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It seems that as Democrat candidates fall farther from the lead in the presidential nominating process, they say ever-more outrageous things about civilian gun ownership.

Take Cory Booker for instance. Senator Spartacus has pronounced that enacting stiffer gun control laws will bring you freedom. Really. This from the presidential candidate who’s polling at between one and three percent. A candidate who can’t distinguish between a privilege and a constitutional right.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), one of many Democrats running for his party’s presidential nomination, says gun control will restore freedom to the American people.

Booker told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Wednesday night that in Newark, New Jersey — where Booker once served as mayor — people would show him bullet holes in their windows:

“It creates an environment so crippled by fear and trauma that on the Fourth of July in communities like mine across this country, you have people who hear fireworks, and parents will tell you, their children dive for cover. They cower. They hide.

“We’ve created such a culture of fear that’s now penetrating all types of communities where we say the best we can do to our children now, when they go to school in September, is we can’t protect you, so we’re going to teach you how to duck for cover, shelter in place,” Booker said.

“That is a society that has surrendered basic freedoms. Freedom from violence. Freedom from gunfire. Freedom to live without this kind of constant cortisol in the back of your brain being released that undermines our quality of life. We are losing our well-being as a nation because so many of these guns now are on our streets, so easily gotten by people who intend to do massive amounts of harm.”

– Susan Jones in Cory Booker Says Gun Control Will Bring ‘Freedom’

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    • Scheech. I think at some point this guy must have read Orwell and decided that “doublethink” might be a good governance strategy . . . You have to wonder how anybody in their right mind would actually elect a wanker like this? Oh, yeah. He’s from New Jersey. I’m told that people up there also sometimes eat their young.

        • Came here to say that.

          To complete the quote, however:

          War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

          Now lets go throw stuff at a giant tv screen.

        • “Now lets go throw stuff at a giant tv screen.”

          ‘Two minute hate’, my ass.

          It’ll look a whole lot more like ‘The Purge – Election Year’ 🙂

      • Booker knows exactly what he’s saying. He’s not a rube. He’s speaking directly to the people who would vote for him and willingly give away their birthrights. And when the State fails, its time to find a scapegoat. Never is the State wrong in their eyes.

        • Cory Booker…”Control Will Bring Freedom”… BRILLIANT!

          This is what a Rhodes Scholar who studied at Stanford and then Oxford University produces?

        • Ignorance is freedom from the truth. Booker did say one true thing though: “We can’t keep you safe.” Liberty is dangerous, slavery is safe. You can’t have it both ways Cory.

      • The man is full of himself. I left NJ 13 yrs ago because of the same BS from other people. BNelieve it or not when I was 15 I could go to the State Trooper Barracks in Mays landing {South Jersey is a different State) and get a permit to buy a gun at Two Guys . All they did was get my finger prints and then I waited to receive my permit.Long Time Ago.

        • When I was 15 I could go to any local hardware store and buy any firearm they had on the shelf. No id, no permit to purchase and no background check. At 16 I had an old pickup with a gun rack containing a shotgun and a rifle. I also lived quite a way west of NJ.

    • This guy is kamala harris’ twin brother. As arrogant as people can be. Oh, Booker, cortisol is produced in and released from the adrenal cortex immediately above each kidney, not in the brain. It’s funny when simpletons try to use big people words.

    • Gun control is the opposite of freedom. The left think that guns (not people) are hindering/obstructing them from doing something, and that obstruction equates to a lack of freedom. The reality is, it’s just a government that bans stuff (guns), and government coercion is the opposite of freedom. Let me say it again, a government that can coerce you is the antithesis of the conceptualization of “freedom.”

    • Booker is 100% correct…

      “We (the Democrats, for votes to keep us in power, intentionally and willfully) have created such a culture of fear (in every city we have controlled for decades) that’s now penetrating all types of communities.

      Yep 100% correct.

      • DTOM. Your statement is the one that truth in it. When booker said the words “WE” have created fear…….! He’s absolutely correct. It’s not the gun owning conservatives who have created this undue fear in our population and children. It’s the “fear mongering Democrats who are creating the fear. Then when they get our guns and ammo from us. That’s when the gate comes down on the trapped pigs (Errr the u s citizenry led like pigs to the slaughter). We have no weaponry to fight the democrat power who wants to enslave us all. THINK ABOUT IT CITIZENS!!!!!!!

  1. We’ve created such a culture of fear…

    You did that on purpose, Mr. Booker. Poisoning the children is a tried and true tactic of the political establishment and Munchausen parents the world over sine time began.

  2. It’s like Tolkien, where a nation worshipped Morgoth ([the source of evil) to delay death. They called him “the giver of freedom.” The more they sacrificed and worshipped, the sooner death came.

    It also sounds like Orwell, but that’s more obvious.

    • Gun control will make us free… Kinda like

      “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“Work makes you free).

      That’s what the doorway to Auschwitz said.

      Booker and the other statist totalitarians (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot etc.) can keep their “freedom”.

      We will keep our guns and cling to our Bibles.

      • so he should have Waffenkontrolle macht uns frei engraved over the doorway of the tiny apartment he will reside in after his candidacy collapses That way he can proudly point to it and say that was his finest moment.

  3. Color me crazy, but how about we pass a law that makes it illegal to kill other people. I bet that would stop the violence. Or, what if we put people who break that law in a special place where they can’t get out and do bad things again? Wouldn’t that work?

    • I think that was tried before, but it seems that if everyone does’nt play by the same rules it does’nt really work!

      • Why not? Watch this: “The more control state has over the people, the less freedom we have.”
        Or “Control is antithesis of freedom.”

        Now only to get Booker and rest of the leftist to understand it.

  4. Why, just look at all the freedom that it brought slaves in the Southern states and all the freedom they enjoyed under Jim Crow laws.

    • Mr. Booker needs to study American history. The British tried the gun confiscation here as well. That didn’t turn out too well. Another historical North had slaves too.

  5. We all make jokes about newspeak, but they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.
    Trump is a racist, taking away the best means of self defense will make you safer, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

  6. Is there any quantifiable improvement in the lives of the residents of Newark or New Jersey for Corey Booker’s years of “public service” because I have not found any?

