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From the Delta Bravo Charlie blog . . .

I was Number 1 on the stack, with the responsibility to ram the door immediately to clear the way for the rest of the team to enter and apprehend the suspect. To make a long story short(er), we knocked this guy’s door down, tackled and cuffed him, and took his guns…based on a single complaint from a single witness. No criminal history. No psychological evaluation. No judge. No warrant.

I don’t recall exactly how things were resolved post-incident, except for some generalities. I remember that the man ended up being released, perhaps after agreeing to a psychological evaluation. I honestly don’t remember, except that he got to go home in fairly short order. I don’t even think he was criminally charged with anything. The 14 guns we confiscated from him were eventually returned; I think it took about a week or so. Basically, it ended up being a big nothingburger.

What I do remember is that we heard no ranting coming from his apartment before we went in, and he was genuinely surprised when his door came down that night; I remember him standing in his apartment with his hands up saying, “What’s going on, fellas?” as our team sergeant tackled him.

But the overriding memory is of how easily our police department leaders…based on the uncorroborated statement of a single witness…made the decision to enter this man’s home without a warrant, to deprive him of his freedom, and to seize his property. If police conduct of this sort bothers you, then consider what will happen when police departments are given a virtual green light* with red flag laws.

I Was a Gun Confiscator

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      • Don’t worry. It’s the government. The whole gun confiscation thing will collapse under its own paperwork. By day two there will be so many incomplete forms and missing inventory that it all grind to a halt.

        • It will be a slow and long process, with growing pains. First few will have problems and POTG will make adjustment/contingency plans and the gov will do the same and re-prioritize “candidates”. State or federal, they move at the speed of government.

        • ^^
          What SoCalJack said.

          A door-to-door confiscation will never happen, even here in Kommifornia. It’s much more efficient to go after a shorter list of “candidates” that they can publicly make examples of to instill fear in the larger group of gun owners.

        • Instilling anger instead of fear may be the actual result.

          And if the angry can find out in advance who the next candidate is, well, let the war begin.

        • There are between 700,000 and 800,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. Americans own roughly 400 times the number of guns they have. I would guess that the members of my local small town gun club have squirreled away at least 3,500,000 rounds of ammunition. They aren’t going to just hand the stuff over.

    • We have a crazy neighbor. Come to learn, he’s been pointing handguns at people over parking spaces for years, and caused 3 homeowners to sell and move. The last episode I witnessed and attempted to mediate. (No skin in the game. I only park on my private property.)
      4am one morning, police kicked my front door off the hinges of the home I own, waking me with screams of “Where are your gun?!!!” while pointing their guns in my face.
      After being polite, cooperative, and telling that I have no record, and proving numbers of police brass that could vouch for my character, they tore apart my home for 5 hours with no explanation. Use your worst imagination, and that’s what it was like.
      Turns out, the crazy neighbor filed a report claiming watched me steal a less than $100 car part from his vehicle, and that I am the neighborhood drug addict, who doesn’t work and steals from the neighbors. Meanwhile, I’ve never been high, have no record, own a successful business, and have zero debt or mortgage, and even hold a conceal carry permit in a large Democrat city.

      They left my door and door frame destroyed, expensive items in my home broken, and had me assuming for 5 hours that I had unknowingly killed someone with my vehicle and that I was about to spend my life in prison. (Only crime I could imagine being charged with).

      I know he belongs in prison for what he did to me, and I deserve compensation.
      Any advice on what I should do before this lunatic does this to someone else, or worse?
      The detectives were as rude as you can imagine after clearing me, refused to admit they made a mistake or even apologize, and told me I had zero recourse against the false accuser or the city.

      • Those are questions for a lawyer. Clearly, you need one.
        I’m sorry to hear what you went through and I wish you the best in your compensation.

      • I have run across several crazy people like this as well. Do not threaten them with any police action, do not tell them to stand down or calm down. They will use the same law enforcement tactics against you but much more fiercely and aggressively than you will ever consider. They will lie. Stay away, but do call law enforcement on them. Just do it. Do not talk about it. Maybe store your firearms somewhere else first. Remember you are dealing with a liberal.

