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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Senator Spartacus must be awfully desperate to draw attention to his flagging presidential campaign. That, or he’s even more ignorant than we thought.

Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post‘s fact-checker, on Monday morning said, “Booker’s comparison of the regulations of toy guns and real guns is specious,” giving him three Pinocchios for the statements.

Analyzing Booker’s wording, Kessler further explained, “there are clearly many laws and regulations governing the sale, distribution and use of guns,” including the ban against certain types of firearms and design features such as bump stocks which were banned by the ATF in 2018.

“Our industry is the most heavily regulated industry in the country,” Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told the Washington Post. “No other industry is regulated at the federal, state, and local level to the extent our industry is regulated, which include design and performance standards.”

Rounding out his analysis of Booker’s statement, Kessler wrote, “Firearms, at just about every level, are highly regulated in the United States. Booker is calling for another level of regulation, but he can’t suggest toy guns are even more highly regulated.”

– Charlie Hoffman in Booker Receives Three Pinocchios for Claiming Toy Guns are More Regulated Than Firearms

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  1. Booker is more thankfully than just ignorant. He is an ignorant clown. A joke of a candidate who in time thankfully will just disappear among the other 200 libitards running.

    • Most likely he’ll disapper like many of the others, but will this cause a funnel effect due to all the media coverage? For example, Bernie had a lot of followers that eventually gave their vote to Hillary. It’s as if that’s the Dem strategy.

      • “For example, Bernie had a lot of followers that eventually gave their vote to Hillary.”

        Actually, a whole lot of them didn’t, that’s one of the many reasons she lost. Just go over to any left leaning news blog like Splinter or Salon and watch all the finger pointing and name calling that happens every time people bring up the election and how Sanders supporters refused to back Hillary just because she was a Dem.

        • More likely people just didn’t like Hillary. The Clinton’s have a lot of baggage and the people have longer memories than they realized.

    • You would think, but clowns apparently have a way of going further than one would imagine in politics.

    • Go to the WaPo article that rates Booker’s claim at 3-Pinnochio False.

      At the very end, they ask their readers to rank the ‘Fact Check’ as either true or false.

      It true Leftist fashion, the WaPo readers ranked the ‘Fact Check’ as false, by 59 percent.

      Facts mean *NOTHING* to a dedicated Leftist…

      EDIT –

      *Breaking News!* *Breaking News!*

      Anthony ‘Dick Pic’ Wiener has been released from federal prison!

      The Wiener is free and flapping in the breeze once again!!!

      • That’s not how I read that poll.
        They are in fact grading the pinoccio level of Booker’s lie
        The fact checker gave Booker 3 pinnoccios.
        60% believe that he should have got 4 Pinoccios
        86% believe he deserved 1-4 picoccios
        14% believe Booker is correct.

        So yeah even though Leftists are universally stupid even 86% of them realize that you’ll look like an idiot if you back Booker on this lie.

  2. The federal government has no “need” to regulate toy guns…period. The federal government has no “right” to regulate “arms”…period!

    • Well I do remember reading something about a well regulated militia, so I suppose the federal government should be responsible for making sure your gun goes bang every time you pull the trigger. The last thing you want on a battle field is bad primers.

      Also it’s ‘power’ or ‘authority’ not ‘right’ when referring to government.

      • It’s true the government (state and federal) has no right. But it sure as hell has no reservations about exerting power prohibited by the Bill of Rights.

        • Unfortunately the Constitution is only as powerful as the people’s will to adhere to it.

        • Gov, that sounds a bit as if adherence to the Constitution was optional. It is the supreme law after all, so I would rather say that Constitution is only as powerful as the people’s will to severly punish any government creature who tries to overstep its boundaries. We need that will if we want to retain (and regain) our constitutionally protected rights.

          Why wouldn’t progressives push unconstitutional legislation? What risk is there for them in it? We spend a lot of money, time and effort overturning bad laws in courts and they just shrug and pass some more. It costs them nothing to wipe their asses with the Constitution. As long as it is so, Constitutional protection doesn’t mean much.

          Now imagine what difference would couple of convicted supreme law breaker examples hanging on a rope make.

        • If the people as a whole choose to ignore the Constitution then it is optional. You could pass an amendment that punishes the politicians for violating the Constitution but that too could be ignored. Ultimately, the way of governments is to grow and grow until the people rise up and cut them down. If the people respect the Constitution that day comes much later though.

