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Georgia Representative Lucy McBath called upon gun rights advocates to “stand up for a gun-free society.”  Her comment came in an amateurish press conference held outside Congress as she introduced a federal “red flag” bill that would allow government to strip gun Americans’ rights without due process.

Because gun-free zones work so well at stopping spree killings, right?

Courtesy Oleg Volk. Used with permission.


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  1. A world without guns would be ruled by large oversized thugs and mobs of undersized thugs. Non-thugs would be reduced to serfdom and slavery. Mass murders of the meek would be daily events. Thanks, but, NO THANKS.

    • Yup. The world would be ruled by those who were smart enough not to give up their guns. That always means government and criminals, although there’s a distinction without much difference.

        • Welcome to the world without humans. However most all species survive natural extinction. The above comments seem to imply that legal gunm owners are the weaker of the equation, that doesn’t have to be the case. A battalion of sword wielding grannies in hi speed wheel chairs pulled by fast cats would be quite formidable, throw in a meat cleaver here and there and battle for the biscuits won

    • American gun owners, NOW HEAR THIS. If no Biblical reference to their just cause, Hint there is None, Then do not Listen. They always come up with Flawed facts of the matter, the PC left-wing Socialist Radical left like to coin, especially the radical in the mainstream cable adn Internet Social media Fake news. And we know this is just Fascist Commie propaganda Brainwashing, a continuum of Obama and Hilda Beast Clintons evil Work.

      “MOLON LABE ” is Our Battle Cry !!!!!!!! BRING IT F’king ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance last night. Stewart’s character felt the law was more important than the gun, which I think most would agree with, but he also felt that law was more powerful than the gun, which may require a more nuanced thought experiment. But there will always be those who do evil, and only the threat of violence served quickly has the chance deter such evil. Instead of serving justice quickly, these evil politicians want to serve the part of the punishment quickly and give due process to determine whether a punishment is needed at all after the long drawn out process that is our legal system.

    • They also want to exempt “their” people from the process altogether. They plainly & simply do not support the rule of law. They are outlaws chomping at the bit to become dictators.

    • Law is only more powerful than the gun so long as enough men with guns believe that.

        • Along with everyone else. All civilization is underwritten with violence (or threat of) it’s more how many degrees of separation we employ before we bring out the battle-ax

    • Ah, Due process. How do these people sleep at night swearing on a Bible take the OATH that I swore Serving this country and has not expired? We have more rights to carry and own any gun We want to, more than any Cop Sheriff or Federal Agents!
      We pay the bill. This is a mindset that needs to be preached now.

      Only God giveth and taketh away our Rights, not Man who disobeys God and comes up with SATANIC, Dictatorship Romanous Laws.

      Trump caving into a gun control advocete a turncoat and the NRA is slient? To watch Mr.Trump sit in front of Piers Morgan who Americans love to hate when it comes to our Bill of Rights Bothered me. Bump Stocks are not banned Why because the Congress is the legislators via the States by We The People who vote. Except in Blue States were the sheeple live who do not balk at the Lawmakers who will not bring the Rights to a Vote. An Article V Con was asked for and we said hell no. under Obama. We had more gun rights under Obama than Trump who lied at the NRA Conventions he has attended.

      Self Gratification is now getting old. The ATF is moot on the ban anyway. because there are 4 Lawsuits pending. Until Trumps get all of his Judicial Appts in NASTY P will keep blocking Trump with FAUX Accusations. The Only Hope I See is Trump is sacrificing his integrity and the Joke will be on the Libtard left when he vetoes any Red flag Laws and tells all the Left-wingers in Law Enforcement That I realized my mistake in banning a gun accessory admin I will veto any Gun ban laws from here on out and repeal the NFA and open up Reciprocity Across America and E Verify will not be a tool to control our lives..

      Without a ballot easure from the States first, the Red flag bill is Null and Void. like CA Gun laws are Unconstitutional.Eric Swallows well is a Faggot Communist Period.

