Florida Sales Guy’s EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Mike, a sales guy from Florida, sends his entitled “My Everyday Carry.”  To EverydayCarry.com.

His choice of carry gun?  A GLOCK 26 9mm.  With a Magpul extra magazine.  He packs his little friend in an On Your 6 inside-the-waistband rig.

Add in a Kershaw Blur knife.

By the way, has anyone else noticed the bigtime proliferation in kydex holster makers?


  1. avatar John P. says:

    And he carries a rabidly anti-gun Bank of America debit card.

  2. avatar JoinGOA,FPC,SAF says:

    Here is a link every decent American can use to send a message so easy with a few clicks and a prewritten letter(if needed) to all GOP Senators & Trump to stop this illegal gun control! This week the threat is real and the anti-gun house will likely pass several gun control bills and scream the sky is falling! They will call Trump and the Senate all kinds of names if they don’t pass their commie like gun control!


  3. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    And I’m glad. While I like the traditional leather holsters, I like that kydex stays open after drawing. The added material to have a leather holster remain open just adds to the bulk.

    Just my $0.02.

    Oh, also no flashlight.

    1. avatar MtnDewey says:

      my savoy is easy to put back into afterwards. not fully open but enough to do the job. but I also do kydex, just ordered a stealth gear we will see.

  4. avatar Mike says:

    Great knife. Do they still make it?

  5. avatar Specialist38 says:

    I prefer the 43 for carry. And I like a light.

    What are those doo-dads sticking out his keys?

    And yes, I think they 15 gazillion kydex holster makers out there.

    Maybe one has the holster I want..lol

  6. avatar Tom T says:

    You see a proliferation of Kydex makers because of E-commerce. The material is so easy to work with that anyone can set up a shop in their garage and sell globally online. The only hard part is standing out from the crowd. I freaking love free enterprise.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      I had to learn the hard way. I started with Alien Gear, CYA, ANR Designs, Freedom, Priority1, and last LLOD.

  7. avatar GALLAGER says:

    Look like an good set up. He is set up for most two(2) / four (4) legs encounter with an extra magazines. All be prepared.

  8. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Got a couple Crossbreed holsters.
    I will use them if I have to “deep” conceal, otherwise I don’t like what kydex does to my weapons.
    Light? Yes.
    Stays open w/o “extra” bulk? Yes.
    Eats the finish on the gun? Yes!
    Uncomfortable against the skin in hot weather? Big yes!
    Makes an Uncle Mike or Sidekick holster appealing? Yes.
    Will I buy more kydex? Not on your life!

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