        My event also cost me a lawyer and fees to prove my innocence.

  1. Straight from the jackbooted thug’s mouth. Anybody still want to claim that LEOs will not follow orders to disarm us?

    • This guy gets it. We all like to believe that oh no, the cops will never follow these kinds of orders to trample on the rights of Americans. Well, maybe some rural sherrifs won’t but your average city cop will do what he’s told to keep his job. ” I was only following orders”

      • Until Joe and Jill Sixpack are deprived of their favorite malt beverage, not allowed to watch Dancing with the Stars/Monday Night Football, and going to Golden Corral for the all you can eat buffet, the Revolution is not likely to happen. Remove those elements as listed above and WHOOEE, Katie bar the door!!!

    • Exactly, he clearly didn’t feel badly enough about violating this man’s God given rights based on a single accusation without giving him the due process guaranteed him by the Constitution of this great nation to speak up BEFORE blasting the door off its hinges while hiding behind the motto “I was only following orders” just as many war criminals before him have done.

      • No… but, he did feel badly enough about to break the blue wall of silence, speak out about it, put his career at risk, and talk crap about his department and the legal process. He can be terminated without hesitation by his department to educate the public (not US mind you;we already knew this was coming) and other cops about what’s going on. I’d also like to think this is one more cop who is now very suspicious about the system, who is helping other cops also become very suspicious about the system. That isn’t a bad thing.

        • This right here. Reading the story from the source 2 things are clear: This happened a long time ago (read: pagers), and it clearly set in motion how this guy feels about the issue today as he writes a pro-2A blog. He knows it was wrong and obviously wants no more of it to happen in the future. In other words, insulting people who are on your side because of their profession, sexual orientation, or other sundry miscellaneous facts is pretty stupid. Take your ACAB attitude and stow it.

        • Yes, the “pagers” reference sets the timeframe, so understand that there’s a big difference between the environment from 20-ish years ago and today, where everyone has the ability to record you on video, whether it’s a Ring doorbell, a (nowadays rather cheap) camera system, or just your phone. And such videos can be automatically streamed to a safe site in the Cloud for subsequent retrieval by your attorney.

          LEOs know they cannot simply get away with whatever they want now. At least, not like 20 years ago.

        • The pervasive anti-cop and anti-mil attitudes on this page are hopefully not prevalent in the 2A community, because if they are it just furthers evidence that the community is its own worst enemy and if defeat comes it’ll come from within and not outside. For proof just look to the NRA. We should ALWAYS be suspect of Govt and its actions need to be watched, questioned, and sometimes confronted. That said, most LE and MIL are pro 2A and anti-prog with a fair share of shitbags like any community, but to demonize the whole is going to cause a social rift over time and create more problems than good. Mark my words

        • An anonymous post that doesn’t give any specifics is hardly breaking the blue wall of silence. One of the posters here could have written that (or anyone who reads soldier of fortune) and found a photo to post at the top.

    • Yeah, all 0.2% of the population of them.

      And that 0.2% of the population isn’t a sure thing either. With the way Democrats treat law enforcement, the cops are retiring, quitting, and commiting suicide in increasing numbers. I think most of law enforcement will join our side in the end (until the Democrats start hiring illegal aliens to be cops).

      The military, active duty and reserves, make up about another 0.6% of the population.

      Concealed carry permit holders make up 6% of the population and their numbers are growing fast.

      If 40% of the population (I think that’s a substantial undercount) are gun owners, law enforcement and the military will be overwhelmingly out-manned and out-gunned.

      The only hope the gun grabbers have is Duke Nukem Swalwell and mutually assured destruction.

      Just don’t let them divide and conquer. As Benjamin Franklin said at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence: “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

      • Don’t let them separate us indeed. The cops and military play their role in the smoke and mirror show. They can make high profile examples of people in order to cow the rest in to submission. If they make you feel like there are a dozen cops ready to boot in your door because your fishing license has the wrong birthday on it, then they have succeeded.

