President Trump welcomes the West Virginia University rifle team to the White Houseinia University Rifle Team at the White House
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The record-setting championship West Virginia rifle team visited the White House Friday and met President Donald Trump.  They visited as part of the Collegiate National Champions of 2016 and 2017 event.

The team won its fifth straight NCAA championship back in March with a record score. The NCAA reported on the win…

The West Virginia University rifle team doing what they do best (courtesy WVU Sports)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The No. 2-ranked West Virginia University rifle team claimed its fifth straight NCAA title Saturday in commanding fashion, shooting a championship-record 4723 aggregate score at the 2017 NCAA Rifle Championships inside Ohio State’s French Field House.

Owning a two-shot advantage thanks to a winning, 2336 smallbore score shot Friday, WVU secured its nation-best 19th national championship with a season-high 2387 air rifle score.

In addition, two of the team members won individual titles.  Including a freshman:

In addition to the team title, freshman Milica Babic became the second Mountaineer rookie in as many days to win an individual title, as she shot 208.1 in the final to claim the 2017 NCAA air rifle championship. A native of Belgrade, Serbia, Babic entered the final in first place with a 598 (100-99-100-100-99-100) relay score.

Amazingly, Milica’s room-mate also won an individual title.

Classmate Morgan Phillips, who won the NCAA smallbore title Friday with a 464.3 final score, finished second behind Babic with a 207.2 mark. The final two shots were tight between the roommates, as each shot a 10.9 in the second-to-last shot.

For her efforts all weekend, Phillips earned the NCAA Championships’ Top Performer Award.

“Morgan shot a personal best both days, and that’s unbelievable at an event like this,” Hammond said. “She’s so calm but also mentally tough. She did a great job.”

No word on whether or not the team kibitzed at all with the Secret Service marksmen. Given the team’s performance shooting under pressure, they might have some tips to pass along for POTUS’s protective detail.

One person not seen at the White House this week: Hillary Clinton. Somehow I suspect that if she’d won last year’s election, WVU would still be waiting for their invitation to Castle, the Secret Service’s code name for the White House.

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    • Well there all WonderBread and Lilies so theres that ethnocultural bond to consider…

      When Stump endlessly only talked about black folks in the role of criminals and won the unsololicited full front page endorsement of the KKK and admiring words from National Association for the Advancement of White People director David Duke, and when Gump talks about Frederick Douglass as if hes alive, and when Sump slurs Kaepernick as a son of a beach you can understand why black and decent white athletes would decline the honor…

      Naturally the WV team is not in either of those categories, hell some of their parents likely imbibed his lies about magically rejuvenating the moribund coal industry, and surely most of them are in the 71% of uneducated white guys who made us the laughing stock of the world by voting in this Lump

      Hump is lucky Im not involved, I would graciously accept the invitation and then expose his racism in front of the cameras ie hold up a copy of his KKK endorsement, photos of DeVos and her racist remarks about HBCUs, Gumps on Douglass, Ben Carson referring to slaves as “immigrants”!

        • He has “happy” dreams of being the capo who pours in the pesticide when the Democrats conduct their anti-gun owner jihad.

        • Is that some kind of Islamophobic slur TwoJohns as if Im a barbarian? Embarrassingly pathetic, this passes for wit among yall dullards

          Ive actually spent some time deconstructing museology, so I wouldnt vandalize even one of your perverted NRA museums catering to your gun fetish, its valuable for thoughtful folks to examine the ideological content of your exhibits and their role in indoctrinating folks especially kids.

          And Im at the university library right now as I am most days poring over scholarly treatments of events youll never understand and theory you couldnt fathom…

          The casual slur is the forte of the Chump acolyte, yall dont feel the need to hide your Islamophobia, racism, misogyny etc now that the President of the US proudly stands for these retrograde values, yall are the worst of America

        • No, that’s actually the same exact kind of riff that you’ve repeatedly taken against the other commenters here, and that you somehow think you have the room to get all shocked and appalled when it’s thrown right back in your face — the only place it will ever belong to begin with, being that you are what you hate.

          You’ve actually spent more time making a complete ass of yourself and projecting your racism onto the rest of us than most anything else, especially these last few weeks. It’s valuable for thoughtful folks to examine the ideological content, or lack thereof in your case, of your posts to understand what indoctrination actually does to people. Especially to kids.

          And you’ve never been to any institution of higher learning, either. Otherwise you wouldn’t be wasting your time trying to proselytize your government fetish to people that categorically know better than you.

          The casual slur is the forte of the Shillary acolyte. You don’t feel the need to hide your racism, your anti-Semitism, your misandry, etc. now that Shillary took your little kiddie gloves off for you. You are the worst of America yourself.

        • Thank goodness for that.

          The Secret Service’s code name for the HildeBeast is “Evergreen”.


