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OMG! Someone taught my son something that could save his life! OMG! Jacksonville mother upset after child taught NRA-affiliated gun safety program at elementary school – “A Jacksonville mom is upset that her child was taught about guns without her permission. The woman’s child is a student at Mandarin Oaks Elementary. She said gun safety is a topic that’s sensitive in her household and has her 7-year-old pushing back on her parenting. The lesson was part of a program called Eddie Eagle, which focuses on gun safety. It was created by the National Rifle Association. Resource officers present Eddie Eagle lessons to children.” Because ‘stop, don’t touch, run away, tell a grownup’ is clearly detrimental to any child’s healthy development.


Don Kates, the father of the modern Second Amendment revival, has died – “Don wrote “Handgun Prohibition and the Original Meaning of the Second Amendment,” 82 Mich. L. Rev. 204 (1983), the first modern article in a major law review arguing for the individual-rights view of the Second Amendment, and since then he wrote or co-wrote over 15 more law review articles, as well as writing, co-writing or editing four books. His work has been heavily cited both by courts and by scholars — and he did this while a lawyer in private practice (with occasional time as a think-tank researcher), rather than a law professor.” R.I.P.


How the Hell do Guns Work on ‘Westworld’? – “How do the bullets work? What happens if a guest shoots at another guest? Are the weapons even real? With Dolores able to fire pistols and the increasing likelihood of a gun-related twist popping up in the second half of Season 1, we figured now’s the time to pick through dialogue, interviews, show lore, and fan theories to get to the bottom of this enduring mystery.” Right up there with the Bermuda triangle, bigfoot and whether or not there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll.


Whistling past the graveyard? BREAKING: Support of Anti-Gun California Proposition 63 Continues to Decline – A recent poll of likely voters conducted by USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times shows that not only has support slipped for Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63, but that when voters are educated about what it really does and learn about the high monetary and societal costs, support drops even further. The same poll that showed 64% overall support just one month ago now shows 59% total support. Once voters are presented with the arguments, amongst those who have not already voted, support for the measure erodes to 53%, right at the edge of the margin of error.



After Losing Eight Stolen Guns Last Year, Waller County Sheriff Loses Some More – “For the second time in less than a year, Waller County Sheriff’s Office guns have gone missing. The sheriff’s office notified Waller County officials this week that, somehow, two guns have gone missing from storage — though for now, no one knows whether they’ve been stolen or just misplaced.”


Hodgdon, The Brand That’s True®, is excited to announce the release of CFE BLK™, a new Spherical powder specifically formulated for the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. CFE BLK joins the Hodgdon CFE™ family of CFE 223™ and CFE Pistol™. This new powder provides full function of AR-type rifles throughout the range of bullet weights, and is perfect for those subsonic reduced loads. In addition to being the perfect solution for the .300 Blackout, it performs beautifully in many smaller capacity cartridges, in particular, varmint cartridges such as the .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, .218 Bee, .221 Fireball and many more. It also yields top performance in the 6.8 Remington SPC and the 7.62X39 MM Russian cartridge.”



12 Hunting Dogs Guaranteed To Make Your Day – This NRA Blog post is off a little. National Dog Day was actually August 26. But that’s OK, every day is national dog day in our book.


This Badass Kurd Plunged His Bulletproof BMW Into ISIS Snipers to Save 70 Lives – “By the end of the rescue op, Rahman said his car had 50 to 60 bullet holes, many on the front end and windshield. He bought the Mad Max-mobile for $9,000 just four months ago; BMW has offered to give him a brand-new car and retire the heroic one to their company museum, but instead he’s giving the car to a local museum so that the symbol of Kurdish bravery will be on display for Kurds. ‘The ISIS bullets were coming in my direction. I saw death with my own eyes. Yet, I did not stop what I was doing,’ Rahman said. ‘I could not leave the wounded in limbo. The only thing I cared about was getting the wounded into my car and driving them to the hospital.’”


Smith & Wesson continues its acquisition spree: Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: SWHC), a leading manufacturer of firearms and provider of quality accessory products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced that its Outdoor Products & Accessories segment, through a subsidiary of Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., will acquire the business of Ultimate Survival Technologies, Inc. (“UST Brands”), a provider of high quality survival and camping equipment, in an asset acquisition for $32.3 million in cash.  In addition, up to $2.0 million will be due over a period of two years following the closing, contingent upon the financial performance of the acquired business.

What do you wear to work?



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  1. If 1 hour of exposure to the truth undid 7 years of parenting you’re likely the kind of parent the state needs to step in and take your child. For the child’s and society’s sake.