    • I had something similar happen a while back. A stoned neighbor called 911. I was beat up a bit, almost tased for complying and spent a long weekend at the State Hilton at taxpayer expense. Tens of thousands of $ later, cops failed to show for trial, nonexistent evidence did not appear and the judge tossed out the case. Sorry loser!

    • The writer knew it was wrong but still agreed to be first in the stack! That’s the sort of integrity cops have – paycheck first and Constitution last!

    • As one myself, guarantee I wont. I also know many others who agree with me. Silent majorities in major metro areas largely run by dems.

  2. I guess it’s really easy if its one guy who thinks he’s in a free country and doesn’t know it’s coming. But what if it’s millions of guys who realize they don’t and are proactive? What does that look like? 🤔

    • Less people interacting with each other for starters. Who wants to meet the new neighbors when they might be politically inclined to advance their progressive agenda on all gun owners in their neighborhood?

      • ^^THIS^^

        Red Flag / ERPO laws.

        I’m already seeing this in my neighborhood. Lived here my entire life, and over the past dozen years it’s turned increasingly toward isolationism. Fifteen years ago, my neighbors (the several houses around me) and I all knew each other, but as they moved away over time (nearly all to destinations outside CA) and new people moved in, now only one even talks to me. The others keep to themselves 100% despite the fact that I’m out in my yard every day after work and am available to them.

        • Not to disparage them as I know they are generally good, hardworking people but my neighbors are the same. Isolationists. Sure they say “Hi”, Hello” but that is it. My neighborhood has a high turnover rate lately as the kids have grown up, left the house and the parents either died or left for a state, or country more amenable to retirement. The common denominator for my new neighbors, they’re Chinese.

      • We are entering the age of the anonymous tip = probable cause and the anonymous tip = best way to get back at someone who irritated you. As such most people who know me personally have no idea of my politics and I am unfailing polite and stand-offish. I have have had a dime dropped on me for simply having dinner with someone someone else hated and I was just being polite – I didn’t even like the guy. It cost me – I lost my internet connection and my work permit was not honored in that area after that. I ended up leaving a marina on a red flag day and ventured into a tropical storm just to get away as fast as I could. More and more you have to be the inoffensive greyman.

    • “But what if it’s millions of guys who realize they don’t and are proactive? What does that look like?”

      That all depends on how (if) they are organized and led.

  3. Gestapo kicks down door, terrorizes man/family/shoots dog, steals private property then as if it was all a big joke just releases his hours later. Nothingburger. Is nothingburger the new term for Kafkaesque?

    Who paid to fix the door? Who restored this mans comfort in his own home? Who reassured this man that the external forces are not out to get him?

    The way this shit plays out you’re just going to radicalize people who are not radicalized.
    The pols and the media have been clamoring for homegrown terrorism since at least the 60’s. Where are all the peacencks who shouted bombing the ME was just creating more terrorists? Why is that not applicable here?

    • How can any home owner know the difference between a no-knock Red Flag Raid and a criminal Home Invasion? Especially at 4 in the morning? What are you supposed to do when you hear somebody breaking in? Defend yourself or snowflake it?

      How can you tell the difference between a Home Invasion victim and a victim of Red Flag Raid? If the home owner is alive afterward it must have been a home invasion?

  4. Of course there is no compensation for damage to the home.
    Of course there is no penalty for a knowingly false accusation.
    The “ concerned neighbor” just calls it in again in 6 months.
    I had the same thing with child neglect complaints from my ex wife.
    They claimed they had to do an investigation every single time.
    Over and over.
    Thisisanexcellent way to use the police to harass someone

  5. So, is it time for Civil War yet?!?! No, well, wake me up when it is! This person is not just a gun confiscator, he is an oath breaker and should be arrested. As a matter of fact, anyone that entered his house should be arrested and tried for treason or whatever constitutional charge would stick! Federal charges, not some stupid state charge that has sentencing flexibility!

    Until so called “Patriots” of today are willing to stop this tyranny the way our founding fathers did, it will only get worse! And since guts seem to be a thing of the past, prepare yourself for when they kick in your door!