      This stupidity Will be challenged in Courts.CA Started this evil law under KAMALA HARRIS. The Illegal Voting system under the DNC needs to be purged. The Only
      way out is a Third; party system or we will be Killing to stay alive.

      We truly have Insanity in left-wing Socialist Party who took over the DNC.

  3. Yup, another strident nobody who thinks the time is tight to push their ultimate agenda! Be interesting to see if she recently had a little bump in her bank account from someone in N.Y. or D.C.

  4. Those that seek to undermine, usurp, impede, ignore or erase our Constitutional rights should face the most severe criminal penalties, up to and including death. For those that are so interested in passing new legislation, work on codifying that. Otherwise, there’s only one legitimate way to amend that document, and it’s not through legislation.
    Red flag laws are an abomination because of how many Constitutional rights are infringed upon during the process, including those of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 14th and of course the 2nd Amendment.

    • A lot of Republicans are now deciding to join with Democrats to get rid of the U.S. Constitution. Including Texas Republicans.

  5. I got called a fascist the other day by a coworker because I said I support due process. Honk. Honk.

    • It’s crazy, right? I had a conversation recently with someone about “hate speech” laws. No matter how much I explained the purpose of the 1st Amendment, it didn’t get through. At the end, the only thing they believed is that I didn’t support hate speech laws because I must be a hateful person. Smh.

      • I recently got through with something like this:

        “Me? Oh, I’m all for hate speech. I’d rather have it in out in the open, so we know what people think. They’ll act on it anyway, when they think they can get away with it, so…”

        There was, as I recall, an interesting mix of stunned silence and sputtering indignation. I maybe shouldn’t have followed up:

        “What? I’m horrible and you hate me? Good to know.”

        I didn’t actually convince them, but I did get through, and several observers were amused. (Winning!)

        • What someone we know doesn’t fit in our groupthink? Burn the witch! Something along those lines?

          Cut ties with a lot of people from that formula over the years and I have noticed a growing lack of critical thinking in what posts and rants are sent my way. ….. Oddly Facebook still suggests them as friend requests as well as their crazier contacts. Social credit report incomming.

        • “Social credit report incoming. Why not, it’s all the rage in CHINA….”

          Wanna place a bet that there is a check mark somewhere in that massive pile of data Facebook has on every American if they think you support gun rights?

          I have heard that even if you have never signed up for Facebook, that they still have a file on you they regularly update as they learn more things about you… Comrade.

        • That’s not just Facebook. That’s your entire internet history. Stay safe. Cover your tracks.

      • What if you told them that black people should be free to speak honestly about white people? Would telling them restrictions on speech can be used against minorities by white people to suppress them from exposing bad white people?

        They’re not going to support taking away black people’s right to speech are they? How about Jewish people? Native Americans? Are their laws going to only be for white males?

    • Nobody was calling the print shop guys amateurs, those guys have their game on fleek.

  6. If Trump wasn’t an anti-gun tool, he’d start a trend with his supporters wearing red MAGA T-shirts…

    • Okay so I’m older and I like to take to take a nap now and then, mostly because I’m up all night, just can’t sleep when it’s dark out.. Anyway since you seem to be the AUTHORITY on everything Trump and his ANTI-GUN agenda please enlighten me since I surely must have missed something.. “Bump stocks?” do (did) you own one? That is the most useless piece of crap ever devised by man to be stuck on a gun and for what? to shoot up boxes of ammo til your barrel warps (or melts) from the heat while you kill nothing but air… It’s an Executive order, unlike actual legislation it only takes the next guy the stroke of a pen to make it go away… Did you know that Trump stopped Obamas regulation requiring the Social Security Administration to supplement the federal firearms background check system with information about individuals who received Social Security benefits for mental illnesses? So, what else has left wing, anti-gun Trump actually done to “infringe” on gun owners rights.. He’s appointed two conservative judges to the Supreme Court changing the balance of the court and replaced hundreds of liberal Federal Judges around the country. Since he’s been in office i have purchased several rifles (all of the sinister black scary looking type) three handguns, several stripped lowers, stripped uppers, extra barrels and build kits and one legal suppressor, not to mention several thousand rounds of ammo and got my CCL renewed online in less than 10 days.. I still do the range once a week and I have not experienced any overly burdensome paperwork or delays in applying for or receiving approval of background checks and I can still take my new pistol home the same day as a concealed carry permit holder. Just because Trump tossed out some low hanging fruit to the gun grabbers (I honestly did not find “bump stocks” in 2A) after a bunch of kids were slaughtered at school does not make him a “back stabber” he has enough to deal with between Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Maxine and all the RINOS and deep state assholes trying to either impeach him and/or undermine everything he tries to do to make life better for average Americans to worry about a few butt hurt people that think a gun is a TOY to impress their friends with… This congress person is blowing smoke, seeking attention the quickest and easiest way she knows how (ever hear of her before this article?) She is a prime example of “exercise in futility” and after this will never be heard from again..