    • Umm … They’re better than Baltimore?

      Not that that’s ringing endorsement…

    • Bingo! If you redefine the word as you see fit, it means nothing. Corey Booker is merely following the example of Bill Clinton and other accomplish liars throughout history. The accepted definition of freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Gun control, even relative benign versions that we have here in TX erode freedom in its true meaning.

      My take is limiting some freedoms might be necessary in specific situations. Call it what is is and prove the benefit to society is substantial enough to outweigh the loss of individual freedom. Most gun control measures proposed don’t even come close, its a reaction to the “do something, anything” mentality.

      • Just like to point out the disconnect may seem to have here when it comes to this subject. Seems many here are on board with some of Cory’s other Big Brother policies.

        • So there’s one subject he’s actually half right on. Big deal. There is no scientific link between vaccines and autism, but that doesn’t mean that nutjobs who believe otherwise should be compelled by the state to have them injected into their bloodstream and their children’s. I guess you and Booker are both half right (and half wrong) on that one.

        • You better tell the hundreds of thousands of of parents who’ve reported immediate regression of their children into autism following vaccines. Maybe you also should tell Dr Andrew Zimmerman, pediatric neurologist and former government expert medical witness, who recently testified under oath that vaccines are causing autism in a subset of children. Oh, and tell the Dr Thompson, CDC researcher, who stated both he and the CDC committed fraud by burying and destroying data showing an MMR vaccine link and autism. And you may as well tell Dr. Polling, neurologist, who was awarded an undisclosed amount in the millions after it was determined a vaccine did cause his daughters brain damage, which did cause her autism. And I suppose you’d better tell the growing body of researchers performing animal/biological studies showing links to vaccines and their ingredients and autism. Or maybe you’ll just keep your head up your ass and repeat the patently false statement that vaccines do not cause autism. Even some of the vaccine industry’s top scientists have admitted the research to make that statement has not been done. And at the end of the day it’s not even about vaccine efficacy or alleged safety, it’s about the individual rights surrounding the issue of granting the government the authority to force medications, drugs, anything on an individual.

        • Let me fill you in on the real cause of the increased cases of autism. It’s the same thing as what caused the radically high number of kids getting their tonsils out in the 50s and 60s – it’s a medical fad. Oh, your kid’s got his second soar throat in 6 months? Time to take his tonsils out. Your kid’s hyperactive and has behavioral problems? Must be Asbergers. Have him take these pills and he probably won’t end up shooting up the school ten years from now. 40 years ago if your child had behavioral issues you kept it as quiet as possible because it didn’t reflect well on the parents. Now they not only get an excuse to sedate their children but they also get a free pass on their parenting skills. It’s not their fault, it’s the doctor’s. He gave him a measles vaccine and now he’s autistic! The only thing that’s changed is the way our society views autism.

          Also, jury awards (and subsequently settlements) are meaningless. Otherwise Round Up would cause cancer but everyone knows it doesn’t.

        • You are right. But isn’t this an appropriate forum to discuss rights? That’s what the issue is about. If the gun community accepts mandatory vaccines or mandatory anything for that matter for the greater good or public health, then it has to accept gun control for the same reasons. There’s the issue.

        • Zimmerman had a full post dedicated to telling him to knock it off not long ago. It’s way past time management banned him.

          He’s a disruption that contributes nothing. But disruption.

        • “Zimmerman had a full post dedicated to telling him to knock it off not long ago. It’s way past time management banned him.

          He’s a disruption that contributes nothing. But disruption.”

          So, I’m not the only one that can see that, JWM?

          Damn… 🙂

        • JWM:
          And yet….nothing. Everyone ELSE on TTAG is expected to obey the rules and stay on topic…. but not PG2. Ever.
          Isn’t it high time to start asking oneself WHY?????

        • For sure I can too.

          I don’t even bother reading what pg2 or Vlad Tepes have to write. The minute I see either user has made a comment I completely skip over it as I know what follows is nothing but inane BS. Those two are too stupid to know what they don’t know. You will not ever convince someone like that to change their mind.

          This perfectly illustrates what I’m talking about.

    • What THEY don’t want you to know is the vaccines are just the decoy. In reality, everything they’re doing to our genes is being done via chemicals in the air and water and signals from the new 5G networks. They don’t need vaccines anymore. They simply dump and beam the changes they desire directly into your brain and the food and water you consume. But the question is WHY. The answer, depopulation. Have you noticed it’s getting harder and harder for women to bear children? New and more strange diseases appear each week at alarming rates? It’s all apart of the agenda.

    • “so do many of trolls and sock puppet accounts here”

      Says the multi-profile troll master himself. Vladskie/Pg1.5/TTAG/whoever-you-are.

      The only way you’re able to continually post vaxx-related stuff every time you open your mouth – against Dan Zimmerman’s specific instructions not to – is because you’re in cahoots with TTAG behind the scenes as the very admin troll Knute(ken) complained about. Now Knute’s been banned by TTAG and you get a free pass every time.

    • Actually, I take that back. I just quick-read through the last several articles’ comments, and compared Vlad’s to yours, and I see that Vlad is annoying in a different sense. He cut-and-pastes and writes long essays, while you just fart out one-liners and jabs. He’s annoying and misguided, but clearly smarter than you are and takes considerable time to write. So you aren’t Vlad.

      BTW, you have never denied being part of the TTAG scandal Knute(ken) uncovered last month that centered around only your username. Instead, you disappeared and stayed off the radar for a while.

      Pg1.5/TTAG. That’s what you are. A master troll pointing fingers at others to deflect the trollery away from himself.

      • Point of order…. I’ve no idea who the Pg2 was who reported the initial discovery of TTAG’s apparent complicity in the troll takeover. I just had the unfortunate experience to be online at the time, and so was witness to TTAG’s deletions and subsequent cover up, which took the form of attempting to pin the blame on me as a “troll”.
        This site has the email addresses to prove that the original discoverer of this tactic wasn’t me, but someone who possesses a dynamic IP address that can be easily changed. I, on the other hand (along with everybody else on, have the old-fashioned, static IP address which can only be manually changed by my Internet provider, and mine has been the same one for a decade now.

