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Fascists beware…leftist self-described anti-fascist groups are arming themselves and patrolling demonstrations and neighborhoods to ensure their own safety.

“After Charlottesville, there was this recognition that there has to be somebody who’s not on the right who is willing to be in places that law enforcement either isn’t willing to be, or where law enforcement is supporting fascists,” Shannon explains. “When you see law enforcement escorting Nazi groups to parades [in places like DC or Detroit] you realize there’s a space to be filled by people who are confident in their skill as gun owners but whose bigger mission is community defense and protection.”

For Vixen, the decision to join came from the threats right-wing extremism poses to her identity. A trans woman who grew up shooting guns off her front porch in Indiana, she spoke about the toxic culture she had encountered at many gun ranges, and of the obligation she felt to protect her queer community.

“Today, I’m a trans woman at Trans Pride, so I feel like I’m personally able to step in front and put myself in front of people who are being attacked or harassed and just try to de-escalate the situation – which is always the goal,” she said. “Obviously, you don’t ever want to celebrate having to use force on someone, but completely throwing it away as an option is really self-defeating.”

So far, none of the members have had to use their weapons in this context, and the hope expressed is that they never will.

– Kim Kelly in ‘If others have rifles, we’ll have rifles’: why US leftist groups are taking up arms

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  1. “…self-described anti-fascist groups…”

    Best description ever.

    Also, the delusion is strong with these people. (Can you still say “people”?)

    • ‘(Can you still say “people”?)’

      No. It discriminates against those who identify as animals (possum, e.g.).

      • That’s discrimination to only limit “people” to identify with a living thing. I’m sure some of them are quite offended as some might possibly identify with something non breathing like a tea cup or cow patty. You have now been educated…

        • I confess to identifying a lot of these people, at least their intellectual capabilities, with the oppressed and often crushed class commonly called rocks.

    • Rick the Bear,

      Speaking of delusions:

      For Vixen, the decision to join came from the threats right-wing extremism poses to her identity. A trans woman who grew up shooting guns off her front porch in Indiana, she spoke about the toxic culture she had encountered at many gun ranges, and of the obligation she felt to protect her queer community.

      A man who insists that he is a woman is clearly delusional. And when people reject his delusion in observance of reality, that same man labels that rejection a “toxic culture”.

      I boldly proclaim that traditional supporters (e.g. people who observe reality and reject delusions) of our right to keep and bear arms are most certainly NOT a danger NOR an existential threat to our society. Rather, delusional people — people who think that men can be women and vice versa, as well as people who think that government will always be benevolent and always protect them — are the existential threat to our society.

      • Thought I read somewhere that Planned Parenthood is offering trans-women free access to abortion services, but you can’t bring your gun into the clinic…

        • I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the first insane trans “woman” goes into a Planned Parenthood asking for an abortion, only for the staff to discover the complete absence of a uterus and female genitalia.

        • Whoa dude. I need you to white board that. Or blackboard it. Do they still make greenboards? What was the question?

          • I guess I have fucked up again and let my warped sense of humor get the better of me.. It’s a joke, I never read that (although they did fire their director for refusing to acknowledge the reproductive needs of trannys) and have no knowledge of any such statement ever being made by Planned Parenthood.. Please forgive me, I sometimes get lost in the moment and forget who I’m dealing with.. I promise to TRY to do better in the future..

        • And the newt Tranny from Canada demands Hormone treatment for children who feel indifferent and Waxing his balls should be no big deal in a Manicurist Salons.
          An Interview ( NO Kidding) on Infowars with Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer radio

      • We should all say we are a different gender. If a few million do it, it would cause mass confusion/fun.

        • “We should all say we are a different gender.”

          OK, I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body… 🙂

        • I’ve filled out several ‘required’ forms where my sex / race is required as ‘pick a non-white’ and female. Whatever I ‘feel’ like on a given day. Wankers.

      • Susan: A real woman could stop you from drinking.

        Arthur: It’d have to be a real BIG woman.

    • Rick,
      Last I heard, when in doubt, it is preferred to say “they”, just to be safe.
      So like this: Also, the delusion is strong with these they.

      • “Last I heard, when in doubt, it is preferred to say “they”, just to be safe.”

        These are the same folks who want to make it a criminal offense to refer to them not in their chosen pronoun…

        • “It” If the object in question is not male or female in reality, then it must be an “it’!

    • And what’s the difference between fascist and anti-fascist? None. Claiming that you are “anti-fascist” and then behaving like a 30’s fascist says a lot more about who you really are than the label you place upon yourself. See: black shirts and brown shirts.

