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This morning Justine [Myers] woke up to a voicemail from Thompson Valley School District where Nate is a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, CO.  The voicemail informed Justine that a report had come in claiming Nate was a threat to the school and he was not allowed to return until further notice. The report presumably came through Safe 2 Tell.  

There are reports that a school wide email was also sent to parents about the “threat”. Justine immediately contacted the school assuming she could easily clear things up, especially since the police had already assessed the situation and realized no one had done anything wrong or made any threats. She was wrong.

The school not only refused to provide her with more information about the “threat”, but they refused to provide Nate with schoolwork so he doesn’t get behind. A “threat assessment hearing” has been scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am at the school admin building where Justine will be allowed to defend her son against SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case”.

Make their case of what? That Nate’s outing with his mother to train with her firearms somehow makes him a danger to the school?

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    • Hey, why was my comment from twenty minutes ago deleted? All I did was say this is an example of why Red Flag laws are dangerous.

      • Yup, it appears that several strings have been removed. A couple of my posts are among those MIA comments. It would be “nice” if the Moderator removing posts sent commenters who are removed a reason so that we can “understand” the “why” of our censorship.

        Dan…any light you can shed will be appreciated.

        • They’re only following the googletube example. Ban everything and then cover up by saying something really intelligent, like: “What? Not here.”

    • And if the the school had done nothing and the kid later went Columbine on them, then what? You’d be right back in here denigrating school officials’ intelligence for having done nothing despite having been warned.

      This is the due diligence that you all are constantly crying out for. Embrace it. If he’s cleared–as he already has been by the police–then he’ll be reinstated. I know, I know, the tipster gets no rebuke. Well, prove that the tipster acted with malice, as opposed to with an abundance of caution, which is the longstanding legal standard, and go make your case against them.

      If there are improvements to be made in the system here, then get off your Kardashian-watching, Fortnite-playing butt and go speak at a school board meeting for a change.

      Or you know what? Don’t. Just sit there and do nothing constructive, while allowing sicko-psycho-freako kids to continue their rampages. It’s just a matter of time before the Dems have enough votes, or the incidents become as common as the antis currently lie. Then there will come massive Australia-style measures and it will be too late.

      The bottom line here, before you spend the rest of your afternoon denying reality and attacking me, is that time is not on our side. These school shootings have been “common place” in the public’s perceptions for well over twenty years now. The phrase “going postal” hasn’t been a thing for a quarter century. America needs crazies control, not gun control. Do something constructive about the crazies, or you will experience loss of gun rights and ongoing harassment of apparently innocent kids like this one.

      • And if the the school had done nothing and the kid later went Columbine on them, then what? You’d be right back in here denigrating school officials’ intelligence for having done nothing despite having been warned.

        Please: cite just one school shooter for whom the only indicator of future action was posting on social media about lawfully shooting at a gun range. You won’t be able to, because no such example exists.

        What you’re defending is akin to supporting the allegation that the kid was a rape threat because he is in possession of male genitalia.

        This is the due diligence that you all are constantly crying out for. Embrace it. If he’s cleared–as he already has been by the police–then he’ll be reinstated.

        No. This is not “due diligence”, this is acting on presumed guilt until proving one’s innocence. I, for one, will not embrace it. This is an over-reaction that never should have gone farther than dismissing the “report” itself as specious.

        • That is exactly right–presumed guilt combined with a refusal to produce the evidence/accusations on which the suspension was based. The school is imposing on the student/parent the burden of proof, rather than the other way around. That is NOT due process., and if the suspension is affirmed, there will be a basis for suit.

      • You can use your scenario in everything that could be possible.
        So your post is unreasonable, and threatening to me. Because I’m now uneasy. You need to be band from making further posts on here

      • How about introducing a school sport/target shooting program? That way shooting guns with moms, dads, school teachers and coaches is normal and encouraged. Kids might actually learn how to safely handle a firearm and come to respect its power as a tool. Far fewer folks would “feel endangered” if its normal behavior.

        • Great idea, really, but good luck with that!! Im surprised its still an Olympic sport as it “glorifies shooting a rifle” by rewarding those who participate.

      • Why not give the kid his homework until the hearing so he doesn’t get behind? It’s like he is guilty before his day in court.

        • Because that is what suspension is all about, making the student pay before he can defend himself.
          A kid gets jumped leaving school, even if he is unable to fight back, he gets suspended for “fighting”. Zero tolerance run amok.

      • So, who with some “common sense” left would need to do more than looking at the video to dismiss this as a false alarm?

        It is sad to see people throwing away the little bit of freedom that is left to implement a false feeling of safety.

      • Im betting everyone knows the email sent to parents about a threat was about him. Even if he is cleared of all wrong doing, that kid is screwed. He can’t go to that school district anymore much less that school because everyone now thinks (and will treat him like) he’s a psycho even if he did nothing wrong. There was no due diligence because they most likely over reacted to the extreme with no due process. If it was important enough it needed immediate action, they could’ve brought him in this morning with his mother at a school board building and had this meeting now and schedule further in the future if needed. And dems want to take our guns anyways, despite the are much more deadly things out there, such as running red lights that kills over 3 times as many people as mass shooters according to AAA

        • “And at 16 years old, he’s had his civil rights violated for participating in not one, but two, constitutionally protected activities – shooting guns and sharing a video of it.” Snowflakes would be demanding counseling and safe spaces.

