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Anti-gunners know very little about guns — as revealed in Tucker Carlson’s famous interview with New York U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy. Whether or not this ignorance is willful, whether or not it’s based entirely on fear, is open to debate. What’s beyond question: some guns freak antis out more than others. Here are the three best examples . . .


It doesn’t matter that your average AR-15 is no more, in fact less lethal than a traditional hunting rifle (at least in terms of terminal ballistics). It doesn’t matter that millions of law-abiding Americans enjoy the AR’s benefits — light weight, low recoil, adjustable ergonomics, accuracy, etc. — without going postal. Or that the AR is an excellent weapon to stop people who do go postal (just ask the police). The AR-15 — any AR-15 — is the anti-gunners’ nightmare.

According to the anti-gun press and their faithful followers, an AR-15 is an “assault weapon.” Or, as former President Barack Obama constantly reminded us, “A weapon of war on our city streets.” A killing machine that holds lots of rounds, and fires them with spree-killing-enabling rapidity. A tool of the Devil himself.

Bottom line: the AR-15 is black, it’s evil and it’s scary. So black, so evil and so scary it was banned on the federal level. And would be again, if the antis had their way. Meanwhile, they can’t stand the sight of an AR. Show them an AR-15 up-close-and-personal and they freak. Every. Time.

Machine Gun

Many, maybe even most anti-gunners believe that a semi-automatic AR or AK is a machine gun (multiple shots per single trigger squeeze). So you could say that the second gun that freaks out an anti-gunner is the same gun as the first gun: an AR-15. Because all AR-15s are machine guns to an anti-gunner, and machine guns are the most lethal kind of gun made by the hand of man.

Thanks to Hollywood’s love affair with machine guns, antis believe machine guns spray a never-ending fatal fountain of bullets, indiscriminately killing everything in the shooter’s path. (Except the good guy.) In reality, aimed fire is more deadly than “spray and pray.” Which is why soldiers with fully automatic rifles are told to fire in small bursts, or single shots, unless they’re using their gun to pin down the enemy.

When an anti sees an actual machine gun — perhaps best personified by the drum magazine Thompson above — they freak. It’s like they’re seeing a sci-fi villain’s death ray or, I dunno, a handheld Death Star. When they hear a machine gun firing full-auto, it sounds like massacres, terrorist attacks and war. Cringe is just a word for how they react.

Desert Eagle

As I pointed out at the beginning of this article, anti-gunners don’t know much about guns. They don’t understand that small guns can fire big bullets and big guns can fire small bullets. As far as they’re concerned, the bigger the gun, the bigger the bullet. And the bigger the bullet the more dead someone is when they’re shot.

Handguns don’t come much bigger than the IWI Desert Eagle. It’s a nearasdammit four-pound firearm that’s 6.25″ high and 9.75″ long. The gi-normous Deagle (as she is called) is available in several not insubstantial calibers and all sorts of kooky colors and patterns. But again, it’s basic black that gets the antis’ collective knickers in a proverbial twist.

If you want to see an anti’s eyes widen in shock and horror, show them a Desert Eagle. If you want them to freak further, put one in their hand. The gun’s weight works wonders, fright-wise. Anything that heavy has to be as lethal as artillery! And if you don’t want to wrest them from their safe space in Disturbia, don’t let them fire it. Once they do you’ll know the truth of the old adage “a frown is just a smile turned upside down.”

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  1. The M16 AR-15 Eugene Stoner platform rifle was never designed to kill soldiers it was designed to wound enemy combatant.

    This platform is what is known as a force multiplier when Eugene Design This weapon he was looking for a lighter-weight round to enable soldiers to carry more ammunition on longer patrols without having to be resupplied. It also was developed to wound the enemy combatant instead of killing him.

    If you kill an enemy combatant you only eliminate that one enemy soldier if you wound him that Soldier will need another Soldier or two to remove him from the battlefield and then treatment of his wound will deplete medical facilities of blood bandages and so on.

    That’s why this weapon is a force multiplier. There are a lot more lethal cartridges out there if you’re talking man Stoppers. This liberal Progressive crap that you saw in the video is how 90% of these people are no education whatsoever on firearms. Just a bunch of BS. They should rename the Democratic Party as the liberal Lefty losers.

    • Yawn. Will we ever stop scrapping the bottom of the anti-barrel for entertainment? Finding the unguneducated is easy. But pointing and laughing doesn’t not positive change make.