      • What you or I consider “useful” has nothing to do with rights. I have the RIGHT under the Constitution to keep and bear an F-15 fighter, and people HAVE owned military fighter aircraft before. I consider that a useless waste of money, and I consider a bumpstock a useless waste of money. But you have the right to own one of either under 2A. Your overlong diatribe is nonsense, and while I strongly support Trump overall, he has been a disappointment insofar as 2A is concerned.

        • My “diatribe” was necessary to make my Constitutionally guaranteed right to make my point. You say my point is nonsense (typical leftist crap) yet use a multi million dollar fighter jet as YOUR example… My point is that all Trump did was throw a glass of water on a house fire. Wait til you see the bullshit laws that come out of the house (in between impeachment hearings) over the next 19 months and how many actually make it to law….

        • “…and people HAVE owned military fighter aircraft before.”

          And still do. With fully-functional military weapons installed.

          A few years back, TTAG had an article about a guy in Texas (I think) who owns a flight-worthy P-51 who got himself an SOT license and restored the full compliment of *6* (yes, SIX) fifty-cal machine guns. There was even video of them ‘converging’ the aim point (the point where all six MGs focused on one spot).

          It was *impressive*. I really hope that guy gets some video of him doing some hog-hunting with it…

          Found it! –

        • Wow, an honest, logical, nuanced response; Larry, you are a rare bird, indeed. I’m mostly happy/ambivalent with Trump’s other activities beyond gun stuff…but I don’t care about that stuff nearly as much; ergo my dissatisfaction. And honestly, even the stuff beyond guns (trade, border, economy, foreign relations) I feel like Trump’s wasted a good 2/3 of his first term dicking around with this Russiagate nonsense as a distraction from his inability to accomplish much of anything (which everyone who was paying attention knew would happen when you elect a guy who pisses off everyone around him)

        • Larry TX You are more of a Texan Than me not being from CA and I bet you are a left-wing Idiot from Commiefornia, or one of its affiliates in the tax stealing blue states. Like on IL, MA, CT, NY, MI, OR, and now WA. Libtardisim is truly a mental disorder, and to think a Fed bill is going to pass.CA Is Null and void and any cop who enforces the Illegal Laws is a dead man walking. WA STATE Sheriffs are not enforcing the States Illegal Red flag law nows as are the CO Sheriffs who ahve the Imbiquatus power over any Federal Agent. There are still YOUTUBE Videos how Bump stock works. If you ever handled and operated an M 16 or Saw 249 or an Uzi or Mac 10 or Mp 5 you will not any difference It takes a strong grip to handle a machine gun and a combination of coordination and strength to operate a bump stock I own one and I have three Binary Lowers on my AR 15 Rifles I have an unessasarry NFA stamps on my SUPPRESSORS and an SBR too.

          America must support and watch the case impending.”The Levoy Finicums Family Law Suits OR Standoff are suing The OR State Patrol adn FBI and all agents involved including the state of OR.

