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President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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FactCheck.org calls BS on President Obama’s recent lies about America’s gun laws and allegedly lax regulation told to an audience in Brazil:

We asked Eric Schultz, a spokesman for the former president, what Obama meant when he said “anybody … can buy machine guns.”

Schultz said the Obama used the term “machine gun,” which are fully automatic weapons, when he meant semi-automatic weapons that are currently legal to purchase in the United States, such as AR-15 rifles.

“He was using ‘machine gun’ as a phrase that everybody understands, especially in a foreign country. He’s obviously not talking about Al Capone tommy guns – he was referring to semi-automatic weapons so people would understand what he’s talking about,” Schultz told us in an email.

As for Obama’s remark that “anybody can buy any weapon, any time … without much, if any, regulation,” Schultz referred us to several news articles — including a 2016 PolitiFact article that gave Obama a “mostly true” rating when he said a “violent felon can buy [a gun] over the Internet with no background check, no questions asked.”

It is illegal for a “violent felon” to purchase any firearm under existing law. The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits certain people from buying guns, including someone imprisoned for more than one year. Under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, federally licensed firearm dealers are required to conduct background checks and cannot sell to “prohibited persons,” such as violent felons.

In his 2016 remarks, Obama was referring to those who buy guns online from private sellers, not licensed dealers, and therefore are not required to undergo background checks. While it would be illegal for a violent felon to buy a gun, it still might be possible for them to do so through a private online sale in some states.

In this case, Obama prefaced his remarks about machine guns by saying “our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense.” But, in fact, there is a law that bans machine guns — except those that are grandfathered in, as we noted earlier.

Obama may not draw a distinction between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic weapon, but the law does. And he misrepresented that law in his remarks before a foreign audience.

– Eugene Kiely in Obama Misrepresents U.S. Gun Laws

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  1. I call BS on Obozos’ spoke hole explanation. And why in the hell is in a foreign country bashing my America?

    • Obama promised a “fundamental change in America”, and today every American is suffering because of it. He divided citizens between race and sex and pitted them against one another for his, and his parties, selfish gains.

      • The entire argument FOR laws prohibiting “machine guns” or any other gun, whether it be automatic, semi-automatic, single-shot or otherwise is moot. Those who plan to murder other people will purchase their weapon of choice, regardless of gun control laws. Does anyone seriously think that anyone who plans an evil act will stop to obey a law meant to prevent such an act? Common sense dictates otherwise, but liberal politicians still hang their hats on their politically-motivated nonsense that gun control laws are meant to prevent LAW-ABIDING citizens from committing gun crimes in the same manner that speed limits prevent auto drivers from driving within those limits.

        I have always suggested that politicians concentrate on passing laws that punish CRIMINALS instead of harrassing law-abiding gun-owners and blaming such organizations as the NRA for crimes involving the use of firearms. Sadly, the MSM and politicians still insist on going down the same rabbit hole time after time, and the general public still swallows their misinformation and outright lies without a second thought.

        • MAn is flawed, we have fallen, Man cries peace without God these days but History is violent. Ask Job about the devil walks the earth.

          And Obama said I am the one who convinced America that The devil does not exist because I am the faux African born devil bad daddy of all lies.

  2. Brown people commit all the gun crime in America.
    Now when I say brown people I really just mean people. You know the everyday criminal that can be of any race. However since my audience is mostly law abiding they know that I mean people in general and not just certain races.
    Obama lies all the time.
    Now he obviously doesn’t always lie, he just distorts the truth. But my audience is mostly people who never liked the guy and they know he didn’t always lie all the time. Just most of the time but it’s still an accurate statement because I know what I meant it to mean.

  3. First off, let’s agree to stop calling the son of a bitch, “Mister President”. Only one man deserves the title, President Trump. Obama is a rank traitor and deserves a traitor’s fate. Hopefully Mr. Barr will bring indictments against him and all the rest of the coup plotters soon.

    • @Michael,

      That man was a disgrace, but anyone who goes through the election process and is voted into the Office of the President is therefore titled “Mr. President”, whether he is/was our candidate or not. Dem’s da rules.

      The Leftists are trying to dumb down our society. Let’s all hold our heads up high and show them how we *know* we’re supposed to behave, with dignity. That’s includes honoring the Constitution to its fullest original intent, and recognizing certain titles. After all, it isn’t the office we’re upset about, it’s the man occupying it (in this case, the previous man).

      Think of it this way…you could still get your point across if you ever met the man:

      “Mr. President, you’re a lying asshat!”

      Fixed it for ya. 🙂

      • I could agree to a point but the actual title should be reserved for the current office holder. Your choice but I do not recognize the traitor at all.

      • “.. voted into the Office of the President is therefore titled “Mr. President”, ”

        When addressing him in person he is “Mr. President.”

        I any other situation the title is Former President.

        You can add as much emphasis to *Former* as you think the situation calls for.

        • I stand corrected. I just looked up this issue on a few “government etiquette” sites, and they all agree that only a current President is to be addressed by actual title. Former presidents are to be addressed as “Mr. Trump”, “Mr. Obama” etc. in verbal conversation. They can, however, be addressed in written correspondence by their former title:

          Former President of the United States
          Mr. Barry Seotero
          12345 Truthkiller Lane
          Liartown, Kenya, AFRICA

      • The Democrats haven’t yet realized the people aren’t as stupid as they are.

