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Joel from Indiana sends his “Time to Party” collection for today’s Everyday Carry submission.

So, Joel carries both an American Defense AR pistol and a bottle of Elijah Craig bourbon.  Although, it looks as though he’s run dry on the Elijah Craig unless they’ve come out with a “silver” version.  I’m not a bourbon guy myself, so I might have missed something.

I’m not sure I’d be toting a firearm around along with an empty bottle of hard liquor on a regular basis.  In my home state at least, that’s a quick way to an expensive ticket in a car (or on a sidewalk or street in public).

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    • Yeah, it’s a little over the top, for both “Joel” and whoever approved this at TTAG for posting. Seems a bit irresponsible to showcase both a CQB trunk gun (or any firearm, really) and a bottle of liquor as part of someone’s declared EDC.

      I’m still waiting to see an example of a more “everyday Joe” pocket dump consisting of what most of us would carry. Like a knife, small flashlight, and pistol. I know I sure don’t carry half a backpack’s worth of things on me every day like Batman. Just the essentials. That’s what EDC is…a full packout is for special events.

      • Well, that’s just cuz you could never be batman. Not even the early 90’s version…

        But seriously. It was a 4th of July share and in good spirits towards the holiday. If you have never camped away from people on the 4th of july, you should try it. Where I went this year was high enough to see fireworks across an entire valley, and plenty of room to shoot… well… nothing… just shoot. Because freedom.

    • I’m calling bullshit as well….unless this is what he carry’s while patrolling his 10 acre compound In the woods then I’d suggest two spare mags a flash light and a spare bottle of Bourbon cuz you know…..probably gets cold at night.

  1. I prefer Woodford, but Craig is good. When I am feeling crazy, I’ll splurge on Bookers, but that does not happen often. The money is better spent on ammo or saving for a new S&W Shield (yes, I really am doing that). That being said, I am not believing this post. Seems very much like a troll pushing a stereotype of guns and liquor.

    • Booker’s is nice stuff. How does it compare to Maker’s Mark?

      In my drinking days of olde, Maker’s Mark was the ‘splurge’ bourbon for special occasions.

      (And I suppose high-proof alcohol would perform well for cooling off a hot rifle in a combat situation…)

      • I do not understand the popularity of Makers. To my palate, it is rough, burning. But I remember that when I was 5 years old, I fell from about 10 feet up in a tree, plummeted head-first into a metal guard rail, and went “splat” onto the concrete. Was out for two days. Docs told my Mom I was lucky to be alive, but might have brain damage (true story, no exaggeration). That could be an explanation.

        Love the idea of pouring expensive bourbon over a hot firearm to cool the gun and warm the bourbon. Brilliant! This could go viral!! ROLF!

    • I like Woodford Reserve pretty well but my go to is Maker’s. When I want something a little more pleasing I reach for Blanton’s. Ironically enough Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s is produced by the same distillery with Blanton’s being way better than Buffalo Trace. I tried Buffalo Trace after learning the same distillery made Blanton’s and it is not good. Reminded me of younger days trying Kesslers “Smooth as silk” and there’s not a damn thing that is smooth about it.

      As for this Mickey mouse EDC it’s garbage. Where I live this combination is a sure way to lose your concealed carry permit and possibly a gun charge losing the ability to even own a gun.

      • Low Gap Bourbon from Craft Distillers. Crispin Cain is a master. Find it, get it, love it.

        • The ratings and price says it should be good. I’ll get some and try it. Thanks for the recommendation.

        • Thanks Danny and No One Special. Will try your suggestions. Tasting new bourbons is always good adventure.

  2. This edc section has become a joke. An AR pistol and bottle of liquor, you kidding me bro? We all know you don’t carry this. Just a edited/filtered photo op of Joels newest toys.

    Maybe I’m just a negative Nancy, but this post and ones like it are not funny or cool, just dumb.

      • Especially on the 4th of july… when they are camped out in the woods hundreds of miles away from everyone else. Best to just mind your own business and do some research on when and why the pic was shared instead of being an alter boy douche who hates freedom. Then again… this is TTAG… Who am I kidding, lets all jump to conclusions and be assholes!

