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And here is the main event; His Governorship Mitt (give the dog some air) Romney. He is making all the right noises, talking about “freedom” and how, if he’s elected he will use the Constitution as his guide and the Declaration of Independence as his compass.

Hey, Mitt, the Constitution? It’s not a guide, it is the law of the land! No word yet from him about the Second Amendment or what unconstitutional gun laws he will work to repeal. Although Wayne brought up Fast & Furious, nothing from Mitt about gunwalking, hundreds of dead Mexicans, Brian Terry or Jaime Zapata.

Blathering still about economic freedom and religious freedom, and how, if elected he will repeal ObamaCare. You know, the gov’t healthcare program based on RomneyCare?

He’s mentioning the 10th Amendment and how it reserves for the citizens the rights that it doesn’t grant government. Hunh? Since when does government have rights?

. . . oh, wait, he’s talking about the Second Amendment . . . that it’s language is so plain that even liberals can’t attack it directly. Nothing about the fact that this is a G-d given, individual, civil and human right. So, Mitt, what about that Assault Weapons ban you signed in Massachusetts? And the Clinton era AWB that you supported? Those are hunky-dory, right?

Oh, he did bring up Fast & Furious; nothing about Brian Terry or Jaime Zapata but he did thank the NRA for pushing the story and pushing for Holder’s resignation or termination (job termination; go away Secret Service). Hmm, I wonder what Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea think about that?

And now he’s saying that he’ll enforce existing laws and not pass new ones to burden lawful gun-owners. So I guess all those existing laws don’t burden us? All those infringements on that which shall not be infringed are again, hunky-dory?

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I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the civil rights (firearms flavor) movement, having not really gotten involved until after I hit 40. I am not really a "gun guy"; I can generally hit what I aim at, but I'm not a competitive shooter. I enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine pistol or rifle, but I am not particularly knowledgeable about firearms in general nor am I a Glock guy, or 1911 guy, I'm just a guy. What I am is passionate about civil rights, especially those of the firearm flavor.


  1. Romney sucks, he is patting us on the head with one hand while getting ready to stab us with the other.

    The hardest part of the campaign for either candidate is gonna be trying to show that they are different in any way.

  2. This must be what it felt like to be on the boat deck of the RMS Titanic after the last lifeboat hit the water.Our options are to ride the sinking ship of liberty to the ocean & pray the random flotsam Romney offers is enough to stave off socialist hypothermia-or just grab a newspaper and take up a seat in Obama’s Grand Staircase to await the inevitable.

  3. He might be minimally better than a 2nd term Obama on guns. But not much-I just think if he wins and the Republicans take one or both houses,they will keep him in line.His anti-gun behavior in MA remains fresh in many minds.

  4. Make no mistake, from a 2A standpoint, as well as almost every other one, Mitt is the second coming of Obama. Vote third party or vote Rombama.

    • It’ll be the first election ever where we have the same candidate running for each party – just with a different coat (well, in this case skin tone). Black Obama vs. White Obama – who will win?

  5. He is a CONSERVative – he wants to CONSERVE the status quo. A LIBERTarian might want to increase liberty but has about the same chance of getting elected president as David Duke does of getting elected to head up the NAACP.

  6. *sigh*

    Another 4 years of Obama await us.

    Why I say that relates to a conversation I overheard at my college this morning:

    “Santorum dropped out” says girl A
    “OMG this is hilarious….here’s this post on twitter ‘you can’t abort your campaign 20 weeks in Santorum, you have to carry it to term’.” (cue 20 something college girl laughter)
    “Ya, Santorum was a fuggin idiot….”

    “So, when’s the election anyway?”

    I wish I made this up. Ill be buying some extra standard capacity magazines between now and November, and I recommend you guys do the same.

    • He hasn’t made any big political statements since he was governor. Any declarations he has made since have only been to try and retract or spin his previous statements.

  7. When the political/cultural center is skewed so far Left, Romney passes for “conservative.”‘ Antonio Gramsci wrote about this.

    • I’ve heard liberals say the exact some thing, except replace Left with Right, Romney with Obama, and “conservative” with “liberal”.

  8. Ok. Mitt has flaws.
    However, the Presidency is too important to not vote (or support) the GOP side.
    To those who expect a Philosophically Pure Gun Rights President: The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. A poor showing by Romney means probable Obama court appointees and a (less probable) Democratic Senate.
    You could argue that it’s worth 4 more Obama years in order to get a better candidate to go against a non-incumbent Dem in 2016. But that’s a big risk…

    By all means, trash local and congressional pols when they waver on key gun rights issues. But the Presidency is too important to withhold support.

  9. You guys may think that MR and BO are almost the same, but the big difference will be in who each will nominate to the Supreme court in the next 4 years. we have seen the kind that Obama has appointed, ultra liberal extreme anti gun justices. I’ll take my chances with whoever wins the Rep. convention.

  10. All of these self-serving morons from Harvard are the same, regardless of their race, party or supposed principles. Under it all, the motto of every Harvard graduate is “Hooray for me. You? You’re shit on the bottom of my Italian loafers.”

    The single fastest way we could recover our republic is to ban people from the Ivy League from being able to serve in any capacity at any level of government.

  11. Dyspeptic Gunsmith you have a point. I was watching C-SPAN last weekend (yes I am cool:) or previous and someone was on the panel who wrote a book about the Ivy League types who do way more harm than good (can’t remember name of author or book).

    Winning the presidency is also very, very important because most of the work is done by people that he or she __brings into the administration__ with him or her. The Attorney General, Sec of State and many other positions you rarely hear about or never do that push out policy behind the scenes. They set the agenda in many, many federal and state programs throughout the whole country. Most of the time people have no clue then you hear something on the news, with a WTF moment and it doesn’t just come out of thin air. Some of it is the culture or ideas being pushed onto federal programs which in turn get pushed into implementing them even if they have no authority to do so by the Congress.

    Just check this out:!home
    Granted not all of them can be bad, but I bet well over 50%, maybe even 90 to 97% are just BS.

    Like others have alluded to, some of the Supreme Court justices getting very very old and may want to retire soon.
    So it is very important to vote for Romney, even if he’s not your guy. In MN, the last 4-6 years (IIRC) was won by 350 to 900 votes for the Governor this last time and a US MN Senator 4 years ago I think. The votes all add up. As do the nanny state regulations.

  12. Well, some people grow into office. Let us hope that he’s keeping a lot of his strategy under wraps so it isn’t neutralized before the election. Perhaps he will grow into office.

    We need to repeal all gun laws as coercive and incompaitible with liberty. They re the cornerstone of all predatory bureaucracies and must be repealed to unwind the unwelcome bureaucracies. Simple.

  13. I have no Idea who you watched speak but it was not Romney. From the comments you make it is clear to me you were not there! He spoke about the second amendment very eloquently and also getting Eric Holder and his boss OUT OF OFFICE. He Spoke about our Constitution. Independence and Bill of Rights!
    As one of the founders of the Conservative party in New York and a ex-vice chairman in long Island, I sir was very impressed with Romney. Tell me….If not Romney WHO will YOU vote for??
    OBAMA?? A NO vote IS a vote for OBAMA! A third party vote IS a vote for OBAMA!

  14. I live in MA and it sucks here. Can’t have anything I want. Really considering moving but may not be safe anywhere if he gets in. Or will I? Never know with Mitt.


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