    • Fixing it for you by correcting the names.

      “First off, let’s agree to stop calling the son of a bitch Donald Trump ‘Mister President’. Only one man deserves the title, President Obama. Trump is a rank traitor and deserves a traitor’s fate. Hopefully Congress will bring impeachment charges against traitor Donald Trump, traitor William Barr, the entire Trump Crime Family, and all the rest of the Russian traitors soon, followed by criminal charges, prison, and a traitor’s fate, the exact same fate given to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for conspiring with Russia against the United States of America!”

      There, I fixed it for ya!

        • Seems derringer dave likes to shoot off his big mouth. Must be compensating for his little gun.

      • Obama. The Great Divider. I would never say he was a president of anything except the Mohamed Club. But he did unite the 2A’rs. For that he deserves a seat in the middle of the bus.

      • “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”
        Oh wait, they already made that movie. If the Democrat reality distortion field ever collapses I hope I have ear pro that can filter the wailing.

        It all started when the presumptive winner in 2016 didn’t win. After 5 seconds of “how could we have been so wrong?”, the MSM and Leftists decided that the election was stolen by Russian collusion.

  4. Ha ha ha, ok. Meanwhile the current President is about to shitcan suppressors.

    I don’t like Obama’s stated views on guns, either, but to keep whinging on about the guy who actually expanded gun rights during his terms in office while the current prick-in-chief is doing damage is just clear misdirection by people real and lasting who don’t want to face what is happening right here, today. Because you can’t accept that the Republicans hate you and your rights just as much as the Democrats.

    Trump is a much bigger threat to gun rights than Obama ever was, because Trump had no integrity or convictions. He is s leaf in the stream of his own consciousness.

    • These guys are basically liberals; they value their politicians’ *intentions* a whole lot more than actual outcomes. I don’t care that Trump supposedly wants to protect gun rights if he doesn’t in practice, and I really no longer care if a Democrat wants to ban guns so long as they are unable to (or even oversee an expansion of our rights in spite of all their efforts). Obama was definitely a case of the latter. So far, Trump has done nothing but reinvigorate & embolden gun control efforts that were on their last legs, solely through his direct support and action.

      • “…and I really no longer care if a Democrat wants to ban guns so long as they are unable to …Obama was definitely (this) case …”

        Some people’s (barnbwt, swarf, among others) myopic focus on only guns leaves them with the inability to visualize the big picture. Obama has deftly laid the ground work for America’ s “fundamental change”. You think it’s eight years and then a full stop? Obama moved the entire party FAR to the left and their supporters with them, to where now they are backing measures that would have been political suicide only 10 years ago.

        Coupled with hordes of new voters who vote despite their non-citizen status, deep blue states that bleed his far leftest policies that send their blue voters to red states to vote blue, and you will have “Obama gun control” in the next 5 to 10 years. Obama is playing the long game, has out flanked you, and is winning.

        Also barnbwt’s statement above relies on his theory *if we only keep the senate* is akin to the barbarians invading the land, breaching the castle walls, and barnbwt’s plan is to hole up in the outhouse. Brilliant!

        Obama’s gun control is coming..

        • Um, if we retain our right to arms, we retain the rest. “The second protects the others,” you know. Any society that can trust its population with arms, will be less tyrannical than one that does not; ergo, an armed society run by frustrated liberals is guaranteed to be more free than a disarmed society run by nearasdammit the same liberals. And an executive that’s willing to respect our gun rights, is far more likely to respect the rest of them.

          In truth, you sir are the one with the myopic focus. Trump promises you that which you desire today (which I’ll just assume is the standard Republican statist melange of tax cuts, abortion/gays harumpfing, bible-respectin’, and military spending) none of which actually secure a future beyond the next election. I didn’t include border security, since that is a truly strategic focus that does have long term ramifications –but electing & supporting Trump on that one doesn’t really seem to be helping anything in a measurable way; record crossings, Dems doubling down on massive amnesty wherever they can, law & order withering rapidly in the face of all the lawlessness. It might feel good to support the guy ‘fighting’ this stuff, but it isn’t accomplishing anything; some other tactic is needed…and I don’t think giving him a pass on gun control so we can be disarmed in the face such lawlessness is the answer.

        • Meh, both sides of that argument have a point and, ultimately, they both miss other points that are probably more important. That’s the nature of politics in general.

          Ultimately, yes, there’s truth to the “he’s playing the long game” argument. However, both sides tend to assign mythical qualities to the leading pols on the other side.

          Obama didn’t get his gun control dreams for a simple reason: Obama was a shitty leader. He didn’t even “get” the ACA, he just signed whatever the people in Congress gave him, which was a mish-mash of previously canned ideas all shoved together. When Congress didn’t do what Obama wanted be just complained about it like a child. He never really took point because part of his “style” was never to take point because then he never really had to take responsibility.

          And the reverse is the case with Trump to some degree. He leads, he’s brash, decisive and sometimes foolhardy but he does lead and therefore he gets blamed. At least he takes responsibility rather than trying lurk around and steal credit.

          Further, realistically the idea that “if we keep arms we keep the rest” is probably incorrect. Keeping arms within the grasp of a general population that is unwilling to use them is no bulwark against tyranny. The same as the best boxing coach in the world does nothing for someone who won’t bust a grape in a food fight.