        • If you want to see assholes go over to TFB. That seems to be the place for them. It’s pretty tame here

    • In an earlier comment I suggested this EDC could be from a troll. But after thinking about how much fun we can have with it, it may be that this is really from someone with a good sense of humor. Then, again, that may be the bourbon talking.

    • I never understood this mentality. Alcohol exacerbates personalities so if you’re irresponsible sober, you’re irresponsible drunk. I carry whether I’m drinking or not because I know I’m not irresponsible and my enjoying some tasty beverages and relaxing does not preclude my right to self defense.

      • Same. Know your limits. I have a beer when dining out. This comment section would lose their mind and have to carry condition 3 even seeing an beer being drank (drunk?) at another table.

        • Drank is the simple past tense. Drunk is the past participle. Drank, as you used it here is correct.

    • I’d suggest that the OP is probably a joke.

      I’d also suggest that if you can’t handle a few drinks and a firearm you need to give up one or the other if you want to continue to claim to be “responsible”.

  3. I would go with a tactical flask myself. One with rails so I could mount it to my gun, then I could take a drink while doing ready up drills. Train as you fight.

  4. Like the comment much better than the “edc dump”. Posting this is ammo for more gun control. My perception is gun guys have much better sense than this guy.

    • I’m not thinking this article is real at all. Just fodder for stirring up the comments section.

    • Ammo for gun control? Your logic is ammo for gun control buddy.

      4th of july share. Camp, party, light fireworks, shoot stuff, tent sex with the lantern on. Freedom.

  5. So the exasperated gun culture can’t even be honest with themselves. Bragging about carrying an AR pistol is about as low as you can go. It’s one thing to be proud of what your EDC is, it is quite another to joke about a most violent weapon of war. I do hope the 2A Jethro’s will grow up at least in the fake news area. The socialist state awaits your answer.

    • Actually, you lefties constant screaming of “fascism”, has made fascism cool again among a large subsection of reactionary youth. This has occurred globally. Calling everything fascist/racist, (when you don’t even know what fascism and racism are to begin with) has made it cool for young people to rebel against the liberal establishment by becoming what they hate the most. Fascists. You socialists are single handedly building your own worst enemy, and as you’re getting older and weaker, this new young fascist movement will grow larger and stronger, eventually destroying the liberal world order.

    • I hope someone ding dong ditched your door and lit a roman candle before they ran off and you shit bricks looking through the peephole on 4th of july.

      Hey kids! TeePee this fuckers house on Halloween too!

    • Hey, if I wanna get drunk, shoot my gunm at the sky and ye!! ” Alley cat Bar Bar ” I can. That’s freedom and this is America

  6. Empty ain’t empty until after you rescue the absorbed amount by heating the bottle.
    Personally I don’t drink and know that alcohol and guns don’t ever mixed in any situation. Including as an immature joke as it is presenter here in poor taste. The editor just disqualified himself for the lack of common sense.

    • Bet you have all the fun at parties or camping away from everyone for hundreds of miles on the 4th of july, huh. I rarely drink as well, barely ever finish a single beer unless it’s ice cold, on tap, and with a good meal, but lighten up a bit. It was 4th of July.

  7. I LOLed.

    Also, he needs an M-LOK or pic rail mounted flask holder. Wish probably sells one.

      • Oh, no flippin’ way! Gotz to have it. Gonna buy it tonight before going to bed. Now I have something to attach my extra, unused picatinni accessories. Or maybe I’ll just get a few cheapie ones to slap on there and bring to the next desert shoot with my buddies…

        Thanks, B.D.

        • Yea be careful. I just read some reviews (after I hit purchase of course – is there any other way?). But Amazon reviews you have to take with a grain of salt. I suspect ones complaining about QC are either hard on their stuff, had a 1% defect, or just suck at reviews and wanted their money back so they think they need to leave a negative review. Mine will be here Monday. I’ll review it on there after a couple months of occasional use and cleaning. It’s mostly a novelty for above my cabinets in the kitchen anyways. Did you see the “Frequently purchased together” section? Ka-bar style spork and bottle opener too!

