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After years of fielding what I’d guess would be many hundreds if not thousands of requests for a Vector in 10mm Auto, KRISS is coming through. Delivery of 10mm Vectors in pistol, carbine, SBR, and SMG flavors has already begun.


In fact, a few days ago TTAG received the one seen above. Expect a full review in October. And, yes, I’ve been informed that extended GLOCK 20 magazines will be available through KRISS soon enough. For now, KRISS USA’s press release follows:

KRISS Vector GEN II Now Available in 10mm

KRISS USA is now shipping the KRISS Vector pistol, short barreled rifle, carbine, and submachine gun, chambered in 10mm.

September 23, 2016 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, an innovative designer and manufacturer of small arms, has begun delivery of the first KRISS Vector firearms chambered in 10mm to authorized resellers and distributors.  Available models include the Vector SDP pistol, Vector SDP-SB pistol with stabilizing brace, Vector SBR short barreled rifle, and Vector CRB carbine; the Vector SMG submachine gun, is available to law enforcement and military.

The KRISS Vector in 10mm greatly expands the weapon system’s versatility.  The Vector is now a viable option for hunting, in addition to being more rounded for personal defense and competition shooting, thanks to the wide variety of projectile weights and the high velocity nature of the 10mm cartridge.  Additionally, the patented KRISS Super V System is a perfect fit for the 10mm auto as it channels the powerful energy of the cartridge to reduce muzzle rise and keep the shooter on target.

Offering and Pricing

  • The KRISS Vector SDP, featuring a QD sling swivel at the rear and a 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,369.00 MSRP.
  • The KRISS Vector SDP-SB, featuring the SB-Tactical stabilizing brace and 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP.
  • The KRISS Vector SBR, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,569.00 MSRP.
  • The KRISS Vector CRB, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 16” barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP.
  • The KRISS Vector SMG, featuring a side folding stock and 5.5” threaded barrel. Law enforcement and military inquiries for the KRISS Vector SMG can be made by contacting KRISS USA.

The KRISS Vector 10mm is fed by a 15 round capacity, Glock® G20 magazine.  Compliant models for California, New Jersey, and Connecticut are available with 10 round G20 magazines.  Cerekote color variations for select models are also available in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Combat Grey, and Alpine White.

For more information about the KRISS Vector GEN II 10mm, visit KRISS USA website at


KRISS USA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and provider of small arms, training replicas and accessories for commercial, military and law enforcement users worldwide. KRISS USA is part of a group of companies that focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the firearms industry, enabling more efficient solutions and corresponding to the 21st century security requirements.

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      • That was my take in him, too. Range toy? That implies it has little to no practical value. In what world does a minimal recoil, solid two-handed grip, near-SBR, chambered in .45ACP with extended mag NOT a viable option?

        It’s suitable for home/office/boat defense, as a truck gun, or as a SHTF gun. I could easily see anyone in the serious security business carrying one, even in pistol configuration w/sling.

        Granted, the pistol isn’t holsterable, though you could slap that sling on it and carry it concealed beneath a London Fog type overcoat. Also, these calibers aren’t ideal for hunting, but could easily dispatch predators.

        So I really don’t get his “range toy” remark, unless it’s just his ignorance or bitterness at KRISS’ lofty price tag.

      • Almost all of the firearms in my safe are primarily “range toys”.

        Sure, my .22 rifles are great for hunting small game – but do I actually hunt small game? My .22 handguns are basically all “range toys”. They aren’t defensive guns, or hunting guns in my book. The same could be said for my Mosin. Sure, I could defend Stalingrad with it, or I could shoot polar bears with it, but truthfully I don’t.

        Even my “defensive carbines” are “range toys” for the most part. Sure, you could go all “Red Dawn” and defend the homeland with them, but I haven’t, and likely never will.

        My shotguns could be used for duck hunting, or for fighting off zombie hordes. I haven’t used them for either purpose. I actually use them for shooting clay pigeons, and plinking. In other words, they are range toys.