        • In an article about how anti-gun people misunderstand the AR, the first comment from a progunner is to repeat a myth about the AR.

          It’s unintentionally hilarious.

    • I hate to say this, but rhetorically speaking the people who do mass shootings are morons. They tend to use an intermediate “ball” cartridge in a carbine length gun when they need to use something like an AR-10 with good quality hollow point hunting ammo. Why be concerned about ammo weight and bulk when you’re not going to be packing it around the countryside?

      • Because they’re usually skinny pussies and .223 AR15s (esp. Shrubmaster and S&W) and Glawk 19s are cheap and plentiful and easier to use. Even when magazine capacity is restricted to 10 such as in commiefornia and Connecticut the shooters preferred wimp calibers (Le Supreme Gentleman had a Glawk 17 and a P226 with 10-round magazines, and Le Supreme Autismo used 10-round mags taped together and maybe one or two preban 30-rounders iirc- he only used the Glock 20 to shoot his mom). Heck, most of the people killed at V-Tech were shot with a Walther P22. Anders Breivik used a Mini-14 when he probably could have gotten a real M1A or Garand if he knew anything about guns, but instead he “went to the Czech Republic to try to get an AK47,” because he associated “AK47” with communism and badasses. Mass shooters really know nothing about guns, because most of them are sheltered Liberals with mental defects who think the crap they see on TV and video games is real and that killing people for absolutely no reason or pretending to have some nebulous “revenge fantasy” is cool.

        • Even when magazine capacity is restricted to 10 such as in commiefornia

          I don’t recall the San Bernardino shooters being any more concerned about violating that law than they were concerned with violating the law about detachable magazines or, oh yeah, that law about massacring innocent people.

      • Put it with the .30 carbine bouncing off frozen jackets……it’s akin to saying 300BLK is going to bounce off frozen jackets.

      • .30-06 was designed to kill horses at 1000 yards back when cavalry and dragoons were a thing, as were most of the ancient “full-power” cartridges like 8×57 and .303. The move to .308 gave us pretty much the same power as .30-06 and .303, but was uncontrollable in a lightweight full-auto package for most people. 5.56, 7.62×39, and other intermediate cartridges were designed to be “good enough” to kill a person with one shot to the head or chest at normal combat distances (within 300 meters, but the “effective” or accurate range goes out much farther), and will seriously maim someone and quickly lead to their death if they’re hit in an extremity even at fairly long distance. The changeover to the SS109 bullet screwed up the 5.56, as did the changeover to the M67 for the 7.62×39. The M193 and M43 bullets tumble and fragment a lot more reliably, but are not as accurate or good at penetrating hard stuff (at least in the case of the M193 vs SS109).

    • The AR-10 came first and was designed to shoot .308 (7.62x51mm Nato).

      I don’t think wounding combatants was on Stoner’s mind when he designed the platform to shoot .308.

    • Dave, you don’t know what you are talking about. Available declassified reports from fielding the XM16 in Vietnam showed how devastatingly effective the terminal ballistics were from that 20″ 1/12 twist barrel with the 55gr. projectile.

      The report describes in graphic detail and with photographs what that 55gr. projectile did to the Vietnamese combatants that were hit. It tore those little guys to pieces, and at one point even describes how limbs had been severed completely.

      “The M16 was designed to wound”, that is a BS myth. It was designed to be lightweight, controllable full auto, and devastatingly effective in short to mid range engagements. The 1/12 twist barrel made the light 55 gr. projectile very unstable (less accurate though) being unstable the bullet would yaw and fragment at high velocities with horrific terminal effectiveness.

    • I heard that. I researched it. I have found NO evidence of a “shoot to wound” doctrine in the US Armed Services and no statements from anyone involved in weapons design or procurement supporting your assertion. In fact, I am comfortable in saying that your assertion is false.
      Unless you can provide a citation, I’m gonna have to say “That’s wrong.”

    • Minor correction Lone Ranger…
      Stoner’s original design was in .308 and was turned down by the bright boys at the gubmint because of this fact.
      They then asked for a lighter, more portable caliber to allow an infantryman to carry larger amounts of ammunition. Stoner was a heavy weapon fan from the git-go…

  2. #4) Hi-Point Carbine.
    Black, pistol grip, skeletonized stock. Mount a $40 red dot on it for added effect. Sure to make a hoplophobe wet his diapers. Especially when you tell them it’s illegal in three states.