        • Bernie Sanders is the best of America so naturally he is reviled by folks like jwm who know so little about the world and yet spend so much time denigrating folks they dont/cant understand…

          And yall dunskies voted against your economic interests! For decades Sanders has worked selflessly to help working people but yall preferred a spoiled millionaire whose never done anything for working people!!

          How could yall do that!?

          Chump demagogically exploited your bitterness, your resentment of black folks and educated folks in the media who make you feel dumb, and Muslims and immigrants, and you got an enormous vicarious thrill when Stump railed against these folks. Your self-esteem is so shriveled and you are so bigoted this vicarious bullying meant way more to you than Sanders decades-long stellar record helping working people.

          Its also true that yall are doltishly partisan.

          And you dont understand political economy and youre heavily indoctrinated to reflexively recoil at Sanders socialism, when all this means is that he works for working people, he doesnt enlist the government in service to wealthy folks like Gump

          Yall having to endure for eight long years a black president who was so intellectually formidable naturally set the stage for your backlash… it just about drove yall out of your minds to see this erudite guy on TV everyday reminding you of how little you know and can understand, AND hes BLACK!! So yall had to Make America White Again, these are the real Americans in your “minds”, the worst of America

        • ‘The best of America’. I just have to look in the mirror to see that.

          And once again. Thank you for helping the pro gun cause and for making Trump president. Couldn’t have done it without folks like you.

        • Bernout is actually the very worst of America, so naturally, he is worshipped by folks like Comrade More Dead Soldiers who project their own willful pig ignorance of the world onto the rest of us, and yet spend so much time denigrating folks you actively refuse to understand.

          And you DemoKKKrats voted against your ecomomic interests. For decades, Bernout has actually worked endlessly to keep working people poor, but you preferred a couch-surfing NEET that has never actually produced anything of value because he’s an economic illiterate and a socialist (but I repeat myself). ALl while driving a $180K hot rod (an Audi R8 specifically), and has two $600K homes 40 minutes from each other on Lake Champlain and another $350K summer home in Florida while being married to a Wall Street banker who bankrupted a university herself — likely through the fraud she’s been investigated for.

          How could you do THAT?

          Shillary demagogically exploited your bitterness, your resentment of white folks and educated folks who made you feel bad, and Europeans, and you got an enormous hard-on when Shillary railed against these folks. You never even had any self-esteem and you’re so bigoted yourself that this bullying meant way more to you than Bernout’s decades-long hypocrisy and non-existent record of helping anyone but himself to the public purse.

          It’s also true that you’re every bit as hyper-partisan that you want to think we are.

          And you don’t understand economics period, being that you’re heavily indoctrinated to reflexively recoil at Drumpf and capitalism, when all this means is that Bernout works for himself. He did in fact enlist in government service in service to wealthy folks, just like Shillary did.

          You having to endure for another seven years a white President who was able to out-maneuver you and everyone else set the stage for your own violent backlash. It DID drive all of you out of your minds to see this plain-speaking guy everyday reminding you of how little you know and can understand, AND he’s WHITE. So, you had to make America afraid again by acting out your hate and disgust on innocent people, championing the violent simps in ANTIFA — who, by the way, think you should get the bullet, too — and doing everything from out-right denying their very existence to justifying their violence so long as it was against “the right people.” THEY are the real Americans in your “minds,” the actual worst of America.

        • C’mon, Chris.

          Some innocent kid could come across that and have to look at it, as likely embarrassingly small as it is…


      • It’s ironic and amusing that you refer to “uneducated white guys” in a post that would be an embarrassment to 3rd grade English students.

        • Gump makes a point of speaking in short sentences with lots of pauses and repetition. He does this because he knows his supporters are slow on the uptake. Lump knows yall dullards cant appreciate any nuance, that your “minds” can only accomodate one very simple straightforward idea at a time. And this largely comes naturally to Sump because he is not a subtle thinker and has no interest in complexity.

          Chump did however have to make more of a conscious effort to dumb down his vocabulary to about a 6th grade level, particularly when talking about the economy which he does understand at a far higher level than his doofus supporters. Chump worked hard to help yall cultivate your delusion that you dont need to be intelligent or have any education to be experts on public policy, he appreciates that using words yall dunskies dont know destroys that illusion

        • So yall dont have any idea what cogent insightful writing looks like, most of you never read and if you do its pulp and flapdoodle like this site, you dont talk with any educated folks, and yall cant think in any but the most simplistic terms, but naturally yall pose as reviewers and presume to judge my posts as illiterate and childishly written.

          Yall cant even distinguish between someone who is published and the mostly incoherent meandering screeds of your buddies here!