      • Yep, rival gangs of thugs with overall similar goals and methods. Think Crips vs. Bloods, though I’d say that ANTIFA is more dangerous than either, since the organized crime gangs mostly keep it among themselves.

      • Their biggest threat will be from other ANTIFA factions who consider them to be heretics in not following the “true” doctrine.

    • That’s probably the most accurate description of ANTIFA yet… admitting that they’re ‘self described anti-facists’. Not that it’s even that accurate, it’s just the MSM generally runs cover for all the crime and violence that ANTIFA commits.

      Man, I used to live in Vancouver WA, which is just across the river from Portland OR… for all the crazy violence and crime you see ANTIFA committing the reality that it’s actually worse than what you see in the media.

    • The left are new wave fascists. Their rhetoric proclaims them leftist but their actions are pure brown shirt.

    • So the woman being quoted in the article is a “trans woman from Trans Pride”. Well, folks, the straight pride parade is finally scheduled in Boston for the end of next month. I wonder if Antifa will be arming themselves for an oppositional demonstration there as well. Because straight.


      • I would bet the house that a pack of wankers shows up to disruptively protest. Being straight or white or Christian (singly or in any combination) are all on their ‘we must stop’ list. They’ll show up claiming the parade is promoting hate.

        • They’ve already petitioned the City to block the parade, but were turned down. Their argument was that the straights had co-opted the word “pride”. Geez.

          Sounds like the time when I (a white man) was in a group and referred to another Caucasian among us as “my brudda”. A person of another melanin content became angry and said I couldn’t use that word.

          So I said, “oh…I meant he’s my udda brudda from anudda mudda…”

  2. “leftist self-described anti-fascist groups are arming themselves and patrolling demonstrations and neighborhoods to ensure their own safety…”

    …from ICE agents shooting back at them.

    • Fortunately ICE does a much better job training their people than the John Brown Gun Club does. How delusional this person is, Antifa + John Brown + trans, a real trifecta there!

        • These idiots see John Brown as a victim, instead of the terrorist nut case history tells us he was.

        • Brown was a necessary person in his era, sane or insane.

          So far removed are we from slavery in the digital age, that people like you think the way you do.

          The only people he was a ‘terrorist’ too were slave owners and their states.

    • Protecting themselves from horrific Trump supporters who damage ANTIFA bike locks with the backs of their heads.

      • It is not attacking, it is ‘pro-active rights protection’. Think of it as anticipated through crime with no filter. Everyone that does not support me must be quashed. Sound familiar? 🙂

    • Yeah, I was gonna say…

      Not to mention John Brown is the *last* name I’d associate with ‘self defense militias’ regardless of dishonest political labels. Obviously these clown play at domestic terrorism…which is how one of them got off the deep end to attack ICE and received resounding support from his confederates (where’s CNN’s reporting on that one, I wonder?)

  3. More insanity. They all want to be a “victim” of something. Victimhood is cool and profitable. And it will be the death of this Nation if it’s allowed to continue.

    • The USA is in a Fast-Forward version of the decline of the Roman Empire. Free bread and circuses, import migrants to do the work, corrupt politicians, no will to fight. It will end up as a group of separate counties and city-states. Diversity never works for very long, it’s against human nature.

      • Chier,

        Diversity never works for very long, it’s against human nature.

        That depends on your definition of diversity.

        If diversity means people from all races and cultures practicing destructive behaviors, then that society will self-destruct in fairly short order.

        On the other hand, if diversity means people from all races and cultures practicing constructive behaviors and working together for their nation’s common good, then that society will endure.

        • The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.
          Thomas Sowell

        • “On the other hand, if diversity means people from all races and cultures practicing constructive behaviors and working together for their nation’s common good, then that society will endure.”

          Except this state of being has only existed when imposed at the point of a gun. It cannot last and will fall even harder and faster once the tyrants holding the guns are taken down. See Yugoslavia for just one example. Rwanda for another.

        • Chris Mallory,

          The root problem is neither uniformity nor diversity. The real root problem is mankind’s sinful nature which leads people to degeneracy and weakness. Unless someone enforces constructive behavior in a society, that society will degenerate and weaken until it disappears or an outside authority steps in and takes over.

        • The problem is the “buy in”. For my poker players out there, like the blinds in Hold’em.

          People who actually line up and go through the legal immigration process, with all it’s hurdles and stuffs, have truly “bought in”. While people coming here illegally or super easily have not, they’re looking for a free ride.