    • I can’t quite figure out how Civil War or Revolution II actually starts in any organized way that the first versions were finally fought.

      How did the Founders finally come to fight in an organized way at Lexington & Concord?

      Seems to me there was a substantial amount of individual skirmishes and guerrilla warfare leading up to formal conflict.

      • The answer to that is pretty simple. In response to acts of oppression by the crown (e.g. kidnapping men to serve on ships, extorting wealth by “taxing” items that colonies were required by British law to import a minimum amount of) the colonists engaged in increasingly violent and destructive protest. These began as civil disobedience like tax evasion, embezzlement and smuggling, but escalated into mob violence against tax collectors and other agents of the crown and and active destruction of property. These culminated in the Boston Tea Party, wherein some prominent members of the community quietly arranged a meeting at which they organized (and participated in) the destruction of an extremely valuable shipment of highly compressed tea which had already not been unloaded as an act of civil disobedience. The crown-appointed military governor banned town meetings in reponse. When colonists did it in Salem anyway, he sent 2,000 soldiers to break it up. A swift rider informed the area before the soldiers could make the march, and as word got around 3,000 colonists grabbed their muskets and blocked the soldiers’ route. Not prepared to fight outnumbered, the soldiers retreated to Boston without firing a shot. In reponse to this, the military governor ordered his soldiers to confiscate the main powder store in Boston, effectively disarming the militia there. When word reached Concord that they were next, they organized a force (again in defiance of the law against meeting in large numbers) to block the soldiers as the militia from Salem had. Someone fired at this meeting though, and the rest is history.

        So how do you start a new revolution? You have enough people pissed off at the government to organize at a moment’s notice with arms in hand, and then someone starts shooting. Personally I think door to door gun confiscation would be exactly that flashpoint. Whether or not police (or guardsmen if we’re throwing out posse commitaus again like in the 70s) would open fire on a bunch of armed citizens would remain to be seen, but guardsmen fired on unarmed citizens at the Kent State massacre so probably.

        People don’t like to think about it, but we’re truly just one angry posse and a hail of bullets away from a new revolution. It just takes a whole lot to push people there and that the shooting starts once they’re there is a big “if” (but the alternative is that government forces retreat so it’s probably more likely today, not less.)

        • Great history lesson, pretty much accurate.

          I would add there was a commercial aspect to the events, the crown-granted monopoly to the East India tea company was a major factor in public unrest. The tea party event was an action directly against the commercial interests, not the crown.

        • Bundy Ranch. I don’t think most people know how close that was at the end. We were 50 yards and less than 2 minutes away from having to choose sides.

    • well for one it happened 20 so odd years ago I suspect, and two the guy (evil vampire stasi murderer cop) now runs a pro-2A blog and understands that red flag laws an other such nonsense is just anti-gun confiscation mechanisms. But hell, go shoot him now if you want I guess if it makes you feel better.

      (note that you also ask the state to arrest someone for carrying out the state’s agenda)

      I don’t know why I come to any comment section anymore.

      • To counteract idiot statements like he made, right? 🙂 Someone’s gotta keep the trolls in line.

      • I would agree. The use of the word “was” in the title is the most important word.

        He doesn’t say “I am…”. He suggests that this story was a watershed moment in his life where he saw how the guy was treated and realized it wasn’t right and, really, was a waste of resources.

        Based on the way the Left operates we need stories like this. Stories from people who can basically say “It’s not a theory. I used to DO this and I’ve seen firsthand how it works”.

      • First off, I missed the part where this was 20 years ago, my mistake. Second, maybe the writer is aware that red flag laws are nothing but anti gun laws. Regardless, red flag is coming nationwide, so while you’re coming to these comment sections, ready to pounce on a statement that is based on current status of society, our rights as we know them are disappearing right before our eyes.

        Fine. Forget it. Let’s do nothing. Easier right. Let’s rely on our votes. Or President Trump, since he has been so strong on our rights so far. Oh wait, it’s his administration that is looking to put together a whole new fed agency to use “minority report” style tactics on gun owners/conservatives.