          • Easy to get away with, when that same school also doesn’t teach their students about the constitution and bill of rights! Just guessin!

      • Johnathan there was no threat of violence toward anyone. You seem to have an irrational fear of guns. I just dont get your rational. Do you drive? Because you are way way more likely to get killed by a DUI driver than a gunman. I think you better sell your car stay home and color from now on. Maybe take a nap and eat some graham crackers too. Thank God we don’t have to depend on you to defend us.

      • Your comment proves that you just can’t fix stupid.the kid did nothing racist rants no it will be a 🐟 video and the horrors of treble hooks

      • The proper response for the school officials would have been to call a meeting with the kid and his mom to give them a chance to explain and/or to alleviate any unfounded fear the officials may have had as the police did.. Evidently the police had already cleared the kid. This is the problem with “red flag laws”! Ignorant people acting out of ignorance to convict people with no concept of reality. Sort of like the witch hunts in the 1600’s!

        • The proper response would have been ‘no response’. He was with his mother.


          But turns out he was investigated and STILL suspended. Not right.

          They should vett out these complaints.

      • You’re reasoning is backwards. Such as punishment doled out before a verdict. No doubt, you are a proponent of “confiscate first, sort out the details later.” Although you seem to attempt to present yourself as someone who is adept at legal affairs, your political and social bent bears itself as obvious as the blue sky. Perhaps a second study of American History 101 would do you well?

      • I agree with you 100%. If there’s any chance what-so-ever that a kid is going to be a danger to himself or others, then he SHOULD be expelled and banned from school premises pretty much indefinitely.

        What’s more, ANY indicator – no matter how small – should be enough to flag, because you only have to be wrong ONCE to be responsible for allowing the next tragedy to happen.

        Given that we have all these murderous children who apparently show NO signs in advance (not that are noticed, anyway), we can only assume that EVERY student is a potential mass-murder in waiting. Therefor, the ONLY logical step to ENSURE the safety of all of our CHILDREN is to ban them all from schools, entirely, forever.

        Since a lot of these shooting are gang related, which is a social activity, we should also take the simple, common-sense step of preventing children from seeing other children or -ideally- even letting them know they exist. A windowless (because children are known to sneak out), locked room in a basement seems like a good idea. Of course, social media and communication tools are right out, but also to prevent them from turning OTHER everyday objects into deadly weapons, the room should be barren concrete with only a drain hole and a drip-source (so they don’t suicide by drowning) of water. We’re not monsters, though – a recessed (but barred, obviously) light should also be provided.

        By following these common sense solutions to this emerging problem which is also somehow a pandemic, we can keep kids safe. Unless the basement floods, I guess, or the house burns down. But when they turn 18 and come stumbling out of the dark hole of their wasted childhood, they’ll surely thank us and immediately become valued and productive members of society.

        • You realize that you need to state that this is sarcasm, unless you enjoy reading a lot rabid hate speak!😏

        • Wow, the audacity of saying that because the kid went to a gun range and was video taping it that he’s going to go to the school and shoot people is rediculous. If that is the case, every kid that goes hunting is going to go to school and shoot people. Do you know how many kids would be kicked out of school? Thousands and thousands! Parents who teach gun safety to their kids and not just let them have a gun are not the ones who normally have issues. If that’s your reasoning, then you could also make the leap to say that every kid who’s bullied at school will go shoot it up. It’s totally not true. I was bullied, I was taught gun safety, I went hunting, I didn’t go to school and shoot anyone. It never crossed my mind. The kids who do that see it plastered all over tv and the news. They think it is glorified and the notariety is cool. They have an agenda but usually don’t tell anyone why. It’s not forgotten about (not should it be) and so the shooter is remembered along with the act itself. That is the reason it happens, not because the kid went to the gun range or hunting. The people who have guns legally are less likely to have issues as someone who has one illegally.

        • WOW, just wow!
          Casey, it has to be hard to be inside your brain. If you truly believe the world works like this you must live in constant a panic. For your own good PLEASE seek professional psychiatric help for your paranoia.

      • There is a great NPR program called Snap Judgements. Please listen to the episode called No One Calls Me Shooter.

        I agree something needs to be done but this and the NPR program exemplify exactly how mis-managed these threat assessment programs are. This is another example of a complete failure of the system. This is also opening up the school systems for slander and libel since everyone in the school system was informed even after his innocence was proven by law enforcement.

      • “What if” statements are communistic. You do not arbitrarily infringe someones rights on the basis of “what if”. Prove actual wrong doing and substantiate your arguments with proof before you take action. This is clear bias. The kid is being bullied by the school board.

        How is denying him have schoolwork so he does not get behind fair?

      • What he does outside of school is not the schools business ! The mother should get a lawyer and sue them for slander, and whatever else a good lawyer can come up with.

      • An outing with his mother on a controlled shooting range (the entire purpose of the range) is a GREAT deal different than posting death threats to fellow classmates. Your comparison is absurd, at best. Going to range to practice gun safety and technique is doing the right thing to learn how to use a gun properly. This video is obviously just that and nothing more.

      • Quit trying to dictate on (if) How about taking her drivers license away to in case they might hit somebody. Or anybody else’s.