      • “He’s appointed two conservative judges to the Supreme Court changing the balance of the court…”

        The jury is still out (so to speak) on the level of 2A support by Kav and Gorsuch at this point. We’ll know more next June (probably?) on the NY Pistol decision…

        • We’ll also know on Monday, when Kettler is or isn’t granted cert. The case is about whether silencers aren’t protected by the second amendment, as the circuit court held; pretty basic, bedrock stuff, the sort of thing that a now nominally pro-gun (or at least pro-constitution) court would be anxious to overturn. If cans are protected, so are handguards, muzzle devices, muzzle threads, normal stocks, thumbhole stocks, bump stocks, magazines over seven/nine/ten/fifteen rounds, scopes, binary triggers, and DIAS.

          Yeah, I know; there’s no way in hell they’ll take up the case…thank goodness we got all those pro-gun justices despite all the new federal gun control we need them to overturn.

        • If they follow the Constitution and the rule of law, there would be no balance of the court because all would follow the Constitution.

      • “Hey I don’t care if the president has said to the media multiple times he would violate our rights, he appointed conservatives to protect our rights!”

      • ““Bump stocks?” do (did) you own one? That is the most useless piece of crap ever devised by man…”

        Annnnd you’re an anti-gun tool as well. Good day, McFudd.

        • And you are the epitome of the consummate left wing TROLL I’ve gone through more rounds through guns than you have minutes on this earth, I have taken human lives WITH GUNS and I don’t even know what the fuck a McFUDD is but it sounds like something that your leader Brother Saul Alinsky would have come up with if his Commie ass was alive today.. You people are all alike if you don’t have a valid argument or the intelligence to at least mount a sensible argument you just revert to the old schoolyard “is not, is too, is not, is too, You are, am not, uh huh, uh uh… grow up get a spine get past your left wing ideology that shows every time you post something… However if you want to believe that I am anti-gun then either you can’t read, do not comprehend what you read or English is just not your forte… And I don’t expect someone like you to understand what Trump is trying to do… BooooHooooHooooo the mean man won’t let you play with your stupid toy.. While you are trying to unjam your bump stock equipped AR or replacing an overheated barrel I’m shooting and enjoying my guns the way they were intended and my lighter pull single stage triggers allow me to fire as fast as I accurately need too.. It’s a lot better to hit your intended victim than to just scare the shit out of them…. Now you can say “Good Day”

      • Your comment makes no sense. Stupid people are enamored by bright colors associated with strong emotions, though; is that what you meant to say?

        If Trump supporters started making ‘red shirts’ a thing, Moms would absolutely have to find another color/gimmick to mass produce & astroturf all over the place. I think that alone makes it a worthy endeavor.

  7. I don’t understand why red flags should be banned from having guns. They have a right to flutter just like every other color flag.

    • {Red flags}

      “They have a right to flutter just like every other color flag.”

      Think of the poor Spanish bulls. It ‘triggers’ them… 😉


  8. This is America. Flags have a right to defend themselves if attacked, stomped, or burned. Flag lives matter!

    • “Flags have a right to defend themselves if attacked, stomped, or burned.”

      I fully support the burning of American flags (provided they are drenched in gasoline and wrapped around a Leftist or Antifa thug when ignited)… 🙂

      • That a little extreme. I don’t much care for the small of burnt chicken feathers, how about just suffocate them with the flag? Besides gas and nylon kinda ruins the taste of the barbeque .

      • Necklacing? What are you, some kind of violent revolutionary African Maoist held up as a paragon of virtue by idiotic western liberals?

  9. Since when do STATE congress-people write FEDERAL legislation.. Sounds like this one could possibly be the 1st victim of (her?) own bill..

  10. “Red Flag Laws” affecting Second Amendment Rights are a gateway infringement that will open the way to the acceptance of the “Government” dictating what the People can and cannot think/say/do without risk of punishment, without due process and without the benefit of the presumption of innocence.