          To take the cards analogy further, there’s a reason that everyone pays a fee for each hand of blackjack and a reason why you generally don’t find poker being played in a casino outside a “tournament rules” setting. Because if you use the blinds rules for poker and the “come and go as you please” rules for blackjack at the same time people will just leave the table when the blind lands on them, or switch seats to avoid it. That ruins the game.

          It’s all about having a fundamental level of respect for the society and the system. When you live in a nice place and you start seeing litter on the streets in increasing quantities you can be fairly well assured that the neighborhood is going to go to shit. That litter is a sign that either people in that community have lost respect for it or people new to the community have come along and that they never had respect for it.

        • Diversity means people that look different but whom all think alike. It’s strictly based on skin color, and its enforcement is the very definition of a racist act. The word came into frequent use after the phrase “affirmative action” was deemed worn out and gibberish government speak.

          “White privilege” was ushered in as a replacement for “racist”, when it was determined that a lot of racists were not black. “Racist” is still welcomed and allowed when the finger is pointed at whites, and whites only.
          Some of the dullards in the progressive corp. haven’t got the message and will attempt to call a black conservative racist.

          It helps to know the ground rules.

      • This is the goal of the left – to tear down the USA. They actually think we’re rich because we’ve stolen from everyone and that if we were gone or weakened the world would be a better place, but what they don’t know is that compared to Putin or Xi Jinping, Trump is a really nice guy.

      • The diversity talk is game played so that you don’t have to have actual winning policies. I like how the dems are bragging about their diverse presidential candidates. Compare and contrast the 2016 presidential candidate field of republicans vs democrats. Republicans: 2 “Latinos” who are sons of immigrants, a black guy, a woman, an Indian (son of immigrant), and a bunch of white dudes. Dems: a woman and a bunch of white dudes, who were apparently misogynistic for not letting the woman just have it.

    • Exactly, as the POTG on this forum and others continue to casually speak of violence against leftists, there will always be a faction of leftists who want to arms himself for self-defense.

      And with good reason, elements of the government’s police force are openly advocating shooting congressional representatives just because the representatives hold an opinion that differs from their opinion.

      That’s not America. Using force to suppress the statements of others is fascism in itself. And prudent people will arm themselves to prevent the attack.

      “A police chief in Louisiana is promising to take action against one of his officers who reportedly posted on Facebook that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “vile idiot” who “needs a round” but the chief said he didn’t view the post as a threat.”

      • “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “vile idiot”
        Where is he wrong? I must admit the “needs a round” is a tad extreme.

      • You prove my point, miner. Using force to suppress speech is fascist. And who does this on campus’s with regularity? Antifa and their supporters. Thank you for pointing out that the left are now the fascists amongst us.

      • Yeah how dare the right talk about defending themselves from a genocidal communist insurgency.

        Oh, and from providing material support of terrorism, AOC needs to hang by the neck until dead. She is 100% responsible for the ANTIFA terrorist attack on ICE.

    • Unlike ANTIFA… the mythical “alt right” has yet to actually attack anybody. Fuck ANTIFA and fuck the commies.

      • They are gonna be in for a very rude shock when things don’t play out the way they think it will… 🙂

        • 1. Selective prosecution is not evidence.
          2. National socialists are not “right wingers”

          Get an argument.

        • Yes, those who marched in Charlottesville were indeed the right. The Nazis were socialists in name only, there was no government takeover of big industry or the means of production. In fact, the giant multinational corporation’s that profited from the Nazi empire are still in business and producing the very same products. Ever heard of Siemens? Bayer is carrying on the proud tradition of producing people killing nerve agents, as a matter of fact they killed a few here in West Virginia at their plant not too many years ago.

          No, in many ways the Nazis were more crony capitalism, where big corporations have their billionaire CEOs in control of the administration.

          Kind of like today, with Rothchild’s agent Wilbur Ross in charge of commerce and property stealing mortgage king Mnuchin In charge of the US treasury.

          Sleep well America, the very international bankers and financiers the founding fathers warned us about are now in control of the administration.

          Isn’t it about time for a really profitable war, maybe North Korea or Iran, got to keep them warbucks profit up!

      • I think the whole Bundy standoff made them want a force they could outright control. You’ll notice these antieverything folks are all out west.

    • “Good. Fuck the alt-right.”

      Another example of a ‘Progressive’ who is so tolerant and accepting of others not like himself.

      You do realize that makes you hypocrite, don’t you? Doesn’t that bother you?

      • I’m not in the habit of being tolerant to fascists or their apologists. If you have a problem with that, fuck you too.

        • There are no “fascists”. If there were, these clowns would already be dead. I’m not in the habit of tolerating communists or their apologists. So fuck you too.