  7. “…..when they go to school in September, is we can’t protect you, so we’re going to teach you how to duck for cover, shelter in place,” Booker said….”

    Heck I thought schools were supposed to teach skills needed. What’s Booker banging on about? /

    • I remember “Duck and Cover” when I was a kid. Took two forms. Some teachers had you scoot under your desk to escape the atomic blast. Others thought that undignified, we would exit neatly row by row to the hallway outside the classroom, then “Duck & Cover” in name order along the wall.

      I don’t know which idea was more idiotic. Thinking that a child’s little school desk would protect them from an atom bomb or that there would be time to orderly exit the room for the hallway before being incinerated or crushed by the blast wave.

      • That was before my time, as these movies were gone from schools by the early ’80s. But really…did the producers of this film think it wise to encourage hiding only your head underneath a picnic blanket as a form of protection?

        The Cold War ended shortly after I graduated, so I went through school in the Reagan Era.

        • My guess is that no one in power believed any of the duck & cover nonsense would help. But then, like now, they wanted to give the illusion that something was being done. The real purpose was (and is) to just get us all to shut up and give the ruling class more control. Misdirection, fear mongering, etc., it’s all been around since we began walking upright as a species. Nothing new.

        • .45, it was the time’s answer to the clarion call “we have to do SOMETHING!” Stupid then, stupid now. The only goal was to deceive the public.

        • “But really…did the producers of this film think it wise to encourage hiding only your head underneath a picnic blanket as a form of protection?”

          Actually, yes, and it was proven out in the Chelyabinsk, Russia, meteor detonation.

          It was a cold February daybreak in 2013 when suddenly, a *brilliant* white light, brighter than the sun illuminated the city and surrounding area. This was quite unusual, and the people wanted to know what it was that lit up the outside. So, they looked ouside their windows. All they could see was a strange, thin cloud.

          So, there they were, looking out their glass windows when the detonation from the pressure wave hit, blowing glass shards directly into their faces and eyes.

          Estimates of about a million panes of glass blown out, and a few thousand serious face and eye injuries.

          So, yeah, there is a point to duck-n-cover, even today…

  8. He sounds just like Adolf Hitler in 1936 Same mentality. BTW, I won’t climb into a railroad boxcar…

    • “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

      ‘Princess Bride’ and ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ both have enough one-liners in them to last a lifetime.

        • Whenever I come home after work to find that my son has eaten all the tortilla chips (again), I yell across the house “I see you ate all the frickin’ chips, Kip!”

      • My wife and I still occasionally tell the other to ‘Have fun storming the castle.’ when we’re headed off to work.

  9. Cory Booker is typical of the politicians from NY Just another treasonous, Oath Breaking, piece of crap.
    Any American that doesn’t vote and VOTE OUT ALL DUMBOCRAPS and all traitor Republicans is a traitor to their Constitution and is killing theirs and their future generations FREEDOM!!!
    Rubio and Scott from Florida are both Oath Breakers and especially the lousy Scott for signing this Nazi Red Flag law into effect in Florida.
    THIS is probably your last chance to vote these slime balls out before they cause the next and worst civil war in the history of the EARTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maybe what he is saying is that there are people out on the streets that should not be trusted with firearms. My question is why do they have them? Maybe if the drug areas jailed offenders(or made it mandatory that they get charged with felon with a gun charges), some of that fear would be eliminated because then the gang bangers would be in jail on gun charges.
    Why does he include drug related shootings when the real reason is he wants to take away middle America’s personal protection.

  11. Booker’s right. It will bring freedom. Freedom from deciding what to do with your own money since the Democrats will take the cake you worked hard for and leave you the crumbs. Freedom from educating your children and deciding what values that they should have because the teachers will decide that for you. Freedom from the criminal element since they will “protect” you, that is, if they have the time, and as a good democrat you should just be patient as your being held down and raped instead of shooting the bastard that’s doing it to you with the gun that you USED to have.

  12. All violent criminals have one thing in common: they all were innocent at some point of their life. Thus all innocent people share the blame. A mandatory 10 days in jail for every single person every year would not let any crime go unpunished.

  13. I thought jersey had pretty tough gun laws? Why are people still diving for cover and hiding? I live in a much gun friendlier state and I don’t need to do that. Hmmmmm, it’s almost like he is proving a point. Just not the one he wanted.

  14. “We are losing our well-being as a nation because so many of these guns now are on our streets, so easily gotten by people who intend to do massive amounts of harm.” — U.S. Senator Cory Booker

    You could not be more wrong Mr. Booker. Anyone could purchase any firearm prior to 1968 without any licensing, vetting, background checks, permission, or filling out any forms. It was instantaneous cash-and-carry whether at a big-box store (such as Sears and Roebuck), the local hardware store, or the trunk of someone’s car under a bridge. Where was all the pain and suffering from violent attacks with firearms in the 1950s? Answer: it did not exist.

    Do you want to know the REAL root cause of escalation of violent attacks (with and without firearms) in our nation since the 1950s? It is the disintegration of the family, faith, and conservative values. Notice how Democrat policies have been working ardently to destroy all three of those pillars of our previously safe and peaceful society.

    Anyone who actually, really, truly wants to reduce violent attacks (with and without firearms) will work to restore healthy families, faith, and conservative values. But Democrats will never do that because that doesn’t turn people into lifelong Democrat voters.

    • Democrats will never do that because that doesn’t turn people into lifelong communists.

      Q) What do you get when you replace the family and the church with the state?

      A) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, etc.

    • And you forgot the starvation minimum wage jobs the majority of people have these days, it leads to so much family pressure which drives divorce way up. Thank the Republicans for this as wages have stagnated in the last 50 years while prices continue to rise and medical care and affordability of drugs bankrupt people. We now have as many as 4 generations of people in large cities that have never had a decent paying job. All this leads to much more crime and mental illness. Its a Capitalvanian utopia only for the Gangster Criminal Republican filth that has ruined the American Dream.