  11. I don’t see how a national law to seize property without due process would fit under the commerce clause.

      • Some days I can’t help but wonder where we’d be today if some patriot had offed FDR during that period. Surely no better off & likely far worse, but I still wonder what would have happened if that man had gotten what he deserved.

      • There are a couple discrepancies between the two. First FDR’s gold seizure was an executive order, not an act of congress. Also I believe you were allowed to keep up to 5 ounces (per family member?) and ‘collectors’ could keep their gold coins. I’d like to see one of these red flag laws that stipulates the victim gets to keep 5 of his guns and any guns that are ‘collectible’. Then the federal government compensated people at the rate of $20/ounce that had been the value the dollar had been tied to from the start, however once the gold was seized FDR waved his magic wand and changed the price of gold to $35/ounce, instantly devaluing the currency they bought the gold with by 43%.

        Still probably not as egregious as the internment camps, and unconstitutional on fewer levels than a red flag law that blatantly violates the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments, AND even if it didn’t violate those individual rights is still something that the Constitution does not grant the federal government any authority to do.

  12. Show me where the bad, red flag touched you. Sorry, thet’s evil black rifle. I get confused.

  13. Stand up for an unencumbered Second Amendment, the way it was originally intended.

  14. Doesn’t making laws based on the color of the flag violate equal protection?

  15. It’ll protect people. Some flags are bullet proof, just like protection orders n those “gun free zone” signs.

  16. Miss Representative, there ought to be careful. Didn’t Crowder just get tube-banned for saying “flags?”

    • Crowder, Shapiro and the CEO of Youtube are on the same side. They don’t have to worry because they work for a common cause and get the rest of us in trouble on purpose.

      Crowder and Jones act out so white people can get blamed and attacked. They create problems for the corporations/government to “fix.” They’re baiting us.

  17. Maine may have an acceptable approach. During a psych hold a person is evaluated for lethality, then brought before a judge. After these are done, the judge may call for temporary holding of firearms.
    People get help and a day in court, and a judge decides about putting the weapons in a safe place.

    • “What were the charges again?! I’m a little foggy? Why am I here? I am I under arrest, am I being detained!? Where’s my lawyer?! 5th Amendment, i have nothing to say to ANYONE! Go talk to my lawyer!”

      • Americans wanted to Gitmo those Muslims… Now they too will get Gitmo’d by their own people.

        • Yup. Just wait until a wall is built and the border is hermetically sealed. You won’t be able to leave this mutherfucker; East Berlin, North Korea style.

    • “I’m being detained for what?!? Hu-Hu-Hate Speech!?!? I said what on the internet?! How would you know!!? I’m NOT going to tell ANYONE what my political affiliation is!?!? I am i an NRA member, or Pro2@ supporter?!!? I’m NOT telling you people ANYTHING?!?
      (DNC/SJW: The Minstery of Diversity and Inclusion…Held for hate speech: Trump Supporter…TTAG/NRA member: “Red Flagged.”)
      That’s the future these people are being…NWO!

    • I can get along with an established process which allows the individual to face his accusers in a court of law and dispute the allegations against him in an open hearing. Sounds like that is what you are describing, so they will probably have to rewrite it to achieve true illegality.

    • What do you suppose the over/under on the the disarmament order being given less than 90% of the time? You know, the judge will be held accountable by the public if the person does something bad with that gun…and that’s why you don’t put that decision in the hands of a judge, not without presenting a bunch of compelling evidence which is what due process actually is.

  18. I’ve seen movies depicting historically her Progressive Left’s utopia
    where only the police and government have guns…….
    -Schindler’s List -Hotel Rowanda
    -The Killing Fields -Anne Frank’s Diary

  19. Under Bill Clinton, women got to strip men of their firearms rights. Now, certain women (meaning certain radicals and lesbians) are hungry for more power and influence.

    They’re called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS and are quite easily made permanent in some states.

    These are the original red flag gun laws that have been around since the 1990s and are completely out of control in many states.