        • “I’m not in the habit of being tolerant to fascists or their apologists.”

          Then why don’t you have the balls to admit you are a bigot, Steve-O?

          I have people in my social circle who are Progressives. Do you have Trump supporters you call friends? Any?

          Fat fucking chance, Steve.

          You are an utterly intolerant hate and rage-filled bigot. How about doing the planet a favor and kill yourself, jack-wad? 🙂

        • (Spreading the love, wherever I go…)

          *snicker* 😉

        • “Big man talking shit from behind his keyboard.”

          Awwwwww. Is widdle ‘Cloud’ unhappy? Are you ‘triggered’?

          Typical Leftist twit… 🙂

    • Look in the mirror Stevie boy you commies are all alike you think too much and your stupidity prevents you from realizing your not geared to think

  4. Regardless of their circumstances, as long as they’re law-abiding citizens, it’s a victory for Second Amendment advocates.

    I don’t care who you are or what you do, as long as it doesn’t infringe upon my rights.

    • Yeah… funny how not a week ago we had one of these lunatics trying to burn down an ICE facility?

      • News is so quiet on that story I am not sure if I am hearing crickets or if it’s just tinnitus.

      • That one idiot talking about how someone dying in front of the facility is proof that it is a dangerous place is still grinding my gears. I would counter with setting shit on fire and threatening po-po while armed makes anywhere a dangerous place.

    • Exactly. That is what freedom really looks like.

      Don’t tread on me… I won’t tread on you.

      • But they fully intend to tread. When they say “protect themselves,” they don’t mean from violence. They mean from the expression of ideas that run counter to their ideology (to the extent they have a coherent ideology). Granted, many who run with ANTIFA are anarchists will be among the first to fill mass graves if leftists gain the power they crave, but that won’t help us.

        • “Step on snek, get bit by snek then”

          Hopefully. If it comes to that, it will depend on the relative strength of the snek and the jackboot. That in turn might depend on who is better organized.

        • ANTIFA just doesn’t have anarchists (they have the black at the top of the flag and the red at the bottom). They also have socialists (red top, black bottom), communists (all red), the rainbow flag, pink flag, blue flag, and green flag.

          With this much factionalism they will eventually turn on each other subduing the smaller factions first. It will be a modern cultural revolution with the revolutionaries fighting over who has the correct ideology.

  5. People who don’t know the definition of the words fascist and Nazi. People who’ve never really suffered under an oppressive government, not an imaginary one. Probably still rebelling against their parents, too.

    • Funny that you mention that. I got into a discussion about what a fascist really is a few days ago, with this nut job yoga instructor from NYC. She told me that I was wrong and that antifa was not a fascist group. I let her know that I have talked extensively with my wife’s grandfather who grew up in italy during ww2. And that everything antifa is doing is exactly what the fascists and nazis did. She absolutely lost her mind. Apparently yoga doesn’t calm you down as much as I thought.

      • Remember that George Lucas got the word “stormtrooper” from Hitler’s Brown Shirts. These were young men who roved in small groups for the purpose of literally pummeling anyone who didn’t march to the political tune of the day. Their purpose was to cow the German people into fearful submission.

        Not too sure that would work in today’s America.

        • Actually the original “storm troopers” were the German soldiers who broke open trench warfare using tactics that would be used throughout WW2 and beyond. They were elite soldiers specifically trained to defeat the merciless trench system. They also were effective. But upsetting the trenches mean the end of Germany holding out against the French and English. (and a fresh USA coming into the fight)
          Hitler and his bunch changed the meaning when his brown shirts started beating the heads of political enemies.

        • @Joseph,

          Interesting. Add some more depth to the term. I’d never read that before…thx for the info.

      • Modern leftism in the West really has much in common with fascism, perhaps a better match in many ways to that than it is the Soviet communism.

        • Oh, it’s good old fashioned stalinism. They aren’t nearly competent enough to be fascists.

  6. The issue is not if such weapons are kept and used defensively but rather if they are used offensively. This means mayors in places like Charlottesville and Portland who think ordering police to stand down as they are leftists too need to get put on notice they need to keep order or get arrested.

    • Someone also needs to remind the police that their jobs are to enforce the law and protect the public, not to obey the mayor when unlawful orders come down from the politician. Enforce the law, keep your oath to do so or go find another job.

  7. Someone puts on a black mask and comes here, he/she/it better be on a white horse and have a buddy named “Tanto”.
    People with masks and guns once were considered “bad” and would end poorly.