  15. Booker is part of a class of blacks who support the Welfare Industrial Complex. He supports and endorses single motherhood. Just like the white Libertarians Liberals and that Left. When You support single motherhood you also support the government created system that has sustained it for decades now.

    The sexually liberated say single motherhood is a “lifestyle choice”. They all support “gun free zone ” public housing projects.

    • The demoralized America. Just look at TV if you can and you will see. Our women are portrayed as common sluts showing everything they possess. Pretty soon they will have porn as every day prime TV. Parents dont know what their kids are up to because they’re out doing the same things themselves.
      Back in the 50’s and before we had morals because we had GOD !!! What do we have now?

    • I completely disagree with lumping Libertarians in with the scum that you just mentioned. Rank and file Libertarians are on the whole are pro-gun, and pro-liberty although I will admit they have elected some totally anti-gun politicians lately like Bill Weld.

      • Thank you. You are only the second Libertarian to have Welds name leave your lips. There is hope for you.
        The rest on TTAG are lying to themselves. The Libertarian Party has been penetrated by the socialist/ communist who like to smoke dope.
        They are no longer ex- republicans who smoke dope.

  16. Democrats run all the violent shitholes in this country.

    We can’t let them ruin the rest of the US.

    Get out and vote – your way of life depends on it.

    • Do you honestly believe the voting harder is going to make the difference?

      “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

      ― Joseph Stalin

  17. As of August 15. Boogers poll number place him at 2%. While this barely allows him to attend the next debate. It clearly shows his chances are less than slim of getting the nomination. At best he is maneuvering for VP or a position in a democrat administration. His term in the senate ends in January 2021. Which means he has about 4 months at best to turn his numbers around. Before having to start his reelection bid for the Senate. As it looks he is nothing more than one of the everyone gets a trophy also rans. I truly believe time needs to be better spent by TTAG on cant i dates. With a much more plausible chance of the nomination. What We face over the next 15 months will determine a great many things. Most importantly OUR very Freedoms. It is important to not get caught up in the flash card antics of allowing the MSM to pull OUR focus away from those with the real potential of becoming the democrat nominee. Biden, Warren, Harris and Sanders are truly the only people with a plausible chance. Unless someone else as yet unknown jumps into the ring. They need to be the focus of greatest concern. Keep You Powder Dry.

    • So true! As much fun as it is to point out Spartacus’s idiocy, we all need to keep our attention focused on the REAL threats, both in the spotlight and especially the snakes behind the scene. Deviousness and unlimited cash will win the day if we dont!

  18. “Freedom from violence”.
    We’re never going to get anywhere with educating the sheep until they realize that there’s no such thing. That fear is the divide.

  19. Freedom is slavery.

    The idiot doesn’t know that Orwell’s 1984 is not an instruction manual.

  20. You, son, create the “fear” and “trauma” by constantly talking about it. The same with the term “racism”, keeping repeating enough and people will think it is true whether they aren’t and whether or not it exists in actuality. It is not “systemic” unless you make it so. Do you want to “fight” it like the South Africans are now doing which will turn the country into a Zimbabwean mess? Google “confiscating farms and killing white farmers. After the farms they will go after businesses. The ANC is becoming the communist organization that Mandela originally wanted.

    • No don’t goofle, find some other search engine like DuckDuckGo.

      goofle is the democratics.

      Using goofle is supporting the enemy!

      • And use TOR to browse, with a VPN.

        Seriously. You are not safe online. Read just one… Any one… Privacy agreement and what any website does with your information. Any.

        • If you think TOR clients and a VPN are useful for anything past a kid trying to steal your credit card numbers then you’ve been sold a bill of goods.

        • Cute.

          If anyone who knows what they’re doing really cares enough, well, never mind, you’re like totally safe because TOR doesn’t connect in a way that makes you stand out or anything and the browsers for it themselves have zero vulnerabilities built into them.

          And of course once you don’t stand out with that connection totally normal looking connection, there’s like no way to redirect you somewhere without you knowing about it. That’s all like science fiction.

          Think the FBI needed Apple to help break into that dead guy’s phone a few years back? I mean the FBI sure made a big stink about how incompetent they were and how Apple was “aiding terrorism”. Must be true.

        • I think you are taking this a bit out of hand. Is there any real way to hide from the government online? No. If the threat is real enough they will exhaust all efforts to track it. That said, for the normal person just wanting to protect the majority of their privacy through false accounts and not allowing ISP’s to track you without going to great lengths they are not going to go through, unless you are actually trying to link up with al-queda or ANTIFA online, you should be okay. That said, if you are trying to link up with pro second amendment personnel and not actual terrorists, then fuck the government. Certain organizations like that have the tools needed to maintain anonymous but when it comes time to organize publically, you have to stretch your neck out there to see beyond the cover to return fire.

  21. Booker is one of the more successful of today’s grifters. He knows which buttons to push on his constituency of suckers, knows exactly when to play the race card (from the bottom of the deck), and manages to disguise his own savage hunger for power, fame and money.

    In another lifetime, Booker would be a more telegenic and thinner version of Al Sharpton, the original KIng of the Grift. Instead, Booker’s scored a seat in the Senate and a place in Rosario Dawson’s bedroom.

    What a sad nation we’ve become.

  22. Cory Booker’s socialist anti-gun rants, class warfare, and hatred against American gun owners morally can be compared to former Romanian Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. No. Gun control/civilian disarmament will not bring freedom to Americans, but exactly the opposite: slavery, oppression, the police state, more violent crime, etc. Read on:

    Falls Herald and News: Friday, August 9th, 2019/Letters To The Editor

    Mass shootings are unprecedented Ron Hellman’s recent letter asks, “How are mass shootings possible?” I have often wondered this myself. Among perhaps the most horrible examples in history was during the Hitler-Stalin era, including World War II (1939-1945), where both the murderous Nazi SS and Soviet NKVD perpetrated mass killings against innocent unarmed civilians. These jackbooted killer thugs often herded unarmed masses into railroad boxcars and cattle cars and shipped these victims by train to a Nazi concentration camp or Soviet Gulag, the latter often inside Siberia. The killing fields of Totalitarian National Socialist regimes: Communist, Nazi, and Fascist remain notorious, godless, and evil! Or during World War 1 (1914-1918) the Armenian massacres from 1915-1917 via the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) targeting 1.5 million Armenians for mass extermination. The 1915 Armenian Genocide was the precursor to the Holocaust. Of course, there were numerous other examples of state sanctioned terror, genocide, and mass killing, including the Japanese Empire until 1945 in occupied Asia, China, Korea, the Far East, Orient, including the Philippines, Dutch East Indies, Malaysia, etc.

