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Project Veritas Action (PVA) is out with yet another hidden video, capturing crooked people doing unsavory things. This time, PVA captures a Democrat pollster encouraging union leaders to lie to their members on certain issues in order to help Dems overcome Republican momentum this election year. Even worse, a Teamsters legislative liaison merrily admits to lying to voters about whether Democrat candidates support gun rights.

It all took place in a recent Communications Workers of America strategy meeting. “We are in trouble,” says Celinda Lake in the video, referring to Democrats. “You guys [unions brass] are very trusted messengers on this stuff.” She goes on to say they wouldn’t lie about pensions, but to lie about other topics… like guns? No problemo.

“Oh yeah, we do,” Michael Dolan assures her not once, but twice. He’s a legislative representative for the Teamsters.

Here’s the video:

Lake: You guys are not going to lie to them (voters) about how pensions work and stuff like that and risking things on Wall Street and loopholes. You might lie to them about whether someone (a candidate) is really good on their guns or something like that. You might lie to them about…

Dolan: Oh no, we do.  Oh no, we do!

Lake: Well, you’re in good hands with Lake Research Partners!

The good news is that, thanks to Al Gore, we now live in the Internet Age. Voters no longer have to rely on people like corrupt union officials or other intermediaries for electoral information. Anyone who really cares can find out where a candidate stands on an issue that’s important to him or her — one like guns and support for Second Amendment Rights civil rights — in just a few minutes. If only more of them would….

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  1. (D) sucks the A and the D, from Prez, to community organizer, to dog-catcher to school board, to trash collector,

    However, ALL OF YOUR REPS SUCK, as no one is pushing back on the UN’s globalist 2030 Sustainablity Agenda, and that is (also) evil.

  2. The more interesting part, at least in my opinion, is that Dems are 11 points behind on the economy and 7 points behind on jobs… and she says based on historical data, they’ve never won an election when behind on those points.

    So yeah, convincing union leaders to lie to their people is bad… but she basically just admitted that they are LOSING this election.

    • Yeah but that’s taking years into account where they put up a candidate who was acceptable, if not ideal, to about half the country.

  3. Hillary could not have been more clear on the 2nd Amendment when she said the Supreme Court got Heller wrong and we needed to look at the Australian model referring to confiscation.

    Anyone that believes you could lie about Hillary and guns is a special kind of stupid and this just proves the point.

      • Sources please.

        You do realize that it would be next to impossible to receive/process 650,000 emails over the course of something like 4 years, correct?

        Consider these simple numbers:
        4 years == 1,460 days (including weekends and holidays!)
        650,000 / 1,460 = 445 e-mails per day.
        Thus Hillary would be receiving something like 445 e-mails per day.

        Assuming that she works an 8-hour day and spends one minute on average reading and responding to an e-mail:
        8 hours == 480 minutes
        445 e-mails x 1 minute per e-mail == 445 minutes
        480 minutes – 445 minutes (processing e-mail) == 25 minutes per day left for other business.

        Thus Hillary would have to exert about 7.5 hours every day processing e-mails. And she would get ZERO days off over the course of four years. When you allow for weekends, holidays, and vacation, she would have to spend even more time every day. This doesn’t seem realistic or sustainable.

        • Hello Hillary.

          Actually, your math can still work. Its not believable a person of that stature would have heavy traffic/emails? Yeah it is. Not to mention if she’s not the only one using her account. The problem with your math is she’s as corrupt as corrupt gets and I would seriously doubt she’s the only one who logs on to her accounts. Because otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have been investigated.

        • Anything marked “classified” is automatically forwarded to 586 addresses in 46 foreign countries, in just under 2 seconds. Claiming 650,000 is not possible is just stupid.

  4. I’m a union film electric in New York. Our union supports Hillary. Rank and file not so much. Teamsters? All Trump. Guns are a big reason.

    • It’s simple. The rank and file realize the democrats will replace them with illegals/”refugees” (or their spawn) as soon as physically possible. Once they’ve got them, the union workers have outlived their usefulness. See Bill Clinton’s comments about Detroit.

  5. Sounds kinda’ similar to a certain Taqiyya concept. I guess gun owners/2A rights are the “infidels”. MY experience with unions has been profoundly negative. They have destroyed Illinois along with help from dumbocrats and Chicago.

  6. Detroit is a ghost town because of unions (among other things). D.C. is an overpopulated hive teeming with overpaid, super-powered bureaucrats, thanks to union leaders and other criminals. And union leaders are supposed to lie to keep them that way.

    Welcome to Bizarro Union World.

  7. I was a UMWA member for 10 years. They sent us letters telling us to vote D every election. When they found out that I and the guys that started with me were all hard core conservatives, they started trying to “talk” to us about how it was more important to vote for union interests than our own. Screaming matches in sued. Then when I got injured and had to have several surgeries due to the union blocking the company from picking up more men unless they got what they wanted, they promptly forgot who the fuck I was because I wasn’t paying full dues while injured. Fuck the union.

  8. Unions, especially public employee unions, have gone from useful to problematic.

    Right to work laws will set us free. Unions can compete or die.

      • Stop being ignorant and swallowing talking points. Unions developed for a reason- many good reasons, actually.

        • And what are these good reasons? Driving companies into the ground? Pricing themselves out of the job market?

          Take a look at Detroit, for example. Please tell me what’s so good that the unions did for that city and its workers?

        • I agree completely. Back in the day, when Earth was still flat, unions were a great idea. Thankfully, we’ve since learned that Earth isn’t actually flat and that unions are the worst thing that have ever happened to this country. Unions are utterly indefensible at this point.

  9. I belonged to one for a while. There wasn’t a liberal out there on any job I worked when it came to gun rights, but they were all coached to reflexively hate anyone with an -R behind their name.

    And yes, “coached.” What made me leave was when they ordered us all to walk off the job to protest a supposed law that would “Put the hard workin’ union man out of a job” (And my, how they love their pre-packaged bullsh-t populism). Much arguing and fighting ensued between the guys who wanted to work because they needed the pay and the ones who were indoctrinated to think the Union is always right.

    When a handful of us looked up the proposed law, we found out all it said was that federal building codes override certain state building codes in case of a conflict. That was it; nothing about putting anybody out of work, but the Union still wanted to screw over the contractors who hired them to force its members to put down their tools and chase a windmill, and we got shouted down when we tried to point it out.

    If somebody wants to tell me how to think, they need to at least do a better job of it than I can. To Hell with Unions; there was a time and place for them, in the days of company towns and the Pinkertons, I’ll grant that. Back then, there was also a place for the Phonograph.

    • I think there’s still a place for unions- look at the trade deals for an example. Unfortunately unions are more concerned with things other than helping their members now.

  10. Has Project Veritas released their unedited recording? Anytime I see quick cuts of small sound bites, I assume that some of the context was edited out. Hope we are leaving that kind of crap to hacks like Katie Couric…

  11. Am I the only person surprised to see that Project Veritas spokesman still living and breathing? You would think that Progressives would have hired a mechanic to fix this “problem” already.

    I wish him the best and truly hope that he lives a long, happy life and dies of old age 60 years from now. The real question is whether Progressives will actually leave him alone to do just that.

  12. Unions developed out of a legitimate need to protect workers. Unfortunately, they degenerated into something awful due to the greed and laziness of their leadership. Government workers unions atre the absolute worst. They vote in the hacks that allow their nonsense to continue.

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