    • Plus it was used in one of the most infamous mass shootings in our history. Hooray for the easy entertainment of making the antis piss themselves!

    • Like most people not inclined to be interested in particular firearms, other than the Scary Black Rifles of which they still know zero details, most people have no idea what the Pancore Jackhammer is or what it could potentially do.

      Also keep in mind that these are people who soil themselves over the thought of a .9mm automatic pistol.

      • Hoplophobia is much like herpephobia (irrational fear of snakes) or any other phobia… those who are afflicted with an irrational fear of something actually know little or nothing about it -because it scares them. Ask a herpephobe why they hate snakes and they’ll likely say things like “they’re slimy”, “they kill people”, “they’re ugly” (real answers: no, they’d rather not, and some come in pretty colors). Offer to give them spme reading material on snakes and it will go unread; offer them a tour of the reptile house at the zoo and they’ll refuse to go in the door.
        Education won’t help a true hoplophobe because they don’t want it, but extensive therapy might…

        • I need to disagree. I am afflicted with basophobia (irrational fear of falling) to some degree. I know a LOT about falling, including the near certain fact that I will not fall. Yoga is fantastic. And yet, I’ve been known to spend 45 minutes on the edge of panic scrambling up a 14,000′ peak because I perceived it as very nearly certain that I WOULD fall. Had to fall. This despite the black Lab scrambling up, down, and all around me, like Labs do.

          Calling things “phobias” is at best an attempt to use the Left’s terms against them, but it’s inaccurate and can lead to severe misunderstanding. That is, of course, the Lefts goal. We need to be plain and clear in order to shine the light on their lies.

          Phobias are something the sufferer wishes he could cure, trust me on that. I went back up that peak 2 weeks later, and it was easier, but still not entirely pleasant.

  3. I had not seen that clip before today. I’m surprised that McCarthy said that she didn’t know…before she gave the wrong answer.

    • Really? It’s up there with Deleon’s “.30 caliber magazine clip in half a second” in terms of its infamy. And both of those are, of course, AWESOME for our side. Anyone who wants to know why we won’t have a “discussion” about “reasonable restrictions” can simply be pointed to those videos.

  4. Clips? Not to mention she wanted to ban barrel shrouds, but had no clue what they were. I have an idea for a new law. You can not write a law unless you know what the hell you are talking about, and how to use the proper terminology. Let these “people” ban extra capacity clips. They are not used anymore.

    • Right? Reminds me of a story I saw on here a while back about some local ordinance having to do with a sort-of ban on any 22 caliber (not .22, the wording of the law was actually 22 caliber) rifle. Thankfully, there’s no such thing as small arms that fire howitzer shells, so the law didn’t effect anyone.

      • “Thankfully, there’s no such thing as small arms that fire howitzer shells, so the law didn’t effect anyone.”

        Red, you and I have a very different idea of what to be thankful for. If I could find a lightweight, reasonably concealable, semi auto handgun that fired 8″ shells with reasonably tame recoil, I’d be all over that. Heck, I’d take 20mm as a compromise!

  5. Is the AR-15 attacked because it is scary, or because it is prevalent? Attack the gun that is owned by “millions of law abiding Americans,” and the most people will be annoyingly impacted by fines, penalties, and legislation. My belief is that the scaryness of the AR’s features just make anti-gun legislation easier to pass, and more “common sense,” in the eyes of the sheeple.

    • I suspect it is a bit of both. The AR was not at all common when the original AWB was instituted, yet it was banned and the Mini14 wasn’t even though they shoot the same round at the same speed and rate of fire. Same with AK vs SKS. Pistol grips and muzzle devices terrify these people.

  6. If a Progressive can’t directly ban something, then they might just try to ban the cosmetic “feature” so that it is effectively banned. There’s already the U.S. vs Miller ruling which states:

    The signification attributed to the term Militia appears from the debates in the Convention, the history and legislation of Colonies and States, and the writings of approved commentators. These show plainly enough that the Militia comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense. “A body of citizens enrolled for military discipline.” And further, that ordinarily, when called for service these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.”

    — seems exactly like what the AR-15 would be, so why has no one effectively challenged these cosmetic feature bans?