    Following the Vietnam War (1961-1979) Cambodia fell to the Communists via Pol Pot’s murderous Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 > to 1975. Same results: genocidal mass killings of innocent unarmed victims! What is the answer to this depraved insanity? Posted online for Wednesday, Aug. 7 via JPFO, Inc. at is an article titled: “Media Promote Spree Murder Contagion Again.” JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” and is non-NRA affiliated. These mass shootings in America seem to be historically unprecedented. And most occur inside so called “Civilian Disarmament Zones” where concealed carry and possession of weapons remains banned for the private citizen.

    The Bible states: “But he who sins against me wrongs his own
    soul; all those who hate love death.” — Proverbs 8:36

    James A. Farmer, Merrill
    Note: This same letter likewise ran in this week’s Lake County Examine rin Lake County, Oregon: (Lakeview, Paisley, Silver Lake, etc ). Lake County, Oregon is designated as “Oregon’s Outback” and is situated within the Great Basin. This is basically high desert sagebrush and Western Juniper country. The historic ZX Ranch in Paisley, Oregon (chartered in 1901) is Oregon’s largest hay and cattle operation. I have likewise, and will continue too, write letters to newspapers, and post online support for The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin. Between JPFO, Inc. and the JBS the American public for way too long remains without excuse for ignorance!

    “A wise man (or woman) will hear and increase learning, and a man (or woman) of understanding will attain wise counsel.” —— Proverbs 1:5

    Long live the State of Jefferson!

    • Well beyond it.

      When people start saying things like control will restore freedom… Nothing short of a bloody battle is going to end this.

  23. conceal carry is basically non existent in NJ, so if there are gun shot holes in houses, etc. NJ’s laws are obviously not working. No surprise

    booker isn’t very bright and his campaign is a joke.

  24. How can this Communist Booker swear a oath to the Constitution when he is against everything it and the founders stood for,Eff Communists such as booker and his fellow travelers.
    ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’. Will not compromise.

  25. So then along CB’s thought reasoning, New Jersey is the freest state in the country…..don’t get caught with a muzzleloading pistol or a lead projectile…..Arbeit macht Frei, right Cory?

  26. I’m looking very forward to the day when Booker is in jail. He’s not a super wealthy person and I know he won’t be willing to give up the lifestyle and the media stardom he has gained while campaigning. He, like other politicians of his ilk (Ray Nagin, Nathaniel Oaks, Bert Johnson, etc, etc) will screw up and go to prison. He just isn’t smart enough and he’s too much of a narcissist to stop him from trying to enrich himself further by any means necessary.

  27. Same old tired shtick. These fringe no-chance candidates voice off the wall extreme ideas while candidates with an actual chance of being a front runner provide a calmer extreme. If Booker says he wants to line up and execute every gun owner who refuses to surrender all their standard capacity magazines along with every conceivable semi-auto rifle and kill all the family members along with their neighbors for those who don’t comply, a candidate who proposes red flag laws, mandatory background checks and an “ASSAULT WEAPONS” bans is going to sound more appealing and less extreme.

  28. All I can say about that is this… Should these assholes succeed in banning my ARs and AKs and my Mini-14 then I will imediately become a criminal and the only way I will ever enjoy true freedom is when one of their “confiscators” finally gets that lucky shot (or they burn my house down around me), but I will do my best to set as many of THEM as I can free before they get me…

  29. The following is unfortunately an all to appropriate description of the senator. Senator Booker is an idiot. With respect to his position as an elected law maker, that strikes me as singularly unfortunate.

  30. The only thing stiffer gun control laws will bring us is more criminals willing to rape, rob, murder and steal from the law abiding citizens. Where will you be, oh great Farticus, when that happens to one of us common people?

    Think about this Farticus Booger, your policies in New Jersey were a complete failure and crime has consistently risen there. Your lame brain ideas are just another attempt to get the gullible lemmings to vote for your sorryazz.

    You and the rest of the demomaggots need to go away and leave our Constitutional rights alone. You are stomping all the second amendment, selectively taking away our first amendment rights, kicking our fourth and fifth amendment rights and openly working to violate our fourteenth amendment rights by screaming we need red flag laws.

    If you would stop kissing the backsides and coddling the real criminals, violent crime would go way down. Stop your blaming of the 99.9% of law abiding citizens and taking away our rights and start prosecuting the scumbag criminals.

  31. communist propaganda brainwashing. take all the guns away from the people, takes the power of the people away and puts all of it in the hands of the government. and the government now has absolute power, ( which is what the commies want) and we all know that absolute power corrupts. and now that they got people questioning the NRA and refusing to support them they may succeed, since even though there are others, the NRA is still the largest gun rights lobby we have, even though they are not perfect.( which telling them once in a while when you disagree with them and why might not be a bad thing to do as long as you do it in a appropriate way).

  32. Seriously, there is not one thing he said that was not true. This is the America of today, road rage nut cases, Right Wing Racist and Religious Fanatics attacking with assault rifles , Ganges in our Cities now shooting it out in broad daylight in the middle of freeway traffic.

    But the Far Right will tell you we still have not reached the optimum gun saturation point for a new gun Utopian society.

    Once recent study found you were in History actually safer in Dodge City and Wyatt Earp’s Tombstone or living on the frontier next to Indian tribes. Considering the fact that we went from a small nation of roughly 3 million people with single shot muzzle loaders to 330 million people and now have thousands of maniacs running around with assault rifles with twin 100 round drum magazines its amazing we do not have even more mass murder than we do weekly now in the U.S.

