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Actually, Springfield announced that they’re going to announce whatever “The SAINT™” is on November 1st. According to the press release below, it’s both a product and a mindset. It’s about “Defend[ing] Your Legacy” and protecting what you have. Protecting what you stand to lose. Protecting that with, presumably, a brand new product from Springfield.

In a few weeks, TTAG will be attending a media event hosted by Springfield in Las Vegas. Whatever “The SAINT™” is, keep the dial tuned to this channel and we’ll try to get you the 4-1-1 as soon as possible. Press release follows:

Springfield Armory® Helps Consumers Defend Their Legacy 

The SAINT™ Begins The Next Chapter For America’s Most Iconic Firearms Brand

GENESEO, IL, September 22, 2016 – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at honoring and supporting those who wake up every day determined to protect what they have and those who are forward-thinking, independent, and believe that safety is their responsibility. In other words, the company seeks to recognize those who are committed to defending their legacy.

Springfield Armory® understands the awesome responsibility that comes with defending one’s legacy. After assuming stewardship of the nation’s most legendary firearms brand, the company devoted itself to making the very best firearms for the independent and free.

“Over the past 40 years, it has been my family’s privilege to be a part of Springfield Armory®’s legacy,” states Springfield Armory® CEO Dennis Reese. “This company’s storied history has been built on generations of loyal, responsible consumers. They protect their families, our country and this freedom every day. I am proud to see our products in their hands.”

Live today; the website will help connect independent and determined consumers with each other, and with the next chapter in Springfield Armory®’s storied legacy. On November 1, 2016, the company will formally announce The SAINT™, a new product unlike any other from Springfield Armory®. Between now and then, the company will provide updates both on the site and to e-mail subscribers about the program, participants, and news. Effective today, consumers can sign up for e-mail updates at

The company intends to start a dialog about the importance of defending one’s legacy by reaching out to consumers via social media outlets. Springfield Armory® will participate in the discussion on its own social media outlets and is encouraging consumers to share ideas on what the importance of legacy means to them by using the social media hashtag #DefendYourLegacy. The company will join the discussion with an active presence on Facebook (@SpringfieldArmoryUSA), Twitter (@Springfield_Inc), and Instagram (@SpringfieldArmoryInc) throughout the campaign and launch of The SAINT™.

“Springfield Armory® stands for more than just making firearms,” observes Reese. “We stand for the mindset that so many of our customers share—waking up every day determined to protect what they have. They’ve worked hard for their achievements in life and believe it is no one else’s job but their own to protect themselves and their families. I am honored to announce the next chapter in our company’s legacy—the Springfield Armory SAINT™ coming November 1, 2016.”

For more information, visit

About Springfield Armory®

“The First Name in American Firearms,” Springfield Armory® was founded in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the American Revolution. In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major American conflict. The original armory closed in 1968. In 1974, the Reese family took ownership of the Springfield Armory® name and began making the M1A™ rifle. Today, Springfield Armory® develops many products loyal to the company’s heritage, like the 1911 pistol, while ensuring its future with innovative products, including the XD®, XD® Mod.2®, XD(M)® and XD-S® polymer pistols.

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    • I’ve heard that Springfield will be releasing a .45 that actually works right out of the box.

      They call it the saint because it’s a miracle!

  1. Based on the website it looks like there will be a physical fitness aspect.

    I wonder if is/has some kind of wearable/body device.

  2. Sure seems from the outside like a legal/insurance push …maybe some sort of membership/trust. Why not try and hook folks into some monthly subscription…a little annuity revenue stream never hurt nobody.

  3. I’m hoping it’s not just another AR or slightly different 1911….. and if whatever it is has a “Grip zone” label I’m going to roll my eyes and just walk away.

        • If you have a problem with the word Grip Zone, then just cover it up with grip tape or Talon Grip. That is what I did and it is perfect now. The grip itself is a perfect addition to this good pistol. Since my wife is shooting now, she claims that firearm as hers! I guess it is about time to try out the SAINT, but the safe is getting a little crowded.

  4. A fitness pistol obviously – capable of time lapse photography. Gives a +1 bonus to motivational posing to the user. Plays “Take it to the limit” by the Eagles if you hit the little button on the bottom of the grip.

  5. Or they can drop the pretentious marketing crap, and announce their “Gear Up and Go 2016” already. Some of us have been waiting to throw money at SA for a new carry piece, but alas, we get this tease. -____-

  6. Let me guess… another version of the XDs that no one but XD owners actually want or like but XD owners will get all giddy like they just released some big honkin space gun for sale.

    Springfield Armory 1911s = A++ Awesome.
    Springfield Armory M1As = A+++ Awesome.

    Springfield Armory XDs = C- Not so much awesome.

