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From the NRA’s statement:

[T]here’s nothing about an insane criminal committing a horrible act that should lead to the government taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. That will only make us less safe.

Yet, that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. A highly-orchestrated effort to disarm American citizens unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this country.

It’s an effort to destroy the NRA. To defame our millions of members and tens of millions of supporters. An effort that’s fueled by billionaires and a multi-billion dollar media machine that couldn’t care less about fighting crime. Their fight is against you, your guns, and your freedom.

And that’s exactly why the NRA will always stand and fight and never give in. Because we can’t make this country safe – we can’t make our country a better place by slamming the door on the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

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  1. OK Wayne. Retire already. If you love the organization and really stand for the membership (suits cough) then step down and let the organization reform and serve its members.

  2. Unfortunately WLP the worthless POS was for it before he was against it,not really surprising coming from Negotiating Rights Away since 1934.

    1791: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified.
    The amendment reads:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    After That
    1871: The National Rifle Association was formed by Union Army veterans Col. William C. Church
    and Gen. George Wingate.

    After that, they start going the other way

    The NRA actively supported the National Firearms Act of 1934.
    The NRA actively supported the Federal Firearms Act of 1938
    The NRA actively supported the Gun Control Act of 1968
    The NRA actively supported the misnamed Firearms Owners Protection Act including the Hughes Amendment (1986)
    The NRA actively supported the final version of the Assault Weapons Ban (1994)
    The NRA _proposed_ the bump stock ban
    The NRA is actively supporting “Red Flag” laws at the state and federal level.

    NRA President’s Testimony During Congressional Debate
    of the National Firearms Act of 1934

    MR.CARL T. FREDERICK: … “I have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons. I seldom carry one. … I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses”

    NRA Proudly Negotiating Rights Away since 1934

    • Thanks for printing that. I seldom come here anymore, in part because I have grown weary of pointing that out to the NRAccolytes.

      The NRA is seldom the friend of gun owners…

    • The Second Amendment is BIG business. A business man has to grow his business for sustainability. NRA has always built for sustainability.
      Shared that perspective with GOA’s Larry Pratt at the Second Amendment Foundation annual Gun Rights Policy Conference several years ago at the Friday evening reception. Asked him what he and ole Wayne would do for a living if Patriots finally implemented the 2A for its true purpose, and settled this gun thingy once and for all.
      He went slack and agape, stuttered, stammered, and walked away. GOA sustainability…..Larry pasted mantle to Erich; SAF sustainability…..Alan Gottibieb pasting mantle to his son. However, old Wayne is hanging onto his sustainability……guessing no sons available…..didn’t adopt Chris Cox. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • THANK YOU SIR!!! Finally, a clear and concise treatise on why the nra are traitors to the 2nd Amendment and should not represent gun owners! Join GUN OWNERS OF AMERCIA. The only no compromise 2nd Amendment advocacy group.

    • You know that saying, “I can hear a picture”? I hear him say, “Join or donate to the NRA”

  3. Get rid of the NRA and it’s internal group. Nothing but money mongers. Only looking out for themselves. Come on people WISE-UP.

  4. Unless the government deems them dangerous…

    Just noticed they actually took down the Chris Cox videos endorsing Red Flag laws and Fix NICS. Not because they took down every video with him. Doesn’t matter, I still have webms.

  5. Done with NRA, not another dime till Wayne is gone. Donating to GOA, and they are getting more on an annual basis. I haven’t trusted NRA in a long time so I joined GOA a couple of years back, they get the donation money now.

    • You should give to the SAF instead of (or in addition to the GOA). The SAF actually gets real work done, rather than just sending out emails for us to send to our congressmen.

      • The GOA takes donations and doesn’t do anything useful with them. The only thing they do is create online petitions which have 0 effect. SAF has done great work in the courts. Unfortunately the NRA is the only effective lobbying organization we have. It must be fixed otherwise we will get rolled over by legislation that will take years to push back in the courts.

      • I concur with Mark….I received a letter from SAF earlier this week, and am proud to have contributed to their on-going effort to enforce our 2nd amendment rights.

        Everyone who is a true 2nd amendment supporter should contribute to SAF, if at all possible. Contribute to any other groups also, if that is your wish; but I feel SAF has the most aggressive plans to protect and further the 2nd for all law-abiding gun owners.