    Booker did not tell any American anything new as we are all aware that we now live in a Nation gone completely insane while the rest of the civilized world watches their evening news and says “Thank God we do not live in the U.S. with rivers of blood flowing down the streets daily and schools being shot up weekly.

    Trumps recent offer to possible buy Greenland was met with a response by the people of Greenland with “The U.S. is the last country on earth we would want to be owned by.” Who could blame them, no one wants to live in or be controlled by a Nation gone totally insane and with no regard for the health of its citizens either by gun violence or by the almost total lack of affordable health care. Greenland after all is a civilized country and they damn well are aware of that fact.

    Shades of the Roman Empire where blind greed and incessant wars destroyed one of the greatest civilizations ever to exist on the planet. And so History repeats itself with the U.S. as it has now has traveled down the same road of self destruction. The Nations people are dying at a rate of 100,000 a year due to lack of affordable life saving drugs and health care services and 5 million a year are going bankrupt and almost 40,000 deaths by gunfire in 2017 which is only 20,000 short of the entire death toll of the 10 year Vietnam war.

    And remember do not leave home without your bullet proof vest on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stop infusing every one of your orifices with that demomaggot Kool aid. Look at the real facts of the FBI crime statistics and you will find that over 99% of gun crimes are NOT committed with ANY sort of “assault weapon”. The weapon of choice is a handgun. This is the real truth, not the “truth” the demoscum and their propaganda puppet talking heads want you to believe.

      Check out the facts before proving to be just another demolemming. Do not believe ANYTHING that is provided by Bloomingbird and his puppets, for they are surely skewed.

      • You cannot see the forest for the trees. Yes if you count up incidents with one person or two people shot then handguns are indeed used more often but the mass murders that shake the American sense of safety to their core come from maniacs with high capacity assault rifles that kill huge numbers of people in seconds and the assaults are against people they do not even know. The handgun crimes are against family members or used in robberies. There is nothing more terrifying than the maniac with the assault rifle that kills for no reason at all and kills large numbers of people in seconds. And its getting more frequent by the day.

        • By definition from the FBI, a mass shooting is defined as a shooting of four of more persons. The FBI crime statistics clearly show that, again, over 99% of these acts are committed with handguns, NOT “assault weapons”. You have been believing so much of the propagandists overt LIES, that they have convinced you of this garbage. Read the true unbiased facts from the official FBI crime statistics.

          As for anyone who says there were no multiple shot weapons when the Constitution was created, they are absolutely incorrect. Thomas Jefferson owned several Girandoni “air” rifles which he gave to Lewis and Clark. The weapon was a 46 caliber weapon had a 20 round magazine and could shoot up to 60 rounds per minute.

          Stop trying to penalize the 99.9% law abiding citizens for the demented actions of a few brainwashed sickos. Start effectively dealing with them instead of the coddling they have been afforded for too many times. Violating the Constitutional rights of the law abiding is the WRONG thing to do.

        • to “W”

          quote—————————–Stop trying to penalize the 99.9% law abiding citizens for the demented actions of a few brainwashed sickos. Start effectively dealing with them instead of the coddling they have been afforded for too many times. Violating the Constitutional rights of the law abiding is the WRONG thing to do.————–quote

          We have no affordable mental health care for crazy people and we now have more people in prison than any other country in the world and the amount of people we have in prison now exceeds the amount of people Stalin imprisoned in his Gulags. None of our Jack Booted Nazi tactics have worked because any maniac can buy all the firepower he wants second hand 365 days a year with no vetting. Now what part of this do you Jethro Bodine’s not understand???????????????????? Civilized nations have done far better with their gun laws than we have and when they only had 2 mass shootings in the last couple of years and so far this year we had 248 and the year is not yet over even a retarded Moron can see we have failed the American people and failed to keep them safe from nut cases and criminals.

          • Your theories are extremely flawed and have been driven by the lies your party keeps telling you. They jump up and down proclaiming Oscumma Care is the be all end all. However, you now openly admit it has significant flaws with no mental health care available. Not so great and not so affordable is it?

            You claim gun control laws have worked very well in other countries. However, tell that to the people who were murdered in France, Belgium, England, Spain and other nations by those “law abiding” terrorists who obtained, possessed, and used illegal weapons to kill them. You have said absolutely NOTHING about the murder rate of Mexico. They have extremely restrictive gun laws yet their murder rate is significantly higher than ours. Their laws are working well for them, aren’t they?

            Ignorant minion hypocrites like you desperately try to exude your “factual knowledge” but are easily proven to be just another know nothing, worthless mouthpiece for the demomaggots. Go back and have your momma feed you some more demoscum bananas filled with their secretions.

        • 8 incidents 62 deaths by “assault weapons of 250 murders so far this year and the Chicago/Baltimore numbers are not in for this week… May 20, 2019, UK 2019 knife crime death toll passes 100… With an average of 13,657 homicides per year during the 2007-2017 timeframe, about one-tenth of one percent of homicides were produced by mass shootings involving AR-15s… Some today propose banning rifles, in particular AR-15s, because they’ve been used in a number of mass killings. It’s important to note however that, according to FBI crime data cited this week by the Daily Caller, deaths by knives in the U.S. outnumber deaths by rifles by five to 1: In 2016, 1,604 people were killed by knives and other cutting instruments, while 374 were killed by rifles.

        • to madd max

          quote—————Daily Caller, deaths by knives in the U.S. outnumber deaths by rifles by five to 1: In 2016, 1,604 people were killed by knives and other cutting instruments, while 374 were killed by rifles.——————-

          And you forgot the 34,000 people killed by guns so knives are not even in the ball park. And knives do not kill huge numbers of people in seconds like assault rifles do.

          • Why is it that you continue to REFUSE to discuss the murder rate by guns in Mexico? Even with very strict gun control laws, they are killing each other at the rate of 94 people PER DAY!! I guess nobody told the criminals and drug cartels of Mexico they weren’t supposed to own firearms. A perfect example of Farticus Booger’s plan in action. Maybe they didn’t get the email.

            Take away the guns from the law abiding citizens and they become nothing more than subjects and victims.