          • Odd as it might sound most people alive today are not aware of things like the Federalist Papers, The Bill of Rights or even the Constitution exists. Schools stopped teaching American History at about the same time that school prayer went away and so many people have grown up being taught that we are just another Democracy that when you correct them they just stare blankly before asking “what the hell is a Constitutional Republic”? This is the same process that has given us a generation of Americans that look favorably upon Socialism and think it’s okay to deprive millions of Americans of their rights and guarantees under the Constitution….

        • This wasn’t coincidental Steve. The commies took over the schools quite a while ago. Blindly trusting the gubmint to educate your children is folly.

      • Proposed 25 September 1789
        Ratified 15 December 1791

        The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

        Bill of Rights
        Delegated Powers

    • Yeah, the Government doesn’t have any rights period… They have only the limited authority enumerated in the Constitution and the fact that they have managed to convert those few powers granted to them into an all encompassing intrusion into every aspect of our daily lives is a monument to the abuse of power permitted by a too liberal Supreme Court holding power for way too long..

    • Perhaps the federal regulations on toy guns are written in crayons and use small words so Cory can understand them. The federal regulations on real guns use lots of big words and smaller typefaces so Cory gets bored very quickly.

      • Proposed 25 September 1789
        Ratified 15 December 1791

        The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

        Bill of Rights
        Unenumerated Rights

    • Proposed 25 September 1789
      Ratified 15 December 1791

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      2nd Amendment
      Bill of Rights
      English history and common law
      Experience in America prior to the U.S. Constitution.

  3. Does it matter? Confirmation bias is a powerful thing.
    If (what a politician says) = (what I believe) then = (what a politician says) = true.
    Plenty of people right now have anxiety disorders and wake up afraid the world will end because AOC said it would. Plenty of people right now believe things like MK Ultra the Tuskegee Experiment or Operation Northwoods were ever things despite reams of releases because they can’t live in a world where their government is predatory against them.

  4. Democrats are the worst man-made disaster to every strike the USA. Long term, the Nation is doomed because of them. Liars like Booker (and Gillibrand, Warren, O’Rourke. etal) only make matters worse.

  5. I’d like a new Norinco AK 7.62 since my made in USA century is a trunnion time bomb.

    We can get toy guns from China, but no new guns other than shotguns. Spartacus, when you’re prez can I get my AK or will you ban the toy guns to keep regulation parity.

  6. Seems we have a bunch of privileged democrat terrorists running for president.
    Booker only has traction because of his skin color. Warren has only advanced because of Stolen Sqaw-lor, Mayor Pete has cornered the “bone smuggling” market and Kamala Harris literally prostituted her rancid gash in return for professional success. Don’t even get me started on the Anti-American, filthy communist.

    • “……anti-American, filthy communist.”

      You’re going to have to be more specific on which candidate you’re referring to.

      • The one who honeymooned in mother Russia.
        The difference is the others are wannabe-statists and learning/imitating as they go. Bernie is the real McCoy.

        • Just wait until the openly USA hating Somali Congresswoman runs for President.
          That idiot makes Bernie look like a Patriot.

          • Unless there’s a Constitutional Amendment pending, that filthy hatchet wound can’t run because her history as a refugee is already public knowledge. They can’t hide her history like they did Barack Hussein Al Bin Obama’s.

    • The hell of it is, the commie is the best that the Dems have to offer. Everyone else is worse, IMO.

    • “Don’t even get me started on the Anti-American, filthy communist.”‘
      Which one? I count at least four outright Communists running, but I guess the illustrious Mayor of New York City (the everybody hates, but still got reelected) whose wife has spent nearly $100,000 in city funds but can’t (or won’t) say where it went is my top pick for both anti-American and filthy Communist….

    • Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

      Lol. Also, Stolen Sqaw-lor, that’s hilarious. I’d probably put a e on the end of it, but it’s funny as hell either way.

  7. Wow. I’m remembering Denis Leary’s a-hole song from his break out album.

    “… regulate things I don’t know about…”

    I gotta find the lyrics. I think Sparticus n company deserve their own anthem.

  8. “No other industry is regulated at the federal, state, and local level to the extent our industry is regulated, which include design and performance standards.”

    Nuclear power?

    • Not with the end product being sold to citizens on the retail market.
      The only other thing I can think of is prescription drugs.

      • Not even pharma. The drugs in your pocket don’t go from legal to illegal because you crossed a county/state line where the second county/state doesn’t recognize your Rx or the dosage is “too big” in New Jersey and you just crossed the Ben Franklin.