          Fundamentally I don’t believe that anywhere near 3% of this country would “resist”. The vast majority would turn in what was banned and the vast majority of those who didn’t turn in those items would bury them. Very few would come out shooting and, IME, 95%+ of those who say they’d do so won’t. They’ll mostly bury that shit in PVC pipes and hope for better days. Both the people burying things and those turning them in will also surrender the rest of their rights without a whimper. The most they’ll do is complain about it at the local watering hole.

          The real issue is this:

          To the Democrats we’re a medium sized fish while to the Republicans we’re a sardine. Republicans talk a good game on guns and then fuck us because they know they can. When they’re in power we’re back-burnered because where else are we going to go?

          Democrats don’t have us as their top issue either. However, we’re higher on the priority list for them than we are with the R’s specifically because their base HATES us. They don’t hate us because “semi-autos!”. They hate us because guns represent a philosophy that’s diametrically opposed to their own and gun control isn’t really about controlling the guns so much as it is about controlling the people who own them. At least 50% of that is showing “who’s got the power” and another 25% is just trolling us because they can. The guns themselves are really secondary. It’s about crushing the spirit of individuality that guns represent.

          Once that spirit is actually crushed then gun control is pointless to the Democrats because people with crushed spirits won’t use those arms to take back their rights. They’re mentally neutered, so there’s no need to really chop off their balls. That’s the end game.

        • “Coupled with hordes of new voters who vote despite their non-citizen status”

          Pure fantasy.

          The fact is, it’s Republican politicians and Republican voters who are caught up in voter fraud schemes, remember when speaker of the house Tom delay went to prison for his chicanery with redistricting in Texas? The Republicans know how to steal an election by fraudulent redistricting, look at North Carolina as well.

        • @MinerTroll’liner49er

          Even the progressive LA TIMES admits that more than 23,000 noncitizens were registered by the California DMV. Why “More Than”? Simple, California doesn’t know how many they “accidentally” registered.

          Tom Delay was not sent to prison for his “chicanery with redistricting.” Delays conviction, which was later overturned by two courts, including the Texas Supreme Court, was for money laundering.

          Finally, per your request, looked into North Carolina where this information was uncovered; From the Washington Times, “The PILF released a report last week tracking 13 cities and counties with sanctuary policies, and counted more than 3,000 non-citizens who’ve been stripped from their voting rolls in recent years.”

          It continues, “Those are usually people who either self-reported or were flagged as illegal voters, and it doesn’t capture the potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of others who have not outed their unauthorized voting behavior, analysts said.”

        • @ strych9
          “Once that spirit is actually crushed then gun control is pointless to the Democrats because people with crushed spirits won’t use those arms to take back their rights. They’re mentally neutered, so there’s no need to really chop off their balls. That’s the end game.”

          Maybe. Maybe not. You’re just speculating about a very broad and very grey area. Could guns be banned nationwide like say, Japan? Yeah it could happen. But with over 200 million guns out there it ain’t gonna be easy and the American people in general are very independent thinkers unlike the group mentality of the Japanese. There won’t be a civil war but there will be pockets of resistance and a gun that’s been buried can still put out the lead. And then there’s the black market approach that almost anything illegal can be had for a price. You underestimate the independent nature of Americans. So did the British.

    • Obama didn’t tread on gun rights not out of the kindness of his heart, but due to not having congress. Remember Obama was vehemently anti gun and stated on multiple occasions that the “greatest frustration of his presidency was failing to enact strict gun control”. He also supervised an increase in the Mexico gun walking campaign, issued executive orders that greatly harmed FFL’s, increased import bands, (though I’ll point out much of that had to do with the new Cold War), and for a short time had the ATF arbitrarily ban M855. Just because Trump has been more successful then Obama in harming gun rights, doesn’t mean Obama was some kind of swell guy.

      • I don’t think anybody is giving Obama a pass here, it’s just that some here that would have jumped all over Obama’s words back in 2013 are cutting slack for the current office holder’s similar statements and actions despite his having been more successful in advancing gun control just because they see him as on their team.

        • This is true, but I will wait to see if Trump actually moves to ban suppressors before judging. Bump stocks were something I could handle and also IMO something that takes a burden off of gun rights because they undermined the argument that machine guns are illegal.

        • It’s going to be bump stocks all over again. He’s lost the benefit of the doubt with me.

        • I’m with holding judgement on Trump until I see how his appointees to the scotus handle the incoming NY situation. If his fed judge picks are good on gun rights then The Donald has served his purpose.

        • I think we’re using the wrong metric to judge Trump against. We should be asking who would have been a better president for guns. Trump or hillary?

      • I am absolutely not giving Obama a pass. My contempt for Trump seems to have many around here convinced that that means I must be a Democrat, which is the kind of black and white thinking that has gotten us where we are.

        I point out the hypocrisy and, frankly, stupidity of those who behave as though any move by a Democrat is the literal end of the world, yet when a Republican actually enacts a ban on a hunk of plastic and publicly threatens what should be a device of common courtesy– the suppressor– many commenters on this website are like “Tread harder, Daddy!”

        • “..My contempt for Trump seems to have many around here convinced that that means I must be a Democrat..”

          No actually, it means you must be, frankly speaking, stupid.