      • So your insinuating that the young bog has some major mental-issues if so then why hasn’t the school. Addressed that concern with the parents instead of waiting for a video to the school is wrong and should have done it the correct way and contacted the parents for a conference not punish first then ask

  1. I was 17 when Columbine happened. My young 17 and then subsequently 17 through 38 year old brain was able to conjure and imagine some crazy stuff when it came to school shootings but this… this was not one of those things…….

    Save me Jeebus…..

  2. The authoritarians (school board) are using Nate as an abject example of their power / control over people’s lives…”believe as we do…or else”. Serves as a not subtle warning to parents and students who choose not to participate in Liberal groupthink.

    We (society) often refer to the meme Darwin Award(s)…I propose a new Award… the Orwell Award. Awarded to individuals / organizations who use Orwellian tactics to browbeat the proles into submission.

    • My experience with school boards and superintendents are that they believe that they are above the law and God. I would lawyer up and file suit against the school and each individual board member as well as the superintendent.

      • Agreed!

        Use their (Left’s) tactics against them…sue the bastards into submission. As part of the suit a complete review and expungement of Nate’s school “record”.

        • Suing the bastards into submission requires having more money, to pay your lawyers, than the bastards do. In fact, running the opposition out of money is a favorite tactic of well heeled clients’ lawyers.

  3. The school system is a complete joke. The first thing you need to do is threaten lawsuit if they don’t change their abuse sue. That’s it. It sucks but it will save you a lot of pain and heart ache of trying to convince them.

    Not that lawsuits are fun. Just saying it’s the only thing that I have ever seen them worry about.

    • Do you think a lawsuit will change anything? The family will most likely receive taxpayer dollars if they win. I doubt the school administrators will face any personal liability.

      • And that’s a fundamental problem. Another issue is that we have no recourse when a government agency lies to us, but in many cases we can be legally abducted and/or robbed if we lie to them (or, even if they CLAIM we lie to them). More generally, authority without full accountability will always, and usually sooner rather than later, result in rank corruption, of the kind represented in this story.

      • I have seen lawsuit change things in schools personally. It definitely can be effective. I never said it was guaranteed my point was it’s the only thing that could make a difference.

        Peoples mistake is not getting lawyer then things get 10 times worse. Schools will lie and cover things up when they try things like this it should be assumed that the worst is coming.

  4. When you let IDIOTS run the education system, this is what you get… It’s a national problem from grade school & especially in higher education,,, 12 liberal instructors to 1 conservative instructor, look it up.

    • Although rarely mentioned, there is an ongoing gender imbalance in education in the western world. Most teachers are women because men are not following careers in education because of the threat of sexual harassment claims.

  5. “Nate had posted on his Snapchat that he was going shooting with his mom along with this video (for those who need a little help translating the slang kids use these days “Finna be lit” basically means “Going to be a good time”.)…”

    Folks who enjoy responsible legal gun ownership in blue states need to realize that they are political dissidents. Don’t post stuff on social media that make it easy for the State identify and persecute you.

    • While what you say is no more than simple common sense, the fact that people are openly persecuted for political beliefs in the USA is horrifying, and needs to be rectified. Not that this is unique in our history by any means, but it needs to be stamped out, quickly and vigorously, when it happens.

    • “Don’t post stuff on social media that make it easy for the State identify and persecute you.”

      And drive guns further underground?

      Fuck that noise, going shooting is normal. When gays started PDA, some straights were losing their minds. Today, not so much.

      Never allow them to shame you into not exercising a civil right. They have the problem, they can get used to it…

  6. Suit the living crap out of everyone involved with the suspension. Make them pay personally. 1 suit for each individual. plus everything the district had to do with it.

  7. Every gun owning family in that school should make a similar video . Ok school is shut down while we do 500 investigations and hearings .

  8. They would be celebrating if she had posted pictures of her son at the local whore house being “instructed” of how to perform with a woman. Or perhaps with a man.

    • Man, definitely man. The dried out childless harpies that run the “education” system just plain hate boys.

      • Women teachers make the fundamental mistake of treating boys as though they are “defective” girls.

    • If he put on a dress and pretended to be a woman he’d be hailed as a hero even. But imagine the reaction if he painted his face and pretended to be black!

  9. School People gotta be card carrying Democrats, they’ll castigate a conservative yet embrace total immorality from their ranks

  10. Posting the related two videos on Snapchat gave someone else the opportunity to contact the Police and School Administration. This pretty clearly illustrates the mentality of making unfounded accusations against others that is being cultivated through “Red Flag Laws” and “threat assessment programs”. It also illustrates that naive teens, like Nate, need to be taught not to post things online that can be turned against them.

    The abuse here, in my take, is that once the Police had determined there was no threat, on what basis does the School Administration proceed to suspend the child and subject him and his family to the so-called threat assessment hearing? Apparently, some people are determined to reverse the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” at every opportunity they can seize upon, and in Colorado those people are the “educators”…among others.

    • ‘Apparently, some people are determined to reverse the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”…’

      Wait until he goes to college and has sex with a drunk girl who later regrets her actions.