        The lady who got arrested for CBD oil at Disney would have been fine if she had a Rx for the stuff.

        I had my endo write me an Rx for syringes. He looked at me funny when I asked for it and told me that it doesn’t drop the price because no Rx is required in Colorado. I told him that I knew this but that traveling to other states is my concern since there are states where those syringes become “drug paraphernalia” if I don’t possess a valid Rx. He pulled an eyeroll, muttered about government employees, wrote the Rx and also printed me up a form letter with his 24hr number to hand to cops/TSA/the like if they screw with me about any of the stuff I’m carrying.

        The fact that he had a form letter for this tells you a couple things. 1) He knew before I asked that such a thing might be needed and 2) that he has a reasonable expectation that a form letter signed by him and combined with an Rx should basically be a get-out-of-jail free card.

        • Eh, it’s not that bad if you can do basic arithmetic and are willing to put in the time (6+ months) to experiment with various things and record the results to generate a basic algorithm.

          Like everything else in life a bit of planning is required so basic foresight and a bit of research helps.

          Of course, I’m not recommending that anyone develop it if they can possibly avoid doing so…

    • We’re over a year out. A hell of a lot can happen in a year, and I have confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to gaffe.

      • Her Royal Highness locked it in October 2015. He’ll have the superdelegates with him before labor day unless they want a rabid lunatic for the nominee..

  9. Both sides are making mistakes:
    The left is making the mistake of not addressing how citizens are supposed to keep a government in check without arms. They talk about gun violence, hunting, personal self defense, none of which is the point. If they could effectively argue a means of curtailing tyranny without arms, then their arguement might have ‘some’ traction. As it stands, their arguements are completely irrelevant deflections.

    The right is making the mistake of not asking the correct questions. They focus on what certain politicians or the media are saying (both of which are the main components of the American propaganda machine), but have failed to answer the question ‘who are the specific individuals that stand to gain from dismantling the 2A and establishing tyranny?’ Once we know who these people are, then we can begin to make organized efforts to target them (ex: boycotts or other means).

    • “The left is making the mistake of not addressing how citizens are supposed to keep a government in check without arms.” It’s not a mistake it it is their primary goal to begin with.

      • Sure, but they haven’t come up with a believable lie to justify and sell their agenda. They haven’t said “if you are concerned about a government becoming tyranical, all you need is X; you dont need guns”. They haven’t said what X is (most likely because they cant think of anything aside from guns).
        The closest they’ve gotten is arguing “your gun wont do anything to hellfire-armed drones” or the like, which is easily refuted with history. Our military, despite its might, struggled (and continues to struggle) with guerrilla warfare on a relatively small scale. The US government could defeat a small uprising because we lack comparable firepower, equipment and training, but we vastly outnumber the combined armed might of the US government, and we have twice as many guns for every person, and those guns are the only thing that separates us from China. Look at the Chinese constitution, the original wording was very much like our own, but they dont have a statement comparable to the 2A. This allowed the communist party to infringe on rights protected by their constitution just a few years after they wrote it.

        Anyways, my point is that we need to do more than just be on the defensive all the time. We need to be offensive, but we need to first identify our targets. Who are the secretive individuals that are really calling the shots, and what can we collectively do about it? We need to start having this dialogue and be honest with ourselves when we have it.

        • In the US, politicians are still somewhat beholden to the constitution. In China the will of the party overrules their constitution.

  10. “Cory Booker’s Lie About Guns is Too Big for Even the Washington Post to Overlook”

    They(liberals) all lie, and the more they get away with it, the bigger the lies become, that is until they get caught, then they add more lies to get around the original lie…They(liberals) must have an entire staff devoted to keeping the lies straight, because it’d be impossible without…

    And just to reiterate, booker is an idiot…

    • In 1984 it was called the “Ministry of Truth”.

      The Democrats will call it either the “Department of Information” or the “Federal Bureau of Knowledge” (FBI is already taken).

  11. How does this clown get to continue to be called Spartacus? Isn’t that far left progressive liberal pile the very group that shames people for “cultural appropriation” It’s possible, given his features ans skin tone that he might have some European blood flowing in there (most likely Eastern Europe) but I doubt if there is an over abundance of Roman heritage, and I doubt he has ever come close to sharing the courage of a real man such as the likes of Spartacus especially considering that his particular self described “Spartacus moment” actually involved no risk at all…. As for his lies about guns or anything else… anyone pointing them out to the majority of the folks that read this is just “preachin’ to the choir” I knew he was lying because his mouth was moving, Booker has not even attempted to make a truthful statement since he uttered his name at his Senate swearing in ceremony….