          Keep focusing on that “hunk of plastic” while thousands of illegals stream across the border DAILY, while red states turn blue, while China replaces America as the world’s superpower. All of which Trump is taking head on. OH WAIT, in your “contempt” for Trump you can only call out the “hypocrisy” if it’s a tiny “hunk of plastic”? Pathetic!

          That’s why, frankly speaking, you are stupid, but then again maybe that does make you a Dem.

        • I agree we shouldn’t give Trump a pass either, but you cannot dispute the fact that there are a number pro gun republicans, and even anti gun republicans put conservatives on the bench. There are no pro gun democrats anymore. None. And they will put far left anti gun judges on the bench. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m sold on voting for Trump again in 2020, but I sure as hell will vote red ticket regardless. It’s also indisputable that a red Congress is the best thing for gun rights, because then at the very least no real gun control will pass.

        • I, too, have far more contempt for Trump’s defenders than the guy himself (who I assume just gets a kick out of screwing over his marks –hard to blame him for that, to be honest).

      • “Just because Trump has been more successful then Obama in harming gun rights”

        Are we talking about the banning of that gimmick piece of plastic? I keep hearing this comment on this site, bit no one ever explains what Trump has done to hurt gun rights, other than banning bump stock. I hate executive orders, especially when they effect gun laws but what do you really expect would have happened if he didn’t ban them? Congress would have renewed the assault weapons ban if he hadn’t jumped in front of them and banned the bump stocks…..congress felt the need to do something after the Las Vegas shooting and if we let congress write the law I guarantee if would have outlawed far more than that gimmicky piece of plastic known as bump stocks.

        • “bit no one ever explains what Trump has done to hurt gun rights, other than banning bump stock.”

          Isn’t that enough? It doesn’t matter whether you like, use or despise then personally. It’s the precedent it sets that relates to what you do use.

        • I get what you’re saying, and I agree that Trump often has a longer-term strategy than the MSM wants to follow or recognize, but I think many of us are looking at the “silly piece of plastic” issue as an infringement. As in, “shall not be infringed”. I’m among the majority that would never install a (rather dumb) bump stock, but the fact that the President simply banned something outright via fiat is a huge problem. And the additional fact that Congress isn’t standing up to assert their true authority in the matter is a bigger problem.

          Yesterday it was the bump stock. Today the topic du jour is the silencer/suppressor. What will it be tomorrow? The President and ATF have encroached too far and are doing things the Founders never intended.

          “Shall Not Be Infringed” just seems to be losing its meaning.

          • I agree with you, but I also feel that the “Shall Not Be Infringed” lost its meaning long before any of us were born. Gun rights are and always will be a battle…. and expecting any president or any congress to de-regulate all gun laws just isn’t going to happen realistically. Our only hope for a full deregulation of gun laws is through the supreme court, which is far more in our favor today than it has been in probably a century. And that mostly thanks to Trump, because Romney/McCain/Santorum or any other republican without a spine would have appointed a moderate or liberal judges which would have ended up screwing us. And if Clinton had been elected (thank god she wasn’t), we would be fighting very hard right now just to keep semi-auto rifles and handguns……with the two liberal judges she would have appointed our gun rights would be on their way to being lost without any doubt. Trust me, I am not a Trump fan but I see what good his presidency has done for the gun community….and I really could care less about a piece of plastic that was giving the Brady Campaign more fuel and scare tactics to sway the general public into enacting more gun laws.

        • “I keep hearing this comment on this site, bit no one ever explains what Trump has done to hurt gun rights, other than banning bump stock.”

          The truth that many on these forums fail to see. Trump is in front of the curve but most of the posters here cannot see that. A cheap piece of plastic given up to retain many of our cherished rights. The truth hurts.

        • And when he bans suppressors and standard capacity mags, what will be the brilliant strategy then?

          • That is just speculation. Getting your panties in a bunch over speculation is not rational. But if your asking if I will vote for Harris, Biden, Booker, or the hundred other democrats that have openly stated that they will sign executive orders on day one banning firearms…..then the answer is no, I will not be voting for them regardless of what Trump does or doesn’t do because they are in no way a better option.

          • Maybe read the transcript of the interview where he talked about banning silencers? Because he didn’t say that he was all for banning them, did he…..he said “I’d like to think about it”, not I’m all for banning them…..



            “I want to pay you credit for this because when we spoke in Days after the Las Vegas mass shooting I brought up the issue of bump fire stock and why it was legal and why it was used to convert legal ones to illegal ones,” Morgan said.

            “Right, right,” Trump said.

            “And you did ban bump fire–” Morgan said.

            “I ended it,” Trump said.

            “I don’t think you got enough credit for that,” Morgan said. “We’ve seen another massacre in Virginia Beach where the shooter used a silencer. What is your view–”

            “I don’t like it,” Trump said.

            “–on silencers?” Morgan asked.

            “I don’t like it,” Trump replied.

            “Would you like to see those banned?” Morgan asked.

            “Well, I’d like to think about it,” Trump told Morgan during an interview. “No one’s talking about silencers very much. They did talk about the bump stock and we had it banned. And we’re looking at that. I’m going to seriously look at it. I don’t love the idea of it. I don’t like the idea of what’s happening. It’s crazy. It’s crazy, okay? What’s going on with schools and not only in our country, but again–”

            “But America has a particular issue with gun violence. We’ve been discussing this for years,” Morgan said. “There’s been 150 mass shootings in America alone this year.”