      • Don’t have sex with a drunk girl. More to the point, don’t have a romantic relationship(do the Nazis on the left even know what that means) with any girl who is a student at your school. Think of it like a workplace relationship. Usually turns out bad.
        My 19 year-old college student wanted to take a selfie with my cool looking Mk 23. Snatched it from her before she could take the photo. I have seen several of these stories on TTAG recently.
        “When 4 men sit down to plot a revolution, 3 are government spies, the 4th is a fool.” We are the revolutionaries, we just haven’t figured that out yet.
        We need to take this stuff seriously and stop saying how crazy the libs are.

        • No, not crazy at all. Their methods have proven deadly effective time and again (if the goal is to amass power and wealth and the expense of others). The majority of leftists are useful idiots, but their ignorance doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

        • That’s indeed true. The left isn’t crazy. They’re bloodthirsty psychopaths. Leftism murdered more innocent people in the 20th century then every war combined.

    • Wait until red flag laws are written without careful wording, due process, and are publicly available to see.

        • The is the only reason why demorats are pushing so hard for getting them in place. This poor boys’ story is a prime example of what we will see coming when red flag laws get passed.

    • So it turns-out ( per later posts) this matter is resolved for young Nate and the School Admins have even apologized. Also turns-out this procedure for reporting potential threats has been used by the students to prank and harass their peers because the School District has a “protocol” that requires them to act when a “threat” is reported. This situation perfectly illustrates the major flaw in giving the general public the ability to “Red Flag” others anonymously to the State. It is a page taken right out of the Hitler Youth curriculum manual. The accusation is pure “hearsay” and needs no valid evidence to trigger the State to act against the accused. Yes, there were images posted and used out of context to infer a possible threat, but neither constituted a credible threat of any sort (except by creating a false inference). THIS is exactly why these “Red Flag” laws and “protocols” are so dangerous to due process of law and the presumption of innocence without due process of law.

  11. Once again, school choice should be THE number one issue for conservatives and libertarians.

  12. No due process. Publicly announcing their actions. There is a lawsuit in here somewhere.
    And all this at a public school she has to pay taxes for and must send her child to by law.

    People think I’m crazy for paying private school for my kid. I don’t think so.

    • “Due process…we doan need no stinkin’ due process”
      – Thompson Valley School District

  13. This shit isn’t about “Threats to School(s), it’s about a total anti-gun mindset, philosophy and abuse of policy and authority. The “Nanny State” and “thought police” have spread like a aggressive cancer, attacking anything and everything dealing with firearms and their owners/users and they do it with impunity. The asshats that abuse their authority under the guise of authority to “error on the side of safety” are in fact deliberately using it to target Lawful Constitutionally protected activity and Rights. When we dissect these “threat reports” and there is no threat, just lawful conduct that anti-gun doint like and want to eliminate it is weaponizing the education system to stigmatize a student and in fact put a Black mark on their school record and within LE data bases. After the Schools initial action with no timely due process for the student and his family, they are also vindictive and prejudicial in not allowing school assignment for the suspension period to be sent home. This reflects a a pre judgement of guilt which is adverse to the students education and against the law which mandates attendance and education for school age children.

    The only way to stop this unjustified crap is to file a Civil Suit against all parties involved in the initial Reporting and Schools decision making Staff WITH stiff financial fines and personal awards against the school, Staff, School District/Board.

    This is the shit that is cultivated from prior decisions on finger and pop-tart “guns”. These are not Zero Tolerance, its a systematic which hunt and a sub set of Red Flag abuses.

    • @ Pilgrim Billy:
      I was going to do as you suggest, but on second thought, I don’t want those commies to have my E-mail address.

    • I used the safe 2 tell app to anonymously report the Thomson Valley School district for bullying and Safe2Tell for slander.

  14. “Colorado Teen Suspended From School For Gun Range Video of Him Shooting With His Mother”


    Time to get a refund on the “school” portion of their property taxes…

  15. Ridiculous! This incident just goes to show how thoroughly the educational cadre (school board, school administrators, teachers) have been indoctrinated by the lefty/progressive college system. “1984” may be only a novel, but the conditions it describes exist! Groupthink, rightthink, and all that. The dangers of the plan for taking over by communists/progressives that J. Edgar Hoover described in his books in the 50s and 60s, which everybody laughed at back in the day as the workings of a delusional mind, seem to be coming true. I’m surprised the school hasn’t tried to send young Nate and his mom to a Democratic/Progressive re-education camp to correct their thinking. As somebody else said here, Nate’s mom should have a talk with him to ensure he knows (as Cardinal Richelieu once said) to be very careful what he says and who/where he says it to. Personally, I’d sue the crap out of the school system and everybody involved with the decision to expel Nate, and thereafter homeschool him and see that he got his GED certificate, or put him in a private school.

  16. Deprivation of civil rights under color of law. Sue individual officials if possible. Would they suspend a student for posting a video of his participation of another fundamental right, participation in say a religious service?

    • “Would they suspend a student for posting a video of his participation of another fundamental right, participation in say a religious service?”

      If it was a Christian service, they would without hesitation if they thought there was any chance at all they could get away with it. And they WILL as soon as they think they can get away with it.

  17. If they identified Nate in the email about the “threat to the school” to the other parents they would surely have a strong case for a libel suit. This could have long term devastating results for this young man’s employability and acceptance to further education beyond high school. In large part, damage has already done to defame his reputation. Nothing on the internet ever goes away so this will follow him forever. Someone should suffer for this and it should not be Nate or his mother.

