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Trying to judge the most anti-gun Democrat in the 2020 presidential nomination field is like trying to determine which which TV talking head is the most insipid and annoying. Each one is so qualified and the differences are so slight that comparisons are futile.

But with media clowns like Eric Swalwell and Robert Francis O’Rourke relegated to the ash heap of presidential electoral history, there’s a good argument to be made that Cory “Spartacus” Booker is the most outspokenly anti-gun conventional candidate left in the field (Michael Bloomberg is in a gun-grabbing world all his own).

Well, he was.

T-Bone’s best friend called it quits today, ending the slow-motion failure that was his presidential bid. As part of the long-winded bloviating goodbye he posted announcing the end of his White House quest, he had this to say:

Over the past eleven months of this campaign, we rallied around bold ideas to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face as a nation. We moved the debate forward on gun violence — introducing a plan with the most aggressive gun safety measures our country had ever seen. We advocated for progressive, swift change to our criminal justice reform system. We fought to protect and strengthen reproductive rights and access to abortion. Together, we spoke out and stood up for people and communities that have been left out and left behind.

“Gun safety.” Otherwise known as prohibition and confiscation. And double-speak, too. Booker famously said that gun control would make Americans free.

He was a stickler for semantics, calling his fellow candidates out for making the mistake of calling firearms confiscation “confiscation.”

He loved to lie about how few regulations were required for Americans to purchase a firearm…so much so that even the Washington Post called BS.

And Booker had an alarming amount of trouble comprehending the Constitution. Well, more than the average US Senator anyway.

He continually confused an enumerated right (keeping and bearing arms) with a privilege (driving a car).

Now, though, the Senator from New Jersey has thrown in the presidential towel. We won’t have him to kick around any more or be forced to listen to his airy, pseudo-intellectual takes on, well, anything (other than having to endure his bombastic performances in committee hearings).

Over the past year on the campaign trail, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible, inspiring, engaged people all over this country, and I am more confident now than ever that together we will rise.

Thank you for believing in me. I am so proud of what we built, and I feel nothing but hope.

At least he feels good about the whole thing and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

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    • C’mon everyone, sing it with me:

      bada bump, bump, bump…another one bites the dust-ah!…

      • Careful with the Queen reference someone may think you are trying to out him. Forgot if it’s a thought crime as of yet.

        • He’s already out, so to speak. Anyone taking bets on when Thenator Thparticuth, and his UZI- toting beard part ways?

        • The wanna be Spartacus is a raging heterosexual, or so he claims. He even hired some actress from a movie that didn’t bomb to pretend to be his female friend. He is so assertively hetero, you know he’s as gay as can be.

  1. T-Bone’s best friend had zero bold ideas, and was as fake and pandering as the rest of the field.

    At least Gabbard and Yang have their own ideas and come across as genuine. You have to respect that even if you don’t like their ideas. Fake, wide-eyed Spartacus deserves no respect.

    • “You have to respect that …”

      No you don’t. A dumb ass is just as bad as a dumber ass. Nothing good will come of either.

      • True, you don’t, and they’re all terrible, but personally, I prefer genuine people with their own ideas over fake people that follow the crowd and lean on their skin color for support.

      • Hey, look at that. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a YouTube URL appear as text in a comment and not a thumbnail of the vid itself.

        Has the site changed its comment syntax?

        • “WTH was he thinking and why were guys lining up for that?”

          Do you really have to ask that question? 😉

  2. That’s a damn shame. I could have hated on him worse than I did for Obummer. Probably not as bad as if Hitlery was elected but it would have been right up there steeped and saturated with seething hatred and disgust.

  3. So Rosario Dawson doesn’t have to pretend Spartacus isn’t gay anymore?!? Cool story bro😃😎😏

    • It’s a thing of beauty the way the socialist have been bought out by two old white billionaires. soros and kapo bloomberg.

      Its gotten to the point that calling the gop the party of the rich is a blatant lie.

    • I think he is just waiting for Iowa to thin the herd before he buys out Biden. After all Biden has already shown himself available to the highest bidder, with his son as his collection agent.

  4. well … that nails it … i won’t be able to vote democrat now … it’s just a bunch of old white people.
    no ” diversity “

    • “i won’t be able to vote democrat now … it’s just a bunch of old white people.”

      That’s properly funny, but we really need to harp on that about the democrats.

