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Marion Hammer had this to say about the three A-rated NRA Board of Director members who resigned their posts in recent days over being thwarted in their attempts to perform their oversight duties.

From The Washington Post . . .

Board member Marion Hammer, who lobbies on behalf of the NRA in Florida, on Thursday wrote in a text message to The Post her reaction to the departing board members: “Don’t let the door hit you in the back on your way out.”

She said the trio “made a treacherous attempt to overthrow leadership and lost, now they’re unhappy nobody trusts them and doesn’t want them on committees where they can continue to disrupt the organization.”

Stay classy.

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  1. I’m getting to the point that even if the NRA gets rid of Wayne and his cronies I’m done giving them money. They way they have handled this has soured me on the org.

    • You mean tens of thousands of dollars for Wayne on custom suits turned you off too?

      I’m a life member, but no new money from me, until they clean house

      • That is absolutely a part of it. I’m also a life member so I won’t be giving them any money going forward, the dues and donations I’ve given in the past are it from me.

        The talking heads continue to show they are the cancer that needs to be cut out.

        • They have become as obnoxious and corrupt as the politicians they are supposed to be against.
          Makes me wonder who’s side they are on.
          I watched the suppressor & ccw legislation die quickly, which told me it was nothing more than campaign fodder for politicians who had no intentions of passing it.
          We have the bump stock & Carry Guard fiasco’s, and now when we need the NRA as much as ever, they have literally burnt their bridge to the membership.
          Hopefully, they resign and we have new effective leadership by the next convection.
          If not, we need to drain this corner of the swamp.

      • That’s what I told the person who called me on thursday, asking for money.

        Wayne & company have too firm a grip on the organization. It is up to the membership to vote the current board out, and keep voting until we have new leadership.

        I doubt it would be difficult to get a lot of publicity for a website that was advising members which board members were with Wayne. There are some pretty prominent firearm youtubers and major firearm news websites (cough cough) that have taken the editorial position that something is rotten in Fairfax, and would probably be willing to give some publicity to the cause.

    • Second amendment foundation is getting this years ‘gun rights’ donation. I can’t say I know for a fact that they are run better than the current NRA – but there is no possible way they could be worse.

  2. The NRA corruption is starting to approach that of the Trump Republicans. Both of which seemed doomed in the coming months.

      • Trump and Clinton are both incompetent at best, liars frequently and disasters in office. We were very lucky that one of them lost in 2016, and very unlucky that one of them won.

        It was just that sort of an election, only much worse than the usual.

        • ” We were very lucky that one of them lost in 2016, and very unlucky that one of them won. ”

          Great line. Mind if I borrow it?

    • The only corruption from Trump is from the brain cancer you have from him living rent free in your stupid little head. You are a disgrace appropriating Tepes handle since you give bjs to jihad and communists.

  3. Marion Hammer is the new Baghdad Bob?

    I’m not sure what happened to that guy after Saddam died, but I can’t imagine they had a place for him in the new government.

      • People forget that the NRA is the over 5 million members, not the board or Wayne, or Cox.
        It’s time to clean out the NRA, re-structure it, and give members a say in what goes on.
        Also, the NRA needs to join ranks with other National Gun right groups. We need to quit buying politicians, and use the funds to go after un-constitutional gun laws all the way into the Supreme court. It’s time for 5he Supreme Court and do it’s job. It’s time to get a ruling on the 2nd Amendment once and for all.
        I think the NRA beauracrats and the Democrats have been in bed for years, using scare tactics just to get gun owners to pour in money for their own sake.
        I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the 2nd Amendment.
        It’s time to take it all to the Supreme Court.
        There is a good common ground for gun owners and anti-gun control. Simple things.
        I don’t mind universal background checks, from every State. Red flag laws, only with due process. 21 years old to buy any gun, but can own a handgun at 18, can own a long gun at any age, ( for hunting, with Dad, or Grandpa, and for reasons of gifting.)
        Thay can have that, with constitutional open and concealed carry of every law-abiding citizen at the age of 21 in every state.
        If you can carry in your home state, you can carry in all 50 states. You must abide by every States laws. Also, what guns police can carry, so can citizens. No gun bans, no ammo background checks.
        We give an inch, we get an inch. We give a foot, we get a foot. We give a mile, we get a mile.
        Common sense.

        • So screw everyone who is under 21, right? They can vote, join the Army, die in Afghanistan, but fuck them having a gun until their 21.

          You’re not helping.

        • “We give an inch, we get an inch. We give a foot, we get a foot. We give a mile, we get a mile.”

          I hope you’re joking with this. We should be *way* past this level of naivety.

          In case it’s not clear – we give UBCs, we get nothing. We give bump stocks, we get nothing. In the NFA we give silencers, MGs, “SBRs” and “SBSs” (terms made up specifically to describe the infringement) and we get _nothing_. That’s what we call a pattern.

        • Re: Paul Curry

          We give an inch…..
          for your info … rights are like numbers and when you take away even a part of they are not whole anymore and will never be.
          Not one more f’n inch you “commie” …errrr I mean comrade… I think….

        • Please allow me to summarize what you wrote.