    • It’s Tonto
      I’m in Miami many many years back and the Cuban girl I had over was watching TV with me when ” The Lone Ranger” came on. Since this was before remotes were common the channel did not instantly get changed. As the show started up they showed whoever was the star, then Tonto and she turns to me and asked why did they name the Indian Stupid? Apparently Tonto is slang for Stupid, dumb, silly, retarded etc in Spanish.

      • @KenW. Thanks for the spell check. My old brain moves faster than my 2 finger typing.
        I did know that tonto meant stupid, but I didn’t want to get blocked for saying something stupid.
        Point is, we/I won’t accept their ideology, and won’t put up with it.

  8. Only thing missing now are the brown shirts! Of course they would have to match the little ninja masks. Bring it on, idiots!

  9. This all would sound good except for the fact the self described anti-fascists are batshit crazy.

      • NM,

        You mention an important point.

        How many times have we heard Leftists say that people who want to own firearms for self-defense (because they do not trust government to protect them) are crazy?

        • How many times have we seen people who just want to own guns execute terrorist attacks against government buildings and tear down a US flag over a use installation replacing it with the flag of a foreign power?

        • pwrserge,

          I am not defending the Left. I am merely pointing out the danger of a “crazy” standard that government could use to justify pre-emptively infringing our rights.

          Note that your example shows “crazy” people actually doing something “crazy” (storming a facility and flying the flag of a foreign nation) which is worthy of government action to curtail the future rights of the perpetrators.

          Fun aside question: if a hostile group of people storm a government facility, forcefully take down the United States flag, and then raise the flag of a foreign nation over that facility, how is that not an act of war which subjects the perpetrators to treatment as enemy soldiers?

        • Only if they were in uniform, otherwise they are illegal combatants subject to summary execution when apprehended. No different from pirates or spies.

  10. Wonder how long it will be until they start shooting people with the Trump 2020 stickers on their vehicle. How long until instead of just dragging elderly men out of their vehicle they start shooting? When exactly are they going to start shooting people running their road blocks?

    • No one around here ever had a Trump or Bush bumper sticker, ever. Nothing Republican or pro-2A… unless you want your tires slashed. Hillary and Bernie and C0exi$t stickers are acceptable in this county.

      • This is quite true. I see a lot of bumper stickers for left wing causes . I will roll my eyes but I would never damage someone else’s property. That behavior is not reciprocal.

      • True, most Trump voters (myself included) don’t go all out with the stickers, but one has to wonder just how this will work out seeing as how antifa is known for violently assaulting those with differing political views be it with fists, clubs, knives, cement milkshakes, and now guns how long it will take for them to escalate to deadly force against counter demonstrators or even those they believe to be “right wing fascists”. You may say well Moltar you are just using liberal logic but in all honesty it would appear these people are much more willing to resort to violence than those they brand a threat, so my question still stands. How long until they kill someone for merely disagreeing with them? They’ve already come close a few times.

      • And next they will start attacking those who don’t have political bumper stickers.

    • Well, some LEOs are advocating shooting leftist congressional representatives already.

      If a repressive police state is speaking openly about killing those who disagree with their political position, perhaps it’s time citizens of all persuasions arm themselves, wouldn’t you agree?

      “A police chief in Louisiana is promising to take action against one of his officers who reportedly posted on Facebook that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “vile idiot” who “needs a round” but the chief said he didn’t view the post as a threat.”

      • Your man swallwell spoke openly of nuking American gun owners. But i’m sure a fascist such as yourself will give him a pass and insist on hanging a lone cop for talking of shooting a few.

    • Took the words right off my keyboard. For those who didn’t learn American history (ie, liberals), here’s what happened to John Brown:

      He was convicted of treason (the first such conviction in the US) and hanged until he was dead.

      In the fullness of hindsight, his actions hastened the onset of the Civil War. While some abolitionists praise Brown for his fervent adherence to the cause of abolition, I find his actions wanting – because the first man Brown’s little mob killed was a freed black slave.

      • Thats a overly simplistic synopsis and you’re obviously from Virginia (which Brown was found guilty of committing ‘treason’ against)

        Brown, in hindsight, was absolutely correct in doing what he did. Burning a slave state to the ground in armed revolt was entirely an appropriate course of action, and there was no end to slavery in sight from the lens of when harper’s ferry occurred (nobody could foresee the civil war I suppose).

        So far is our society moved away from slavery, that we debate the merits or flaws of abolitionists*. Truly remarkable.

        VIrginia and Lee, for that matter, would eventually get their comeuppance.

        • “So do the ends justify the means?”

