I figure that right about now, most of the United States is sitting on their backside wondering how exactly they crammed that much turkey into their mouths without a plunger. So while you’re sitting motionless on the couch digesting your dinner, here’s something to stare at: some slow motion video. I’ve been playing around with my GoPro Hero2, and 120 FPS is pretty good for capturing things like this “worst case scenario” test of a Gen M3 PMAG (dirty mag, dirty gun and silencer). But I want more — the Hero 3 has 240 FPS. Needless to say I’ve already hit up my firearms sugar daddy to see if he’ll buy me one for Christmas. One more quickie after the break…


  1. How close did you have your camera? I did a little vid work of my pistol shooting (and thereby found a couple of things to correct about my shooting) with the camera @ aprox 10′-12′.

    Very useful for self-evaluation.

  2. The AR is dangerously close to stoppage in many of the shots. Watch close on the video and see that many rounds are just barely clearing the returning bolt. This is definately poor ejection. The firearm is very close to stovepipe way too often. I think the most likely cause would be weak extractor spring. More info about the arm and ammo could clear this up. What round is running in there? Is that a .300 BO or the .223? Looks like .223 but hard to tell with them flyin’ around. Does it have the new style extractor spring with the black insert or the old spring with blue insert? Install the extractor o-ring and video again to see if this clears up.


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