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Springfield Armory has a countdown clock at their “Fiercely Defend” web page teasing a yet-to-be-announced new product. In the background is a major urban city. Under the caption appears the text, “It’s a jungle out there.” We don’t know who Springfield Armory is targeting with this promotion, but frankly, I’m interested.

What could they have in store for us? If I had to guess, Springfield will roll out its answer to the SIG P365. After all, the popular P365 is eating almost everyone’s lunch when it comes to sales of defensive concealed carry pistols. Check out the review I did on it last year if you want to see exactly why.

So, assuming Springfield Armory has an answer to the P365, the teaser certainly seems to suggest an intended purchase audience. After all, plenty of folks who live and work in the urban jungle feel the need for armed self defense.

I can’t help but think the social justice warrior community might try to claim a there’s a racial component there in their feeble efforts to find bogeymen at every turn, but that says more about them than it does about America’s gun buyers.

Just because they call everyone they disagree with “racists” and “white supremacists” doesn’t make it true, any more than masked, violent “anti-fascists” are really anti-fascists and not really the far left’s brownshirts.

Why should Springfield care anyway? The social justice warriors of the world don’t buy many guns. And for those rare occasions when the self-styled anti-fascists do buy firearms and go shoot them…well, let’s just say it’s not exactly the Art of the Tactical Carbine.

Springfield makes some very good firearms. Their SAINT ARs serve as very nice entry-level stock rifles. I found their Mod2 series of 9mms among the mildest recoiling 9mm pistols out there. And I love my XD .45.

Yes, Springfield ran afoul of gun owners a few years ago, but they have since become a valued member of the pro-gun coalition in Springfield fighting for gun rights.

I’m eager to see their new product. I would certainly give it a fair review if I get my hands on it…whatever it is.


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    • There is a complex and complicated history regarding that Dealer Licensing Bill that some of us know the inside story on. Both Springfield and Rock Island were sold a bill of goods on a number of things. It is important to know that it failed twice, in part because both manufacturers worked to make it fail, before the Blue Wave swept Illinois in the last election.

      If you really care to know all the details, ask John or myself privately – or attend the GSL meetings where people get to know you before sharing information like this.

      • Brother, when both of those companies spend themselves into bancruptcy to get this law that they supported repealed then we can talk about buying their products. No matter how you slice it they are responsible for the abominable law that was passed.

      • I live in Illinois, I would not buy another product from either company. I would prefer to see the companies go into bankruptcy, bought by other operators, and continue on as viable, profitable companies releasing high quality products. They were for the bill before they were against it, where have I heard that before? They were for themselves and against the consumers and sellers in Illinois before they were for them(us). Once they were found out, they changed sides and purged the scapegoat. Had they not supported the bill, it may not have left committee. Granted, it still may have eventually ended up a law, but it shouldn’t have had help from those purporting to be on our side. And the result? Hundreds of FFL’s in Illinois are quitting or leaving the state. Thanks a lot Springfield, I’ll buy something from someone else.

      • If its not information you can publicly share, then its probably something both companies dont want known. If SA and RAA truly had details that wash their hands of this mess, then maybe they should release them!? Otherwise, Im either smelling BS or the details are simply more incriminating than what we already know. Thats okay, be a good little fanboy and keep lining their pockets, its your money not mine. Until someone else buys them, like what happened after S&W sold out to Clinton, Im not interested.

        • I never heard much about S&W, but never bought from them again, either. As near as I could understand, some Brit firm bought them, promptly caved to Clinton, and a few years later sold the company to the workers since no one else would buy it, and took around an $8 billion (around 75%) loss for their efforts. There was never any announced boycott that I heard of, no nasty protests, nobody shot, just a global “fuck you!” for years. It was lovely.

      • “If you really care to know all the details, ask John or myself privately – or attend the GSL meetings where people get to know you before sharing information like this.”

        If it’s that big of a secret, why are you even talking about it? If the information isn’t okay to share with the rest of the plebs then stow it.

        Your post is asinine.

    • Yup. And the jerks that were behind those decisions and then repeatedly lied to us about it are still with the company.

      Maybe it’s just my Campbell ancestry, but the clan motto is appropriate here: Ne Obliviscaris. Sorry Springfield, I don’t forget, and I don’t forgive.

