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Here’s a newsflash: the firearms business has been pretty good the last 18 months or so. But good as it’s been, if you’re on the manufacturing side of the business, deciding when to add capacity can be difficult. And risky.

Adding fixed costs during a time of high sales revenue can mean trouble when demand recedes back to “normal,” if there is such a thing any more. But if you build products that are as well-regarded and popular as Henry Repeating Arms’ rifles and shotguns, that eliminates some of the risk and makes the decision to expand easier.

Hence Henry’s announcement today that they’re adding to their Wisconsin manufacturing capacity with a new 84,000 square foot facility . . .

To accommodate the strong demand for a growing product lineup, Henry Repeating Arms, one of the country’s leading firearms manufacturers, is expanding its operations with an 84,000sf building on 13.5 acres in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Strategically located less than an hour away from the company’s 140,000sf headquarters in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, the new facility will employ over 100 people in the Rusk County area within three years.

The new property gives the company a total of 350,000sf of manufacturing space with over 600 employees to support its “Made in America, Or Not Made at All” mantra. The facility will initially be machining parts for the company’s lineup of more than 200 models of rifles and shotguns. The additional Ladysmith acreage also allows for future expansion.

“Staking our flag at a new facility is the beginning of another exciting chapter in our company’s history, and we are wasting no time prepping the building for our machines,” said Andy Wickstrom, President of Henry Repeating Arms. Wickstrom continued, “We thank the state of Wisconsin and Rusk County officials for keeping the door open for us, and we look forward to adding members of another great Wisconsin community to our family.”

Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle repeating arms

“We’re excited to see Henry Repeating Arms make a commitment to Ladysmith, WI and Rusk County. They are an employer we are eager to see grow in our community for years to come,” added Andy Albarado, Rusk County Economic Development.

Henry firearms are purchasable only through a licensed firearms dealer. For more information about Henry Repeating Arms and its products, visit henryusa.com or call 866-200-2354.

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  1. great news.
    my friend who is employed there contacted me last week to mention the employee purchase period was open; did i need anything?”
    i have levers, but no henry. i’d sell my 94ae if i can get a sideload .44mag carbine.
    but this time straight novelty. .22 mare’s leg. heehee. we’ll get more use out of it than the other calibers offered.
    they have ten things i’d like. i told him not to retire.
    he’s thinkin’ .410 lever.

  2. I noticed that a while back they stopped listing Bayonne, Joyzee as their headquarters… glad to see them making a preemptive adios to the coast – Welcome to Flyover Country !!

  3. I used to not be into lever guns. They’ve been rather appealing lately. I’m really interested in octagon barrels.

    This is great news. Part of me would like to see manufacturers have offices in multiple states but growth is a good thing where ever it happens.

    • Leverguns rule. There is nothing in the firearms world that’s more fun and satisfying than working a lever-action rifle and seeing bullet after bullet go exactly where you told it to. (Well, full auto, maybe, but I’ve never run anything with a giggle switch, so…)

    • Ralph – you do know that you are ‘allowed’ to have more than one lever gun 😉
      Maybe production will start catching up with demand………..

  4. I’ve got well over 300 reviews of guns, and if you pay attention, you’ll find more four and a half and five star reviews for Henry guns than any other manufacturer.
    Henry makes a great product, and they’re an absolutely phenomenal company. Their commitment to American Made goes farther than most people think. Yes, it’s the manufacturing, but they’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that all of the supplies come from America too, to include the raw materials. Even the cardboard in their packaging is made in America.
    Plus, their contributions to charitable organizations are prolific and regular.
    Just a first class company all around.

    • The only Henry I have is the basic 22lr. 001 I think it is called. I like it. It is a great little carbine. The trouble is that I want a .357 lever gun now, and they cost more than the .22s.

      • Art – “cost more than the .22s” is likely true for all of the rest of their offerings. OTOH you are getting a quality product. The only downside to the Henrys I own (or don’t) is that they aren’t the side gate offerings ;-(

  5. It appears to me that lever actions seem to fly under the radar for gun grabbers. After all, who can be against a firearm that The Duke carried in most of his movies? Or the Gun That Won The West?

  6. It was hard to choose. They were right next to eachother. I purchased my first rifle a ruger 1022. And went home. I showed it to my wife. She said, “what about the Henry”? “Go back and get it!”
    So 20 minutes later I was back in the gun store buying that .22 henry.

    Buying two rifles in one day in Kentucky!! And last early last year, before the lock down, I bought 3 guns in one month. Freedom!!!

    Starting in 2012 for almost 2 years, my .22 henry was the only gun I could find ammo for. Only low volecity ammo was avavaible. No ammo for a semi auto gun to cycle in was available.

    • Chris – I am really sorry that you have such an unsupportive spouse 🙂 (does she have a twin cousin?)
      The really nice thing about the .22 is that you can shoot .22 long and .22 short as well as .22lr. And likely any variety or type of bullet as well. IOW one of the more versatile rifles around.

  7. I like them and bought a .22 Henry for my grandson when he got to be shooting age, but the price is prohibitive for myself. I can buy two nice guns for what one Henry costs.


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