        My Colt 1917 may have been used for trench warfare during the First World War, but I doubt that I’ll ever use it for fighting off the Kaiser.

        I guess that leave my snub-nose revolvers, P3AT, Glocks, Security Six, and CZ’s. I do actually carry those for defensive purposes, and keep them loaded for home defense.

  1. Well it’s got the tacticool ness factor. Starting at $1300 and up for the heater, and ammo is roughly $30 per 50rds. for PMC range ammo, and $1 per rd. for JHP’s, it’s got the bling ness factor as well.

    For those that are the wealthy 10mm fans, it’s there for ya.

    The .45ACP model is cheaper to shoot…… Jus’ Sayin 😉

    • Cheaper ammo-wise for certain, but performance will also certainly suffer compared to 10mm. A lot I’ll bet. IMHO: why spend that much to shoot a ballistically inferior cartridge?

      • Because you’ll end up buying ammo more than you’ll end up shooting people, if at all… Unless you live in a war zone.

    • $30 per 50? You’re getting ripped off. Range fodder is easy to find for about $15 to $17 per 50 ($15 example here). Even Underwood, which is the hottest, nicest stuff on the market (IMHO) charges $30.99 per 50 of their full-house load FMJs and under a buck a pop for their XTP and hard cast lead defense stuff. But even locally I can find 10mm FMJ from various brands for $15 to under $20 per box. In fact, I randomly bought a box of SIG 10mm FMJ at Cabelas because it was on sale for $17.99 and I bought a box of S&B 10mm FMJ at an FFL recently for $19. That’s more than what I usually pay for cheap stuff, but they’re nicer brands than the Armscor, Prvi, & PMC I often shoot for range time fun. I definitely have a decent stockpile of Armscor 10mm here, which is hotter than .40 but nothing like Underwood.

      Anyway, if you aren’t willing to buy and shoot steel-cased Russian stuff, then 10mm can be had at approximately the same price as .45. At the same link above, 1,000 rounds of Armscor .45 is $295 and 1,000 rounds of Armscor 10mm is $299.

      Of course, the KRISS Vector is available in 9mm now as well.

    • I tried the .45. Couldn’t make it through a mag withou multiple jams and recoil was quite stout given their claims.

      • When the kriss first came out it had a cut away animation showing how it worked. As soon as I saw it “Borchardt” sprang to my mind. That system had to be fixed by Luger and now Kriss has unfixed it.

  2. At reasonable ranges, a longer barreled version will eat a .45 ACP for breakfast! Black bear, boar, deer, as well as varmints will be the purpose of the Vector SBR. As a “house gun” it has it’s place.

    Naysayers on the “business end” will likely change their tune.. as they rot in the grave.

  3. Slap an Osprey suppressor on that thing and I imagine it would be a fun and useful shooter with 30 round mags.

      • “It will rock my Liberty Cosmic much of the time.”

        With the ‘weird’ profile of the Kriss, I can easily see a specific can being made for it, to take advantage of the tall profile and extra internal volume and make a super-shorty 3 to 4 inch can.

        Call it the “Kriss Close Quarters Combat”…

        • You picked the right spelling. KKKK might be too close to KKK, especially if the can is black, or worse, not black.

    • Yes, I’m conflicted on this a bit myself. I’d like to own one in 10mm — probably in their white cerakote option, as for some reason I just think the Vector looks awesome in white — and SBR it, but that leaves a few questions. First, would I buy a carbine or a pistol? I suppose the pistol is easier to convert to an SBR once the Form 1 comes back — just slap a stock on and go, whereas the carbine would need a new barrel or require the existing one to be cut down. Then that raises another question: barrel length. 10mm loves barrel length and gains velocity as you stretch that thing out (at least within 16″ as the maximum, anything you take off is taking off velocity, too). So, how short do you make it? This pistol has a 5.5″ barrel. Is that what I’d want on my 10mm SBR? I really don’t know. I’d have to factor in the length of my suppressor, too, since I can’t foresee shooting it without that. Complicated shit haha

      • I would take the 5.5 inch barrel on an sbr only if it came with the side folding stock. Otherwise taking the 16 inch barrel down to 10 inches, and threading it would be ideal for me and my intended uses (woods, home defense, get my butt home if shtf). I’d be obligated to finally buy a suppressor too then. Talk about slippery slope lol.

