Springfield Armory XD-E in .45 ACP
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Springfield rolled out their new XD-E 9mm hammer-fired single stack pistol earlier this year at the NRA Annual Meeting. Now they’re expanding the line by adding two new models (one featuring a Viridian laser) chambered for .45 ACP. Here’s their press release . . .

A Bigger Hammer: The XD-E™ Polymer Pistol Series Now Available in .45 ACP

“The Most Important Tool in the Toolbox” Now Offered in Both 9mm and .45 calibers.

GENESEO, ILL. (11/20/17) – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce a new XD-E chambered for .45 ACP. Now buyers have a choice of 9mm or .45 stopping power in a pistol designed for comfort, concealability, safety, and with special attention to its ease of operation.

Like its 9mm sibling, the new .45 model sculpts XD-E Point & Shoot Ergonomics™ into a sleek polymer frame just an inch wide, for ideal hand and holster fit. The Low Effort Slide (L.E.S.) requires 27% less effort to manipulate compared to striker-fired handguns in the same class. Chambering a round has never been easier thanks to the patent-pending hammer design, resulting in far fewer slipped pulls, and quicker, possibly life-saving operation when it counts.

For customers who are hesitant to carry a striker-fired pistol in their waistband or handbag, the XD-E offers an undeniable set of safety features that will give new shooters the confidence to carry concealed. The external hammer and loaded chamber indicator allows you to both see and feel gun mode for added safety and confidence. The double action trigger has a smooth, yet long and deliberate trigger pull giving shooters a sense of comfort while carrying on the go, while the follow up shots from the single action trigger are light, crisp and accurate.

The XD-E features an ambidextrous thumb safety/decocker and magazine release. Anti-slip texturing has been applied to strategic positions of the grip surface designed to provide comfort and control by making contact with your hand where maximum hold is needed.

For easy sight acquisition, the XD-E .45 ships with high quality steel sights right out of the box. The fiber optic front sight paired with a low-profile white-dot rear, provides a positive sight picture that’s easily picked up in low light conditions. The serrated rear surfaces help to reduce glare. To enhance reliable accuracy, the 3.3-inch barrel is hammer-forged with a precise 1:16 twist and Melonite® treated to match the challenge of constant carry in all conditions. Beneath the barrel, a dual recoil spring system, managed by a full-length guide rod, facilitates steadfast reliability and a soft-shooting feel.

Three magazine options let you personalize concealability and capacity. The XD-E .45 ships with a 6-round magazine with pinky extension and 7-round magazine with the grip extension. It also ships with an interchangeable flush base plate for maximum concealability.

“Our customers told us they’d like the fight-stopping power of a .45 ACP, with the easy racking ability of our XD-E Series,” says Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “The new XD-E .45 gives them exactly what they asked for: a no-compromise pistol that offers multiple safety modes for peace of mind no matter how you choose to carry.”

The XD-E is also available with Viridian E-Series laser in both 9mm and .45 ACP. It features ambidextrous operation and an extra secure dual attachment system that clamps onto the trigger guard and accessory rail. Easily removable should warranty repair be required. No need to be separated from your everyday concealed carry pistol.

With its sleek profile, secure feel and perfect balance, it goes from invisible to operational in an instant, for the all-situation security every American citizen deserves.

Now available in four configurations:

XDE9339BE                9mm                                       MSRP: $525
XDE9339BVR              9mm with Viridian Laser         MSRP: $555
XDE93345BE              .45 ACP                                   MSRP: $568
XDE93345BVR            .45 ACP with Viridian Laser     MSRP: $598

About Springfield Armory®

Founded in 1974, Springfield Armory Inc. is located in Geneseo, Illinois. Its iconic brand remains unmatched in quality, precision engineering, manufacturing and unparalleled customer service in the firearms industry. The USA facility in Geneseo engineers, manufactures and assembles the legendary M1A™, 1911 and SAINT® AR-15 line of firearms. Since 2001, Springfield Armory has enjoyed a strategic, collaborative partnership with the state-of the-art factory in Croatia working hand in hand in the development and engineering of the multiple award-winning line of XD® polymer pistols that have become staples in the US marketplace. For over 40 years Springfield Armory has been committed to providing customers with trusted and reliable defensive products and a time-honored dedication to customer service excellence.


