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“A mentality of weapons is spreading, mistrust and fears are growing, faith in public security is waning and the state’s sole authority to impose order.” – Criminologist and lawyer Arthur Kreuzer quoted in Amid concerns over public safety, Germans are buying more weapons [via]

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  1. It comes as a surprise to many that before the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and before the Treaty of Versailles was imposed on the defeated former German Empire both of those political entities had few gun laws.

    • I don’t really think that a policy of ethnic cleansing and gun control can be connected to each other. Native Americans were removed from most of the United States of America. In what is now the Czech Republic the German speaking population was forcibly removed following WWII. Both have liberal gun laws by modern-day standards.

      • 1. Please quit perpetuating the “Native American Genocide” garbage. They fought multiple wars, they lost multiple wars, they refused to integrate.
        2. As for removing Germans from outside Germany after WWII? Really? That’s a bad thing?

        • Indeed… Those Germans were the ones who Hitler said were “unworthy of life”. Since the “real Germans” fell in battle, the needs of the rest were irrelevant. Their infrastructure was obliterated and healthy people pressed in to sercive by the SS, so they didnt have things like: able bodied fighting aged men, food, or a base of support to oppose the most powerful and brutal ground army in the history of warfare (the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War)…. so ya, 15 million ethnic Germans were forcibly migrated from Eastern Europe. Those Germans (and Indians) were all that was left after all the warriors had been killed, so no they weren’t going to pick up guns and fight the Russians (or Americans)…… on its face, from a very shallow perspective, not having guns was irrelevant, but they were fighting with guns for years and ultimately gave up, choosing ethnic cleansing over resistance.

        • If you don’t fight back it’s bad. WWII European Jews.
          If you fight back it’s not genocide because you fought back. Native Americans.
          So if the Chinese invaded the US and the US citizens fought back, US citizens are refusing to integrate?
          Read history. Don’t feel like you have to defend anyone’s actions. Just read and learn.

        • Kiddo… please pander your moral revisionism to someone who gives a damn.

          Let me simple it up for you… There was no “invasion”. You can’t “invade” mostly empty land. What there was was a wave of settlers who initially tried to live alongside the locals and bring them into the 18th and 19th centuries…

          Comparing a naturally disintegrating culture to deliberate mass murder is both retarded and shows exactly what your agenda is.

          Go home commie. Nobody cares about your SJW bullshit version of history.

        • As Pericles put it we have left monuments both good and bad for all time. We invaded and took land but to hold us as immoral for that is to deny human nature. To pretend it didnt happen is equally delusional.

          And am I’m the only one tired of pwrserge? Why is it the most ignorant are the loudest.

          • Sorry, I happen to have a soft spot for opinionated right-wing Slavs. He’s on my “buy you a beer” list.

        • To each their own I guess. I just have little tolerance for people who ignore facts in order to defeat social justice arguments that condemn us. Why deny facts, when their entire position of what is right and wrong is unfounded.

      • There where laws against trading or selling guns to native Americans. Of course various tribes where also armed by the state and federal governments who took sides in tribal wars.

        The fact is the native Americans resistance movement was a LOT more aucewsful than the Jewish resistance in nazi Germany. And the comparison is pretty unfair since the NAs where a primitive people with no industrial nations on their side.

        Of course by the time they are loading people on to boxcars resistance is likely too late. The second amendment protects us from getting to that point. An unarmed people can’t protect their right to organize politically , to keep tyrants our in the first place.

        • If by “resistance movement” you mean “random terrorist attacks against civilians”, then yes.

        • The genocide against the Native Americans didn’t happen. Disease largely wiped out the Native Americans. They didn’t have any plagues before Europeans got here because a civilization needs to be in place before plagues can develop and not just burn themselves out quickly.

          On the other hand, American policy towards the Indians, starting with Andrew Jackson, was disgraceful.

      • I love these victimization parties.

        Okay, yes, war sucks and generally what happens to the loser isn’t pretty. I think we can agree on that? There are also very rarely innocent sides. History paints the native American as a peace loving, spiritualist people at one with the earth and sky and blah blah blah because it would be really inconvenient to recount the numerous wars they fought against one another for trivial stuff like land, beliefs, resources, etc. Right, that’s only a white man thing.

        This is endemic to humanity in general and it takes a very, very enlightened society to not abuse the war’s loser. The Indians were no better, or worse, than the rest of humanity as a whole.

      • Czechs had very good reason for removing the Germans after WWII. The same Sudetendeutsche were the reason for Hitler’s occupation of Sudetenland and a bit later whole Czech part of Czechoslovakia. (Britain and France with whom Czechoslovakia had mutual defense treaty, forced the Czechoslovak government to cede the Sudetenland to Germany. See Munich Agreement.