  6. Right now the main thing destroying the NRA is within….Wayne & the BOARD. Just like the liberal democraps are trying to destroy American.

  7. The law says to turn in bump fire stocks. When the law says to turn in my guns, should I abide by that law? Will the NRA stand strong for the Americans that don’t follow those laws?

    What if the law said black Americans are property? What if the law said American Indians should be killed on sight?

      • So you will turn over your guns when the government says so? You are going to lie down when the Commies come marching into your house to take your stuff? Are you that law abiding? What about the Bill of Rights? Is that not the law? What is shall not be infringed mean?

        Tell me mister law abiding peasant. Who is your King?

  8. Kinda has the look of a man(sarc) who is looking in the mirror and realizing his days are numbered. Although I’m a Life member and have been for many decades. I payed a one time sum. I have considered the NRA a defunct group for many years. Much like the United Nations. Just a place for Elites to meet and plot ways to enrich themselves on the backs of the commoners. The fight for preservation of the 2nd Amendment is in the hands of the People who are willing to support the Cause. Much will be decided in the coming months. We know the Who,What and How of those attacking 2nd Amendment. What is left to know is. How far will they be allowed to go?

  9. I would guess Wayne didn’t write that. He has employees who do that for him.

    I just sent back an NRA request for money with the words: “Not one more penny until Wayne is gone.”

    The return postage is prepaid so it didn’t cost me anything. I suggest everyone do that and maybe it will help get the “game over” message to the NRA board and royalty.

    • I have done the same thing and also remarked about how waynes suits cost more than a lot of member make in a year

      • Until your membership has long expired or you actually call them and ask to be put on the “do not promote” list, you’ll continue to receive mailers. The person who opened your envelope is probably a contractor who indifferently tossed your mail into the trashbin and moved onto the next incoming letter to process payment. Not picking on you, but I see a lot of the same stuff with people who scream at the NRA contractor who calls them on the phone soliciting for donations. You can actually ask those people to put you on a “do not call” list, and it works. Instead, most of the people here who are members indignantly yell at the person, hang up, and pat themselves on the back, when the person on the other end doesn’t even remotely care about the NRA, the second amendment, or your thoughts on the matter.

  10. “Never” Wayne? Do you believe the lies you spew, really? Oh, just your knee jerk reaction: gotta say something!

  11. Eew… That video tries so hard to not show old white guys as the face of the NRA. They tried to put more scenes of minorities than what the current demographics are within the NRA. I’m not mad they put them there. I simply find it disgusting they would use them like that when the NRA doesn’t focus their outreach on those groups like you think they should.

    The video comes off as damage control. They support gun control while not supporting gun control. They say they don’t want Trump’s background checks but they gloat that they supported background checks and want to make it better.

    The NRA is all kinds of messed up. The message isn’t even consistent. I guess that is what happens when an organization is all about the money and power over principle. No wonder they can’t win…

    • It must be truly exhausting to be as racist as this poster. Constantly counting for quotas & measuring ratios, comparing skin color charts & eye shapes…

      • We have plenty of people in America who are “constantly counting for quotas & measuring ratios, comparing skin color charts & eye shapes”. They are called liberals.

      • Do you not understand psychology? Do you not understand American politics? Do you not understand how the NRA has been criticized about their refusal to focus on all Americans over a specific crowd? Are you aware that the NRA focuses on one particular demographic because they think that is where the money is? Have you not watched their previous propaganda? Have you been refusing to listen to the save the second crowd?

        They are doing what other corporations decided to do to make themselves look like something they are not. Have you noticed how most commercials on TV had white actors until recently? Notice how some companies use minorities (including females) for more moral clout and sometimes put white males as the bad guys? This is how they market to the millennials. Even the NRA talked about it many times on NRATV.

        I have heard from minorities, who worked with or are members of the NRA, who’ve said that they were essentially used. That the NRA does not want to focus on their demographic but will use them for PR. Now the NRA is in trouble. With all the lingering critiques. What do they think will help them? This video of course.

        Sorry that you are blinded by your bias. I am simply pointing out the psychology that marketers are using in their propaganda. Don’t hate me because the baby boomers and generation X created this environment for millennials and generation Z. You are just mad that I pointed out their intentional brain washing and damage control.

        Every person and scene they record and edit is chosen by a marketing/psychology group to get specific results. That is their professional. They have large agencies that specialize in that field. They study human psychology and use it to their advantage. Their content production is not random, it’s all planned and packaged.