    • That was my reaction, on top of that she is being pushed around by a seven year old?!? What kind of pathetic parent wimps out at pushback from a seven year old? Clearly, it would take a whole village of idiots that operate at this level to raise a single child.

      • ” What kind of pathetic parent wimps out at pushback from a seven year old?”

        Are you kidding??? I see that kind of behavior far more often than I’d like to. Starting with my sister.

        Over at their place a few years back and noticed a new TV. Asking bro-in-law about it and he tells me their 8 year-old picked it out. Huh?

        Weird thing is, before they had kids, they used mock the ‘special snowflake’ parents, and would laugh when their friends would tell them with a straight face that their kids were ‘geniuses’…

        • parenting is hard, requires 100% consistency in applying rules and discipline or else a child will quickly learn exactly what strings to pull on for a desired outcome. Its like a full time job that you don’t get paid for, gosh!

          truth is, kids respond well and thrive in a environment where the rules are laid out simply and enforced always. I remember middle school and high school well, everyone’s favorite teacher was the even tempered but strict guys. You had plenty of room to laugh and joke around, but consequences for crossing the line were quite real. you didn’t want to screw the pooch in those classrooms.

        • The biggest thing that is destructive to parenting in this country is the notion that you need to be your children’s friend! A parent/child relationship is NOT a friendship, it is a bond formed from respect and love.

  2. The Kurds are just about the only ones over there who never stab us in the back, yet we keep crapping on them because the Turks want to make them as dead as Armenians, and Turkey is a NATO treaty nation.

    • The Kurds deserve their own country and the land would need to be taken from Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Oh the horror of no longer being free to marginalize and abuse another ethnic group.

      Interestingly, the Kurds are the only group I’ve ever heard of that actually apologized for their participation in the Armenian Genocide.

      Those Kurds might be a lot of things, but cowards their not.

  3. School teacher her daughter something potentially useful? That’s absurd.

    The sheriff walking guns, well maybe they are straw purchasers. They’re certainly carved out.

    Not seeing any loading data up for CFE Black yet. Wanting to see what the burn rate is on it. Don’t shoot blk yet but it may be interesting for magnum pistol loads too all things depending.

    • It should work fine for magnum pistol. I just loaded my first batch of 300 BLK and for 150 gr. bullets Hodgdon recommended H110 that I use for .44 Mag.

  4. “After Losing Eight Stolen Guns Last Year, Waller County Sheriff Loses Some More – “For the second time in less than a year, Waller County Sheriff’s Office guns have gone missing.”

    Sounds like the Sheriff needs to schedule polygraph exams for each individual who has access to that building starting with himself and ending with the janitors.


    There are beaucoup kinds of firearm powders out there, dozens and dozens.

    What are the variables in powder besides rate of burn and gas volume generated?

      • “Variability of burn rate as a function of temperature.”

        Ahhh, so, would that be a factor of barrel length?

        (Fvck it, I should have paid more attention to the subject at hand in physics class and less on the backside of the girl at the desk in front of me…)

        • No, you can always ask TTAG about burn and expansion rates. The backside of the girl in front of you is not something you can have described on a website, though.

        • “The backside of the girl in front of you is not something you can have described on a website, though.”

          No real need, considering the wealth of pictorial (*and* video) data available online.

          (Is Penthouse ‘Forum’ still a thing anymore?)

        • Pretty sure he means ambient (outside) temperature – like how fast the powder burns at 90f degrees vs. 30f and how that affects bullet velocity. This variable is more important to long-range accuracy, but I guess it matters to reloaders who compete with any firearm, or any situation where velocity changes affect point-of-impact.

  5. Ever since the actions of MA attorney general, I’ve decided to boycott Smith and Wesson as they don’t appear to be doing anything in terms of protest (i.e. leaving the state). Am I off base here or are my actions sound?

    • A multi-million dollar manufacturing operation simply ‘leaving the state’ is a massive undertaking. I am sure they are looking into their options but it’s not like mailing in a 30 day notice and renting a u haul.

  6. Hey I’ve seen every episode of WESTWORLD and still don’t know what it’s about. Crazy androids and insane “guests”. But extremely well done and interesting. God bless the Kurds. As the Russians prepare for nuclear war and the Kenyan in chief takes it up the arse. Whomever wins we are soooooo screwed?

    • “Hey I’ve seen every episode of WESTWORLD and still don’t know what it’s about.”

      Westworld is an amusement park for the wealthy where they can play out their fantasies.