        “Where there are Germans, there is Germany!” They screamed before WWII.
        “Alright, let’s make sure there are no Germans on our land and move them all to Germany to prevent repeating of this problem in future.” Said Czechs after over six years of German occupation ended with the end of the war. Can you blame them?

  2. Talk about a propaganda piece. No where in the entire article did they get the opinion of someone who was pro-self defense. Nor did they write about the massive amount of assaults committed by the “refugees” except to refer to it only as the perception of the minority of people who think Germany is less safe now than a few years ago. The entire article was written with the intent of making it seem that anyone who wants to protect themselves is not only delusional, but also a greater threat to themselves and others.
    So basically the same as most articles written by most American news outlets.

    • ‘Moreover, he added, increased weapons ownership has poisoned the climate of coexistence.’ – That pretty much sums up the idiocy they’re spreading. Better to just bend over and take it in the spirit of ‘coexistence’. The Germans and the jihadis coexisted just fine for centuries when they were separated by 1000 miles.

      • Hitler said that he thought it would be better if Germany and the Vikings had been conquered by Islam instead of Christianity, because it had some sort of “true warrior spirit” or some BS, and now 80 years later, Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union cuckservatives are making Hitler’s dream a reality.

      • I think people are less and less content to “coexist” with power hungry marxists and violent 3rd world “refugees”

  3. Unfortunately for German subjects Self-Defense with your gun is prohibited. When ever I see this I can’t comprehend how this makes any sense whatsoever.

  4. The ‘faith in public sec urity’ was sorely displaced in the first place. They were the ones who brought in millions of foreigners who not only shared nothing in common with the locals but despised them as sub-human infidels, and then refused to ask them to assimilate.

  5. They’re the very assholes who made the unsafe situation in the first place. Sure, a substantial number of residents seem perfectly happy living with the increased murders, rapes, beatings, etc… but they had to know not everybody would be happy about watching their home burn.

  6. germany has like 5 or 6 million muslims and only a couple hundred thousand in their military

    the muslims are smuggling in weapons every day

    as soon as they figure they have enough weapons and enough fighters its pretty much lights out

    the situation is probably not significantly different in many other european countries

    sweden has already all but acknowledged they will have to send their military into the no go zones

    when whatever is going to happen eventually happens in europe they will have brought it all on themselves by letting all those muslims in while at the same time largely disarming their own citizens

    its going to look a lot like samarra iraq circa 2006

    some people called it sectarian strife

    other people called it civil war

  7. “…mistrust and fears are growing, faith in public security is waning and the state’s sole authority to impose order”. Yep, that sounds awfully familiar. Personal defense is having a plan and having access to appropriate tools to be able to execute and defend that plan. Reliance on others to protect you is a fools errand. I know that I’m preaching to the choir here but there are a whole lot sheep out there who are are going to be in trouble if the SHTF; just sayin…

  8. “Self-defense courses are also increasingly popular. Classes at Taekwondo clubs, fitness studios, and even municipal community centers are attracting more and more participants.”

    I wonder if they have many krav maga courses…

    • This empty headed cuckle forgot to mention yoga and pilates as viable examples of weaponless self defense.

  9. You welcome hundreds of thousands of people who regard you as godless “infidels” only worth killing, regard your women as available sexual gratification resources (and “who cares?” if the infidel whore is raped and/or beaten to death during forced gang rape), let them live in closed enclaves, let them refuse to assimilate into your society and then you suddenly discover your native-born population is feeling less and less “safe” and wants the capacity to defend themselves…Holy Cow! Did everyone with a working brain in Germany get killed in WWII?
    Of course I have to point-out the immigrant invaders in Germany have as much right to defend themselves as the native-born Germans and if that is by firearms, so be it. Everyone there is subject to the same Government restrictions no matter what “side” they are on. Germany has impaled itself on the classic “horns of a dilemma” and it will only get worse.
    The rest of us can take a lesson, but I think it is already too late in many parts of the U.S. and other countries…

  10. Putin. No matter how stupid western europe gets, and they are getting really stupid, Putin is not going to tolerate a muslim empire on his flank.

    Which will be better for the US? A muslim europe or a Putin europe?

    • The answer: an inferior Europe that will purchase American goods and resources and not threaten us, or a Europe we can obliterate by force of arms, knows it, and submits to us. Muslim, Putin, or otherwise is irrelevant.

    • Both are bad. A Putin Europe gives us two significant communist powers, (China / Russia) while right now its only China. They will still buy what little we produce.