    • There is a part of the Tasmanian firearm rules the police can declare a firearm to be illegal PURELY on appearance.

      But residents of the island state are known for family trees that do not fork.

  7. I own about 16 guns, including several that I built myself. What the HELL is a barrel shroud?

    Am I right to assume it is another word for a flash suppressor?

    • BARREL SHROUD (n) ~’bear’l shrowd’ (Eng): A metal heat shield grip thing pierced with spaced holes mounted around the barrel of a firearm that will easily convert a 200-shot carbine-action range-model bb gun (with or without a compass in the stock or a thing that tells time) into a semi-fully-automatic machine assault gun that wildly sprays 30 caliber clipazine armor-piercing cop-killing bullets from the hip with incredible accuracy at over 1000 rounds a second and allows it to horribly massacre entire schools full of children and minorities.
      Barrel shrouds have no legitimate sporting purpose, and are illegal in all civilized countries except the United States and Texas, where they can be bought by babies everywhere, with no ID.

    • A barrel shroud is what the underguntaker wraps your AR in when it finally dies and it goes to AR heaven . Whats scary is that most of the morons that want to ban them would believe that fairy tale.

    • A shroud is often stamped sheet metal that covers a hot barrel. The Winchester 97 trench gun has a shroud that includes a bayonet mount.. Maybe the cloak worn by a mourner at a funeral is also called a shroud is what bothers them babies the most.
      What really gets them worried is a citizen with any firearm who has not been brainwashed by years of government education into believing that criminals are just nice people that have been treated unfairly by meanpeople who told them NO.

    • One of the most “worrisome” firearms during the time the McCarthy interview is from was the Intratec DC9, aka, “Tek-9”. Do an image search for either term.

      The cover around the barrel with all the ventilation holes? That’s the barrel shroud. Using that broad term, instead of the specific names, prevented Intratec and other manufacturers from simply changing the name of the gun to avoid getting banned. Many other sub-gun replicas, like the PPSh-41, also have prominent barrel shrouds. The modern, slim handguards on an AR-15 bear the some of the same function as a barrel shroud.

      Notice how scary it looks /sarc

  8. At one point in one of his shows, Tucker Carlson was speaking with some gun grabber. The gun grabber tried to find common ground and make a comment about AR-15s, as though all “reasonable” people would want them banned. Tucker replied, “I know more about those than you do. I own one”.

    • This poor woman was immortalized by this interview. You could tell she was trying hard to shift the topic away from specifics but Tucker wasn’t wasn’t about let her off the hook. She’s going to have to drag that rotting carcass of an interview around forever. Tucker probably watches it every Christmas and birthday.

      • The greatest thing is his deapan response…..”No….no ts not”

        He knows that the lady just made a huge fool of herself and he just lets it sink in nice and deep with the viewer.

  9. What?!? No derringers? No mare’s leg lever action handguns? No starter pistols? Seriously, these a-hole progressives are dumb enough, why not?

  10. I’m kinda sad my AK pistol didn’t make the (short) list. I’ve had strongly pro-gun people say they didn’t know those existed and/or didn’t think they were non-NFA legal.

  11. Lhst, gosh I need to get three more AR’s and 6 more semi autos, that will drive them nuts!!!! I love it when I get a plan. Be saafe out there.

  12. Ummm… Handing a Deagle to someone to use for their very first shot (other than perhaps the .357 Magnum version), doesn’t strike me as a particularly kind thing to do.

    • I don’t think Robert meant to suggest handing a loaded firearm to anyone, much less someone who has never held one before and is terrified by them. Unloaded, they are intimidating enough.

  13. I laughed at the sci-fi reference with the Thompson: I just finished a novel where a guy has a Thompson he totally loves, and when it gets smashed in a battle where he’s helping one group of aliens against another, the ones he helped “rebuild” it….

    The drum becomes a power pack, and it can shoot either solid rounds (limited capacity) or pulses of plasma that work like miniature photon torpedoes… they stay a little bundle of energy until hey penetrate the target.

    I SOOO want one!

  14. Actually the only gun I own that has actually freaked someone out is my Ruger Mark I. I was packing the thing out in the woods in coyote territory, to teach a lesson if they came after my dog again, and some hiker lady saw it. She was all, “Is that one of those NAZI GUNS????”