      Their voters need to “Teach the DNC a lesson” and sit out this election since a POC isn’t the nominee.

      That was a part of Trump’s victory – The angry ‘Bernie Bros’ who sat out because the DNC shafted Bernie the nomination. If Bernie was the candidate in 2016, there’s a good shot he would have won…

      • Bernie may get “stuck” again. Pelosi may have held the articles of impeachment this long so that 4 of the democrats running would have to be in D C for the senate trial instead on on the campaign trail in Iowa.

  5. Good. Another worthless, lying anti-American Democrat leaves the race. If he retired fully from politics we’d all benefit.

  6. Fidel, Williamson, and now Spartacus. They are starting to drop out much faster now. Three this month alone and we are not even half way through the month. This means that Deval Patrick is the last black in the contest. All we need to know about him is that in relation to Ruby Ridge, he decided that killing an unarmed woman holding a baby was not use of excessive force.

    • Not sure you can even count Patrick as being “in the contest.” He’s polling at less than 1% in New Hampshire (which borders Massachusetts) where he should have the best name recognition.

      Elsewhere, no one knows him and even fewer care. He’s a non-entity.

      • LOL, I didn’t know the name or that this person is/was a candidate until I read it here just now.

        A non-entity, indeed.

  7. Clown show’s gettin smaller and smaller! No worry, he’ll be offered a job on CNN with all the other losers!!

  8. So poc want socialism? Which is represented by filthy rich old white guys? Are you just another white guy presuming to speak for poc? Sounds kinda racist to me.

  9. “This seems to reflect the ongoing racism in America.”

    I think you mean the racism within the democratic primary voters. So this is really just a reflection on about half of America. The democrats.

  10. So… you think the former bengals coach is good. Then by all means. Hire him for your NFL team.

    You Democrat’s have a race problem. Black Americans aren’t towing the party line anymore and Trump’s economic polices have benefited black Americans more the obamas ever did, and, they’re noticing this. CNN and MSNBC won’t report this to you, but if you actually go out into black communities and talk, you will learn.

    What you don’t understand is the exact same reason why socialism and liberalism are failing in Europe, and the European right and eurosceptic parties are making huge gains across Europe. Europe is sliding away from being a far left bastion. Even very left leaning nations like France and Germany are experiencing a shaking of their liberal cores. Globally, the liberal progressive movement is on the decline.

    • People are beginning to wake up to the fact that they’ve been lied to, despite the tech monopolies and legacy media doing their best to keep the lies going.

  11. This was by far the dumbest FUCK to ever walk the face of the earth! What needs to be done now is to remove his DUMB ASS from public office along with many more of his party forever, never to be allowed to serve in public office again. These Assholes are killing this country and until the American public wakes up and decides they need to go, we have no Future.

    • Relax. Apparently, the public has indeed decided he needs to go…by not giving him the support needed to stay in the race. It’s all working out just fine.

    • Apparently, you did not have a problem understanding what was being said and the rest of us don’t need nor do we want your correction, we are not in an English class.

  12. Please, remember, all of the anti-gun gan are ANTI-CONSTITUTION!!!!! A vote for one of them is a vote against the Constitution.

  13. This idiot was a clown from the word go, he never had any real intention on running for POTUS, he just wanted to bolster his offshore account(s), and get what’s her name to swallow…

  14. After watching his shameless antics during the Kavanaugh show trial I wouldn’t vote for him if he brought back $.25/gallon gasoline.

  15. Ol Spartadumbassacus finally saw the writing on the wall it appears. How many millions flushed down the Democrat Crapper?

  16. “People of color want socialism”…Bwa hahahah hahahah hahahaha

    Are you really that fucking stupid, that you just said that?

    And then topped it with “ Not just for gun control at all levels but also to stop the bullying and intimidation by white racists/supremacists.”

    I hope Hillary, Soros and Bernie are paying you REALLY well to spew that BS and pretend you believe it. How embarrassing for you.

  17. It would be a lot better system if only men whom have fought and died for this country could run for president

  18. He self-describes as Spartacus to remind us that he had to overcome slavery. What a guy! Good riddance.

  19. This just is prove that democrats will even vote for a mildly retarded person. Have you ever heard this guy speak. He sounds like he is retarded, and people clap. . What happened to the east coast of America? Don’t drink the water there.

  20. Cory Booker complained we didn’t talk about Trannies enough. That was his big issue.
    Just more distractions.

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