          When it comes to ending slavery, killing Nazis (real nazis, not those accused of being nazis by the batshit left), or opposing actually tyranny, yes.

    • “Treason” for wanting to start a slave revolt in a *SLAVE OWNING* state like Virginia.

      No demerit on John Brown’s part. And Virginia would pay later I suppose.

  11. Will they claim self defense in the face of all the “micro-agressions”? Are they foolish enough to try to use their firearm as a de-escalation tool? I have not seen any of them talking about the training they received in de-escalation. In my limited experience decisions based on emotion rarely are the best choice, and since these people seem to be all about “the feelz” I have serious concerns.

    I live in NC and the RNC is going to he held close by and I would like to go, and bring my family with me. As a law abiding citizen, I will not be carrying a gun if it is not allowed at the location, but these people will be. This presents me with the choice of not going due to the perceived threat of violence I can not effectively respond to, or breaking the law and tooling up. If. Their behavior ends up infringing on my inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, what is the answer?

    • Jedi Wombat,

      I live in NC and the RNC is going to he held close by and I would like to go, and bring my family with me.

      If their behavior ends up infringing on my inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, what is the answer?

      (1) Do not go.
      — or —
      (2) Insist that the Republican National Convention have effective (and I mean truly effective) security forces on hand to promptly squash any shenanigans.

      • Sorry, the closing question was more of a rhetorical one. I will be going, and I have zero faith in the governments ability to keep me safe. I’m simply going to try and avoid the areas where these folks are,(should he easy to spot by the first responders provinding aid to heat casualties. All black in NC in June isn’t the best idea lol) and hope I don’t catch a stray round. Thank you for your response.

    • Drawing a weapon is the exact opposite of ‘de-escalating a situation’.

      • Exactly my point. There is a difference in training to be effective with a firearm, and getting yourself out of a situation where you may need one. They keep talking about how they are training with guns, but not their training to get out of having to use one. As their goals seem to be to force confrontation for “injustices”, them bringing guns seems to be a recipe for disaster.

    • “Will they claim self defense in the face of all the “micro-agressions”?”

      Ya think?

      These are the same folks who posit that speech is the exact same as physical violence and should be responded to as such.

      Let that sink in – As far as they are concerned, if you say something they don’t like, they have the right to shoot you dead…

      • Again, exactly my point. As someone who can recognize actual aggression, micro-agressions confuse the crap out of me. I’ll just assume that as a late 40’s conservative white male, my existence constitutes micro-aggression to them.

        I will try to avoid the places they are congregating in groups, but I will not allow anyone to restrict my rights through threats or intimidation tactics. That is the definition of terrorism and I don’t have a whole lot of patience for it. Thanks for your response.

        • Jedi Wombat,

          I’ll just assume that as a late 40’s conservative white male, my existence constitutes micro-aggression to them.

          Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner.

          Yes, conservative white males are at best a “micro-aggression” to many/most Leftists. And to many other/most leftists, conservative white males are downright evil incarnate worthy of immediate and significant sanction. This is the “mindset” behind comments such as Hillary Clinton referring to something like 1/3rd of the country being “deplorables”.

  12. I’m all for this.

    Many of us believe that an armed citizenry is a correcting force to a government that might run off the rails. If all the correction, or potential for armed corrections, comes from one side, there will be an eventual veering to the opposite side. With an equal potential for correction from both the left and the right the government is likely to run straight and true according to the original principles.

    To automatically assume that armed folks anywhere to the left of you on the political spectrum will lead to blood in the gutters is to repackage the same gun grabbers’ logic that we routinely call BS on.

    They too deserve the same Second Amendment protection of their First Amendment rights that we claim. And anyone who goes about armed WITH CRIMINAL INTENT, on either side of the political divide, deserves to have someone drop a dime on them.

    • You might believe in reciprocity but they do not. Any rights you allow them will not be allowed for you. Rule one of maintaining a society is to make sure the enemies of that society and unhinged people are not armed and organized.

      This is selling the mob the rope with which to hang you.

      • “Rule one of maintaining a society is to make sure the enemies of that society and unhinged people are not armed and organized”.

        Wrong, boyo. That statement is the definition of anti-American tyranny. In other words, you’re saying that you and your society may be armed, but your opposition may not? So you’re okay with you and your friends enjoying your rights to self defense and peaceful assembly to express your ideas, but they cannot? Who defines “unhinged”? YOUR VERBAL POO-POO IS THE CORE OF THE SLEW OF RED FLAG LAWS RUNNING AMOK ACROSS OUR NATION TODAY.

