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The South Dakota House has passed a bill to allow people who have a South Dakota enhanced concealed carry permit to carry in the Capitol building. Here’s the actual wording of HB 1156 :

(4)    The possession of a concealed pistol in the state capitol, other than in the chambers of the Supreme Court, by a person who was issued an enhanced permit pursuant to § 23-7-53 and who has registered, at least twenty-four hours in advance, with capitol security. The registration is valid for the length of time indicated by the permit holder, not to exceed thirty days, at which time the permit holder may submit a new registration. No fee may be charged for registering to carry;

(5)    The possession of a concealed pistol in the state capitol by a qualified law enforcement officer or qualified retired law enforcement officer pursuant to the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, 18 U.S.C. § 926B and § 926C;

Notice that no fee may be charged for the registration at the Capitol. It’s not clear if the registration with Capitol security has to be done in person at the capitol. The law excludes ordinary tourists — who don’t know the law or haven’t thought ahead — from carrying in the Capitol.

The big advantage of this bill: it helps cement the cultural normalization of carrying weapons for self defense in the Mount Rushmore State. By becoming reasonably inclusive about carry in the People’s House, it reinforces the idea expressed in the South Dakota Seal: Under God The People Rule.

Watch this space to see how the bill progresses.

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  1. Okay maybe I’m a little slow but what the heck is an enhanced concealed carry permit??? I wasn’t aware that there was more than one concealed carry license available?? At least in my state there’s only one. Is there more than one or they call that an enhanced concealed weapons permit when you carry a firearm??

    • It’s a side effect of the fascist states refusing to recognize permits of freedom loving states. It gives SD residents the option to follow fascist state rules (fingerprints, training, etc) so that their permit has greater state reciprocity, if they choose to do so.

  2. Statehouse carry is such a low priority. If gun rights were a steak, statehouse carry would be the little piece of burnt fat with a sharp bit of bone in it that you cut off and throw out before eating the rest.

    • Yes but symbolically it is important to be able to deny the antis the ability to say “Oh look, the same lawmakers that want guns everywhere and blood in the streets aren’t willing to let people carry guns near them!”

  3. For a good number of years Minnesota allowed carry in the Capitol complex after sending a letter of notification to the security office. You weren’t asking for permission, just telling them you intended to. And the notification was valid till you renewed your permit.
    A couple of sessions ago, some of the legislators from the gun control lobby tried to stir up support for tightening the rules. However there was little support from the Capitol security which is run by the state patrol.
    Not only did the attempt fail, but the legislature removed the notification requirement. I imagine that bummed them out.

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