  18. Forget the 2nd amendment, hit then where it hurts. This is a clear Title IX violation keeping him from enjoying the same educational opportunities as other students. Sic the feds on the school district! Use their own ammunition against them.

    • MikeTheHopsFarmer,

      Sic the feds on the school district!

      Unfortunately, our United States Justice Department has no interest serving justice for the hoi polloi (unwashed masses).

      Unless you are really well connected or some Justice Department employee happens to take an extremely intense personal interest in a case, our Justice Department will not do anything.

  19. What, didn’t you pay attention? No shooting glasses. The kid’s a danger to himself. That must be the reason they will give.

    Idiot liberals, their knee jerk reactions are insane.

  20. Look for the silver lining. With his suspension and no class work now he can now spend more time at the range.

    I expect several student copycats posting to social media a week before the first day of hunting season.

  21. Considering what happened to my friend’s son a couple years back in 27J, I’m kinda surprised they didnt file felony charges against this poor kid.

    My friend’s son, found an arrow on campus, reported it, got hit with charges and suspended. Took damn near a year to clear up.

    • I once had a sword-cane sent to me in college. I suspect they opened the package because it looked suspicious but just saw a cane. I have to wonder what would have happened to me if they’d found it then… and now.

      • Now you’d be in a whole mess of trouble.

        One of the things that apparently a lot of commenters here don’t seem to grasp is that there really isn’t anyone to surprise here other than maybe the person who reported the “threat”. The school is following state law and federal guidelines here.

        And before someone goes trashing on Colorado law, most state’s, 46 last I checked a few years back when my friend’s kid got screwed, have the same or very similar laws. Having at least a semblance of this kind of policy became a requirement to get fed dollars under the Obama administration. Even states that don’t take it as far as most, still have somewhat similar policies on the books to keep education funding.

        Unless it can be conclusively shown that the school did an initial investigation that showed no threat and then ignored that investigation, the school has merely followed the law, which statistically speaking, covers the schools in most of your states too and definitely touches them in at least terms of paying g lip service to such regulations, whether you’re aware of it or not.

        Hilariously, this program is running alongside the “anti discrimination, diversion” program that played a part allowing Parkland to happen.

    • Friend of mines first grader got expelled last year for picking up a stick on the playground and pointing it like a gun at his friend. An uninvolved teacher saw and decided boys playing was an extreme threat. They even photo copied the stick for his file. Topping it all off there was an adventure lego set in his back pack complete with a 1/4″ plastic knife in the lego man’s hand. That was all they needed to make the expulsion stick. 2 counts of “replica weapons” pretty much ended a 6 years old’s scholastic career before it even started.

  22. Teaching your kids gun safety should include social media safety. Dropping that shit altogether is best but if not at least don’t put stuff like this on there if you’re in public school and want to remain there… at least in a blue area.

  23. Typical TAG, report half the truth (the half truth about guns???)

    “According to the attorneys, the school has a protocol that must be followed when a report of a threat comes in through Safe 2 Tell or other means, even if the report is completely false – and there is nothing parents or students can legally do about it, even with a lawyer. If the student is charged or further action is taken, that changes.”

    The other option is to take no action until a investigation. But if a shooting happens in the time between, then what? The School would really be looking a lawsuit to end all lawsuits.

    So if some someone would please explain how a school should react to a reported threat I would love to hear it. How do you react between the time of the report and the investigation? Are they suppose to trust the cops? After the cops have no obligation to protect anyone.

    • Seems you missed the part about the cops being involved and finding no threat.

      Then the school after anyway.

      Try to read it again.

    • Binder,

      The solution is exceedingly simple. When someone reports a threat to a school:
      (1) At least one police officer immediately goes to that school and stays there until resolution.
      (2) Police investigate the report and either arrest someone if they committed a crime or give the all clear and pull their officer back from the school.

      Note that investigating a “threat” takes at most a few hours. In this case, investigating the threat would take about five minutes to hear about the video post, watch it, and dismiss the whole thing.

      The root problem in all of this is HYSTERIA and an intense desire to punish and subjugate political enemies.

    • “According to the attorneys, the school has a protocol that must be followed when a report of a threat comes in through Safe 2 Tell or other means, even if the report is completely false – and there is nothing parents or students can legally do about it, even with a lawyer. If the student is charged or further action is taken, that changes.”

      “School protocol” doesn’t trump the constitution, or its protection of due process rights.

    • So if some someone would please explain how a school should react to a reported threat I would love to hear it. How do you react between the time of the report and the investigation? Are they suppose to trust the cops? After the cops have no obligation to protect anyone.

      Sorry for the double comment. Meant to respond to this, too.

      The school should react exactly the same way LEO should react to specious reports of threats: call us back when you have evidence of unlawful behavior.

      Protip: a student engaging in a wholly lawful activity is not evidence of a threat.

      • Let’s see if I got this right, schools can hire transsexuals to entertain children, they can counsel pre-teens about gender reassignment, but they can block and persecute a kid having what used to be considered wholesome family fun at the range!? No manifesto, no scary Twitter threats? Sounds like targeting to me, pun intended.

      • Chip you are just so hopeless. A threat was reported. That is it. The school needed to respond to that. I don’t think the school responded to the snap chat post, but the called in report.

        “The school should react exactly the same way LEO should react to specious reports of threats: call us back when you have evidence of unlawful behavior.”