      A ‘safe’ place where nothing can go wrong, …go wrong, …go wrong…

    • The creation of sentient beings for an adult amusement park, said beings becoming self-aware, the logistics of managing it all, people expecting one thing and getting another, what more could one ask for?

      (Are there people around ~50 who didn’t see the movie when we were kids?)

      • That’s about the ONLY movie my parents wouldn’t let me see. They SHOULD have said no to Rosemary’s Baby instead.

      • My dad showed me Westworld when I was seven years old, and I’ve loved science fiction ever since (and I’m well below 50).

  7. I was wondering what was in the back of hillary’s van. More accessories.

    I’ll be glad when Tuesday is done. I think I’ll drink…or get drunk. Anyone care to join?

  8. If every California voter who is against Proposition 63 votes for Newsome’s strongest democrat primary opponent in 2018, Newsome might just get the payback he is entitled to. Doesn’t matter who his opponent is or their platform, just do it.

  9. Is it just me or does Ako Rahman bear a striking resemblance to The Most Interesting Man in the World?

  10. I wear striped dress shirts and khakis to work. Tacticool crap like 5.11 puts out is of questionable merit even for SWAT teams and OPERATIONAL OPERATORS OPERATING OPERATIONALLY, much less beat cops and mallninja wannabes.

    • Unless I need to wear my suit, I’m in 5.11s all year. Shorts in warm weather, long pants in cool weather. They’re comfortable, hold up pretty well, and I prefer the pockets to a “murse”.

    • One if the many product lines sold by my employer. Reluctantly have come to like their pants. I refuse to buy them though. Pisses me off that lazy US faux manufacturers email their design concept to the chicoms/PLA to manufacture. Landed cost on their pants could not be over $10 yet they think should wholesale for $34 and retail at $60? That is BS. Without even sweating or getting hands dirty. Too many “smart(ass)” lazy MBAs. At $34 could make in the US at a reasonable margin. But the cut in income might not get mom a new BMW every 6 months.

  11. “…somehow, two guns have gone missing from storage — though for now, no one knows whether they’ve been stolen or just misplaced.”

    I just retired. I wanted to say this at my retirement party: “I just want to be the first to say, “The last time I saw that, Dan had it”

    My boss beat me to it. everything anybody wants will disappear, and I will get the blame, and they won’t come around asking out it, because the boss knows it’s going to happen.

    the last time somebody quit, 8 solar panels and a drill press disappeared. the only guy with the key to the forklift and the warehouse was the guy who quit.

    years ago, a guy quit and a 6 foot ladder disappeared. a few years later, another guy got fired, the 6 foot ladder reappeared, and an 8 foot ladder disappeared.

    I’m wondering about personnel changes that sheriffs department. strange things happen when personnel changes happen.

  12. The anonymous Jacksonville mother must be truly unnerved when the local fire department teaches the kids to “Stop, drop and roll.” or the D.A.R.E. cop tells the kiddies to “Just say no to drugs.”.

    • When my kids were young, we spent some years overseas where the only TV was through the military, makes ads all public service announcements, and such, as opposed to real ads. When we got back to the states, younger son got into a panic after riding with his grandma, confiding to his mom that grandma drinks and drives. Of course, the lady did not drink alcohol at all, but all those years of “don’t drink and drive” did not differentiate when the drink was coffee. We laughed until we cried, after explaining, of course.

  13. “She said gun safety is a topic that’s sensitive in her household and has her 7-year-old pushing back on her parenting.”

    First, how is safety a sensitive topic? Do they also tiptoe around the sensitive topics of not drinking bleach or playing in the street?

    Second, if a 7-year-old is seeing through your bullshit, you might want to re-evaluate what you’re telling your kid.

  14. The mother doesn’t know squat about guns and has tried to instill her ignorance into her son.
    Also sounds like she is not letting her son be a boy.

    • She’s being supportive and giving “him” time. There are so many genders to choose from these days that a parent shouldn’t rush their child.

  15. So Serge, care to comment? Just the other day, you were advocating for the literal genocide of ALL Muslims. Tell me, would you really condemn that absurdly brave, tough, and selfless Kurdish fighter (and the many more like him) to death because he believes something different from you?

  16. Eddie Eagle has been teaching young kids that if they see a gun, they should stop, don’t touch it, and go tell an adult what they found. If THAT teaching has “undone 7 years of parenting” and is causing the youngster to “push back” against his parents’ teaching about guns, then one really has to wonder, WHAT in the heck have THEY been teaching him for the last 7 years?

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