      • Personally I don’t see the point with the 5.5″ barrel, you might as well just get a Glock. However, with the 16″ barrel those slugs should be approaching 1000ft/lbs at the muzzle.

  4. This would make a lot more sense if the unconstitutional NFA was repealed. Full Auto or 3-rd burst with a shoulder stock and a 5″ threaded or 10″ integrally suppressed barrel would make a heck of a gun.
    16″ with a stock makes the whole thing look ugly and unwieldy, and as a pistol looks as difficult to shoot like an ar15 pistol /mp5 pistol. I hope you have a year or two to wait for your SBR stamp since the NFA doesn’t care about your rights being delayed. The entire point of the Vector is to fight muzzle climb under full auto… without that option, it’s somewhat pointless in a market of other smaller, often cheaper options.

    • Darn that whole stupid NFA thing again!
      Like you said, this would be useful and a lot of fun with:
      1. Short barrel and folding shoulder stock
      2. Option for full auto
      3. Suppresor
      That unconstitutional law needs to be struck down by the courts. I don’t think that is likely any time soon.

      • 2-round burst in the KRISS is awesome. The cyclic rate is so dang high that it feels (and even sounds) like firing a single shot. On full auto, though, it’s just crazy fast. My ideal one, were there no NFA, would have semi and then either 2- or 3-round burst (or maybe both).

        I love how the caliber can be swapped so quickly and easily, but it’s a bit unfortunate that it’s on the serialized half of the gun.

  5. This is all well and good, but the real news is like Jeremy said right there in the first paragraph — 30-round 10mm mags are coming! (actually, they might even hold notably more than 30mm; the .45 versions hold 29 rounds easily enough).

  6. I don’t know. Maybe I’m weird, but it just looks to ungainly. Ugly even.
    Now if they made the sub 2000 in 10mm? I’d be all over that!

  7. Odd firearm. I’d rather see somebody make a pistol or rifle in a Buck Rogers style, where it is sleek and streamlined. I’m a fan of function over form, but some guns are just ugly.

  8. If Ruger brings back the PC9 and makes it use SR9 mags, I’d buy the shit out of it.

    But this, probably not. A 10mm SMG sounds awesome though, and I’ve kind of wanted one ever since I played Rogue Spear and used the MP5/10. Badass.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I’d rather look at pictures of genital warts than a Kriss Vector.”

  10. I’ve shot a Kriss before and it was neat, but I’m not my cup of tea.

    I’m not really a fan of things I have to put on my shoulder, which don’t launch rifle rounds or buckshot.

  11. 10mm is a potent cartridge similar to .41 magnum performance. With high capacity mags coming, this gun in a tactical leg holster would make an awesome woods gun. Potent enough for white tail with some of the hunting ammo available. Also it might be good for park Ranger use as well. Don’t sell the 10mm short. The carbine might yield some impressive ballistic results with the 16″ barrel.

  12. Am I the only person who doesn’t like a kriss? Cumbersome and looks like its from A video game or something.

    I’ll take a basic AR any day, more ergonomic and more power in a fairly comparable size. The .45 I rented had more recoil than my ar and accuracy left some to be desired.

  13. Having heard and read so much conflicting information on these I decided to order one. Having the Glock 20SF and 29SF already and liking the 10mm. I ordered the 10mm Gen II carbine. I personally don’t care if it is just a range fun gun, the cool factor makes the price of admission worth it. I might even turn it into an SBR at some point.

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