        • “Have you noticed how most commercials on TV had white actors until recently?”

          Yep, just a few years back you could actually see the white privilege on TV every night, all the leading roles went to white actors, minorities were just tokens to play bad guys.

          Isn’t it interesting, Mayberry was the only town in North Carolina with not a single black person, fascinating.

          A better example of racism in Hollywood would be difficult to find.

          To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.

        • From your rhetoric, i.e. “old white guys,” it sounds like you are the one that’s been brainwashed. It’s you who has bought in to all the race baiting and subliminal manipulation. There’s nothing wrong with being white. As a matter of fact, I am extremely proud to be white. White people of European descent are the movers and shapers who built this country into a world super power, and are the ones who are at the helm of most other successful countries. Please, go somewhere else to peddle your racial psychology/class envy bullshit.

        • Yup, sure sounds like you view the world through racial glasses, which is to say, as a racist. Not sure what else you’d call that sort of behavior.

        • @Miner49er
          You got the point exactly. The evil perception of firearms, the persistent racial stereotypes, the continued racism in our nation has a common point of origin, Hollywood. All the misconceptions are perpetually promulgated from Hollywood. I did some unpaid work in the background for some major production companies and was most disgusted when I was asked to attend, on the side of the producer, a casting call and saw the stringent “racial” stereotypes expounded by the industry. Really disgusting and upsetting. I know none of the people I was working with are anything but far left Democrats; many subsequent conversations have proven this.

        • Cleo, you say:

          “White people of European descent are the movers and shapers who built this country into a world super power”

          Sure, with the stolen labor of millions of black people. Even the United States capital and the White House were built with stolen slave labor, the idea that only white people built America is a fallacy.

        • Fishy, you say:

          “All the misconceptions are perpetually promulgated from Hollywood”

          Sure, Hollywood has helped perpetuate racial stereotypes. But propaganda outlets like Fox News, Breitbart and other right wing disinformation sites continuously portray minorities as criminals. Even this forum is filled with disinformation about minorities.

          To you claim Democrats in Hollywood are responsible for racial stereotypes is hilarious, but I’m sure you believe it with all your little pea picking heart.

  12. “Send us money” is what I took from that.
    Been a few years since I’ve contributed and I probably won’t again.

  13. Could be a Babylon Bee article.

    Wayne LaPierre shouts, “No really, I am pro gun now” as noose tightens around his neck.

  14. The thing people are missing here is that destroying the organization is exactly what they intend. I have no doubt Wayne LaPierre is ready for retirement, just now he’s done with the NRA he wants to see it destroyed before stepping down.

  15. One more time Wayne

    Totally False on two counts.

    1. Any criminal or nut case can buy all the firepower they want in the U.S. because there are no Federal Background checks on second hand weapons. This is not rocket science and no amount of lies by the Far Right can avoid this glaring truth.

    2. Most civilized countries have severe restrictions on the ownership of assault rifles and the amount of ammo a weapon can hold for civilian use. Many Nations outlaw civilian use of them altogether.

    The facts: In the past several years the stats show that the other industrialized countries had a maximum of only 2 mass shootings while the U.S is now up to 251 mass shootings just in this year alone and the year is far from being over proving other Nations gun control laws work and work very well indeed.

    In conclusion the morgues filled to overthrowing in the U.S. compared to Europe and Japan prove Wayne is wrong and that the U.S. is the most unsafe industrialized country on the planet.

    • 1.) Presuppose you implemented a law that mandates *ALL* sales must receive a background check (which I support strongly). The law isn’t a magical wand that will immediately deter or stop somebody determined enough to kill.

      2.) You don’t need assault rifles to commit a mass killing. Just take a look at Virginia Tech and the Texas Tower shooter. Presuppose you hoover up all the assault weapons/military semi autos. Congratulations, you waste all that money, effort, and blood (yep, people are going to get killed) to seize tens of millions of firearms responsible for less than 2-300 deaths annually.

      American nuts kill regardless of the tool. And the police state and harsh measures required to seize semi-auto military guns (everything from AR15 black rifles to M1 carbines to lever actions) makes the juice not worth the squeeze.

      Your time and effort is better spent on enforcing the laws we already have (which haven’t been done in many mass killings), improving NCIS, and implementing a universal healthcare system that actually works. Ending the war on drugs, asset forfeiture, and initiating a nationwide jobs/training program would help immensely. Address the root causes of homicides and mass killers.