  20. This is “Authoritarianism” plain and simple!
    Excerpt from a Revolution begins:

    The first shots were fired just after dawn in Lexington, Massachusetts the morning of the 19th, the “Shot Heard Round the World.” The colonial militia, a band of 500 men, were outnumbered and initially forced to retreat. The British army was able to press forward to Concord, where they searched for the supplies, only to come up empty handed.

    While the British were searching, the American militia was able to reform, and they met the enemy at the North Bridge in Concord, and they were successful this time in driving the British back. As more American reinforcements arrived, they forced the British army south to Boston, and the militias blockaded the narrow land accesses to Charlestown and Boston, starting the Siege of Boston.

    The American War for Independence was now in full swing.

  21. (For Your “RED FLAG!”)


    The Shot Heard Round the World:

    The Battles of Lexington and Concord
    “Concord Hymn” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Shot heard round the world – Concord Hymn
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
    Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
    Here once the embattled farmers stood,
    And fired the shot heard round the world.
    The foe long since in silence slept;
    Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
    And Time the ruined bridge has swept
    Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.
    On this green bank, by this soft stream,
    We set to-day a votive stone;
    That memory may their deed redeem,
    When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
    Spirit, that made those heroes dare
    To die, and leave their children free,
    Bid Time and Nature gently spare
    The shaft we raise to them and thee.

  22. This woman should be immediately drummed out of office! ( Preferably, Tarred and Feathered like the old days! At least there was consequences for how they represented their constituents and held the oath protect the Constitution United States of America!)

    • Americans have no honor. They do not care if they shame their family name and betray their countrymen. They care about government power and money. That is modern American culture. It’s self destructive…

      The lack of Christianity amongst white people has also contributed to this bad behavior and mindset. The white adults ignore it and the white kids deplore it.

    • A few days ago it was announced that only 530 semiautos have been turned in in NZ out of a total of 250,000 thought to be in private hands. If true, there’s hope for the Kiwis.

      Their anorexic PM may have to order her police to start knocking on doors, knowing that there will be angry AR-15 owners on the other side.

      She’s already imposed a news & internet blackout so no news doesn’t mean nothing’s going down.

  23. If she is so frigging stupid she thinks guns can be eliminated what the hell is she doing in political office? And stupid enough to trust Washington bureaucrats not to exceed their authority or smart enough to do their jobs? I will bet there are a few million Venezuelans who tell her to cross the river Styx and meet Chavez.

    • In some ways Republicans trust government more than Democrats.If they didn’t support/trust the Bushs and Reagan we would be in a much better place right now. Instead “conservatives” hand over more power to the Democrats to be used against the people.

      • And from 2009 to 2011 those same Democrats handed over Congressional power to Obama and the Congress became nothing more than a mouthpiece for Obama til 2017 yeah even the Republicans were afraid of that asshole.

  24. The Fraternal Order of Police and Sandy Hook Promise (amongst many other anti 2nd Amendment groups) support the TAPS act. This act is a Minority Report power expansion to “stop” mass shootings before they occur. Both Republicans and Democrats are supporting the bill to give “law enforcement” more powers to pre-crime people that are considered a danger.

    “No one in our country should have to live in fear especially in schools, universities, workplaces and places of worship. The TAPS act is a way to stop such violent attacks in their tracks.” –Dan Crenshaw

    • Good to know, I would’ve thought Crenshaw might have been a little more clear thinking.

  25. To hell with Red Flag laws, let’s go with a Black Flag law. Uncle Henry got a gunm and said hed like to kill aunt Betty, phone call, terminated, no more Uncle Henry or his gunm threats

  26. How exactly would a “national” red flag law work? The Federal Government creates Federal laws and is responsible for enforcing them. Who’s going to enforce a national red flag law? The FBI? ATF? State and local law enforcement agencies can only enforce the laws of their respective states, not Federal laws.