  12. Democrats are the tyrants the Founders were concerned with when they crafted our Constitution.

    • sadly half the repubs are not much better. what is really needed is a clean sweep and clear out many of the govt departments (at least the higher ranks) as there are many traitors in there as well

  13. When all you have is Marxism,Spartacus and his fellow traveling Marxist Left are left to sell is lies and untruths.

  14. Booker said children have PTSD from 4th of July fireworks…asshattery if I’ve ever heard it…he’s a soy boy for sure…

  15. It’s not much different than Obama’s (paraphrasing) “it’s easier to get a gun than a book,” statement.

  16. Every stupid lie by Democratic candidates must be part of Republican campaigning even after a candidate has been chosen. It must be demonstrated how often they lie and also how ignorant they about firearms and money re everything free.

  17. Bogus statements like Senator Booker’s should not be surprising when you consider that gun control is based on two FALSE ASSUMPTIONS:

    1. Gun control laws will keep guns away from the bad guys.

    2. Bad guys will behave if we only keep them from getting guns.

  18. That picture for Mr. Booker makes him look like a perfect candidate for a laxative ad campaign.

    • Now that’s downright *mean*, Mr. Strych.

      (But a Spot-Fucking-On observation…)

      *snicker 😉

  19. I just don’t get why anyone is worried about this guy. He’s weak in the polls with others way ahead. Yes he says things we do not like, of course he does. But how can he win when he’s not remotely showing the sort of charisma or Presidential campaign savvy to make more than a brief flash in the media pan?

    There are bigger worries out there. I mean sure, watch the polling, but unless he does a whole bunch better, there’s bigger worries out there.

    • Because this early on the polls are essentially meaningless. FiveThirtyEight (a site of which I’m not a big fan) did a decent breakdown of primary polls vs. who becomes the nominee and found that the win ratio for those polling above 35% in the second half of the primary is 83%. It drops to 75% in the first half. So that seems meaningful.

      But it drops to total shit if you break it by quarters and look at the first quarter.

      It also has substantial outliers and this season has significant similarities to those outliers, particularly ’76.

      In 1976, the most similar that anyone can find, and I’ll be honest I have not gone through this on my own very thoroughly to create my own comparison, there were 18 Democratic primary contenders. Polling put the top dogs as George Wallace, Scoop Jackson, Hubert Humphrey and Ed Muskie all polling in double digits in both halves of the primary.

      Jimmy Carter, OTOH, polled 10th consistently at 0.8% in the first half of the primary and 0.5% in the second half (what is meant by this is before the actual voting starts) when adjusted for name recognition. He doesn’t pop in the polls until he gets 27.57% in the Iowa Caucus on January 19. Even just base polls leading into Iowa suggest he should have lost badly but we all know he became POTUS in ’77.

      Obama had a somewhat similar situation in 2007/2008. He was consistently 20 points behind HRC from 29 January 2007 until 5 January, 2008 and that pop was because he won Iowa on 3 January. He didn’t begin beating HRC in the national primary polls at all until 12 February 2008, which was the first major polling after he won Super Tuesday (5 February that year) 837 to HRC’s 834. Even after that he still had points where he was between 0.1% and 1.1% ahead which is so far within the margin of error that the lead might as well not even be mentioned.

      Useful graphs:

      This is somewhat common in terms of the nomination when a party is in upheaval which the Democrats most certainly are right now.

      That’s why people are paying attention to candidates like Booker. Like certain years in the Triple Crown, a mudder might come out of nowhere.

      • Oh, and no there was no implied racist pun in the use of the term “mudder” in that comment and therefore one should not be inferred.

        For you virtue signalling, race-baiting bastards that might be reading this: It’s simply a horse racing analogy.

  20. Well it appears the 8 year old wanna be cowboy is going to need a.State issued identification card. for starters. The background check should fly as most 8 year olds are not felons. Now that age restriction, what is it now 46( able bodied men 18-45), might be hard to pass. ,

  21. Funny how all the rabid fanatical zealots look the same, Booker , Coumo, Pelosi, all dead-eyed and bat-shiz crazy hollow soulless jihadis…

    • It’s the water, they drink that recycled sewage plant stuff with the fancy “french” name for $4 a bottle.

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