      • “””””””””””””””””Your time and effort is better spent on enforcing the laws we already have (which haven’t been done in many mass killings), improving NCIS, and implementing a universal healthcare system that actually works. Ending the war on drugs, asset forfeiture, and initiating a nationwide jobs/training program would help immensely. Address the root causes of homicides and mass killers.___________________

        I could not agree with you more but lets look at reality. The Republicans have such a warped mentality that they would rather spend 10 times the money on law enforcement than giving anything free to the people in regards to drug rehabilitation programs or free drugs given to them by the government as part of the rehabilitation program.

        As long as the Republicans continue to dominate the Government we will never see the power, corruption and theft from the drug and insurance companies brought under control

        As long as we have lobbying we will never see any major reform or programs to help the people.

        It is interesting to note that small countries like Germany spend massive amounts of money on job retraining and half of the money comes from private industry not just the government. Here in the U.S. the workers are considered nothing more than troglodyte slaves to be exploited and impoverished. The ruling rich have become so corrupt they guarantee their own destruction as they care nothing about the country they live in. Retraining in the private sector and from the Government has literally ceased to exist in any meaningful way. It is a national disgrace.

        The quick easy and cheapest solution is to ban all guns and that is the direction the nation is headed in. No Republican will spend any money to fix the Nations problems and they have proven that over and over again. Just as Ancient Rome destroyed itself over blind greed and corruption so have we taken the same road to self destruction.

        • “Here in the U.S. the workers are considered nothing more than troglodyte slaves to be exploited and impoverished.”

          Bravo, Comrade! All hail the iron fist of Communism! We will elect mighty Communist Bernie to be the Dear Leader of Progressive America, then we can rid the proletariat of the scourge of gun violence by confiscating all guns and imprisoning anyone who stands in our way! Republicans and capitalist pigs will be CRUSHED under the boot of the Democratic Communist Army! And we will show the world what we are capable of when we finally have peace, no matter the cost. I’ve read your posts, I can see we think alike. Those in opposition must be shown no mercy. You are truly a progressive to be commended! I know I approve, as would Stalin and Chairman Mao. We can finally realize their vision, here in the United Soviet States of America! Workers of the world, unite! Turn in your guns! War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!

    • 1) You’re full of crap & you know it, the legal purchase process for firearms is incredibly restrictive, more so than for powerful prescription medications. You know that a “criminal or nut case” isn’t bound by laws, so there is no way they will abide background checks or registration. You know that you are attempting to curtail a small number of bad actors by strongly restricting the natural rights of *everyone* else who would exercise them wisely. It’s a policy favored by narcissists projecting their own lack of personal control onto society at large, so they won’t be the only ones unable to achieve. Or by would-be tyrants licking their chops at how much it would allow them to control their prey.
      2) Most civilized countries are in the process of committing social suicide. Japan is experiencing demographic collapse unprecedented by mankind outside of disease epidemic or genocide, and those who remain are enduring a soul-sucking existence devoid of a future, except for the insane hope their society will be completely automated & moot the need for humans without admitting the ‘defeat’ of their culture. Suicide is rampant, “but at least they aren’t killing each other!” Europe is in similar straights, but unlike Japan has tried to ‘deal’ by importing foreigners to prop up the service economy so the remaining members of society can indulge in hedonism as they fade away & are replaced. But the fact remains, that the ‘civilized’ progressive society is dying as a result of its policies, even if they feel good, and will leave their inheritance to an entirely different culture that more or less rejects every ideal that once dominated the landscape in Europe. Even within America the pattern repeats; areas with the most ‘progressive civilization’ are experiencing the greatest rate of displacement & strife in the face of competing cultures; clearly your idea of ‘progressive civilization’ is wildly unsustainable and annihilates itself within a mere 2-3 generations, rather than promoting a stable environment where mankind can collaborate constructively.

      So basically your argument in favor of gun control boils down to; “Crack cocaine is easy to get into, and all those crack-zombies down the street seem to love it, so why shouldn’t we all partake?” Thanks but no thanks. Kill your own damn self if you’re that miserable, but don’t involve me & others in your narcissistic funeral pyre.

    • All 3 of the recent shooters passed their background checks. They had no disqualifying criteria. They didn’t slip through the cracks or benefit from a bureaucratic mistake. A UBC would have done nothing to prevent or reduce the tragedies. The 3 shootings are the reason people are saying “do something,” yet none of them are offering something that would have done anything about them.