        There was a good comment below my original that articulated what led up to the first Revolution. And brings a good point as to how things might go down today.

        Then again, based on your attitude and need to attack one of your own, my guess is the only thing that will happen, if we rely on a thought process like that, is red flag will go federal and you, as well as I, will be subjects to the new crown!

        Or, maybe I’ll just fight until I die! I’d rather die free then die chained anyway!

        Hopefully I won’t die alone in that fight, but if that’s how it has to be, so be it!

        Happy Trails Hans!

        • Arguing false dilemmas, red herrings and imagined dystopian futures that can only be solved by mass killing on both sides doesn’t really help the situation either.

          Also, the reply that you consider “good” contains a significant error in it’s reading of history, namely it fails to note the resolve on both sides that existed up to, at and after L&C.

          It takes two to tango and at this point we simply do not know if we have a partner. The trick to all of this is to make sure we don’t find a willing partner, and part of the way to do that is to convince LEOs that we’re too hard of a target and therefore not worth their time to screw with while at the same time convincing the public that we’re not enough of an an issue to be worth sending the cops after us in the first place.

          That’s tricky. It takes maneuvering and a willingness to accept nuance and adjust on the fly. Talking about Civil War 2.0 doesn’t help us in ANY regard unless a truly bloody outcome that, statistically, runs a huge chance of destroying this country and any freedom you might hope to pursue (because historically we’re an anomaly where a strongman didn’t take over to end the chaos), is what we’re pursuing. If that is the case, or it becomes perceived by the public that we’re after a bloody fight, we’ll get it. Only a complete and utter nutjob actually wants that. Nutjobs like Eric Swalwell.

  6. Not to say this can’t happen, we know we’re heading quickly in that direction but just how trustworthy is the source of this story…

    • Why would a NYC cop follow orders from Democrat politicians that constantly demeans and backstab them?

      If I were the Police Union, I’d have my membership join the Oath Keepers to spite the Democrat politicians.

  7. Some of us “probably” set up our hypothetical guns to shoot gubmint thugs in the dark like this “brave”(😄)concentration camp guard. Mebbe…I’m thinking most so-called redflag thefts er confiscation’s are similar to this.

  8. There is one question that will remain…DID YOU CONFISCATE ALL OF MY GUNS? You would be the first to find out when im free.

    If they do decide to become traitors.. I hope they get to utilize their dress uniforms, white gloves and honor guard overtime..

    • A person is not simply defined by the worst (or best) thing they have ever done. This fellow was quite young when this happened long ago and has apparently been atoning since. It looks he has become a vocal opponent of confiscation and other second amendment violations.

  9. There is no way that they can go door-to-door to confiscate everyone’s guns… not even the military could do that.. first of all the military cannot operate inside our borders in a war type action.. just ask border patrol… it would touch off asymmetrical Warfare like never seen before in the world… out of 300 million gun owners if only a fraction decided to violently resist it would be catastrophic not only to law enforcement but to military personnel.. they would not be safe 24 hours a day 7 days a week… all this talk about the United Nations.. they would be slaughtered.. the Germans and the Japanese never attempted to attack here.. because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.. well now it’s far worse..

    • Not quite 300 million gun *owners*, more like perhaps 150 million at most, and after you subtract the Fudds, maybe 10 million dedicated people. But still formidable.

      This Nov 2018 commentary in response to Eric Swalwell’s infamous “we have nukes” tweet last year is epic, and explains how only 1% of gun owners can become a big problem for TPTB if they ever try mass confiscation. Lengthy, but well worth the read:


    • yeah the whole 3% thing is true. History has often been decided by a small minority determined to act. In the case of America, even 1-3% is a huge amount of people.

    • Of course the military can operate as police within the US borders. They have, recently. I think what you meant to say was there’s a law prohibiting it. But then there’s also a law saying they cant take the people’s arms, so what do they care? It would be the flashpoint of a new revolution though, yes, and the ensuing guerilla attacks on their supply lines (and likely a fifth column of deserters in their own ranks as the military started killing the families of their own soldiers) would break their organization in weeks to months. So they also shouldn’t do it. But they definitely could, at least to the point of their own destruction.