        If someone commits a felony, then – and only then – should his/her rights be temporarily removed for the purpose of incarceration and protection of your society as a whole. But if someone who espouses a political narrative you disagree with shows up armed, so what?, if you yourself are also equally armed and present yourself as a counterbalancing force to keep the conversation at a peaceful level.

        • If ANTIFA had EVER actually peacefully assembled without attacking people, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. What you’re basically arguing is that we should hand guns to people who have a history of attacking people for no legitimate reason and outright terrorist attacks.

        • I agree that violent felons should be temporarily deprived of their guns as a consequence of their actions, but that’s not what he said above. He said we should disarm “unhinged” people. That’s a definition that’s subject to opinion, not facts, and the basis of today’s unconstitutional ERPO laws.

        • This is why the right has been losing ground for 100 years. Rules Wich are not reciprocated are not rules they are deceptions and losing strategies.

    • Except that we have an example of how leftists with guns lead to terrorist attacks on ICE facilities.

    • zaphod,

      On paper I agree with you. The problem is in the reality of the matter. Leftists are advocating at best for Socialism and at worst for Communism. Both political ideologies are at odds with the fundamental and foundational principles of our nation as well as Natural rights.

      We have no righteous/legitimate authority to use our rights to infringe on the rights of others. Just as I cannot use my right to keep and bear arms to forcibly take away another person’s property, another person cannot use their right to free speech to forcibly take away my property. Nevertheless, that is exactly what Leftists are doing: demanding that an organization (government) steal other people’s property and give it themselves (Leftists) and/or their Leftist designees.

      • Uncommon, I normally agree with you, but would ask you to re-examine your argument in the context of voting. Do they have the right to use their VOTING right to attempt to implement a leftist government?

        If you say no, then aren’t we already living in a nonrepresentative dictatorship?

        • No, and no. No amount of votes gives any government the legitimate authority to do what the socialist wants. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

        • TexTed,

          If you say no, then aren’t we already living in a nonrepresentative dictatorship?

          Kudos for an excellent and extremely profound question which has an extremely profound answer.

          We must first begin with this question, “Who or what is the ultimate righteous authority on Earth?” If your answer is “government”, that is problematic because governments have often enforced destructive policies that horrifically violate our inalienable rights. If your answer is “the electorate”, that is problematic because the electorate has often demanded destructive policies that horrifically violate our inalienable rights. The politically incorrect answer is that our Creator is the ultimate righteous authority on Earth.

          And what did our Creator say about government? He created government to protect the people from evil-doers, whether those evil-doers are individual criminals or foreign military powers or anything in between. Our Creator did NOT create government to enforce mandatory charity functions (which is what Leftists will claim that our social welfare and “safety net” programs are). First of all, such “charity” functions cease to be charity when participation is mandatory and enforced. Second of all, such “charity” functions are utterly and totally ripe for abuse (whether it be government using the charity for the detriment of others or recipients abusing the charity), as just about all of us have seen.

          There is nothing wrong with Leftists using their First amendment rights and their voting rights to demand that government punish evil-doers, as long as we correctly define evil. Having “wealth” (as Leftists define it) is not in-and-of-itself evil. Therefore, government has no legitimate/righteous authority to steal someone’s wealth and give it away to other people.

          Important caveat: does our Creator implore us to be kind, generous, and charitable? Absolutely! Is it righteous for Leftists to use their First Amendment rights to encourage “wealthy” people to be charitable? Absolutely! Does our Creator demand that government enforce charity? Absolutely not!

          So, to finally answer your question, a non-representative dictatorship is necessary and righteous if the electorate views that government as a dictatorship for refusing to violate our inalienable rights.

    • No one will argue against their right to own and carry a firearm, the problem begins when you look at their history and their willingness to go straight to violent and destructive behavior over the least little provocation and the gang mentality as several members of their group will attack a single individual most often leading either by a sucker punch or a blow to the back of the head. They think nothing of destroying other peoples property and the fact that they do all of this while hiding their identities behind masks meant to instill fear should be given strong consideration.. Antifa is a lawless, terrorist organization and should be treated as such and the very idea that pulling a gun can DE escalate a situation is laughable, anyone pulling a gun in my presence while demonstrating in masks and breaking other peoples shit had better have a screaming desire to know what the business end of a 10mm Glock 29 looks like up close and personal… This will not end well and could very well lead to that “Concord” moment that so many are waiting for… So yeah, I guess I’m all for it too.

    • zaphod,

      Let me make the point crystal clear. You said,

      And anyone who goes about armed WITH CRIMINAL INTENT, on either side of the political divide, deserves to have someone drop a dime on them.