        • Q: What is the first thing someone who buys a Glock do?

          A: Goes to a gunsmith and have the trigger and rights replaced.

          Q: What is the first thing someone who buys an XD do?

          A: Goes to the range.

          (For those without a sense of humor this is called trash talk)

        • Been hearing about all of this Glock Perfection for a long time now but only seen 4 Generations of imperfection. If it was Perfect is the second gen perfecter, the 3rd gen perfecterer and the 4th gen Super Perfecterer? sounds like Glock needs a Legion edition for the knuckle heads who believe the Glock Perfection BS or a Grip zone on the next gen. Funny thing is, when the second Gen was released The company line was the “fact” that Perfection didnt need replaceable backstraps because they “Got it right the first time.” There was even an ad in magazines that said as much, the funny thing is it seems to be the one thing they changed the most. The HK used a Captured spring on the USP Compact and Glock pointed out, we believe that it “adds weight, lowers reliability and is unnecessary” the 4th gen comes out and sure enough, there it is. Glock wont admit, after they tried to kill Gaston and take his company, the family cant find an engineer as good as he was, in his field (Thermal Plastics, not firearms) so they follow the other companies around like a little rat dog.

    • Really? The XD’s, like any polymer frame striker fired handgun from a reputable brand, are great pistols. There’s a reason they’re Glock’s chief competition (for what it’s worth, I actually prefer Glocks, but there’s no denying the quality of the XD line).

    • True. I purchased an XDs 45 to replace a Sig P239. The XDs is much lighter than the P329 and just a little smaller but hard to shoot accurately. It’s got a lot of recoil which makes it difficult to control.

      I’m just too old and gimpy to practice with it much.

      Ultimately, it was not the right package for me.

  7. A compact 1911 that differs ever so slightly from their existing 1911s? It’s what Dan Wesson does.

    I’d still rather have a Para Warthog. Also if they’re trying to make a “chick gun” they got beat to the market by the Tanfoglio Pavona.

  8. If it’s a clothing line or workout equipment, I’m going to be highly disappointed. Why all the hype for such things? I always welcome new AR15 variants, as long as they don’t stray too far from mil-spec in the key parts areas. If it’s a firearm, I’m interested.

  9. Saint = Springfield Armory Interactive Training.

    New app to get/post workout routines, nutrition plans and firearms drills. Probably a membership tied to the purchase of their guns.

  10. Wow…. this article is about as worthless as Springfield’s e mail regarding “the saint” and equally worthless as their website for information on “the saint”


  11. Something to do with the 60’s TV series The Saint starring Roger Moore?


    “The Saint is an ITC mystery spy thriller television series that aired in the UK on ITV between 1962 and 1969. It was based on the literary character Simon Templar created by Leslie Charteris in the 1920s[2] and featured in many novels over the years.[2] He was played by Roger Moore. Simon Templar was essentially a Robin Hood who stole from criminals, but kept the money. His nemesis was Chief Inspector Claude Teal who considered Templar a common criminal no matter whom he stole from.”

    I believe he was a revolver kinda guy so that’s my guess!!

  12. No mystery here. The Saint is a dapper British thief who drives a 1962 Volvo P1800.

    What that has to do with guns I’ll never know.

  13. It is a “Please don’t rape me” bracelet imported from Sweden and Germany. The bracelet has absolutely proven to lower rapes in those countries, even though 65% of their migrants can’t read or write.

  14. I’m actually a fan of this sort of marketing stuff. Well, maybe not a fan, exactly, but I think it only makes sense to find the people most attached to your brand and expand that message. Just speculating, I bet there is a cluster of people around the concepts of martial arts, physical training, firearms training, and the gear associated with all that. We already see specialist workout gear that seems very much like tactical gear, and I bet there is a study showing people who train with firearms are more likely to do martial arts or to be serious about working out.

    Just a guess, and there is always a risk marketing to cranky old gun guys, but there it is.

  15. I can almost guarantee this is some sort of “performance clothing” line to compete with UA. Since UA totally screwed the pooch with that fella that kilt the bear with a spear it sure seems logical for a firearms manufacturer to give workout clothes a shot.

    • I was WAY off! Not only is it not workout clothes, it’s just another AR pattern rifle! Nothing to get too excited about after all.

  16. I’m just confused by the website.

    What ever “it” is it looks like it has a pretty serious physical training component and let’s be honest here: there’s more than a few POTG who could use a decent workout.

  17. I think it’s a product, not a service or integrated platform (fitness/shooting) etc. Based on the SA blog: Here, you’ll stay up to date on all the great stuff we have planned around the forthcoming launch of the SAINT™. Be sure to sign up to receive our regular update emails – there’s a link for that right on the site. They’ll keep you informed on the SAINT™ launch and all the amazing events surrounding it.