  10. Most sheriffs in Colorado and New York publicly refused to enforce the long gun and/or magazine limits/bans. Yes, most big city police chiefs are really just Democrat politicians and will give the seizure orders, but even then some of their officers agree with us and refuse, some would go with the wind and do the minimum, and some would follow orders. So worst case you’ll have maybe 1/6 of the police follow the order, and that’s on the first day, before anyone has returned fire. Shooting on a one-way range is fun, two-way ranges are an entirely different matter. If just a few gun owners resist then the pool of willing police will dwindle dramatically.

    • I would tend to agree.

      Here in Colorado I note how poorly, for example, the mag ban has fared. Gun stores up and down the front range openly sell “high capacity” magazines and the cops don’t do anything. Well, that’s not entirely true. The cops do something. They patronize those stores and buy high capacity mags from them while joking about the law, and do so in uniform.

      It’s an Irish Democracy. No one cares about “the law” any more, not even the “law enforcers”.

      There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  11. Feel bad for this guy. Hope he was able to actually face his accuser and sue them heavily for the emotional trauma he underwent being SWATed. Then again if it was a few decades ago that’s a concept that would likely not have been heard of.

    • Interesting article. This is exactly what I think every time the Loony Left (especially the current Dem Presidential candidates) throw out proposals like popcorn. “Are you going to lead the door-to-door raids – Comrade Booker, Fräulein Harris, or Fauxahauntus Warren – or will you be commanding others to perform the deadly risky work while you sit in your ivory tower from afar?”

  12. Tragically and eventually, it’s going to turn sour for the boys with badges when someone who doesn’t give a hoot about them being police and having badges kills a few of them for breaking in. It’s going to happen and all their preparedness and training isn’t going to mean jack squat when a few of them are dead with gaping holes and blood everywhere. That has a tendency to really quench all that bravado enthusiasm they have at doing that stuff.

  13. “What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if . . . people . . . had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?” — Solzhenitsyn

    We may find out whether we have more courage than the average Russian. We certainly won’t need axes, hammers or pokers.

  14. In this county there was a sheriff for years who always said he wouldn’t let the feds come here and do anything unconstitutional (or just anything he didn’t like). The very first time the feds tried something nobody here wanted, the aforementioned sheriff didn’t object one bit and and went along with it.

  15. To the author, you should be ASHAMED of yourself for carrying out an order of that nature.

    As these things become more common place there are going to be more incidents of door kickers being shot in the face with 00 buck from an unsuspecting home owner thinking its a home invasion.

    These no knock confiscations are not only a violation of peoples rights, but they are dangerous for all involved and put both sides at risk of serious injury or death.

    If there is a legitimate reason to apprehend someone, then wait until someone walks out the door to go to work and walk up to them like a professional. Do your homework on the person, be certain of who they are, where they live and work, etc..

  16. I guess they left out that part about killing the family dog and winging jr with a stray round. Break down my door and… Oh yeah I can’t state I’ll defend my house and rights with force because we don’t have the 1st, 2nd or 4th amendment rights anymore. So what I mean is break down my door and I’ll give you tea and cookies while we go for a calming ride to the government employed mental evaluator to decide if I’ve committed thoughtcrime or not.

    • Sadly. If people said what I assume most are thinking then many more doors would be getting kicked in.

      Time for motion sensor alarms around door entries.

      Door kickers need to consider that in the modern age its not hard to find out where people live. Many have families and Id hate to see retaliation, nor would I condone it.

  17. Cops will die. Its that simple and so will citizens.
    If anyone thinks red flag laws are constitutional they are crazy.
    They may get me killed some day. I wont know it till I don’t know it. But odds are I wont go alone as I carry 20/24 including home carry. So if any one breaks down my door. If I can Im firing 1st and will worry about anything else if I can later. If I cant shit I cant.

