

    • I’m pretty sure you can victim blame when they play the victim. Wrapping yourself up in the victim blanket to avoid being responsible for yourself is not admirable. She is no friend of lawful gun owners as is true of several others at Fox. I don’t think she started out that way but somewhere along the way she to a left turn. As RF said tens of thousands of untrained gun owners protect themselves. Not rocket science and not that hard to learn some basics. That Kardashian check had guards too

      • Is she on the record as opposed to personal firearm ownership or carrying?

        One of the old saws that we often trot out is that we carry because a cop is too heavy. If she’s got the money to have armed security anytime she wants or needs it, isn’t she doing exactly what we say we would be doing?

    • I’m pretty sure you can victim blame when they play the victim. Wrapping yourself up in the victim blanket to avoid being responsible for yourself is not admirable. She is no friend of lawful gun owners as is true of several others at Fox. I don’t think she started out that way but somewhere along the way she to a left turn. As RF said thousands of untrained gun owners protect themselves. Not rocket science and not that hard to learn some basics. That Kardashian check had guards too

  4. Megyn Kelly? Seriously? Put some clothes on…you not cute. And where’s Dirk to comment on ole’ lazy eyes??

      • Yep this over 40 gal ain’t cute enough to appear in various states of undress. Mea Culpa-I’m married to the most beautiful woman on earth…and I can’t take ms Megyn seriously.

        • Um, she’s wearing a fairly standard shirt in the picture. What are you? A time traveler from the Victorian era?

        • Carlos T, she’s done other shoots in “evening wear”. There’s a meme out there with her in lingerie posing for the camera with her quote “women are not sex objects”. I have two words for her: eat a damn sandwich.
          Sadly, playing the victim is about the only option she has now, career wise.

        • I have no problem what women wear. Unless you claim to be a “serious journalist”…there are FOX gals of a similar age who are far more attractive who don’t go the beach babe route. Besides -she’s a twit…and her body has more in common with an anorexic teenybopper.

  5. So many women and activists had hoped to elect the first female president – a gun sense champion – to the White House.” How great is that?”

    Well really not that great, so time to go back to the “Collective” and hatch a new plan.

  6. Regarding Shannon Watts… the people have spoken, majority wins, you lose, find a real cause. How many children died from abuse and neglect last year? What have you done to fight poverty, the true indicator of failing students and crime-ridden streets? Why do so many condemn an INANIMATE OBJECT as the CAUSE of crime? Magical thinking is for little children and superstitious minds. I prefer reality, as awesome or awful as it can be… and I fear people, not things.

  7. I heard the divine Ms. Kelly relating a story on the radio this morning about how a bunch of 12 year old girls hurt her feelz in the 7th grade. This is what helped prepare her for the rough and tumble world of male-dominated journalism.

    I was a fan. Now, not so much.

  8. One interesting idea for the 4473 changes I’ve seen is that if NFA items are no longer subject to them, NFA repeal can be pushed as applying the background checks liberals love so much to those items (because they are then normal firearms)

  9. I’ve told people for a long time that Remington’s “Walker Fire Control System” trigger was faulty since day one.

    Lots of people would tell me that I was part of some anti-gun conspiracy. The connector was a cost-reduction from a competently designed trigger group, to allow them to make the hardened & polished surface in the trigger group more cheaply.

    • As kids in the early ’70s, we were warned that any Remington 700 could discharge anytime it had a round in the chamber. Or while being chambered. Frighteningly enough, there is still a significant segment of the population that still doesn’t believe the reality.

      Hell, the guy who designed it thought better of it, long before it was released.

    • Before Big Green’s “recall” of rifles with the Walker system, Remington had paid out over $25 million in wrongful death and serious bodily injury claims.

      The Walker Remingtons should never have been sold in the first place. But once they were sold, they should have been recalled once the problem was known — over 50 years ago.

  10. Fuck the ATF. While I don’t partake I would say “Smoke dope and shoot guns ’cause ‘Merica”. But hey, I’m that guy advocating drinking (not to excess) while shooting so the ATF probably hates me with a passion.

    You’re either free or you’re not. You’re not free when idiots in DC get to decide exactly how free you can be with rights listed, in plain English, in the Bill of Rights.

  11. Trump talked trash about her and said she must be bleeding. She treated him professionally, but Trump kept digging at her. I have no doubt some of Trump’s supporters are violent and threatened her. Remember the old man who sucker punched someone at a Trump speech?

  12. pinned to the floor by a panoply of negative emotions…

    Them lefties sure love their lilting alliteration, don’t they. Speaking of “gun sense,” that pretty girl with the evil silencer-equipped pistol in the final photo of this post looks like somebody that actually has some.