  1. Whoever it was at Springfield that conjured up this wacked out advertisement should not just be fired but put in a straight jacket as well. They are going to take a lot of heat for this one. It only promotes the idea they are targeting a clientele that is paranoid, anti-government and a crowd that is dangerous to the law abiding citizens.

    • Americans in general are anti government. Historically, even the left was anti government. It’s only recently that the left has become so pro government. Which is ironic, considering the man in charge right now, is Trump.

  2. Geez Boch weren’t you the one who alerted us poor ILLinois resident’s to the traitorous Springfield actions?!? In strident terms? For month’s??? Springfield will NEVER get off my naughty list😫

    • I was.

      And they paid a very steep price before repenting. As part of repenting, they donated a lot of money to gun rights groups in Illinois…

      Well, all except Guns Save Life.

      And we can’t get product samples from them here at TTAG either.

      Even with that, I concede that they do make (some) good to very good products and they’re playing for the good guys in Illinois General Assembly now.

      Can you ask for more than that, reasonably?


        • What if they hadn’t been exposed?

          They might be emboldened to do it again.

          And other gun manufacturers might feel the same way about selling out their customers thirty pieces of silver.


        • So, in the final analysis, they shouldn’t be supported, because they would have continued with what they started, had they not been exposed? They only “reconciled” because of that exposure, not because they realized the inherent wrongness of their actions. There are plenty of 2A companies that don’t commit these blatant treasons. I’ll stick with the ones that have our backs, not the ones that have to walk back something they did, that was their choice to do in the first place. This war is being fought on all fronts, we shouldn’t have to fight it from within, as well.

      • How do you make your text bold? That’s really what I want to know. That way next time I tell Vlad to blow himself I can really drive it home.

      • “Even with that, I concede that they do make (some) good to very good products and they’re playing for the good guys in Illinois General Assembly now.

        Can you ask for more than that, reasonably?”

        Actually, I can John. See, I get to talk to people that come over the border to my free-er state every week to shoot at my local range. I’ve been hearing A LOT of talk about gun stores that are closing in Illinois. Stores that have been directly effected by the lobbying efforts that SA and RRA started. Little gun shops and some not so little gun shops are being closed apparently because they cannot afford to pay for all the upgrades that the laws have now required.

        The efforts that SA and RRA put into the initial legislative lobbying have been picked up and now have caused legal business to close down due to overzealous regulation. Note please: SA and RRA are still very active and functioning……just like they planned with their initial legislative efforts and their cut out.

        I lived in Illinois for many years and I owned SA guns. I’ll never go back to Illinois and I’ll never spend another dime with SA or RRA.

  3. Wow! I’m glad I watched that video, but now I’m really worried. Those ANTIFA guys can hit a hillside from 25 yards away! And they have those scary knife things on the end of their guns.

    • Not to worry GF, they only use them to hold soy hotdog weenies over the fire generated by their lost hopes and dreams.

  4. A Springfield competitor for the P365? Well, maybe. But that market niche already has a “good enough” competitor in the SCCY—small size, 9mm x 10 rounds—which is a remarkably good handgun which is sold
    for hundreds less.

    • Let’s not forget the Taurus G2 series of firearms as well. Twelve rounds & about the same size for half the price of a P365.

      • Let’s not forget the Taurus G2 is a Taurus and will never be the pistol the P365 is. At any price.

        • True but that’s like saying a Hyundai Sonata will never be a Mercedes C class either. The PT111 G2 & it’s decendents were not designed to be a direct competitor with the P365. They are marketed toward a totally different consumer. Not everyone can afford a $500 gun.

  5. The only thing I would expect them to “Fiercely Defend” will be further gun control. Perhaps their “new” product will be more complicit gun control lobbying and attracting the blackmask-brownshirts and being the locked-in supplier.

  6. Hey Guest…Taurus came out with a GLOCK 19 size G3 TODAY…metal guide rod. 15&17 round mags. Cheap😎

  7. i would actually be impressed if it was a shotgun but its going to be another entry into the space already occupied by the other 987398276587621867 versions of a conceal carry GLOCK

  8. Can they knock this shit off? It’s Springfield Armory. Willing to bet money that it’s just a single stack full size version of the XD, to compete with that Glock that sacrifices 5 rounds to give you *snickers* a quarter inch thinner grip. Unless it’s an actual fucking man portable rail gun, it ain’t gonna be innovative.