            “Yeah,” Trump replied.

            “In Britain, we have 35 gun deaths a year. In America, today, there will be 85. Tomorrow, 85,” Morgan said.

            “But you know, in London you have–” Trump said.

            “What will you do to change the gun culture?” Morgan asked.

            “But, Piers, in London you have stabbings all over,” Trump said.

            “True,” Morgan said with a shrug.

            “I’ve read an article where everyone’s being stabbed,” Trump replied.

            “We’ve had 50 murders with knives this year,” Morgan said.

            “Well, they say your hospital is a sea of blood. All over the floors,” Trump said.

            “I’m not going to deny we have a knife problem. We have a problem with knife crime,” Morgan said before changing the topic. “What do you think you can do as president though to change the mindset about gun violence?”

            “Talk about it,” Trump replied. “You have to talk about it. But, Piers, when someone has a gun illegally and no one else has a gun because the laws are you can’t have a gun, those people are done. They have no choice. They have no chance. They have no chance. It’s a very tough subject. But the bad guys are not getting rid of their guns. Pretty much everyone agrees with that. The people that obey the laws, if the law passes, those people are sitting ducks.”

            Trump brought up the Paris attacks and reminded Morgan of one important point: victims are still suffering from that attack. A couple of good guys with guns could have potentially prevented that massacre.

            “I don’t understand, I never have understood, why anyone in America needs a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle at home,” Morgan said.

            “Well, a lot of them use them for entertainment. They do. I mean, it’s really–” Trump said.

            “That’s entertainment?”Morgan asked.

            “For some people it’s entertainment. They go out and they shoot at the ranges and they have a tremendous amount of fun,” Trump said.

            “Sports shooting and hunting with licenses, I get that,” Morgan said. He then brought up the number of firearms the Las Vegas shooter had obtained.

            Trump replied by explaining that if the shooter didn’t carry out the attack with firearms he would have carried it out with bombs or some other form of attack.

            “But you did something with bump fire stocks. To give you credit on that again, you did get bump fire stocks banned,” Morgan said.

            “Yeah,” Trump replied.

            “That will make a different,” Morgan said.

            “Good,” Trump replied.

            “I urge you to keep on doing something on guns,” Morgan said.

            “Okay. Thank you,” Trump said.

            “Because I think it would be great if the American gun violence could be reduced in some way. And I think we’d both agree on that,” Morgan said.

            “We do,” Trump replied.

        • Yes, he banned a piece of plastic; that’s the ENTIRE problem. We aren’t the guys blaming & banning OBJECTS, remember? Banning a bump stock makes as much sense as banning silencers or standard magazines; they’re just pieces of plastic & metal, after all. Not even ‘guns,’ merely their accessories.

          But none of that matters, because we support gun rights…remember? Banning objects and accessories won’t stop bad people from hurting others? “Every terrible implement of the soldier,” right?

          This is what hacks me off about Trump, specifically; in the span of a half dozen idiotic comments and two years, he has large portions of the ‘gun lobby’ openly endorsing feature and accessory bans again. We’ve been set back to 1994, in other words. The NRA has abandoned its winning credo “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” along with a good 1/3-1/2 of gun owners, simply because the idiot we put in charge is too stupid to know better.

          I wouldn’t be half as frustrated & pissed off if gun owners had shouted back at Trump “shut the fuck up, Donnie, you’re out of your element” and forced him away from the ledge. Instead many/most of us gleefully plunged headlong into the brave new world of Republican-sponsored gun control, chanting “Molon Labe” all the while. At this point I almost think we (collectively) deserve whatever we get, since we seem bound & determined to do nothing to alter our own fate, like a bunch of stupid serfs or lemmings.

          • You seem to completely forget that the Las Vegas shooter used the bump stocks to kill 58 people and wounded 422…..accessory? Same as a silencer or high capacity magazine? WTF are you smoking?

            Sorry but even though bump stocks were little more than a stupid piece of plastic, it allowed that asshole to kill and injure far more people and it put all of our gun rights in jeopardy. That stupid piece of plastic is the worst thing that ever happened to the gun community and to hear people cry about it being banned is absurd. We as a gun community should have stopped sales of that garbage long before that idiot killed all of those people, but instead many were cheering the fact they had a work around of the NFA. Whether you think gun laws are unconstitutional or not, these gimmicky work arounds do not help the gun community, they hurt the gun community and that stupid bump stock almost gave us the 1994 Assault weapons ban back.

        • No good will come from that bumpstock ban. As I see it it reenforced the “powers that be” with enforcing unjust laws. Trump’s no saint

        • @Kevin,

          Links, please? To date, I still haven’t seen any conclusive findings from any of the LE agencies that the Vegas shooter actually used a bump stock. I only recall reading that one was *found* in the hotel room, along with many other guns that had not actually been fired or used. That (very pertinent) bit of info was at the center of the controversy over the pending ban.

      • Obama and the Democrats held the house, the Senate and the presidency for the first two years of his first term. They could’ve passed any gun control legislation they wanted, but what ended up happening was expanding gun rights to the national parks and forests.

        Face it, this hatred of Obama is clearly butt-hurt individuals who cannot stand having had a black man with a brown name in the White House.

        And now your white knight who turns out to be a triple adultery, tax cheat, draft dodger who pulled the wool over your eyes is taking your gun rights, one by one, starting with bump stocks and then suppressors.