      A Muslim Europe will be reduced to the sixth century and probably won’t buy our stuff, but provided we close borders with such a Europe, I can’t imagine an anti-education ideology being capable of learning how to run ships and aircraft, much less build anything worthy of crossing the Atlantic.

      Why can’t we go back to the days of trade with all nations, alliances with none? Let European problems be European problems and trade with the victor.

  11. A “non-lethal gas pistol” sounds like a great way to piss off that knife wielding group of invad… I mean, very friendly and law abiding “immigrants”, even more.

    “Stay back, or I shall inflict mild to moderate bruising on you!!”

    • Just an other weak Weimar Republic letting the Bolsheviks have their way… the temerature is perfect for the sheep to choose either: a violent strong man promising German security, or a massive awakening of self reliance and self defense…… sounds like the libs want a stong central government to “impose order”, which the government isn’t doing because its a soft liberal government. However, history has shown that while soft liberal governments are pathetic, hard liberal governments are terrifying. This has no happy ending in Germany.

  12. I find the arguments regarding Hitler and American Indians to be totally off the mark. This Krauser guy is saying that the German populace does not have the right to protect themselves. Governments do not protect their people, they show up after the crimes have been committed and say “tsk tsk”! Until Germany admits that they screwed up by allowing this influx of immigrants who have been preying on the public it’ll just be more “tsk tsk”.

    • The problem is that this will be the third time in three centuries that Russia will have to clean up Europe’s mess.

  13. Well, when the state tells you, “why would you want to protect yourself? The state will do it for you”, yet turns a blind eye to and under-reports crimes done by “migrants” (that’s what they’re “refugees” now, to give the opposition to unfiltered and uncontrolled immigration a xenophobic slant), all in the name of “Zee progress”, people are going to lose faith in the State, and then they’re going to try to acquire means the protects themselves. And when the State tells them they cannot protect themselves, they will slowly but surely come to resent the State.
    Honestly, it’s going to be entertaining to watch how this plays out in the long run.

  14. Random terrorist attacks? Break treaties much.
    The Iroquois Confederacy maintained peace in Eastern America for 600 years. Our record?
    Oh I know, “the sun was in my eyes.”
    Why do you defend the settlers and US Govt of the time? It’s the past.

    “They build houses and don’t respect property lines. They get drunk and shoot off guns.”
    – Mexicans circa 1800 speaking of American settlers. 🙂

    Learn the facts. Be free of ignorance. Want fake facts? Hillary would have been a great Pres. 🙂

    • “The Iroquois Confederacy maintained peace in Eastern America for 600 years.” – Um. No. 600 years? No. Maintained peace? No.

    • Yeah… no. Your troll level is pathetic. The Iroquois were at war within their own confederacy likely as not in any given year. This “noble savage” bullshit is exactly that… bullshit. Disney’s Pocahontas was not an animated documentary dipshit.

      • Wasn’t the real Pocahontas dragged back to Europe, forced into a marriage with John Rolfe and promptly died at the ripe old age of 20-21? tisk tisk. Disney loves to sugar coat old stories.

        Gota call bull on 600 years. The only place I could imagine being at peace for 600 years is Tibet.

  15. Trolling if the facts don’t stand. Trolling if I’m trying to upset you rather than have dialogue. Calling “no” means that’s your opinion. I’m reading from history. History you can read.
    Largely empty land. Hmmm 50 to 100 million.
    Yes Indian population declined by disease.

    Taking someone’s land. Human nature. Describing people as uncivilized or warlike or peace loving is used by both sides to explain and guilt the other side. If you conquer you conquer. Don’t make excuses for it. Saying “we tried to live with them but they didn’t understand” is ridiculous. On this site where you are a gun fan who considers protecting your people and stuff, where’s the respect given some who didn’t go quietly into the night?

    Don’t like the immigrants coming to rape and pillage? Hmmm. What makes you different than the Indians?

    • Very simple, we’re not a bunch of spear chucking savages who didn’t bother inventing the wheel. That’s my point, when migrants come to your country, you kill them or you wind up as another historical footnote living on reservations. Commies like you want to ethnically cleanse Europeans from the face of the Earth because we’re a little too good at thinking for ourselves. It’s much easier to rule a bunch of low IQ superstitious migrants than a civilized society.

  16. A few years ago, a young girl was walking home from school in Germany, she was attacked by an African muslim, pulled her pepper spray from her bag, with the man pulling her jeans off.
    She pepper sprayed the guy, and he ran off. She reported to the cops.
    They tried to give her six months in prison for carrying concealed pepper spray.

    That is the German government attitude about self defense

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