Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bianca Balti gun tattoo
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You’re looking at the upper half of Sports Illustrated‘s Rookie of the Year 2018. I guess it’s never too early to be Rookie of the Year. And no, Alex Ren’s not a baseball player. Or a field hockey player.

You did read the headline right? Ms. Ren is a swimsuit model. I’ve never quite figured out why Sports Illustrated has swimsuit models; I suspect it’s got something to do with money.

Anyway, you will notice that Ms. Ren . . .

Alex Ren with AK (courtesy

has a tattoo of a revolver on her finger — that she didn’t cover up! (#guntat4ever) And why not? Ms. Ren is a Person of the Gun.

I score that a solid win for America’s gun culture. And the only reason I posted this picture. I mean, both pictures. Obviously.

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  1. According to her instagram page:

    “i was homeschooled my entire life so I didn’t have many friends and grew up shy and introverted. who would’ve known 11 million people would end up following my life ”

    I guessing not being a product of a government mandated education has something to do with it.

    • “I guessing not being a product of a government mandated education has something to do with it.”

      Your comment reminds me of the seen in the movie Men in Black after “the best of the best of the best” of U.S. military recruits have finished a discernment test and did not even realize that they failed miserably. Agent Zed says, “Gentlemen, congratulations: you are everything that we have come to expect from years of government training.”

        • In this particular scene Hollywood definitely portrayed reality quite accurately. (In case you did not notice, Agent Zed was subtly denigrating the insufficiencies that are so prevalent in government employees.)

      • hahah yep loved that scene… dont remember mib2 much, but 3 was awesome as well. lotta emotion for an action flick and fun quantum physics type questions

  2. I wish her a productive career. Hopefully a pro-gun stance doesn’t shoot her career in the foot (pun not intended).

    • Based on extensive research scrolling through her IM (including the full version of the first pic here), I feel like she’ll do OK.

    • She’ll be fine for a minute as a novelty item.

      The reality is that if she doesn’t (quickly) overtly eschew and disavow firearm usage and civilian ownership, the mainstream skin trade has it’s defined ethos, and she doesn’t stand a chance.

      She’ll either marry some producer and disappear, or she’ll get a job hawking guns in some capacity. That’s all that’s available… (other than pr0n, ‘natch)

  3. Based on this young woman’s Instagram page and results from a simple Google search for Alexis Ren, I think it’s OK to comment on her physical attributes, since she shows them off in nearly every image, as well as her obvious love of the gun. A lovely young woman.

  4. Good Lord that was worth the elbow in the ribs from MRSATFAgentBob and the big boy cramps. Beautiful woman who likes guns I think I’m in love again…. Time to talk MRSATFAgentBob into gettin a live in girlfriend.

    NOTE: If I am never heard from again it either worked or I was killed. Should it be the latter make sure to raffle off my gun collection. I also wish to be cremated, implanted into an M1 Abrams sabot round, and fired into an isis goat f**ker’s Bongo truck; killing him and his goat while they are out in the back field gettin ready to get down. They gave me a year of dating Ms. Rosy Palm I at least wanna c0ck block them for all eternity.

  5. “I’ve never quite figured out why Sports Illustrated has swimsuit models; I suspect it’s got something to do with money.”

    It’s because February. Nothing much going on in the sports world in February, gotta fill the magazine with something.

  6. Am I the only one that thinks she should eat a damn cheeseburger or two? I mean, duh, she’s obviously hot but damn with a little more curve I’d be pants-tenting my way to work right now.

  7. To my wife, should she ever see this: I was never here. I didn’t see any pictures nor did I read any of the article.


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