        Another truth for the people of the gun, the only reason you see a picture of Obama on TTAG is because gun sales are down and the profiteers need to get everyone scared again with the magic black man to raise sales. You are sheep who are easily manipulated out of your hard-earned shekels.

        • “Face it, this hatred of Obama is clearly butt-hurt individuals who cannot stand having had a black man with a brown name in the White House.”
          “…clearly…”? I seriously doubt you can actually support this argument.

        • @MinerTroll’liner49er

          “this hatred of Obama is clearly butt-hurt individuals who cannot stand having had a black man with a brown name in the White House.”

          Wow, progressive projection at its best, you people really are the most racist SOB’s on the planet!

    • Obama expanded gun rights ???? What have you been smoking ????
      Better not fill out a 4473 while you’re high.

      • Is M855 currently banned?

        You are allowed to carry in National Parks now, for one thing. He reversed the ban on carrying firearms on Amtrak, for another.

        I’m not saying he wanted to, but he did. Facts.

        • Did “he” reverse the ban, or did he reluctantly sign a bill that had that as an attachment to it?

        • Hellbilly; did Trump ban bump stocks, or was it merely his DOJ/ATF Director?

          End of day result is all that matters, not intentions. If electing anti-gun bumbling boobs ends up with us having less new gun laws & greater freedoms (massive expansion of carry rights under O as well, btw) than voting for supposed “pro-gun fighters” like Trump, than so be it. I’ve no loyalty to the man, nor any political party; the whole point is getting what you want, not supporting people you like. Maybe when the people we like start doing right by us & not pissing down our backs & calling it rain, we can support them.

          Not even Bush II was this bad; Trump’s on par with Reagan’s gun record so far, and I suspect will be gunning for Bubba’s before his second term is finished. I don’t think there’s enough gun rights left for him to fuck us as badly as Bush I, if that’s any consolation.

        • Brwnbt do you really think gun rights would be safer with a democrat sweep of the government? Come on. Maybe a dem president and a GOP Congress.

    • In what way did Obama “dxpand” gun rughts!? We were playing whack-a-mole throughout his administration constantly. They tried to ban M855, pass universal background checks, turn gunsmiths legally into gun manufacturers, etc….

  5. Does it really surprise anyone that Ex pResident Obowelmovement would lie as he has a proven record as such.
    “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance”, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”,the mans a regular Pinocchio.

    • Another truth for the people of the gun, the only reason you see a picture of Obama on TTAG is because gun sales are down and the profiteers need to get everyone scared again with the magic black man to raise sales. You are sheep who are easily manipulated out of your hard-earned shekels.

  6. WTH is he reacting to in that photo? Hillary flashing his press secretary, or something?

  7. Don’t call him our President. Her is not even in the Government any more! He was just the Squatter in our White House for 8 years. What he is doing today is treason!

    • Squatter you say? Actually, during his two terms Obama paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal taxes when he was a resident of the White House. Contrast that with President Trump, who brags about never having paid any taxes and has lost over $1 billion on his business investments. Mr. Trump isn’t paying his fair share and is he is the squatter in the White House, receiving free government housing on your dime.

      Does it make you feel funny in your tummy to know that you’ve been fooled?

      • How does it make your tummy feel knowing you are directly responsible for giving the BadOrangeMan the white house, miner? And you will be responsible for his second term. We need guys like you to get us riled enough to make the effort to fight.

        You’re doing a great job. Keep at it.

        • That’s actually very true. We need more liberal trolls to keep conservatives pissed off enough to remember them on Election Day.

      • But you still refuse to acknowledge the fact that Obama was not a squatter, he paid his taxes and paid his way. Mr. Trump is proud that he is not paying his fair share, if the troops need equipment that is not forthcoming you can thank the tax cheats like Mr. Trump who are putting the tax burden on the working people with his tax cut for the 1%.

  8. “While it would be illegal for a violent felon to buy a gun, it still might be possible for them to do so through a private online sale in some states.”

    And the more important thing to point out, is that this will not change by banning all *legal* online transactions, same as banning face-to-face does not prevent back-alley gun deals. As the saying goes, “evil lurks in the streets, but it is not the streets that are evil”

    • “While it would be illegal for me to go and stab bunch of strangers tomorrow morning, it still might be possible for me to do so.”

      If it was impossible, there would be no need to make it illegal.

  9. Well thanks to the $2500/yr I’ve been saving on my health insurance I’m actually in the market for a machine gun, so that worked out well for me…

  10. And Obama told this to an audience in Brazil which has highly restrictive gun laws of the kind he wants for the US and 6 times the murder rate.

  11. To prove he wasn’t lying, let me refer you to someone who said he wasn’t lying another time he was spewing BS…

  12. “Sorry Mr. President, But Your Lies About America’s Gun Laws Were, In Fact, Lies”

    He lied before he was elected, he lied while in office, and he’s still telling lies 2.5yrs out of office, like most, if not all, liberals/leftists just will continue to lie until the lies become truths, at least that’s what their logic seems to be…


  14. Liars continue to lie. The Lie of the Year award winner (you can keep your doctor) goes on an anti American riff in Brazil and is caught. So his paid assistant liar jumps in with another lie. By fully automatic he naturally meant semi automatic. By purchase over the internet, he meant buy illegally.

