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It seems like precision long range rifles for the commercial market is the new trend. For a long time it was only the Big Names in precision (Barrett, APO, AI…) who were making great long range rifles fresh from the factory. Then Remington entered the market with their XM2010, so far only available for their military and LEO customers but supposedly soon to be on the civilian market. Then FNH USA entered the fray with their Ballista. And now Colt has entered the market with a hot new piece of their own designed to go the distance: the M2012.

I have to admit, I didn’t get many of the details on this gun mainly because I was too busy fondling it and falling in love. But what I remember is that the gun combines the best pieces from a number of different manufacturers to make a .308 Winchester platform that reportedly shoots less than 2″ 5 round groups at 300 yards. It’s a 1:10 twist barrel, comes with a Surefire muzzle brake (more options to come), and even uses a standard magazine which is already on the market and available for sale instead of the proprietary ones used by other manufacturers.And the trigger is just about perfect.

There’s still some details in need of ironing out — straight or twisted fluting, angles on the stock… — but the rifle is set to start full production in about two months.

My opinion? TAKE MY MONEY! Especially with the XM2010 chassis still slated for release “eventually.”

UPDATE: Fortunately, while Nick was busy ogling and drooling, I (Dan) was taking notes on the new M2012-CLR competition rifle. It weighs in at a hefty 13.2 lbs. without an optic. And as Nick mumbled above, it’s a conglomeration of components from a variety of makers.

In addition to the Colt chassis, the gun features a Cooper Firearms receiver, and a Magpul pistol grip. The scope they’re showing with the two prototype guns is form Mepro. MSRP: a cool $3,799.

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  1. If that level of accuracy comes with a guarantee, you can sign me up. Two inches at 300 yards guaranteed means that with some careful handloading, I should be able to cut that in half.

    • …and it won’t slap you for fondling, will never have a headache, and won’t mind if you put it aside and fondle other guns not part of your regular collection.

  2. Make this with a straight-pull bolt and I’m sold. That would at least give some significant product differentiation to everything else currently out there.

  3. Any other calibers? At that price point, is there a 300 Win Mag or .338 Lapua? How about a .260 Reminton or 7mm Mag?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the .308, would just like a little more speed in what looks like a sweet 1000 yard contender.

  4. thanks for the pics- I was there at St. Louis and also evaluated the rifle. I shoot a savage 10BAS in 308 in competition and the colt will have to come gold plated before I spend more than twice the street price of the Savage on a rifle that seems to be designed by commitee. Its a good effort by Colt and I am anxious to see someone show up with one and see if it can keep up with the big dogs. Seems well built but not 4K worth.

  5. Here are some additional details. The 1913 rail has 20 MOA of elevation built-in. The barrel is 22″ long. The bolt has 3 lugs. The trigger is made by Timney and is 3lbs. It will be available with either 5rnd or 10rnd magazines. While the action is made by Cooper, the chassis is manufactured by Colt. It does look interesting, but only time will tell how this rifle stacks up against the rather stiff competition.

  6. Where to start? Oh yah, the obvious-overpriced! Colt was surrounded at St. Louis by dozens of target, precision, and LE rifles with accuracy garrentees, match medals and records to thier credit yet Colt has the balls to beg almost 4 grand for an unproven, untried and no-sponser team rifle? COlt are you even on the same planet or are you still trying to hide behind the answering machine in your customer service. Looks does not make the rifle, and turns out COlt does not really make this either-its cobbled together with subcontractors parts. If someone is serious about target rifles, buy a Tubb 2000 and be done with it and then take the difference and pay your cable bill so you can watch Top Shot.

  7. I agree with most of the others that $3,800. is “Way” over priced for a Hunting gun without a “All-In-One” Scope on it like the “Eliminator 3” on it as well… And even then it should be less than that price as a Combo…. I’m looking for a 1 MOA at 400 Yards gun, in a 300Win Mag with a Elim-3 for under $3,000 for hunting with a “CAMO” stock and barrel… I don’t want a “SHINY” gun to hunt with so I never get anything because they can spot it a mile away, and I can only shoot a little over a Half mile!! They should have the Shot-show open to the public on Friday and Saturday so the “Real” buyers can not only see what is going to be available, but can also let the makers know what they want as well!! That’s the “MOST” important thing right there!!! That way maybe we can get what “WE” want the next year!!

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