  9. Why did this article for a new gun release take a turn into an article on SJW’s and Antifa? Don’t buy Springfield or Rock River Arms. Bunch of traitors and I don’t care about their excuses.

  10. They amply demonstrated with XD-E that going against the conventional wisdom is not usually a win, and there’s a good reason why the conventional wisdom is conventional. In addition, what a poorly executed gun. Unwieldy, bulky, heavy.

    The 911 is okay, but fighting P238 on its own field was unwise yet again. And they had quality control issues.

    So, what now? Their capability is limited. All they can do is 1.5-stack magazine for XD-S.

    Or, they can go against the convention and clone Kimber K6s.

  11. Springfield marketing is planned to sucker you in, then Surprise: some anticlimactic version of of other Mfg firearms: Saintis just another AR with a few worse and a lot others being better in the same price range. SA tried to sell them @$900+, LOL. SA model 911, like the Kimber Model Micro are nothing more than Sig 238 clones.

    So the question is not what will be new and cutting edge from SA but what have they copied?

  12. The best part of any TTAG article on Springfield is all the wingnuts and their “TRAITOR” comments. Get over it, they were looking out for their best interest. The are a for profit company not a 2nd amendment lobbying organization. The president/ceo did the right thing and apologized.

    Get over it already

    • In the long run was it really in their best interest? You don’t see a lot of PDs rolling around with XDs. The cops are well trained so they know where to grip their handguns at.

    • Well that’s spoken like a pro…those of ‘us’ who have memories and don’t care to have our rights stomped on and assisted by privately-held, for-profit companies are the wingnuts? They made their decisions and now they can still deal with the consequences and repercussions. And, in case you forgot, they pretty much *deliberately* fucked up every chance to set things right when they were called out. And then their final attempt was just insult after insult with a poor us at the end. Perhaps if the upper levels made a firm choice to support the 2A rights of their customer base and firmly told the state of Illinois that, they would probably be enjoying greater respect, and, I’m sure, would have had a much more profitable long term outlook/ future. They simply folded for short-term gains and they are now held accountable for their actions in the free market. No, we’re not the “wingnuts”, just some people who remember important things.

    • Go fuck yourself you liberal retard. There are innocent gun owning Americans who are now worse off in life directly because of this shitty companies actions. They can blow me and so can you shitbag.

      • “Go fuck yourself you liberal retard. There are innocent gun owning Americans who are now worse off in life directly because of this shitty companies actions. They can blow me and so can you shitbag.”

        I am a “Liberal retard” because I said it time to forgive, forget and move on. Yes, I must be one of the many Liberals out there defending gun manufactures. So don’t buy Springfield, but plenty of folks still do because they have not closed the doors yet.

        Nothing like some sane, back and forth. TTAG, keep writing about Springfield, wingnuts like Hank are entertaining.

        • You are a retard Robert. And a worthless liberal clown. There’s tons of loser liberal trolls like you around here. Or maybe your all one person. So you get flamed as you should be. Go. Fuck. Yourself. You. Fat. Piece. Of. Shit.

        • “You are a retard Robert. And a worthless liberal clown. There’s tons of loser liberal trolls like you around here. Or maybe your all one person. So you get flamed as you should be. Go. Fuck. Yourself. You. Fat. Piece. Of. Shit.”

          Walk upstairs from Mom’s basement and take your meds.

  13. I like my XD .45, got it used right before the news came out. Kinda sucks I’m going to have to see what aftermarket mags I can dig up. So far Promag seems to be the option, yeech.

    As an Illinois resident I’d be super hesitant to buy stuff from them even if working with the political powers that be like the Madigan machine happens to be part of the game.

  14. I only buy Norinco, a company that supports my RTKBA. ironicatbest isn’t it.

  15. I’d be willing to bet that SA haters gonna hate no matter the information available.

    Say what you will, but I have no problems with what limited products I’m allowed to buy in this state. SA has continued to offer their original XD series solely to comply with our CA Roster, and in doing so have provided a quality pistol at a cost that have gotten many first-time gun owners off to a real start.

    Learn from your mistakes and move forward – starving a major player in the game because of a misstep does nothing but further the goals of our enemy, so-to-speak.