  33. This is scary. They actually say these things in public, regardless whether they actually believe what they’re saying or not. Imagine if one of these psycho idiot clowns becomes president.

    • They all will be in power in 2020 and it cannot come soon enough so civilized people can once again walk down public streets or go shopping or their children can finally go to school in safety.

      • Sorry to bust your fantasy, vlad. But thanks to folks like you and miner49er and your brown shirted antifa buddies Trump is going to get re-elected.

        It will be glorious to watch.

        • Get off your psychedelic drugs JW Trumps approval rating during his entire presidency has been below 50 percent and you do not win elections with those ratings especially after you just fucked your own constituency . Farmers are now raving and ranting that the pitiful amount of money that the cheap ass Republicans doled out to them because of China’s retaliatory bans on buying American crops are bankrupting the farmers. Try and guess who they will be voting for in 2020 when their farms are getting repossessed. Its not rocket science JW except of course to people like you. Try watching even Fox News some time as biased as they are as even they have to report some of the truth and that is enough to tell you Trump is on borrowed time. His red jump suit is waiting for him in New York and in Federal Prison as well.

          By the way I laugh every time I see an interview with an enraged Farmer saying he is not voting for Trump this time. Of course if you ever bothered to watch the news this would not be a surprise to you.

        • I don’t even like the guy, or any politician for that matter, but when it comes to people like Vlad, I just can’t wait to prove them wrong. Doesn’t mean I support everything he does, especially when it comes to the 2nd… but compared to dems crying for communist control… yea, fuck em. A republican is our best bet. Well, an independant would the countries best bet… but that will never happen.

  34. There is some truth to that however it would not be in favor of the liberal, socialist demowhacks.
    It would start a war and would ensure the eradication of extreme liberal whacko ideology.

    • Your own beloved State Run News, Fox News stated 67 per cent of all Americans now want a ban on assault rifles and high capacity mags. Your on the losing side of History. Other Nations long ago put on professional extreme vetting of all weapons purchases as well as safe storage laws and the majority of them long ago banned civilian ownership of assault rifles. The terrorist bridge attack by terrorists in Britain last year proved their gun laws worked very well indeed because when the terrorists tried to buy shotguns they were vetted out and denied so they tried knives and attack patrons in a bar and got the shit beat out of them with chairs and broken beer bottles. If this had been the U.S. multitudes of people would have been gunned down in seconds. All this proves British gun laws work and work very well indeed.

      • “All this proves British gun laws work and work very well indeed.”
        VLAD, Vlad, Vlad… As usual you only use the FACTS that work for your argument.. Why did you not also include the FACT that three terrorists killed two and injured 48 with their van on London Bridge or the FACT that they managed to stab 6 more people to death before the first stabbing call even went out and only missed the Ohio shooters mark by one because the last guy they stabbed survived…. FACT the reason they were able to last as long as they did was because the were mobil, their weapons were quiet and the initial call was for a “traffic incident” which delayed an armed response team dispatch call for several critical minutes… Your 67/70% number might be spot on but no one I know (all gun owners) was included in any survey about gun control which begs the questions.. What was the target demographic? (you say ALL Americans) (I say ALL Americans SURVEYED). What was the question(s)? How large was the survey? Who paid for the survey? Was it National or local (like in NY or Ct)? I can do a survey that will show 99% of ALL Americans (surveyed) are against any additional gun control and 100% are against a ban/confiscation/mandatory buy back of semi automatic rifles including so called assault style rifles.. So, unless you have specifics you might as well crawl back into your mommys basement and clean up your mess like she told you and stop bothering the adults with your pretend bullshit…

      • “Britain last year proved their gun laws worked very well indeed because when the terrorists tried to buy shotguns they were vetted out and denied”
        This too fails to address the FACT that as of January 2018, the FBI had returned just over 1.5 MILLION total denials. Which proves that existing U.S. laws work as well.. The call for UNIVERSAL background checks is just more bullshit (ask the dead cop in Ca how that worked out for him).. There is a demonstrated inability or unwillingness to apply/enforce existing laws and there is no way in hell to enforce any laws pertaining to the private exchange of goods between two people who want to remain private… Note: California cop killer is a convicted felon in possession of an “assault style weapon” with a high capacity magazine which are all against current Ca law which includes universal background checks…. Back to the basement Vlad…

        • No our vetting even on new guns is not very thorough. The buyer is often given the green light because the back ground check does not take long enough and later things turn up that would have disqualified him and really good background checks interview relatives and neighbors along with demanding police interviews and an interview by a psychiatrist.

          I might add that without vetting second hand guns or having a uniform Federal law the Nut case that drove to California bought his gun in a neighboring state that allowed the purchase of an assault rifle even though assault rifles are now outlawed in California.

          Quit making a fool of yourself Max your out of your league.

          • as of January 2018, the FBI had returned just over 1.5 MILLION total denials. Which proves that existing U.S. laws work… That’s DENIALS, NOT time limits, as usual you know jack shit about what you are talking about… And WHERE the cop killer got his AR is irrelevant as he just like the dumbass in Philly was excluded from owning ANY firearm, it just says that no matter what kind of laws you pass an idiot with a mission will find a way and in a country of nearly 350,000,000 no matter how much confiscation/buy back/ban bullshit they try to run they will NEVER get them all, they damn sure won’t get mine… You really need to stop comparing statistics from the U.S. with countries of 1/10th the population. In fact maybe you should use your vast knowledge and BIG brain to actually research the number of mass killings per capita in other countries, it might surprise you to learn that the U.S. is not even in the top 10… More people are stabbed to death in the U.S. than are killed by AR type rifles and handguns are the number one choice for killers in this country…. Then of course you have those asshole terrorists in London with their PINK butcher knives… The fool is the idiot that keeps pushing gun control bullshit on a bunch of serious die hard gun owners… I’m smart enough to know you are an idiot troll and normally would not waste my time but you are just too entertaining with your SUPERIOR intellect…

      • Just because couple of wannabe terrorists are idiots doesn’t mean the draconian gun control works. No, all weapons are not wetted, that’s impossible – only firearms. Weapon is anything that is used to attack or defend. Like a truck. Used to deliver goods, it’s a vehicle. Used to plow into a crowd, killing 80 people in gun control paradise of France, it’s a weapon.
        Gasoline is a fuel, unless it’s used to cook 30 people alive, like in gun control paradise of Japan. Then it becomes weapon.