    It’s “the SAINT,” not “SAINT.” If it was a platform, there would be no “the” before it. So by laws of English, it’s a product. The hardbodies are probably to represent the tough, hard, yet nimble aspects of the product.

    If you look at the IG of the people they have, they’re not emblazoned with SA or any other brand. Some even have pics of them shooting Glocks. *GASP*

    So, did SA create a lightweight, compact-able MSR? Or a shotgun?

    • I liked Holly, then I saw Tracy and liked her too, until I saw Katelyn kick that bag. Tough to choose.

      They are certainly making excellent use of yoga pants.

  18. Dude, it’s totally a pistol that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to keep track of round count and *bazinga* allow you (or, um, other people) to disable the gun remotely.

    Microstamping optional.

  19. “Forward thinking.” Direct marketing to liberals. Good luck getting those clowns to embrace guns. This is probably a pepper spray/camera doo hickey disguised as a IPHONE. Sweaty fitness gals and liberal thinkspeak means Springfield is going full Taurus.

  20. It’s a custom 1911 that’s been anointed with holy water. Comes standard with a reflex optic that features a Latin cross for the reticle.

  21. I’m going with a 1911 variant. I remember taking a survey from SA not too long ago, and one of the things I hated about the survey was that it revolved around the 1911. Not a fan.

    • There are at least three different brands of polymer frame 1911s on the market currently (not counting the hybrid polymer frame double stack 2011 guns like STI makes)…

  22. “The Saint” ___ instead of Muslim built in Croatia illegal Mexican built in America.
    Go to to their web site and the first b.s. line is 1794. Springfield Armory has been dead since 1968. But the dumb kids today looking for a bargain don’t know the difference. Geneseo Illinois is an office of family members. The only truth about them is they mention 1974 when they bought the name Springfield Armory.

    Even some Glocks are now made in America. Springfield Armory talks about our rights and like a Ruger that have more b.s. government intrusions on their guns than anything, who puts a grip safety on a gun like that ?

    But the dumbbell kids can’t figure all this out, all they care about is how much junk they can get for the money. News Flash kiddies the gun manufactures don’t give a rat-a– about our gun rights and when they get banned they’ll be pimping rocks & sticks to us and trying to sell us NRA memberships where your dues go to bribe politicians and the rest to feed 6 figure salaries.

    In a few years even a blemish on your credit report will probably get you flagged as an irresponsible person and therefore denied.

  23. Since Springfield Armory is one of if not the oldest manufacturer of firearms… in my opinion this is no doubt a product/service being steered towards millennials that may not be familiar with the brand, or to get them involved deeper into why it’s important to own/carry a firearm. Looks to be a well done campaign, and look forward to seeing what “Saint” is, and perhaps getting involved myself (I’m not a millennial). Though I was hoping for free magazines with a purchase of a firearm as they’ve done in the past during this time of the year… LOL.

  24. I liked Springfield products and had a very positive impression of the company… until this total time wasting marketing BS. I don’t know what the Springfield Armory Saint is, but I already HATE IT. Ooh! I can’t wait until November 1st to know what the Saint is, so I can know more about why I hate it.

  25. Coming soon to a town near you – Springfield Armory is proud to be the first company to combine a world class Gym & Shooting Range in one!

    Pump iron first, then pump lead!

    Think of the membership fees – the SWAG marketing – the Power Drink & Ammo counter!!!

    • I love it! Your the kind of guy I’d go to a Trump rally with. Think of the jokes we could invent. Oh, and don’t forget the buy one and get one for 15% off.
      Maybe a built in selfie camera, so you can work on your shooting expressions.

  26. As a non springfield owner,I see many comments about the gun being made in croatia. If I am not mistaken,glock is made in Austria and last I checked Austria is by no means a superpower or world leader in power economics. I feel all glocks should come with a $200 gift card to purchase all the basic upgrades they need just to reach the perfection that they advertise. Never had to do any of those perfection upgrades to my sigs,hk or walther guns. But I guess I am not tacticool enough for glock.

    • On the one hand, you have a point. Somebody even said the XD series were built by “Muslims in Croatia.” I’m pretty sure Croatia is not a majority-Muslim country…

      On the other hand, I think you’re off-base with GLOCK Perfection. To my mind, the thing that makes GLOCKs “Perfect” (in much the same way a Toyota Camry is the “perfect” car), is that the design doesn’t change appreciably between generations.

      The magazines for each model are compatible across the entire history of GLOCK. A Gen 1 pistol can use brand new Gen 4 magazines, and vice versa. That’s a real selling point, especially compared to say Ruger (in the last 10 years they’ve had the P series, SR series, and American Pistol series all of which use different magazines) or Smith & Wesson (the old S&W police pistols, the Sigma series, and the M&P series all use different magazines).