    • The point is to get as many people barred from lawful purchases via NICS as possible; this has been a primary goal for some time, now. It’s why Obama tried to get old geezers put on the list, it’s why Trump wanted any DHS, FBI, state official, or beat cop to be able to add someone to the terror watch list & ban them, it’s why the libs are so insistent on this ‘boyfriend loophole’ nonsense. A federal red flag law would put into the place the machinery for anyone to demand anyone else be disarmed at any time, the obvious implication being that everyone ends up disarmed. Just like the current system of forbidden possessors, they’ll start out small & with the most egregious persons, and steadily expand the list to the point that any interaction with the justice system at all warrants disarmament for life.

    • State “law enforcement” do regularly enforce federal laws. The constitution itself is federal law. They pick and choose what to enforce especially the Sheriff’s office.

      Law enforcement [described to be federal agents] raiding state legal California raw milk sellers:

      • If there is a law in the United States Code or Code of Federal Regulations, but that same law doesn’t exist in a state’s penal code, then the state and local agencies cannot enforce it. They would have no authority to arrest a person for a violation of a Federal law, any more than an FBI Agent could arrest someone for DWI. Now, say a State Trooper pulls someone over for DWI and finds an egregious violation of a Federal law. They could certainly contact a Federal agency to come interview the subject to see if prosecution could be applicable.

        Neither reply answers my question, but that’s ok, because I don’t think the politicians have an answer, either. For a Federal Red Flag order to occur, a Federal Judge would have to sign off on it, and Federal law enforcement would have to enforce it, as a Federal judge has no authority to dictate what state and local law enforcement does, any more than a city court judge could order the ATF to arrest somebody.

        • They work together. When the federal agents want to enforce a federal law in a state, even if there is contradictory laws, the agents will try to join together with the local enforcement to enforce the law. The agents will be the ones that take the person into custody and charge them, but the locals will help make the arrest.

          You see this happen with federal gun “crimes.” The FBI and ATF will come into town and ask the local department to help them arrest a suspect. Those cops then agree to help out the federal agents. They all come up with a plan and raid the home. The Sheriff can disagree with the enforcement and kick the agents out of the state, as seen with the Bundy Ranch standoff.

          So federal law can apply in the state if the state law enforcement want it to. States most of the time do not mind agents coming into their jurisdiction and taking over. You can see the FBI take over many local investigations, like done in Las Vegas for the Mandalay Bay shooting and Austin for the bombings.

          State law is enforced on non residents even if they are simply traveling. There is no protections if you stop for an extended period, you must keep moving through or you will be subject to charges. Which is why people want so called carry reciprocity federally.

          To put it simply: the jurisdictions have become one, the necessary agents do the arresting, then it’s handed off to the proper court.

  27. “Georgia Representative Lucy McBath called upon gun rights advocates to “stand up for a gun-free society.””

    When push come to shove, we’ll see who has more resolve, those without guns, or those with…

  28. Mad Max has got it all figured out, PAY ATTENTION, HEED HIS WORDS. I agree with you 200%.

  29. McBath will lose in the next election. She shocked herself, and a lot of others, by winning in 2018. Before then, she could do some damage, but only as a vote. She lost a son to black on black violence, which she calls gun violence.

    • Yeah, if she called it black on black undoubtedly with an illegal gun and gun owner, she’d probably lose her race card and membership in the DNC!

  30. It is time for the American Militia.
    Commies,socialists,militarized police are trying to ruin America.There is still time to stop the left from ruling over us.
    Red flag is unconstitutional and dangerous.
    Red flag same as red coats.When red coats tried to seize weapons,they were shot.

  31. This woman is a joke. I failed to understand how GA voters elected her in the first place

  32. Anti-gun laws are for one purpose, so the government can have complete control over the masses. They only need to convince the feeble minded that it is for your own good and that you do not need self-defense as they will provide it for you. Along with your job, your house and your food. In other words, you will be enslaved by them and totally reliant on the government. Every dictatorship and Socialist government relies on this. Apathy can easily take us there and we do now have a heavy dose of apathy.

  33. We need a federal “red flag” bill that would allow THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to strip gun-grabbing politicians’ rights without due process, and ship them TO GITMO.

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