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    • “Our customers told us they’d like the fight-stopping power of a .45 ACP, with the easy racking ability of our XD-E Series,” says Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “The new XD-E .45 gives them exactly what they asked for: a no-compromise pistol that offers multiple safety modes for peace of mind no matter how you choose to carry.”

      “Our customers also told us to go to hell because we sold out the 2A community in a selfish money grab,” says Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “We gave the anti-gun politicians exactly what they asked for: a yes-compromise pistol company that offers multiple-level safety valve deniability and the lack of piece of mind no matter how we choose to lie about it.”

  1. Traitorfield, since 1974! We have a new single stack hammer fired dog turd that is made anywhere but the US of A. Please buy this $300 pistol for $565, we really need the money to get rid of our competition by supporting the state of Illinois Democrats in taking away others rights and freedoms! Without us the bill that just won’t go away wouldn’t have had a snowballs chance in hell! We’re proud of the morons that still support us! Who needs free thinkers when you can have ignorant sheep! Go Traitorfield!

  2. Wow!! That’s some gun bashing.I thot the price right but that pistol is ugly to me. Not cool ugly like a tt33, ugly like a hi point( which are pretty good guns) but ugly. And speaking of tt33, 7.62×25 I sure do like that cartridge, with today’s modern bullets it’d be a contender I think. And for those who’ve not shot 7.62×25 don’t judge it’s performance using privi partizan hollow points, they are loaded to Mauser specs regardless of what the adds say. Turned my tiger into a pussy cat.

  3. Ya, let’s take a striker fired design and turn it into a double-action only hammer fired abomination. Oh can I make sure the proceeds go to anti-gunners?

    Edit: Just noticed it’s actually DA/S.A. Still lame. And what’s with needing it to be easier to rack the slide? What demographic has trouble clambering a round but is excited to shoot .45 out of a pocket pistol?

  4. I have to add that Springfield is now trying to make up for their massive screw up. They have been participating in the fight to prevent the legislation they sold out on earlier this year. They have a ways to go, but they have learned their lesson.

  5. So another high bore axis conceal carry gun that probably does everything worse than the xds..? Way to shape the public opinion after your 2a idiocy springfield. Do I see you turning into remington?

  6. With my XDS 9, I don’t see a need for this.
    Without my XDS 45 I don’t see a need for this.
    I had a 45 XDS. It might have been the best shooting compact 45 I’ve ever shot. I’ve never shot a compact 1911, though.

    “NE, moj XDS je sasvim u redu.”

  7. You can give up trying to push Springfield crap at us. They are a POS company and will always be a POS company. There is nothing they can produce that will cover their past sins. And, Dan Zimmerman, by association, you are right down there with Springfield. I will dump all your articles automatically from now on.

    • I hate sa as much as anyone else here. Eff there products and management. But not sure why you’re bashing Dan. TTAG is just what the name is all about, they report (the truth), you make an informed decision. Maybe I missed the sentence the he wrote that stated we should all go out and buy one….everything I read looks like full on press release by sa. There more sa spends on marketing and ads becomes more cash flow out the door for them and greater opportunity for us to remind them of their sins and plaster them with our comments.

      • Every press release they shove through should carry a disclaimer at the beginning or end reminding people of the sellout and providing a link to the previous TTAG article.

    • LMAO you do realize TTAG is the only reason you know what Springfield Armory did, correct? They’re the ones that broke the news on it and brought it to light.