        • Went for the aluminum version (higher quality) and mini-MOLLE vest for the bottled brewskies. Gonna get another set of each for my brother who lives in Free America and will like them for his upcoming birthday.

      • That’s pretty cool. Added to my list of Christmas presents I need to start working on. Heck I might get one for myself just to sit on my office desk and tick some people off.

  8. Joel: “July 4th party bitches!”
    This comment section: “iT CanT fiT iN YouR pOCkeTs! ERMAHGERD”

    Me: Good job Joel. Best carry ever.

  9. C’mon TTAG… Inform your audience that this was shared on the 4th of July and is in good spirits. These crusty commentators have their panties all up in a wad.

    Piss poor execution.

    • You know, as I look closer at the pic, I suppose the Chapstick should have given it away.

  10. Well, this is an Indiana carry and he probably crosses over to shoot in Chicago. It’s one way to deal with the frustration of all those toll booths. And to think, all I did was throw gum down the hopper after my change.

  11. BATF Bring Alcohol Tobacco and FireArns , we’ll shoot us a warthog on the way out. Party on Dudes. On a serious note. What would happen if you woke up in the middle of the night to find multiple intruders in your home, grabbed your gunm, opened fur , and it was LE0 . Why that would be just horrible. Why did I ask or think this? I live in a small town, leave my door ajar so the cat can go in and out . Anyway I’m sitting here in the dark and a cop drives by on patrol. About five minutes later their peeking their heads in the door, shinning flashlight’s and yelling ” police officers , any one here?” They said they seen the open door Impressed with that I was and good policemanship. However what if I’d have been asleep with the fan ion the AC running, the TV blasting, the radio , the egg beater everything going at once , something bad night have happened

    • Possums leave the door ajar because possums are fearsome critters; no one messes with possums. As for me, I would install a cat door, but I do not because there are coyote and fox and skunk about. Ever woken by the sound of a cat-skunk fight? It gets loud.

      Have thought about that scenario, possum. Shocked awake, pistol on the nightstand in condition 3, but it is a neighbor or firefighter alerting me to some danger. I rehearse a lot in my head about situations, hoping that mental prep will avoid a tragic mistake.

      • Living in a low rent apartment, can’t install nothing. When I lived in the country my pets could push the door open,the cane and went as they pleased. Once had a possum in the house. along with snakes aand birds Never had a cat fight a skunk. Had them fight possum, the coons they sure avoided. I’d think a person would be lucky to sucker s coyote in the house, maybe a fix, I’d think them coyotes just wouldn’t come into a house

  12. Possum, I have trouble sleeping/insomnia. But, if you have all that shit on at once no wonder you don’t sleep.

    • GF. I have tinnitus. If I don’t have some white noise on, in my case a large box fan that runs year round, I have trouble sleeping. Too quiet and the ringing gets distracting.

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  14. As a bit of totally useless trivia that may or may not be gun related, Elijah Craig was a Baptist minister and is regarded by some as the “inventor” of bourbon. The church had a different attitude about alcohol in those days before Carrie Nation. According to my belief system the Reverend Craig and I might meet somewhere across the river and discuss the finer points of theology and distilling. Your mileage of course may vary.

  15. A “beer being drunk” is correct. Do they not teach grammar in school anymore??? Anyone who claims to carry a bottle of bourbon while armed, whether full or empty, is either an alcoholic or a poser.

  16. I often have both a gun and a bottle of Bulleit in my suitcase when I travel. Some of you guys need to relax or maybe do a shot or two.

    • The problem isn’t having a drink or two and being armed for me atleast. The problem for me is this is supposed to be an “EVERYDAY” carry. Not a I got shit hammered drunk and shot at the moon on the 4th of July. Very huge difference. Everyday Carry is just that, things that are carried EVERYDAY.

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