        A called in report would be enough for the cops to investigate (oh yes, the cops did investigate) but it’s not enough for the school to investigate?

        Yes the “reported threat” turned out to be nothing. But the fact is that you know that AFTER all information is reported. Nice to know the full facts. But guess what, you need time to get those facts. This has nothing to do with punishing anyone, just to provide time for the school to get the facts.

        But then you are probably the type who thinks that you should not evacuate a school building when the fire alarm goes off, but only when you see fire and smoke.

        • Mirror meet Binder…

          Thank you for illustrating (perfectly) the Chicken Little Syndrome…wherein people overreact and exhibit an out of proportion response to minimal data input.

        • If I’m understanding correctly, a student was suspended for 10 days as a result of nothing more than a specious report.

          Spin it all you want; it is a gross overreaction and a violation of that student’s constitutionality protected rights.

        • When you need your refrigerator repaired, you call a professional. When you need a transmission repaired, you call a professional. When you need to remodel your house, you call a professional.

          Why then should the school think they can do a better job of investigation than the professional law enforcement? Why should it take them significantly longer than the police? Because they don’t know how to investigate? Because they are not professionals? This is a gross mis-management of the threat assessment process and unfortunately not the first example of this either.

          Please take the time to listen to an NPR program called Snap Judgements, episode No One Calls Me Shooter. These type of assessment programs will do more harm than good for all involved. But as an educator I can promise you, it will further discriminate against students on the Autism spectrum because they don’t have the EQ other students have.

  24. When my dad was in HS he was part of the rifle team circa1924. Kankakee,ILLinois. Walked to school with his rifle…this is effed up. I see a looming lawsuit. Happy my kid’s are grown😄

  25. Ditch social media. It’s garbage anyway.

    Social media is like those televisions you can’t turn off from 1984. Fortunately for us we can decide if we want them or not.

    • More like, DO post this stuff, and sue the crap out of administrators that overreact. Punish these idiots, AND pay for your kids’ college (and maybe then some). Win-win. There’s thousands on the left who do the exact same thing as a CAREER.

  26. SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case”.

    So if the seven officials will be making a case against the kid, who will be deciding it?

  27. The mom is using this as bait for a lawsuit because she knew what would happen.
    Most school districts would have SWATed her in the name of GVRO’s / safety which would give her grounds to sue.
    Hope this stunt / dispute between the mom and school does not have a negative effect on the kid’s education and future but having such a visual reminder that he is a gunowner will definitely affect employment prospects at many tech or pharmaceutical places.

  28. So why isn’t every kid on “You Tube” shown with an instructor or their parents at the range not suspended? This kid and his mother were not committing any crime or violation of law.
    They were involved in a legal activity. The school board is engaging in hate speech against a class of people, Gun owners. they need to spanked hard where it hurts, their pocketbook.

  29. Civil rights lawsuit. Done. Gon’ get college paid for. I hope he majors in political science or law, and becomes a professional pain in the ass for these Little Hitler administrators that love throwing their weight around.

    They wouldn’t do this shit to a kid who took selfies at a Gay Pride parade, I bet, nor a kid posting about prayers at the local mosque. All are explicitly protected rights, which a public school has no authority to opine upon, especially when they occur outside the school day.

  30. This kid is not school shooter, just a kid having fun with his mom, but this is how school administrators create school shooters.

  31. KEEP your personal life to yourself, get off of twitter, facebook, snapchat and any other “social” media bullshit and make your business YOUR business.. Haters are gonna hate and assholes are assholes no matter where you are.. I do not do social media but I did open a facebook account several years ago to help keep my young niece out of trouble.. That worked fine til facebook let some dick hack a bunch of accounts (mine included) and when there was a bunch of crap posted on there (not by me) my account was locked by facebook and I could not reopen it.. Screw them, I don’t NEED that crap and niether does anyone else.. Just hope the boy learns from this…

    • I’ve been teaching my son to stay off social media until he finishes high school. And even then to think before he posts as nothing is forgotten on the internet

  32. When is some attorney going to take a district o court and get this kind of Horse Hockey declared unconstitutional? It’s worse than red flag laws.

  33. I took all three of my children to a gun range a number of time and trained them on the proper way to handle all types of weapons. There was never an issue with them having and handling weapons, They did not learn by playing video games!

  34. Another case for abandoning the public school system. Private schooling and all the sacrifices we made to afford that was worth every penny.

    • Imagine how white the principal’s face turned when he got the call from the school district lawyers, LOL!

      Still hoping this kid gets his “civil rights scholarship” in the courts when all is said & done.

  35. And this is why the only “zero tolerance” standard that should be aloud to exist, would be a “zero tolerance” for “zero tolerance standards”.

  36. He clearly poses a threat since he is dangerous with his (lack of) use of PPE. Where’s the glasses, mom? :p

    • Yea, every time I was in a combat situation I paused for ear pro and glasses….

      I get it tho. It’s a range. Why not be safe… but I think your focus should be elsewhere.

      I can not take a sarcastic approach to this poor families situation. Tyranny has reached a new level with these red flag laws.


    Should the trial not come BEFORE the verdict?