  16. I wish gun articles/sites/blogs would focus on guns, and set personal politics aside more often.

    I’m interested in Springfield’s new product. Not the political opinions of an author writing, ostensibly, about Springfield’s new product.

    I’m certainly not interested in strawman arguments.

    I’m liberal AF and unapologetic about it. Kinda goes with my support of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    I also carry, collect firearms, train, prep, etc.

    People are complicated.

    • Be a liberak all you want, just don’t be all surprised when your standing in line at your local police station to hand in all your guns.

      • Not gonna happen. There’s about as many guns in circulation as there are citizens in the US.

        That ship sailed a long time ago.

        Not giving a fuck what other people do with their own personal lives, because it’s none of my business, is what I mean by liberal.

        But I already gave you a clue to that when I referenced the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

        I’ll just assume you also support those foundational principles to the republic.

        • Then you’re not a liberal. The modern left believes in the exact opposite of all those things. Leaving people alone is the last thing they want.

        • No, I’m liberal. I’m quite clear on my position on a variety of social issues. I defined it for you above.

          That may not be what you define as liberal, and that’s fine.

          The modern left is often strawmanned to make a boogeyman for the right.

          Just as the modern right is often strawmanned to make a boogyman for the left.

          Both appear on spectrums. And many people hold different positions on different, specific issues. Socially liberal but fiscally conservative, for example.

          Take care man.

    • “I’m liberal AF and unapologetic about it.”

      Well, there’s your problem.

      “People are complicated.”

      Not really. Most people are actually stupid. Spend enough time on this Earth and you might figure that out.

      • John, the funny part is I actually agree with your original statement that “Most people are stupid”. It doesn’t make them uncomplicated. Beware the false dichotomy, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! 😉

        That’s why I’m not particularly interested in arguing with strangers on the internet. I’m no more intrigued by your personal opinions than I was the original author’s.

        I would caution against conflating one’s subjective, personal opinions with objective fact & truth. To do so is extremely common, and entirely pedestrian. It frequently denotes a marked lack of curiosity.

        Rational people change their opinions with new information.

        It’s possible my use of the word “liberal” doesn’t match your personal, internal definition, and whatever you assumed I meant, when you shared your value judgement.

        I defined my usage in a response right above your original comment. Now you have access to new information.

        I’ll likewise give you the benefit of assuming you support the Constitution & The Bill of Rights.

        “I am libertarian by nature, which means I believe that I (and you) have the right to do pretty much anything at all, as long as I am not harming other people or interfering with their equal right to do as they please. It’s “Live and Let Live.” What could possibly be more civil and fair than that?

        I am moved and motivated by reason and logic.” – Warren Michelsen

        Take care John, I wish you well in life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness.

  17. I just came to see how salty the crowd is about anything Springfield.

    Still pretty salty. Somewhere between a bag of peanuts and the contents of a salt shaker.

  18. If it doesn’t have a revolving cylinder or maybe an M1A with an 18-20″ barrel that weighs under 8 pounds and carries an MSRP under $1000, my excitement level here is about that of a sedated three toe tree sloth.

  19. Whatever this new product is going to be, I’ll bet you it costs at least thirty pieces of silver.

  20. From the alien looking pic… i’d say that we are finally getting a phase plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

  21. I can just see it now.. a picture of a big city .. It’s a Jungle Out There.. here comes the racism allegations against Springfield Armory..

  22. Probably a slight variation of the same stuff they have sold for years. An XD with an even bigger GRIP ZONE?

  23. Who makes a good competitor to the SA Saint Victor .308?

    I’d like to get one but don’t want to support SA.

  24. It’s going to be a new XD with “SHOOTY ZONE” emblazoned on the front of the slide, and “BRASS ZONE” by the ejection port.

  25. I like Springfield and have owned and still own many of their guns. While I was not pleased with their actions I took the CEO’s apology as sincere and have moved on. Are people still moaning about Bill Ruger?

  26. Maybe their a 9mm version of their 911 .380? Would make sense if they’re following Glock’s example as a strategy. Hard to beat a 365 tho.

  27. secretive hype for something that’s going to be anything but “class leading” Trashy ad for a more than likely underwhelming gun.

  28. This is very correct, because the better the product is presented, the more attention it will attract from the side of buyers. Now all you need is a good idea, and with tools like this , you can easily turn it into reality

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