    Why do all the leftist “women” always look like pinched, disapproving old hags (even the young ones)? Even at their best they look supercilious and unpleasant. Probably because they are. Fack the whole lot of ’em! Wait…no, don’t. That would be a big mistake. For god’s sake, what if they got pregnant? I know they’re all for abortion, but you never know. They’re perverse enough to have a baby and turn it into another brain-dead Marxist just to spite you.

    Also, Megyn Kelly is surprisingly hot in that photo. Tronald Dump is a nasty excuse for a human being. But sometimes you need nasty people on your side. Assuming he is on your side. We’ll see what he does in the next four years. All the lefties are having the vapors and crying, so it’s off to a good start so far…and it technically hasn’t even started yet. All hail The Donald! (Isn’t that what the SJWs think we’re doing right now? Wouldn’t want to disappoint them.)

  13. How about TTAG sends a letter asking Trump to tell the BATFE to change that silliness? on the grounds that (1) there is no authorization in the Constitution for regulating recreation, with substances or otherwise, and (2) therefore state laws trump (pun intended) federal meddling.

  14. I feel like many here at TTAG don’t care if a pothead can exercise their constitutional RKBA but thats a large population. There are many responsible recreational pot users that use firearms in traditional respectable manners. It would be a shame for someone to be denied that right because they smoke a plant.

    • Well, it’s still illegal at the federal level for now, so it’s not exactly a surprise that it’s a disqualifier. I don’t believe pot should be illegal, but as long as it is, people need to choose which is more important to them.

      • If weed is rescheduled to schedule 2 or 3 how would that change things for gun owners? Does it have to be completely removed from the illegal drug categories or can lowering the scheduling of it remove it from the 4473?

      • Actually, no they don’t. Tens or hundreds of millions of Americans have flat-out ignored all laws concerning MJ for the past 50 years and more, including the past 24 years of U.S. Presidents. Just ignore the rules, go on with your life.

  15. Mrs Kelly reminds me of the kid who says I’m not pulling the cat’s tail, I’m just holding it the cat is the one pulling.

    Trump may be lots of things but one thing he doesn’t seem to be is someone who ‘goes after’ random journalists. I strongly doubt he woke up one day and decided to make Mrs Kelley’s life hell for no particular reason. I am pretty sure you said or did something to start the situation. Doesn’t make the response right or wrong but it does make you playing the innocent victim card laughable.

    • Yes and no.

      Do I think he picked her at random? No. I’m sure it began with some of their early campaign interactions. Can I think of a situation where she said something that would merit his singling her out? Not really. Part of her job is to ask probing and follow up questions. That’s what makes a journalist effective – getting beyond the surface to better inform the audience of readers or viewers. One of the failings I see with The Trace is they operate in an echo chamber and are happy to look at the surface and other shiny things. They aren’t willing to ask questions that cause themselves or their audience discomfort.

      All that being said, I don’t think Trump was hoping the crazies would go after her. He strikes me as the kind of guy that will wage PR battles, but has no interest in violence (Rule of Acquisition 34: Peace is good for business). Unfortunately, he’s attracted his fair share of them, which means what he expects to remain verbal may end up physical.

    • Hey, I bet he has had a tough time getting chicks ever since he banked his first billion. Don’t be ridiculous. She was not poor, as well, where are the videos, where are the tapes, where are the photos, where are the witnesses, the charges are nonsensical, as he could be surrounded by hookers who make her look like a bitchy little boy. If she wants to convince us she’s really all that, she needs some *evidence*, not just more whines.

      • I’ma class 1 asshole as you all know but Megyn is on The 5 right now talking about her book and everybody’s crying. I’ll cut her some slack. Trump has let it go so we can too.

        P.S. Why am I turned on by Kimberly Guilfoyle crying?

  16. I have two absolute rules when watching Fox News. I will immediately change channels any time Geraldo Rivera or Megyn Kelly comes on screen.

    It is absolutely amazing how people with such low intellect can develop such huge egos.

  17. I’m in NJ and when I buy ammo online the seller, if it’s my first order, requires a copy of my FID card ans photo drivers license for record. I’m willing to bet that this new law will ban online purchases even though they will be in accord with the law. Just another screw-job from out anti-gun legislature.

  18. Megyn Kelly is like bill Clinton and a homosexual. All three are obsessed with sex.
    Public policy does not motivate them. Guns are for me, my private armed security and Clinton’s life time government armed guards, not for low life pee on’s.


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