    If reality was so very bad, then Obama and his bootlickers wouldn’t have to lie about it.

    • “By fully automatic he naturally meant semi automatic.”

      Bald-faced *lie*. It was deliberate, an attempt to sway the stupid public so they could vote to ban all semi-autos…

  15. Obama is out of office and not going back in. Same with Shrillery. Now looking forward to the day, likely out in 2024, when Trump will be nothing more than a bad, stale, Cheeto memory. Of course the damage a politician does echoes long years beyond him, so there’s that problem still ahead of us.

    Above all else it is the partisanship I despise the most. It is anti-American and un-American for these two sides to be assaulting each other with constant lies, insults, exaggerations, distortions, hatred and threats.

    The two big political parties have broken this country. What’s worse is they both seem to be enjoying it.

    • “The two big political parties have broken this country.”

      Yes, but the reason Democrats can talk like that is the same reason Tech companies discriminate against anyone that doesn’t agree with the current left wing orthodoxy. The media that is supposed to stand up to the powerful, instead runs cover for them. The powerful (as long as you support left wing ideology) know they won’t have to face consequences for their actions.

      Case in point, Hillary. Not just real crimes, but REAL obstruction. Notice how she just pretends like that didn’t happen and talks about fake crimes and fake obstruction of her enemies, and the media just nods and agrees.

    • ” The two big political parties have ruined this country,” .It’s not two big political parties, there one of the same using false hopes of the vote, Are we learning anything yet?

  16. Nowadays, every time a Leftist smarts-off with some variant of “Trump lied!” I get right in their fuck face and tell them Trump gets a hard pass on *anything* he says because they never called out Obama on his lies. Lies so egregious, even the Leftist ‘PolitiFact’ made it the 2013 “Lie of the Year” :


    The *only* reason Obama didn’t get the gun control he would have liked to have gotten, is because he “Shot his wad” and used up all the political capital he had ramming that shit sandwich of a ‘health care law’ down out throats.

    And don’t even start with your “Obama expanded gun rights” shit, the only reason he did the few things he did, like carry in National Parks, was coldly political, so no one could throw in his face that he was against gun rights.

    Had Obama gotten what he really wanted in the long run, a ban on all semi-autos (AKA – “Australian-type Gun Control”), carry in National Parks would have been the price we paid for that scrap of freedom.

    Let’s run a quick thought experiment here – Hillary won, not The Donald –

    Scalia’s SCOTUS seat would have been filled with a hard ‘Progressive’ justice. Court balance, 5-4 ‘Progressive’.

    Kennedy retires, court balance, 6-3, hard ‘Progressive’. Truly the ‘danger zone’.

    Gun rights would have been set back a generation or more. Heller would have been overturned. Semi-auto gun bans, with no ‘grandfathering’, such as Feingold’s dream, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn em all in” would be ruled constitutional.

    We came *one inch* from a Stephen King horror by defeating Hillary. We bought a decade or so worth of time to attempt to cement gun rights. We had better not blow it…

    • Thank God we don’t have a progressive Supreme Court! It’s a possibility that Trump could nominate two more if he wins 2020. If you think the dems have already lost their mind, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    • . SCOTUS sounds like some kind of a disease to me. ” Oooh poor guy, he’s got scotus. “

    • Wow, you’re right; we were really close this time. Why, if Hillary had won, you might have been finally compelled to DO something! Thank God Trump’s got it all wrapped up for you, so no need to worry, no need to lift a finger…

  17. Put the prick Obummer & his whole administration in prison, Kerry, is doing the same thing as Barry, talking to foreign countries as if he’s somebody still in government. Killery for getting our men killed in Benghazi, Holder for Fast & Furious getting our men killed, etc. etc, his whole unamerican cabinet.
    Jail em all…!
    Oh, did I mention #44 was the worst president America EVER had?

  18. Too EZ…Odumbo & Micha er Moo-shell will soon able to propagandize on Spotify. Say what you want about Trump and his bans but Donnie ain’t getting richer after he leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.😩

  19. I am glad that the former President Obama is in Brazil, talking about gun rights. In fact, I encourage the former President to go on a never-ending world tour to talk about gun rights, excluding just one country. The United States of America.

    Note to U.S. Border Control: Don’t let the guy back in.

    • Demand his original Birth Certificate. No way the SOB has a valid “REAL ID” for TSA screening.

  20. He should be allowed back in when he goes elsewhere and bad mouths the country. The same for turkey necked Kerry.

    • He is until his bodyguards get the code word, * number nine, number nine, number nine”. Then it’s in the Jeep and off to the bone pile

  21. Yup; and it’s illegal to posses narcotics without a prescription. I know, we should require a prescription from your doctor for “private drug deals”. Maybe a background check too. Ensure they’re not going to hurt themselves.

  22. ““He was using ‘machine gun’ as a phrase that everybody understands, especially in a foreign country…”

    I imagine the spokesperson would be less charitable if Trump used a similar similar phrase that meant almost the opposite of reality because “everybody understands” it wrong.

    • “He meant miscarriage, not abortion” –that’s the equally-bad ‘mistaken speech’ analogy I always like to use

  23. All politicians tell lies and distortions and spin facts to their advantage. Anyone who emphasizes one side as being inherently worse than the other is wearing partisan blinders. The reality is that they all do good and bad things, make good and bad decisions, propose good and bad laws.

