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Tyler works in corrections somewhere in California. Yes, there are still millions of gun owners there, lots of them with carry permits. Tyler’s pistol choice, like so many concealed carriers, is the slim, comfortable, concealable GLOCK 43.

Thanks to Tyler for also showing us what defensive round he’s loading in his G43…SIG SAUER’s V-Crown ammunition that’s well thought of by just about everyone who’s tested it.

The advances in 9mm ballistics in recent years — many rounds designed specifically for short barrel pistols like the G43 — has converted a lot of gun owners who, in the good ol’ days, wouldn’t carry anything that didn’t start with a ‘4’.

What about you? Is 9mm enough caliber for you?

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  1. I’ve seen what Critical Defense dose to scrap 4×4’s, so YES! nothing wrong with carrying 9mm. .45 is just a lot of fun to shoot in my opinion.

    • Kind of disappointing. I like following the link to more closely analyze the gear. Like that top peice of a Folgers-Adams key. Never seen one like that before.

      • have a complete one dangling from my rearview.
        broken down (diff explosion) just above the fla/ ga border, the responding trooper asked if i was in corrections when he spotted it. i told him no, the key is from the original cook county jail division 1, and used in conjunction to open the old (long since defunct, and too bad at that) electric chair sub. found in a box in the back of a still online duty- ruptur (s&c) ato, it does indeed fit the offline vault.

  2. While I would love to say if its not a 45 it will just upset them when they realize you shot them, the truth is shooting data says a 9mm will take between two and three rounds to stop the average person and the 45acp will take between two and three rounds to stop the average person. It isn’t like we get to shoot 1/4 of a round. Nothing wrong with a nine – but you didn’t get that from me. After all a 9mm will kill the body but the 45 will kill the soul, a 9mm is good enough for a guy in France but Americans use the 45, only Superman or Chuck Norris can walk away from a 45 hit. There just isn’t enough catchy comment attached to a 9mm.

    But I’d rather be missed by a 50AE than hit in the Adam’s apple with a 22LR. Shoot what you will carry, what you will practice with and what is dependable and you are accurate with.

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