    This is ridiculous. I’ve got so many reasons to open carry march on DC it’s making my head spin. The more I see, the less respectful and “peaceful” I want to be about it, especially with shit like this. I think it’s past time for open carry marches where they are deemed “illegal”. Before they turn us all into criminals for simply owning guns and wanting to tell the government to go fuck themselves.

    The only rule I am giving a fuck about currently, is OMERTA. We are not criminals. We are free.

  38. Update

    “LOVELAND —A Loveland High School teen is back in class today after Thompson School District (TSD) officials apologized and cleared him of a report to “Safe2Tell,” claiming he made a threat on the school, that was actually a family outing at a shooting range.

    On Wednesday, TSD Superintendent Marc Schaffer notified the parents of Nathan Myers that he could not return to school until the district completed a full investigation after Nathan posted a Snapchat video on Tuesday of several handguns and an AR-15 belonging to his mother.

    The guns were being packed for a family shooting trip to the mountains, the boy’s mother, Justine Myers, said. Nathan posted the video with the caption “Finna be lit,” which is slang for “gonna be exciting.”

    Someone called the anonymous line “Safe2Tell,” and reported they feared Nathan was threatening the school. “Safe2Tell” is designed for youth to be able to give tips to their school and police about threatening situations. However, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams said the line has been dubbed “Safe2Swat,” by kids who use the line for both practical jokes and to get even with other students they may have a conflict with.

    Swatting is a term that is used when someone deceptively sends police and other emergency services to another person’s address through false reporting of an emergency or criminal action.

    Nathan’s father had left several messages for Justine about police officers at his home questioning Nathan’s intentions while they were out of cell phone coverage.

    “His father told them (Tuesday evening that) he was out shooting with me. I am an avid shooter,” Justine said. “So, the officers said he wasn’t in trouble and left.”

    Despite being glad the situation is resolved, Justine said she is still frustrated at how it was handled. She said it felt like they were downplaying the severity of the situation, including failing to allow the boy access to his homework. The school district told Justine they did not get clearance from the police until sometime Wednesday,

    “You expect me to believe they had a threat on a school and the school waited more than 15 hours to contact the police to find out if it was credible,” Justine said.

    Nathan and his parents met with school district officials for what she said amounted to 5 minutes before they gave Nathan permission to return to class and promised him there would be no consequences surrounding the issue.

    “We walked in, they gave him a big envelope with his homework in it and immediately apologized,” Justine said. “They told him he was a good kid, they liked him, and they never believed he was making a threat against the school, but that ‘you know we have to do this.’ ”

    • From another article. See a trend?
      “This is not the first time TVSD and Loveland High School have called into question Nathan and his family’s support of the Second Amendment. When Nathan was a freshman, he was caught doodling a Glock 45 in class.

      School resource officers pulled him out of class and told him he knew way too much about guns. He was not suspended that time, but school administration required his dad to sign a statement allowing him back into class, Nathan said. He has also been questioned about a Second Amendment sticker on his truck, his mother said.”

      • If they are worried about a kid knowing to much about guns, back when I was in junior high I could quote chapter, line, and verse about almost all WW2 guns, planes, and tanks, and knew a lot about WW1 and Cold War era equipment. I would have totally freaked them out.

    • “Someone called the anonymous line “Safe2Tell,” and reported they feared Nathan was threatening the school.”

      Sixth Amendment; now that the accusation has been proven to be bullshit, put up the narc’s name or shut the tip line down. There need to be consequences for this garbage. This kid’s life was turned upside down, his family put in legal jeopardy, and now the whole student body may suspect he’s a nutcase (and he understandably may be pretty pissed off about this for a good while) and will be looking to take him down.

      I’d almost bet money it’s a teacher or resource officer who’s previously given this kid a hard time for “knowing too much about guns” and expressing pro-2nd Amendment views. I’ve always suspected that that’s the only sort of person who’d ever use those anonymous tip lines; busy body bullies.

      Time to get paid.

  39. God bless Texas.

    Poor Colorado is getting all Californicated up.

    The young man and his mother should be able to post videos of themselves involved in any legal activity without getting harassed by the SJWs. We can debate the wisdom of using social media, but it is a form of free speech. School policy that violates the law or legally protected freedoms is itself in need of being discarded. Enforcing an illegal school policy is, or ought to be, itself illegal and the enforcement of it an actionable offense.

    • Unfortunately Texas has just instituted this “threat assessment” program statewide for all public schools. This will happen here as well.

  40. This is the video that got the attention of another student, not just him shooting at the range.
    The police cleared him and he should have never been suspended. Putting “Fina get lit” on a video while quickly zooming in and out on a bunch of guns, with no explanation, could cause another kids alarm to go off considering the recent school shootings. See something, say something is what they have all been told. It should have been dropped when the police found nothing wrong. The school should have, at the very least, let him have his school work to do while waiting for the hearing, that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place, after being cleared by the police. Red Flag law’s would have really screwed over this kid and his parents. The police checking up on it and clearing it was good enough. Red Flag law’s would have been a major red tape mess and been unnecessary.

  41. The school admitted they over reacted(or some such excuse) and offered an apology (at least an approximation of what an apology should be) No harm no foul (in the minds of the administration any way)’

    Now if Colorado had the proposed Federal Red Flag Law in place this “simple mistake ” would have involved a NO KNOCK raid with the obligatory SWAT team and all guns and ammo confiscated from the parents. There would be no turning back, the kid would become a virtual “prohibited person” for life. His parents would not be allowed to have any of their guns for self protection, hunting or otherwise until their totally innocent son move permanently from the home. That is if there were still any guns left to return to them. There would be absolutely no recognition that a error was made, so no need to apologize for terrorizing an innocent kid, traumatizing his parents and stealing their personal property. Not to mention the $10s of thousands spent on legal fees.