          “I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment, but. . . I don’t think that it applies to a lot of people who are not as good as I am, because I trust ME and people just like ME, but I’m not sure about those OTHER people who are inferior to ME and are therefore highly suspect., so It’s OK if I agree to their being discriminated against.
          “Since I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment, but also firmly believe that there should be carve-outs for Special People, and that as I am a Special Person I wouldn’t want to lose MY carve-out, I’m willing to let other people who are not nearly as special as I am have their rights limited and regulated and legislated away, just as long as no one interferes with MINE.

          How did I do?

  4. I’m torn, if I want to remain a member at my local shooting club I have to be a dues paying NRA member also. I shoot enough there that paying $15 every time doesn’t make sense, but I hate giving the lowlife NRA another dime.

    • Speak to the club and see if a membersh to the 2AF or GOA will do. I doubt they are living in a bubble and are unaware of the issues with the NRA

    • I stay current at my LGS range by paying for an “associate” membership, well, I used to. The fee was only $10 dollars (and no benies). After a coupla years, no one asks anymore if I am a member of NRA….so……

    • IMO stay a member and try to get the policy changed. If they won’t change it then at least most of your money is still staying local, right?

  5. I have more respect for the three board members that resigned than Whiney La Pee Pee,Marion or the other Sycophants that publish Whiney didn’t do nothin wrong letters weekly.

    Marion doesn’t want to see the end of the Whiney La Pee Pee gravy train,Eff her.

  6. Clearly these folks care more about themselves than the members who provide the funding. An audit and house cleaning is needed.

  7. Arrogance and condescension never pay off. LaPierre, Hammer and their cronies have no base of support, just inertia is protecting them. They will be rooted out, the only question is will they completely destroy the organization before doing so?

  8. “…made a treacherous attempt to overthrow leadership and lost…”

    Blaming treachery is a key indicator of pending doom. If one pays attention, it is the battle cry of crumbling authoritarians. It is failure at self-examination. It is the terminal clutching at power of a dying dynasty.

    If leadership is the sole value of a lobby group, of a non-profit, then the single-point of failure (leadership) will ultimately fail. To believe that NRA cannot prosper, or be effective without specific individuals is cult of personality.

    Just opened another bag of popcorn, and put my feet up on the coffee table. Nothing like free entertainment.

  9. I don’t care what it takes. I hope the DA in New York and in DC breaks these people and puts them in jail. The “pod People” have taken over the NRA.

  10. I think we have passed the point where it simply no longer matters whether WLP, Hammer, North, etc. are telling the truth, lying, or somewhere in the middle.

    Everyone at NRAHQ is tainted by this mess no matter the part they had – or didn’t have – in it.

    • I personally, think it is just the leadership. I don’t like blaming the people actually doing the busy-work of an organization unless we find them lining their pockets too (doubtful). I want to reiterate I’m not disagreeing with you. I just wish those at the organization who do the day-to-day work would just pipe up and bring the current leadership and Board down now so we can begin starting over. And I would quit the NRA myself (benefactor life member) in protest if I wasn’t required to be a member to teach as an NRA instructor (their material could use a lot of work – USCCA material is much, much better and doesn’t look like it came out of the 80s).

  11. Did she ever clear up her unclaimed “Lobbyist revenue/Filing” issues for several years? She doesn’t like people digging in her closet either. Birds of a feather flock together.

  12. I’ll wait and see what the final results are before I start throwing stones. I’m not close enough to the “head of the snake” to judge who is doing what to whom. I would hope that someone lays out all the reasons and the EVIDENCE of wrong-doing regarding these different groups in the NRA

    • You’re definitely not wrong, but at this point I’m VERY comfortable with calling Marion Hammer a big part of the problem and a blight on POTG.

  13. “..made a treacherous attempt to overthrow leadership ..”

    As in treason against Emperor Pepe LePew the First? Talk about your grandiose cult of personality….

  14. Marion Hammer don’t let my size 19 boot catch up to ur fat lazy useless arse & kick ur krazy 993 kat kat lady arse out the door …down the hill into a pot of hot pitch filled with pitchforks!

  15. At least those that resigned can’t be considered complicit in illegal activity. The rest of the board can find themselves in legal trouble with this corruption rife in the NRA. It is their legal duty and responsibility to conduct themselves in accordance to non for profit regulations as required by law. Ignorance is not a legal defense.

  16. Marion Hammer is part of my “got to go before NRA gets another dime” list. Unfortunately I can’t name a single current member of the board of directors that deserves to stay.

  17. If you club demands an NRA number to maintain your membership in the club, just give them your old NRA number. The chances of them checking with NRA HQ are minimal.

    • My club requires NRA member verification – magazine label/card/etc. The day your NRA membership runs out, your keycard quits working. The club has benefitted from NRA grants so I’m OK with that. I’m NOT OK with Wayne LaPierre and as a Benefactor Member, will join many in not contributing until he’s gone away with his golden parachute.

  18. There’s no hope of the BoD helping to restore order. Let the house burn down. I’ll not be voting for a single incumbent, nor giving any funds. I’ll get a life membership in another organization.

  19. Marion Hammer gets 200,000 reasons to keep kissing WLP’s behind and tattling out any board member who speaks out.

  20. TTAG should do more to spot and ban the communist trolls that live here. They are not hard to spot and very easy to ban. They offer nothing constructive to topic.


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