    No politician should go overseas and talk down about their country or their opposition. Obama should not do it, Trump should not do it. That’s not the place to be dealing with their dirty laundry or worse, arguing who’s undies have the greater stink.

    So right now both Trump and Obama are on the shit list for bad behaviors while overseas, bad mouthing fellow Americans to foreign populations.

    I say we fine both of them $10,000 at US Customs for Failure to Engage Brain Before Flapping Pie Hole.

    That should be an actual thing for current and former politicians. Imagine how much money we’d make towards paying down the national debt.

  24. Dear “Staff Writer”,

    No APOLOGY is needed. How about a big F U to Barry!

    Go back to Kenya!

  25. Barry O the Selfie King lied to us, so why shouldn’t he lie to the Brazilians too? I mean, you have to give the man high marks for consistency.

  26. Obama was a liar during his time as an elected official in Illinois, he was a liar as a U.S. Senator, he was a liar as President, and had remains a liar. Exactly who is supposed to actually believe that when he mistakenly?? mentioned machineguns, that he ment semiautomatic arms. He knows the difference, though some of the citizenry might not, thanks to the constant barrage of baloney that they are neck deep in, thanks to media propagandizing. You may call a pig an eagle, going so far as to take an oath to that effect. The creature, being a pig, will not fly.

  27. Maybe they will keep him in Brazil and with a little luck Bill and Hillary will join him there. They can ban their guns and do away with their borders and leave America alone.

  28. “Schultz said the Obama used the term “machine gun,” which are fully automatic weapons, when he meant semi-automatic weapons that are currently legal to purchase in the United States, such as AR-15 rifles.”

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard this week. Which is really saying something because I hang out on Reddit sometimes.

  29. I want to know if Obama has an American passport, because I believe he does not, but that he has an Indonesian one.
    BUT, the next time Obama leaves America or any territory or possession cancel his passport (if he has one) and let him stay wherever, but not in America!

  30. “anybody can buy any weapon, any time … without much, if any, regulation,”
    Just as the founders intended

  31. Hmm, if a soldier told to emplace a machine gun at a certain point instead positions a semi automatic rifle, would he pass the exercise or be recycled?

    If you indicated to a robot that it held a machine gun when it actually held an a semiautomatic rifle and programmed it to fire the weapon empty, would it succeed?

    If one were to sell a semiautomatic rifle marketed as a machine gun, would one lose the civil suit that followed?

    If one possesses a machine gun but refers to it as a semi auto rifle, is that individual still subject to the NFA?

    If a government commissioned a fighter plane equipped with machine guns, would they accept delivery of said aircraft equipped with semi auto rifles?

    If your unit armorer affixed a semi auto rifle in place of the coaxial machine gun in your tank would the officers in charge declare it good enough?

    Words have meanings. It is by agreeing upon these meanings we are able to communicate. Left unchecked, unilateral changes to the meaning of words results in misunderstandings and failure to communicate.

    Does anyone understand “machine gun” to mean “semi automatic rifle” and/or vice versa?

  32. Yeah Obama has totally lied. However, in the game of LIARS, he is an amateur compared to the orange ass-clown in the White House. The Trumpster tells more lies than children on the playground. At least under Obama I never worried about gun rights. (Delusional to think they were gonna really change just because he was President.) President Clown shoes banned bump stocks. Not just fucked up for gun owners but anyone! He just banned something that was a piece of plastic! AND GOT AWAY WITH IT!! What the fuck do you think’s going to happen when an Xtreme Lefty Democrat gets in office?! (Spare me shit about Trump playing a long game, yeah right. The fucking moron can’t even read. He’s a terrible businessman. He pays no taxes he’s a fucking burden on all of us taxpayers. But you guys keep sucking his dick because he says he’s not a Democrat. Smart.

    • Poor Gimp, err I mean Imp,

      Trump must have really pounded you hard for you to be this butt hurt!

  33. Why are we talking about something the former President said, and not talking about stuff the CURRENT President is talking about… banning Silencers?

    Obama: Made it legal to CCW in National Parks

    Trump: Banned bumpstocks, has now said he’s going to look into Suppressors too…

    But the Trumpsuckers will just roll over… “But 4d chess!” “tread harder daddy!”

  34. Well it shows what we had in the white house and the kicker someone let him have a 2nd term, now that was smart. To put a common senseless person in a office of power. Who doesn’t know anything about reality to him all guns are machine guns even a single shot pistol, he has no idea a machine gun is a fully automatic weapon, not a semi pistol or rifle for they are consided hunting and sporting guns and are unable to rapidly fire 100s of rounds per minute unlike the machine gun.

    • “Not anymore, thank God.”

      Ummmm, how exactly does that work? Did I somehow miss a major piece of news today? I don’t like the guy for the precedent he’s setting with bumpstocks and anxiety he raises over my NFA collection but last I checked he’s still President Trump.

      • Balls, only seconds after it posting it dawns on me that you’re referencing 44. Couldn’t agree more on that one.

  35. If it comes from a DemoRat…….It’s a lie……It’s all about POWER…They cannot hold it, if America is Armed.

  36. Did Barry meet with the new President fo Brazil (who reportedly is working to relaxing gun laws for lawful citizens). And did he bow to Pres. Bolsonaro?

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