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I saw the photo on this one and thought, “Who carries a box of ammo with them everyday?”

Then I saw the title.  “Outdoor Range Day.”  Brought to us by Mr. Montana Chet the chef.

He’s out with this GLOCK 27, his Victorinox Pioneer pocket knife, Streamlight Protac 1L (I see those a lot in these EDCs, those and the Olight Mini-Baton lights) and a Benchmade CLA Automatic knife.

Seems like a nice start for a day at the range.


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  1. I’m a big fan of the Victorinox. I usually limit my j frame to one box of ammo per trip. Then I switch up to something that doesn’t bite as hard. Getting old ain’t easy.

    • “Getting old ain’t easy.”

      Preach it.

      On the upside, it’s all downhill from here on out, so it should be less tiring… 😉

      • About the get’n Old part. Never minded get’n Old. Better than the alternative. Dying young. Besides it’s been one Hell of Ride. Now that I’m get’n Old I give a shit less and enjoy life more.

      • Just wait until gene therapy makes you younger and you have to go through all that shit again backwards.

        The upside on that round will be things getting easier.

        • I have been thinking that was coming ‘in about 10 years’ for 40 years now. Kinda like fusion power that is always 50 years away. I now very much doubt it will come in time for those of us over 50.

  2. Where’s the spare mag? Before anyone starts shouting he’s only on the range. If I recall Platt and Maddox acquired their get away vehicles from victims they murdered in the Evergladeswhile target shooting. More recently two deputies were murdered on a range in Oakaloossa, County a little west of me in the panhandle. Ed Spooner was the appointed acting sheriff at the time. Know him well. Worked with him for years. Never let down your guard.

    • Far Right of the picture. Sorta blends in. Agree on the never let your guard down. Especially at the range. Lots of “civilians” at the range playing with guns. Seen some Damn Dangerous Shit in my many years.

    • The deputies killed in Okaloosa were unable to reload due to be shot in the arms.

      One had tased the killer and they weren’t ready when he drew and fired immediately after the taser was stopped.

        • Specialist you’re right about everything you said. However, who wants to be killed for lack of a reload? Especially, when it’s no more trouble to carry one than a folder.

        • I agree. Just pointing out they had reloads but no backup gun they could draw. May not have been able to anyway.

          Unfortunately, they seemed to have lulled into thinking the taser was king but the murderer took the jolt and killed them.

          Sad…but a lesson to be learned….be ready formthings to go wrong.

  3. I was outdoor shooting way in the back woods and had a vehicle roll up. I plowed the first tracks through the snow and this idiot spun tires for about 15 min in an Expedition, screwed up my tracks, and the whole time I just waited for them to pull up and get out wondering wtf they were gonna do up there. They got out, a man and his woman, walked about 10 feet on the path that was covered in 3 feet of snow still, and realized they were not equipped for anything that far back, then left. The whole time I was at the back door of my truck reloading mags with my AR ready to rock because I had no idea what they were doing up there in the first place. When they first pulled up, I was just walking back to my truck and they saw me OWB and carrying my AR, so they should have just left, but they didn’t. They trotted around for 5 minutes down the direction my targets were, which I know they saw immediately, then left. I watched them the whole time they were there, and while they were leaving the Expedition almost got stuck and pushed off the giant cliff because of the snow bank. Idiots… Even if they wanted to shoot, I would have left. I was about 20 miles out and a hundred yards off the trail, but still able to hear and see everything. Other than that, never had a run in while shooting. But this was very recent and struck me as odd.

  4. I carry a CLA myself and the bit bigger Protac 2L. Started with the 1L though, that’s a very small, capable light! I gave it to my brother who is a health and safety inspector for the county, says he uses it everyday when he’s doing inspections.

    • Thanks for mentioning the ProTac 2L. I may consider it after my last Olight handheld. My go to is still the 1L-1AA with an Olight RCR123A with a micro USB charging port (easy to keep the batt level topped off). The 1L-1AA gets warm to the touch but can take a lot of abuse. The distance light thrown is decent and has the right amount of spillage pattern.

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