      All of them were influenced by radical or racist internet groups. We need to license internet posts. You should have to register for an internet certificate after passing a background check that you aren’t a nutcase, and paying a fee. You wouldn’t be able to post without your certificate, and all your comments would be linked to that certificate. If you start posting vile stuff, your certificate would be revoked and your comments deleted. There, that’s “something.” It should fit nicely with your fascist ideals and ignorance of the Constitution.

      • Possibly they were influenced, nurtured and “nudged” at an appropriate time….in a cluster for maximum effect……with a little help from psychotropic drugs…..by a Deep State operation to act such that the masses of Little People cry out for the Elitist Leader to “do something,…anything” to make them safe.
        “The ‘Do Something’ Disease”…..aka “Stampede The Flock Over the Edge”…….The Lemming Effect……Get ‘Em While They’re Hot.
        Keep wondering how much a Deep State effort is probably at work to create these “Heat ‘Em Up Events”, An Government Deep State undercover operation to identify susceptible/vulnerable individuals to nurture, position, “nudge”, and trigger at opportune times and places to stampede the flock over the cliff of civilian disarmament
        But, our government would never do that….NAW.
        -Our government would never weaponize the FBI to exonerate a crooked as sin ex-FLOTUS/SOS for treasonous acts, and attempt a coup against a duly elected Pesident for the same collusion with the Russians…NAW
        -Our government would never weaponize the IRS against Conservative organizations….NAW
        -our government would never run guns to Mexico to demeanonize US gun laws for Mexican crime, corruption, and violence….NAW,
        -our government would never allow invasion of our borders for political purposes, and voting power….NAW,
        -Our government would never conspire with huge social networks businesses to limit/control/demeanonize/restrict Conservative speech and communication….NAW,
        -Our government would…..well I can go on and on, but you should get the idea,

      • Look more closely. Many disqualifying factors were missed by the media in their narrative of “legally” acquired. I cannot remember the last time an AK variant as used in Gilroy was legal in California. Maybe legally purchased somewhere else, but in no way legally “acquired” in or transported into California; it had to enter California illegally at some point. Each of the other recent shootings had some similar legal hiccups.

  16. Don’t recall being safe as part of the US Constitution. Do recall something about the right to bear arms though….

    • @pg2…You missed the fine print parts that say UBC’s, red flags, may issue, authorised gun list, waiting periods, no bumps, swatting…shall I go on?

  17. And watch the AUTOMATIC weapons come in with the drugs from Mexico. How the blipping flip do they think guns can be banned or limited to revolvers and bolt actions if Prohibition didn’t work and drugs come in by the ton? If we have voters so stupid they fall for that we’re done anyway and will need to brush up on the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

  18. Doesn’t matter if WLP says the right things now. He is hopelessly compromised, obviously corrupt and we need to be rid of him and every sycophant supporting him on the NRA BoD.

    Sure wish he’d retire before the various investigations charge him with crimes. I’ll settle for that to get him out of the NRA, but it’d be the absolute worst way to get the job done.

  19. This guy gotta go. Not just for the inproprieties, but the organization needs a fresh younger face.

  20. Wayne,
    Taking money from the NRA and it’s members to fly first class, buy a mansion and expensive suits makes the NRA unsafe. Go away you charlatan.

  21. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were not law-abiding citizens.

    The militiamen at Lexington and Concord were not law-abiding citizens.

    Rosa Parks was not a law-abiding citizen.

    The resistance fighters we idolize in movies like Star Wars and The Hunger Games were not law-abiding citizens.

    We can never be free while still considering obedience to be a virtue. When we take pride in being law-abiding, we are priding ourselves for yielding up our own moral judgment to the decrees of tyrants. Let’s instead be proud that we are peaceful, nonviolent people who value the freedom of all peaceful people.

  22. Wayne’s very presence does the pro gun cause more harm that good at this point! He needs to go away!

  23. I attended a funeral yesterday and the photo of Wayne looks a lot like the guest of honor at that funeral – not so much that the old man in the coffin looked like Wayne, but the skin color and (lack of) facial expression were about the same. The dead gentleman’s suit looked better.

    • Wayne’s total lack of muscle tone in his facial expression is probably due to Botox injections, he wants to be attractive for that cute young intern waiting for him in the jungle room.

