Smith & Wesson M&P12 shotgun recall
Image courtesy Smith & Wesson via Twitter.
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Smith & Wesson has announced a recall of all of their new hot-selling and very sought after M&P12 shotguns manufactured before October 15th, 2021. It seems that S&W has had reports of two of the guns that suffered cracked barrels. Out of an abundance of caution, the company has asked customers and dealers to send their guns in for inspection and necessary repair.

From the Smith & Wesson Website:


Smith & Wesson has received two field reports of cracked barrels involving the M&P12 Shotgun. To ensure that all of our Shotguns meet Smith & Wesson’s high standards for quality, we are implementing this Safety Recall of all Shotguns manufactured prior to October 15, 2021, to ensure there are no surface anomalies or conditions that might adversely affect the safety, function or performance of these Shotguns.

Please STOP USING your M&P12 Shotgun until it has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired by Smith & Wesson.


This notice applies to M&P12 Shotguns manufactured prior to October 15, 2021. To determine whether your M&P12 Shotgun is affected, check the label on the box to determine the date of manufacture (see image below). If the manufacture date is prior to October 15, 2021, your shotgun is subject to this Recall and should be returned to Smith & Wesson for inspection. If you are unsure of your date of manufacture, input your serial number below, or call 833-957-3476.


To determine whether your Shotgun was manufactured prior to October 15, 2021, please input your serial number below. If your Shotgun was manufactured prior to October 15, 2021, please call 833-957-3476 to obtain a pre-paid return label, to arrange for the return of your Shotgun to Smith & Wesson for inspection. After inspection, if the barrel from your Shotgun is affected, it will be replaced at no cost to you. Your Shotgun will be returned as quickly and efficiently as possible. All shipping and replacement costs will be covered by Smith & Wesson.


If you have affected Shotguns in your inventory, please call 833-957-3476 and we will coordinate the return of the affected firearms. The Shotguns will be expedited to our facility, repaired, and returned to you ASAP.

For those Shotguns which you have already sold, we ask that you provide us with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails of customers to whom you have sold them. Please send this information to us electronically at [email protected]. If you do not have the capability to return the form electronically, please call 833-957-3476. This information is vital to ensure that notice of the recall is given to all affected purchasers. Once we receive this information from you, we will immediately arrange to provide notice of the recall directly to your customers.

Customers that don’t have the original box can also go to the recall page and enter their serial number here to check if their shotgun is covered by the recall.


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    • It was the original reason for serial numbers, implemented and maintained solely by the manufacturer, for the manufacturer. No government involvement in the beginning because nobody imagined a need for it.

  1. RE: “If the manufacture date is prior to October 15, 2021, your shotgun is subject to this Recall and should be returned to Smith & Wesson for inspection. If you are unsure of your date of manufacture, input your serial number below, or call 833-957-3476.”

    Unsure? i would imagine those made from Friday Oct. 15, 2021 to today Tuesday Oct. 19, 2021 are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

  2. Glad I saw this. S&W didn’t send me anything about this and I have one of those affected. Mine was made in August.

  3. Cracked barrels????? How long has Smith been making barrels anyway??? Their quality control and attempt to constantly cheapen the product has come back to haunt them. In their blind greed to appease the clamoring stock holders for higher and higher profit its obvious they do not even bother to test their new products before the blind greed makes them rush them to market to rip off the public.

    The old Axiom “Never buy any new product until its been on the market at least 2 years” holds very , very true because the Capitalvanians will rip you off each and every time.

    • They are taking a page from the Sig playbook. Half design it and let consumers do the beta testing.

    • Keep it up comrade!

      Big gun manufacturing companies should be hounded out of business if they sell to private citizens.

      Only good Marxists and pedos should be allowed firearms.

    • darcy dodo…perhaps the barrels are being made in a socialist sht hole. You know…your kind of country.

      Nonetheless people probably running alphabet ammo through tight chokes may be an issue. After all if you tried blowing your BS through a water pipe it would surely explode.

    • little d, S&W have NEVER made shotgun barrels, their pumps were made by Utas (Turkey) or autos by Howa (Japan ). If they are using the same manufacturing prowess displayed by any new product of theirs in the last 20 years, I myself wouldn’t want to be the beta tester of a barrel six inches from MY face… feel free to you do you. I won’t buy anything of their stuff ’til the Hillary Hole is a distant memory

      • Ahah! In 1867, D. B. Wesson of Smith & Wesson established the Wesson Fire Arms Company, within the S&W factory in Springfield, and built about 219 high-quality Damascus double-barreled shotguns over the next four years.
        The barrels were made in-house. Therefore, S&W HAS made shotgun barrels.
        Another bit of useless trivia, but NEVER say ‘Never!’

      • One can judge another’s expertise in any subject by counting the number of punctuation marks that they place at the end of their sentences. After the three-question-mark level is attained, for example, there can be no doubt that the person has reached legendary status in the realm of expertise.
        FIVE question marks, however, is considered excessive, and merely indicates a tiny penis.

        • Opinions are like posteriors. Everyone has one. Apparently you are fixated with penises? 😁

  4. Obviously; some people have been shooting slugs through these shotguns. I Know of a tacticoolfool, marijuana bootlegger in Oregon who has misrepresented himself as a “gun expert” to offer perjured testimony to the effect that firing slugs through a choke will cause the barrel to explode just like what happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot into the muzzle of his shotgun.

    This of course is bullshit.

    • Mrgunsngear did a quite recent review on these. It seems to have “quirks”. For 1200 bucks it’s a pos. Stick to rifle’s & handguns. Shot my S&W Sport today and it was perfect. For $1200 you can get a helluva good semiautomatic shottie…

  5. Considering what it is is anyone actually surprised? They tried to out Kel-Tec Kel-Tec and pulled a Kel-Tec.

    • It’s not a genuine Kel-Tec if it hasn’t broken down at least twice and been recalled at least once. 🙂

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