  15. WHAT? You have wasted TWO nominations without mentioning

    1) AK-47 (stock, without flash-hider, wood, as seen in video games, fresh from some terrorist attack on airliner)!


    2) SNIPER RRRRIFLE (best go with black one, actually slick Remmy PSS is OK if scary chassis topped by a yard of ODs is not available)!!

  16. My favorite thing about an AR-15 is when someone who is either anti-gun or just ignorant says that it’s a “high powered” rifle. I always ask, what is a high power rifle? What makes it high powered? How does that work?

    Try that sometime. The person either goes into contortions making stuff up or concedes they have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • Make a display of cartridges. Try to tell the idiots they are not bullets, that the bullets are the little part that actually if projected out the muzzle end of the barrel.
      Start with .22 LR, then 32 and 380 auto, 9 mm and 45 ACP, then 5.56×45, 7.62×51, .30/06. .30/30, .375 H&H and .50 BMG.
      Ask the idiot to pick out the dangerous, super deadly assault rifle ammo.Bet the can’t.

  17. I’m amazed at how many people that I thought were intelligent think that “assault weapons” or ARs are “machine guns.” When I try to point out the difference between auto and semiauto they don’t think the distinction even matters. These lefties are brilliant – change the language and the definitions of words, then have your way with us.

  18. “When they hear a machine gun firing full-auto, it sounds like massacres, terrorist attacks and war”, and, “… the bigger the bullet the more dead someone is when they’re shot” had me laughing so hard I shot my morning coffee out of my nose. Thank you for that. 🙂

  19. … the one someone uses in self defense.

    … the one someone carries that never hurts anyone.

    … the one their fellow citizen might have, that they never know is there.

  20. Really want to see an anti gunners head explode ? Hand them a Sarsilmaz K2-45 and tell them there are places on the web where you can buy this for under $400 ! Not understanding online purchase will cause then to vomit !

  21. I have heard it all. One of the most baffling statements I hear all the time from anti gun types is “I don’t believe in guns”. What exactly does that mean? Guns aren’t gods, something to be “believed” in. Just a dang tool…

  22. My top 5 to shock them

    1.) XM556 + Suppressor + 1000 Round Ammo Backpag

    2.) AR 15 BeltFed

    3:) An Sub MP in the Art of the Kriss Vector white Double Drum 100-150 Rounds in acp 45 10 mm ore 460 rowland

    4. Ultra Short Semi ore repeating aow shotgun white magazine

    5.) An Art FN P90 Bullpup PDW Basic white 2 Stage Magazine and 30 rounds in 12 gauge (alternative 458 socom/50 beowulf ore 510 whisper) + suppressor


  23. Top “scare-a-lib” choices( without going NFA):

    1) AR-50
    2) 922(r) Saiga 12 with a folding stock, wicked breaching muzzle attachment, and drum mag.
    3) Mall Ninja AR-15… you know, the one with so many accessories on it that a mini-gun with battery and ammo weighs only marginally more.

  24. Just to change direction, when I need longer range than up-close-and-personal, (where I rely on my Sig with CorBon 115 +Ps,) I protect myself/home with IMI 77Gr BTHP Razorcore in my 5.56 M4–and since too many “real” bad guys know about easily obtained body armor, I assume they’re protected and almost exclusively practice head/throat shots. Body shots? My Czech 28.5mm flare gun starting a phosphorus fire mid torso will freak out any jackass long enough for a quick double-tap pumpkin-blast.

  25. “Anti-gunners know very little about guns — as revealed in Tucker Carlson’s famous interview with New York U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy. Whether or not this ignorance is willful, whether or not it’s based entirely on fear, is open to debate.”

    Well, politicians pass bills about things scientific and things economic without knowing anything about science or economics, so maybe it’s just an aversion to actually having to THINK.

  26. Someone mentioned the Hi-Point carbine. The Kel-Tec Sub 2000 carbine has been scaring ’em since 2000. Folds into a laptop case, takes 9mm or .40 in large magazines of many styles including GLOCK, S&W and Beretta. What’s not to love or be afraid of?

  27. t’s always recommended to try and test the tools before purchasing them, especially when you plan to invest your hard-earned money in a tool that is unfamiliar to you and completely new in the market.://

  28. t’s always recommended to try and test the tools before purchasing them, especially when you plan to invest your hard-earned money in a tool that is unfamiliar to you and completely new in the

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