    • And when the stupid factor drops below acceptable levels, the dems do whatever it takes to import more!

  42. and here our schools just started up Trap teams. so kids can shoot for the school. I find this particular article disturbing, especially coming from here where something like this is just a way of life in our community. I don’t think anyone has been suspended. kids are even often excused for first few days of hunting season.

  43. Folks, this is a knee jerk reaction which I actually can completely understand why the school is going overboard. All the school sees is “possible threat”, “zero tolerance.” I get it…..the mass hysteria….Better to be safe than sorry and all. We are now living in a scary society where you can’t trust anyone with a gun at this point. As fast as it takes to shoot and kill, and anyone is a possible target, this school is trying to be proactive. Mark me, this is just the beginning. Just wait, all gun owners are now going to be labeled with a “mental illness.” A new sheriff is in town and his new title is the “neuropsychiatrist.”

    However, the level headed people of America can clearly see that the school is majorly stepping over their boundary since this gun was nowhere near a school campus, so they have no right to detain this young man from school and put him through a trial. Where is the threat? If just owning a gun is enough of a threat, we still have something called a constitution that states “we still have the right to bear arms.”

  44. Julia T Draves I do believe that the school is ain violation of his civil rights. I also do not believe it should be considered a “red flag.” He has made no threats. He has endangered no one. He is shooting a legally owned gun at a gun range. There is nothing wrong with this. School shooters don’t go with their moms to the shooting range. School shooters are not public about enjoying the sport of shooting, or invest their time in learning how to responsibly handle a firearm. The action against this young man is unreasonable, and most probably illegal, but it lends support to the notion that we need some sensible legislation about gun ownership. This unsupportable reaction demonstrates the fear that people have because there are no reasonable rules about who can own a gun, where they can take their gun, and how powerful that gun can be. This young man is not wielding an assault rifle. It is a handgun. Even our military and veterans agree that assault type weapons have no place in the hands of civilians. They were meant for killing people and designed to maximize that potential. Restrictions on these types of firearms make sense. They are great on the battlefield. Not so great in a schoolroom or a theater or a public park. An even more sinister point is that the need so many people feel to own assault weapons is to “defend” themselves against an unjust government or against other citizens whom they have branded as “dangerous.” Restoring trust in our government and our cultural values is one of our most important tasks. Our country’s founders had experience with with unjust government, and the second amendment was intended to help assure that governments could not simply prohibit the ownership of firearms, leaving citizens without recourse in the event of government abuse. Guns were the source of power for defense. That said, guns have changed since 1789, and our laws need to change with them. Indeed, the nation’s founders might have been more likely to adopt an amendment regarding access to digital resources and technology if they were gathering today. It is the information infrastructure and the means of communication that is far more important than guns to the assurance of freedom of our country’s citizens. We should be more fearful of losing rights under the first amendment than under the second if we are concerned for our freedoms.

    • I call BS on your whole post.

      The world militaries use these intermediate power cartridges because of their ease of carrying, the ability to carry substantially more rounds and because of their wounding capacity…not their killing capacity. If you kill an enemy combatant you only remove one troop from the arena…wounding that same person effectively removes up to
      four troops…the wounded, the persons transporting them and the caregiver(s).

      You have no real world experience that you are basing your assertions on…only Liberal rhetoric.

      • Hey old guy, what’s all that have to do with everyone flagrantly violating the kid’s rights? I thought that was the topic, not the poster’s knowledge of military doctrine.

        • Dennis,

          Please reread Julie’s post. It starts out all sympathetic to the child’s civil rights and transitions into full anti-gun agitprop. When a poster starts ranting on the “powerful” cartridge that AR’s are chambered in is your clue that they have no inkling what they are expounding on and are merely trolling the Progressive litany of lies.

          If you read my earlier comments in this thread, I believe that you will discover that I already remarked on the blatant abuse of this students civil rights.


          • My apologies sir, I suppose it was a knee jerk reaction on my part. Being a vet and a “gun nut”, I get more than a little annoyed by folks expounding on the virtues and distractions of certain firearms, when I think it’s all something they’ve read or seen on “social” media.bottom line, civil rights were abused, and it’s way past time for people to be punished for doing it!

  45. Parents are no longer allowed to teach THEIR children how to handle weapons. I know we’re all worried about gun violence in schools and other places but are we not going to fly because of 911…

  46. Man glad I don’t leave in that state. Me and my kids go down to my sister’s home where we have set up a shooting range. We go and target practice there . So sad this young man gets done this way. I would sue the school. Wish y’all the best of luck.

  47. Shooting at school is unacceptable and students should control themselves, I think it is best for students to spend their free time in libraries, read cool books, for example, on our website you can read about the declaration of independence, it should be interesting for you as a citizen of your country.

  48. Such things are very scary. But they can be prevented. For example, special services have access to personal correspondence and if they see suspicious messages, they can take some measures. This is similar to how partners in a couple can follow each other using similar programs.

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