      The ease of customization is also part of what makes them “perfect” (again, remember the definition of “perfect” we’re using). They don’t need to be customized, but everybody likes to tinker with their guns. It’s easy to work on GLOCKs, and they have enormous aftermarket support.

      So you see, GLOCK can be “perfect” even if it isn’t the “best.” 😉

      • I like the ruger analogy, I feel the sr mags should work in the new American series. I understand what you mean about being able to customize your glock,but at a average price of $550,then 2-3 hundred dollars in upgrades,why not just get a higher end gun. A Camary with 2000 dollars in upgrades is still a camry,not a lexus.

        • That’s true, I think GLOCKs are overpriced. If they were more like $400, they would be an automatic buy for everyone.

          As it is, I can see a lot of reasons to just buy a Ruger 9E. 🙂

          And speaking of Ruger mags, if Ruger made a new Police Carbine what mags would it use? I’d hope for SR mags, but who knows…

  27. With Springer say it’s unlike nothing by SA, I’m wondering if they haven’t joined everyone else with an AR style rifle. Whatever it is, it’s still a Springer and I’ll have 2 please! ??

  28. The videos say “On Nov 1st, Springfield Armory will introduce the first gun in a new line of firearms.” That proves pretty much everyone’s predictions on here wrong.

    I like Springfield pistols (I own an XDs-9 and XD Mod.2 9mm service model); and at first I was thinking SA would be announcing an AR-15, but that’s not ground-breaking – not that I’d be complaining. I can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been done, so who knows. I guess that’s why I’m not in the gun development industry.

    Whatever it is, as much hype as they’re giving it, it should be more than simply a new color option for a pistol; i.e. tactical grey XDs or XD Mod 2 (part of their 2016 new line-up announcements).

  29. If some of you did more than two seconds of research, you’d be able to come up with a reasonable guess as to what this is going to be. It’s not clothing, and it’s not a damn app. I read on SA’s website that it’s described as the first in a new line of guns.

    If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know that if your core market is a bunch of 50 year old guys, you know that you have to start an aggressive marketing campaign to redirect the future and continued success of your brand. Focus on the future, and your customers of tomorrow; the people currently in their 20’s who are succesful and have the financial means to afford your product. Coincidentally, that’s the same corner of the market that have the mindset to take care of themselves, and be very involved in their physical health as well. It all makes sense that these people would be the ones to market to.

    I beleive the SAINT is an acronym (starting with SA = Springfield Armory) for a new gun or line of guns, marketed to a broader, active-lifestyle, new customer base. And if the rest of us that already own SA guns, can benefit from that as well, so be it.

  30. I’m nearly certain it’s an AR-15. They accidentally posted an ad a few minutes ago of a female holding a rifle and the ad said “SAINT 5.56”

    • If it’s just another AR, then I guess SAINT = Springfield Armory Is Now Tacticool.

      Kudos to the Springfield marketing weasels who were tasked with somehow creating some marketing buzz around Springfield being next to last to the AR market, just behind Hi-Point.

  31. Just checked it out Today, msrp $899.
    1:8 twist with 16″ chrome lined barrel. Has pop up rear iron sight and fixed front sight. Nice handguard with heat Shield and already setup for sling. All said it looks like a nice AR15. Questions I still had where the handguard looks like it could easily have rail attachments but with the heat Shield not sure? Also replacing the fixed front sight for a flip up would be a nice option.

    I like the design and thing springfield stepped up nicely to the AR platform from their traditional m1 designs. The pistol grip looks really well textured and the buttstock is better than the traditional 6 position.

    Getting my hands on it for a full video review would be nice. I would like springfield to go further with a 6.5 grendel, or a AR10 model with .308, 6.5 creedmore, or .338 lapua option for the new NRA Americas Rifle matches, especially with a longer barrel option.

    The UM Tactical R.A.G.E. TCS muzzle break would go great on this like it does with every ar15 and ar10 I have used plus all my hunting rifles. With 100 different options for how to set your muzzle break for amazing performance benefits. Recoil reduction, downward pressure regulators, and the ability to change depending on your need. Great system use JY15 to get 15% off most products on their site, except a exceptions but none of the main products. I bought my 1913 rail mount for my pistol so I could have iron sights and red dot at same time and a holster so I don’t have to remove anything, and my first RAGE muzzle break and now am hooked. My mount and holster are perfect because I can put it on my 9mm or my 40 or 45 without needing to use any tools and same mount and holster work for all of them. It’s awesome for tournaments if one pistol is having issues I can just attach to next.


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