        Gun control never works for it’s proclaimed goal – safety. It works only in it’s real, insidious goal – removing power from the people, empowering the state and criminals at the same time.

  35. “We’ve created such a culture of fear that’s now penetrating all types of communities where we say the best we can do to our children now, when they go to school in September, is we can’t protect you, so we’re going to teach you how to duck for cover, shelter in place,” Booker said.

    YOU have done that. You and your kind. YOU tell them to be afraid. YOU tell them that only the government can protect them. YOU foster a culture of fear in a decade where violent crime is at levels below anything this country has seen in 70 years.

    But y’all have never been good at introspection.

    • quote—————YOU have done that. You and your kind. YOU tell them to be afraid. YOU tell them that only the government can protect them. YOU foster a culture of fear in a decade where violent crime is at levels below anything this country has seen in 70 years.———–quote

      They do not even know me or read what I post because they do not hang out on right wing nut case web sites like this one. In New York after the double mass shootings in one week in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio a motorcycle backfired in New York and it caused mass panic on the street as hundreds of people fled for their lives because they thought another manic had cut loose with an assault rifle. Every one of them saw the news reports on Dayton and El Paso and it did not have a damn thing to do with me posting anything because none of them even read it but they sure as hell saw mass murder on the news.

      Sorry try again your not even much of a challenge.

      • That only proves that the leftist’s propaganda machine works, at least on already leftist denizens of the NYC. Contrary to 24/7 news coverage of them, we do not live in mass shootings “epidemy”.

        Does anyone run for their lifes when they see large truck coming their way? The powerful elites do not want to take trucks away from us, so they don’t plaster “truck violence” on their news for weeks every time someone is killed with a truck. That in turn doesn’t inspire copycats that want their ugly mugs on every screen and their names in every mouth.

      • That’s because your propaganda puppet talking heads only “report” what your fourth reich elites want the to speak about. Fox news is also slowly becoming an integral part of that propaganda machine since they have been taken over by you libtards.

        Your statistics you cite come from pollsters who routinely ask loaded questions to the LEMMINGS in major bleeding heart metropolitan areas. These fools in those cities are the sheeple who routinely ingest their daily dose of propaganda from those great(?) stations like the Nothing But Crap network, Another Bullsh!t Channel, Communistic Brotherhood Station and your “finest” the Clintstones Nitwits Network as do you.

        A lie is a lie no matter how hard you try to sell it. However, you and your party ilk, along with their complicit propaganda puppets, believe that you must continue to lie and tell half truths until they become the “truth”. You and the rest of your demolemmings have skewed the statistics so much, you truly believe the misguided information completely.

        There is one flaw with your theories and lies that you FAILED MISERABLY TO CONSIDER. The rest of this nation outside your metro strongholds have woken up and are not buying your recycled excrement. They are double checking everything you say because they know you are perpetual LIARS. They will be coming out in force to vote your “elites” out and take back this nation from your twisted, demented, controlling agenda.

        Now go back to your momma, have her burp you and change your soiled diaper, and take a nap.

        • Sorry Herr Hauptman but your Lord God State News program Foxy News reported 67 per cent of the American People are so fed up with nut cases with assault rifles and 100 round drum magazines and rivers of blood with dead bodies floating in the carnage that they all want gun control now. Republicans are feeling the heat from their own constituents and I might add more and more Republicans are now talking gun control as well. When the bribe money stopped flowing from the NRA because of its scandals the Republicans went where the money is and that is coming from Bloomberg Inc.

          • It must smell really bad where you reside, because you are so full of demoscum excrement that your house is bulging out from the constant flow. Sad to see useless idiots like you just swallowing all of their lies. Call the EPA, maybe they will grant you some superfund money to clean up that toxic waste area you call home.

            Maybe Hildebeast Clintstone will help you just like she did with the people of Flint, MI.

  36. The short answer for Mr. Booker, and those of his ilk, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s rain!”

  37. More help for Booker? Clown arrested in Daytona after fantacizing about killing 100 people from 3 miles away? That’ll get em riled up.. Ain’t doin THAT with an AR, a Howitzer maybe but no known hand held will get that done…

  38. There’s a very simple litmus test here– Show us a country with stricter gun control and more freedoms than what we enjoy now as a nation and we’ll concede that gun control is the awesome.

  39. Dan Zimmerman, we have a cleaning in isle 7!
    Can someone explain to me how this post didn’t get deleted when my innocent musings get sometimes held for approval?

    • He just said what 99% of the country is thinking. Liberals live in bubbles and do not realize how much hate is out there against them. They think everyone thinks like them. They are in for a real shocker.

      • You and the fellow above with the racist foul mouth is exactly why more and more normal people are leaning for more gun control. No one wants to see guys like you and the above poster with deadly weapons in their hands running loose among law abiding people. Not when 70 per cent plus of mass shootings are committed by people screaming exactly what you two just ranted about.

  40. Does this idiot know that in large parts of this country people are arming up and getting ready to defend themselves against gun confiscation and ANY compromise? Sorry no more.. not one inch. Cory you can kiss my you know what..

  41. First get all the illegal drugs off the street. When you get THAT accomplished, then come talk to us about our Constitutionally protected rights!

  42. Nazi Communism will bring freedom to Americans. Only through totalitarianism can libertarianism be achieved.

  43. Presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) revealed on Wednesday she believes that instituting both a mandatory gun buyback program as well as criminally prosecuting American’s who refuse to hand those firearms over to the government are both “strong” ideas.
    Dear Senator Gillibrand does the phrase “Please phuk oph you liberal btch” ring a bell?

      • Yeah she’s really got it goin on as long as her handlers are writing the script.. I’ve seen her in public and she has a hard time putting together a simple thought stream like “I’ll just have a salad” or “what day is this?” A piece of work to be sure but unfortunately/(fortunately?) she is typical of this group of Liberal candidates….

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