  8. Springfield could salvage its reputation pretty easily. It would just take more cash than they’re willing to spend. If they dumped a few million into real pro 2A candidates nationwide for these mid terms, I’d buy one of their guns just out of support. They need to realize that at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

  9. Springfield? Lol. Too bad they are still in business. Hopefully they are tearing through their reserves. Tic toc.

    • Not having seen any drop in their prices (unlike other US manufacturers), much less fire sale prices, I have to assume they are having no problem selling their inventory. I wish they would: I want one of their MilSpec 1911s with the arched mainspring housing, but the price hasn’t dropped at all. And although the XD series is not US made, I owned one–my first hand gun in fact–and passed it on to my son. Too fat for CCW, it has been reliable except when limp wristed, and that is a shooter issue, not a gun issue.

      • You all on here talking about the way a gun looks and where it’s made. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE!! Not all quality made firearms are made in the US. Sorry to bust your big bubbles you bunch of gun snobs. Stop your hating and move on. Springfields here for life it’s not going anywhere and it will always be a competitor to be reckoned with.

  10. I would be interested in the big bore edition of the XD-E with a simple decock only function. A decock only system would simplify the manual of arms to better befit the primary concealment roll of this handgun.

    I also truly wish those who would throw Springfield Armory and Rock River under the bus, would take time to check out the facts first.

    • We did check the facts first which is exactly how sa and rra found themselves under the bus.

      Telling us to check the facts first is as slimy as sa funneling dollars to -2A groups.

      How about you tell us your facts and stop trying to paint the informed consumer as the bad guy.

      • Shotgun Sam,

        Since you have stooped to the use of hominem attack, the burden of presenting a factual counter remains with you.

    • It’s a safety because of the cocked and locked method of carry being an option on this gun. Similar to how a 1911 is carried.

  11. Yeah…. no. The xdm i own has been run very hard since i bought it 8 years ago. As reliable as my friends glock 17. I literally tried to get it to jam, didnt clean it, ran dirty ammo, and could not get it to malfunction.
    That being said i will never buy a SA or RRA product again. They betrayed us and that is unforgivable.
    Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, yeah that wont happen.

  12. No doubt the .40 S&W version of the XD-E will be announced soon, if SA’s history is any indicator. I can see no reason to invest in this hammer-fired .45 when I already have M1911’s and an XDS that will do pretty much the same things. How many variations on a theme is SA going to produce? And I’m not sure SA has learned its lesson about political infidelity, but they gotta keep on keepin’ on to make sure their Balkan gunmakers remain in business.

  13. Springfield Armory donated to anti gun democrats and supported an anti gun bill in Illinois that would never have had a chance of passage without them
    Springfield ( and Rock River) should be boycotted until they make MAJOR contributions to gun freedom

  14. I appreciate that TTAG still posts articles about Springfield; this shows me that the TTAG staff are truly impartial and won’t let (even highly warranted) bias affect the things they post.

    I chuckled when I read the part where Springfield Head Honcho Dennis Reese quoted “Our customers told us they’d like the fight-stopping power of a .45 ACP, with the easy racking ability of our XD-E Series,”

    That’s not what the customers are saying, Mr. Reese. The customers are saying that they would like to see the fight-stopping power of your company leveraged against anti-gun opponents.

  15. On top of everything else you’d think they would quit with the whole “Grip Zone” thing. I mean, where else would you grip a pistol?

    • We should all buy more Glocks so they can use the profits to bribe more antI gun politicians in New York, New Jersey and California so they can make even more money to use in bribing anti gun politicians in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon and Washington. /sarc

  16. Yes, info on the firearm, please, not vitrol about SA’s past, it’s their future that matters to me.

    I just purchased a XD-E in .45 acp, my first SA purchase.

    I’ll be taking it to the range with my S&W Performance Center Shield in .45 acp for a comparison.

    The design of a hammer fired, lower rack pull, triple option saftey lever in .45 acp got my attention.

    I’m getting old so easier racking pistols has entered my purchasing calculus.

    The S&W M&P .380 EZ was my first, easy rack purchase and I’m very pleased with it.

    Now, you negative trolls enjoy yourselves.

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