      Meanwhile, you POTG keep those cards and letters coming, stuffed with cash for the good work the NRA is doing!

  24. Don’t try to come between Trumpkins and their New York Librul secret 4D chess master, Wayne. They’ll take him over the RKBA every time and you don’t have the full weight of the RKBA cause behind you, to put it mildly. Your chance to control Trump came and went.

  25. Wow. This makes sense, I’m going to give Wayne my money because I know he’ll put it to good use. Meanwhile we all should brush up on our Russian. I’m going to take up earth worm farming as a back-up hobby after we turn our guns in. It isn’t as captivating or sexy to talk about at a party as ballistics are, but they are damn fascinating critters. Funny too, worm shit is called a ‘casing’ also. You all want to join me then we could start a club or something…maybe a blog called “The Truth About Worms”. Kind of a catchy ring to it.

  26. I’m not counting on any of you. When the invading Russian forces meet their American Socialist comrades, who invited them to invade and to assimilate the US into some no longer extant Socialist Empire, and are stupefied by the Americans being even more left leaning than the old Soviet Empire ever was, I will, having had long before been stripped of my Second Amendment (not all of us have the luxury of indefinite holing up in a compound indefinitely) be welcoming the Russians as our Liberators with an earnest and warm, “привет товарищ!”

  27. Put all ur differences aside!

    Encourage the NRA to speak up cuz Congress has not heard jack from the NRA according to several sources!

    We know they have issues but that does not mean they totally shutdown!

    Send NRA Messages non-stop!

    Fill ur Reps inboxes and Potus!

    @SenateGOP @SenateMajLdr @realDonaldTrump

    Tell Your U.S. Senators and Representative to Oppose Gun Control & Red Flag Laws Gun Confiscation Orders!

    These links already have a letter written for u but, its recommended u change or add ur own polite wording so it does not look like spam!


    This ones writes a letter to EVERY GOP SENATOR and Has a Link to Trump!



    I have been sending out tweets to all 100 several times a day plus email & phone calls.
    United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to contact ur reps!

    Here are all 100 Senators Twitter and some work on IG! Tell them gun control means no donations and no votes and u & ur family will make it ur their mission to get all their friends to vote them out too!

    If we don’t all stand then we will soon become slaves like the EU that has fallen.

    @ChrisCoons @ChrisVanHollen @ChuckGrassley @JerryMoran @JimInhofe @JohnBoozman @JohnCornyn @LindseyGrahamSC @MarkWarner @MarshaBlackburn @MartinHeinrich @MikeCrapo @PattyMurray @RandPaul @RonWyden @RoyBlunt @SenAlexander @SenAmyKlobuchar @SenAngusKing @SenBillCassidy @SenBlumenthal @SenBobCasey @SenBooker @SenBrianSchatz @SenCapito @SenCortezMasto @SenCoryGardner @SenDanSullivan @SenDougJones @SenDuckworth @SenFeinstein @SenGaryPeters @SenHawleyPress @SenHydeSmith @SenJackReed @SenJackyRosen @SenJeffMerkley @SenJohnBarrasso @SenJohnHoeven @SenJohnKennedy @SenJohnThune @SenJoniErnst @SenKamalaHarris @SenKevinCramer @SenMarkey @SenMcSallyAZ @SenMikeLee @SenMurphyOffice @SenPatRoberts @SenRickScott @SenRonJohnson @SenRubioPress @SenSanders @SenSasse @SenSchumer @SenShelby @SenSherrodBrown @SenStabenow @SenTedCruz @SenThomTillis @SenTinaSmith @SenToddYoung @SenTomCotton @SenToomey @SenWarren @SenWhitehouse @Sen_JoeManchin @SenateMajLdr @SenatorBaldwin @SenatorBennet @SenatorBraun @SenatorBurr @SenatorCantwell @SenatorCardin @SenatorCarper @SenatorCollins @SenatorDurbin @SenatorEnz @SenatorFischer @SenatorHassan @SenatorIsakson @SenatorLankford @SenatorLeahy @SenatorMenendez @SenatorRisch @SenatorRomney @SenatorRounds @SenatorShaheen @SenatorSinema @SenatorTester @SenatorTimScott @SenatorTomUdall @SenatorWicker @SteveDaines @gillibrandny @lisamurkowski @maziehirono @sendavidperdue @senrobportman

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