          Im obviously the most informed and trenchant poster on the site, you should be grateful I grace you with my erudition, so less silly put-downs, more applause and genuflecting : D

        • Drumpf making a point of speaking in short sentences with lots of pauses and repetition was actually done for your benefit, Comrade More Dead Soldiers. And still you willfully misunderstand and misrepresent literally everything that he’s ever said. Ever. Shillary knows that you retards can’t appreciate any nuance, that your “minds” can only accommodate one very simple and straightforward idea: hate white people, and then be totally dependent on them for every dollar you get through handouts instead of jobs. It’s worked very well for her party since LBJ said he’d have you voting DemoKKKrat for the next two hundred years. It’s been about a half-century and you haven’t proven him wrong yet.

          Shillary made the conscious effort to hide her wrongdoings and the media had to spell this out to you on a 6th grade level, even though this doesn’t help you to understand economics when they talk about it because you simply don’t. Neither do they, for that matter. Shillary worked hard to help you cultivate your delusion that you don’t need to work or have any education to get through life. She appreciates that keeping you fat and happy out of the pockets of others maintains that illusion.

          So, you don’t have any idea what cogent or insightful writing looks like, either, because you haven’t posted any. You don’t read very much yourself, and if you do its propaganda by Marx or Trotsky. You talk to educated folks here that you know full-well are infinitely more knowledgeable than you, yet you can’t think in any but the most biased terms. Naturally, you pose as a subject matter expert and presume to judge us and our posts as illiterate and bigoted, when it’s actually ONLY you that’s even been racist, misandrist, and anti-Semitic.

          You can’t even distinguish between who is accomplished and the most useless, yammering bondies like you and your buddies here!

          You’re obviously the least informed and least insightful poster on this site or just about anywhere else on the web. You disgrace us with your repeatedly-demonstrated ignorance and bigotry. So, less put-downs from YOU to US — which is how every “conversation” with YOU starts, NOT the other way around — and more humility and citations. : D

        • Here you see the danger of educating above inteligence level. Delusions of grandeur and contempt for those percieved as different.

      • Funny how this racist sees racism in everyone else but not in himself.
        “Well there all WonderBread and Lilies so theres that ethnocultural bond to consider…”
        Fitting for someone squeeling about slurs all the time. How would you like it if I called group of black kids Backelites and Asphalts?

    • “Great job! Nice having a team that shows up for the White House…”

      True. Now, if only Team Trump could do the same, right?

    • “Great job! Nice having a team that shows up for the White House…”

      Agreed! it’s unfortunate that a nice news report has to be trolled by the hate-groups.

      Don’t let Professor(s) Bigot like YouCanDoAnythingGrabEmByTheFormerWaterWalker control the conversation. Their tactics include intimidation and accusing others of bigotry, when it is they who own Bigotry. They’ve learned the tactics very well at the tax-payer-funded institutions-of-lower-living (public universities)

      • You are wise to avoid any substantive exchange with me… after your embarrassing foray… you have plenty of opportunities to make a fool of yourself in your daily life, no sense compounding your humiliation…

        “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab ’em by the former water walker. You can do anything.”

        Honest decent folks readily see the difference between locker room talk and bragging about using your power to get away with sexual assault

        • Punctuation is a thing oh wiseass. Pick up a book on your way to the chemist(British girl?)for those sanitary napkins…

        • We are wise to avoid any substantive exchange with you because you have nothing of substance to exchange, and every foray is an embarrassment for you. You have taken every opportunity to make a fool of yourself and we have only too happily piled your humiliation onto you.

          Honest, decent folks readily see the difference between locker room talk and unsubstantiated allegations of sexual assault brought by bigots like you and in the media that have never been anywhere near him. But, don’t let silly little things like facts get in the way of a good bigoted screed!

  1. If Pres. Trump had only invited the University of West Virginia Math Team to the WH, he would have had the day off.

    • Gump just signed an executive order designating any numbers that dont comport with his fantasies about the budget to be “FAKE MATH”

      • Even though there has actually been no such executive order, otherwise you would have cited it. But, as per usual, you didn’t because there is no citation to make as it never happened. Par for the course from a pathological liar and a bigot like you.

    • University of West Virginia? And where might that academy of higher learning be, oh brilliant one? Is it near the University of Ohio State or perhaps Kentucky University?

  2. Even though there has actually been no such executive order, otherwise you would have cited it. But, you didn’t, because it never happened. Just like literally everything else that you’ve ever claimed.

  3. Cowardly troll(s) have infested the site and change names because they are giant pansies.

    We see right through you, America sees through you. You aren’t fooling anyone with your divisive, anti-American rhetoric.

    Tell your master George Soros to get his money back because you all suck at your jobs and to drop dead.

  4. It’s such a relief to see kids excelling and being recognized for the shooting sports. The President is bringing out the best in Americans, and the left thought they already had this country! It is time to stand up for Traditional American Values!

    When I was a kid, we learned by doing. Professor Bigot, YouCanDoAnythingGrabEmByTheFormerWaterWalker, has been so educated that he continually twists reality into his bigotry, justifies it, and name-calls anyone who supports Traditional American Values! I hope he, and the others like him, find themselves having to get a real job, so they have to be nice to working people.

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