  18. All these red flag laws and talk of confiscation is to be expected….
    We all know this is how the government works…. They slowly, incrementally take your rights…. They will never do it the way everyone is expecting….
    These people are experts at this…. Red flag laws are the way they intend to do it…. Slowly…. One guy at a time….
    To think they are dumb enough to go all out with door to door confiscation is fooling yourself….
    The confiscation has already started…. And nobody is doing anything about it…..
    The government is not stupid, they know exactly what they’re doing….

  19. That one went easy. If they face a reinforced door and it takes them a few minutes to gain entry they might not have as many laughs.

  20. All I’m gonna say is back when this was written, there weren’t very many veterans (of fighting age), of a recent big A symmetric war. Really, even just A dozen well placed IED’s would Shit this country down for days. Now, you want to declare war on a very significant number of people who’ve recently had a grade A class on IEDs… I think a lot of people forget, in government, politics, here, whenever the topic of the next civil war comes up, the realities of 21st century warfare. Iraq was a perfect example. The US military never did and still does not have a real effective strategy to actually counter IEDs. Adding insane amounts of armor to vehicles that couldn’t handle the weight reduced casualties, but bigger and more advanced IEDs came along after. That fact remains true today. Iraq died down, so to speak, but due regional political factors. The IED question was never “solved”.

  21. IMHO, the one positive is that David Cole has long since seen the egregious error in it all. From his reply to a comment on the article, “The good news is that I am fully reformed.” I commend him for writing the article for others to read and understand.

    These have been interesting times and will only get more interesting.


  22. Below is my edited post that “timed out” while attempting to upload:

    We have a crazy neighbor. Come to learn, he’s been pointing handguns at people over parking spaces for years, and caused 3 homeowners to sell and move. The lastest episode I witnessed and attempted to mediate. (No skin in the game. I only park on my private property.)

    4am one morning, police kicked my front door off the hinges of the home I own, waking me with screams of “Where are your guns?!!!” while pointing their guns in my face.
    After being polite, cooperative, and telling that I have no record, and providing numbers of police brass that could vouch for my character, they tore apart my home for 5 hours with no explanation. Use your worst imagination, and that’s what it was like.
    Turns out, the crazy neighbor filed a report claiming he watched me steal a less than $100 car part from his vehicle, and that I am the neighborhood drug addict, who doesn’t work and steals from the neighbors.
    In reality, I’ve never been high, have no record, own a successful business, and have zero debt or mortgage, and even hold a conceal carry permit in this large Democrat controlled city. Ironically, the 2 long time friends who vouched for my permit are cops in the same department.

    They left my door and door frame destroyed, expensive items in my home broken, and had me assuming for 5 hours that I had unknowingly killed someone with my vehicle and that I was about to spend the rest my life in prison. (Only crime I could imagine being charged with).
    The detectives were a nightmare, refused to admit they made a mistake, or even apologize. Worst, they told me I had zero recourse against the false accuser or the city.

    I know he belongs in prison for what he did to me, and the other neighbors. And, that I deserve compensation.
    Any advice on what I should do before this lunatic does this to someone else, or worse?

    • The only thing you can really do to him is get a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Probably for slander/libel. Get a copy of the police report if there is one, and keep the bills from the repairs. In the meantime no matter how much you may want to go confront that guy.. don’t. Obviously the police won’t be on your side if they return. File a restraining order, just so if he does show up on your property, after the fact you can show you were trying to stop him. But all you can really do at this point is try to sue him. Keep in mind even if the lawsuit doesn’t succeed, “the process is the punishment,” especially for people who aren’t rich or aren’t used to being sued.

  23. Do not worry subjects! I kinda sorta feel bad that my leadership made me follow their bad orders. But never fear, I will most certainly follow bad orders again because officer safety and I want to go home at the end of the shift and I want to get my pension more than worrying over your so called rights.

    • Also, if the picture from the article is the author — I get to have machine guns and explosives and do not have to fill out any of the paperwork, pay any taxes, or suffer the long indignities of a wait that you peons do. Also you get to pay for my use of all those things in addition to my salary that is payed for by all of your taxes.

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