      Suppose I sling a rifle over my shoulder and go to the town center to exercise my free speech rights where I say:
      (1) Many people have too much wealth!
      (2) Other people deserve that wealth instead!
      (3) Local thugs have a moral obligation to forcibly steal that wealth and redistribute it to the people who deserve it!
      (4) Local thugs: turn this dream into reality now!

      Would that be a righteous exercise of my First and Second Amendment rights? My answer is an unequivocal NO since that activity was a conspiracy to steal other people’s property.

      Therefore, Leftists have no legitimate right/authority to conspire to steal other people’s property. (Note: it doesn’t matter whether “local thugs” or government are the “redistribution” agents because stealing is stealing no matter who does it.) And since said Leftists went to their demonstration armed with criminal intent, they deserve it when someone “drops a dime on them” according to your standard.

      • There is certainly nothing wrong with steps one and two, somewhere between three and four I’m sure any twelve reasonable persons would find an incitement to criminal activity.

        No gang of Robin Hoods is going to grab control of America’s wealth. (Of which, what isn’t held by one per centers is held by foreign governments as T-bills anyway.) The only way for the scraps of that wealth held by mere mortals to be robbed wholesale is by the government. The fact that socialist sentiment exists in Congress, despite strong Gerrymandering that favors the status quo, recognizes that some of our brethren desire this. Should they achieve an overwhelming majority our monies will be gone before we ever see it, nobody will take it with arms.

        Everyone would like to see some change in America: you, I, and AOC; though obviously not the same changes. But because a person may favor one change, e.g. a new health care model, doesn’t mean that same person wants to see us as serfs or in a gulag.

        As long as “leftists” are ADVOCATING for a “redistribution” that might be seen by many as “theft,” they are within their rights. If they try it unilaterally at gunpoint they will likely have a rude awakening. If they manage to make such redistribution the law of the land, a lot of the folks digging caches in the yard will be wondering why they didn’t take a more active political role than single issue voting on the few days the polls are open, and themselves engage in advocacy across a wider range of issues.

        • Zaphod,

          As long as “leftists” are ADVOCATING for a “redistribution” that might be seen by many as “theft,” they are within their rights.

          When someone takes your money against your will for the sole benefit of another person (which could be the thief or the thief’s benefactor), that is stealing. It doesn’t matter whether a two-bit thug, the local mafia, or local/state/federal government is the entity who steals it. Therefore, Leftists who advocate for “redistribution” are advocating for theft and have no right to advocate for “redistribution”.

          Important clarification:

          (1) Government taxes spent wisely and efficiently for the sole purpose of securing/protecting our nation from evil-doers (whether those evil-doers are con-artists, thieves, rapists, murderers, or foreign military attackers) is a direct and critical benefit to each and every person in our nation and the core purpose of government as delineated in our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. Government entities who take said taxes against the will of people are not stealing. Rather, the people who refuse to pay said taxes are stealing from the rest of us.

          (2) Social “welfare” and “safety net” programs are charities (at best) and enforcing mandatory participation is therefore NOT a righteous/legitimate function of government.

    • I mostly agree with what you are say. Make no mistake though, if we ever have to actually use our second amendment rights to make a correction we will all be labeled as criminals. At least till we win. It would be a risky endeavor

    • +1, Everyone who can and wants to, should own a gun. Rights are for everybody. I’d love it if my lgbt coworkers were into guns.

  13. So, little Shannon does not like it when law enforcement acts to protect people she disagrees with. He/she/it bands together with other emotionally immature children in adult bodies, playing dress-ups and acting out their super-hero vigilante fantasies. As long as none of them are prohibited possessors, and they do not commit any crimes, they get to exercise their second amendment rights like anyone else. Freedom is messy.

  14. “A trans woman who grew up shooting guns off her front porch in Indiana, she spoke about the toxic culture she had encountered at many gun ranges, and of the obligation she felt to protect her queer community.”

    The only way you will be accepted by the LGBTQ…XYZ crowd is when your gun range or any business has an active and welcoming “glory hole” on the private property of your private business. And allow a man to use the girls bathroom.

    The sexually Liberated Left has NEVER supported the civil right to ARMS for law abiding black people. They are as racist as the klansman Virginia Gov Ralph Northam. I grew up in California. They are responsible for terminating rifle teams in high schools and ending 2A civil rights education in the state. They have publicly attacked gay black people for lawfully carry guns.

    They are on record supporting the right of the KKK to march in black neighborhoods while carrying guns. They say this is proof they support the 1st amendment. But they have ALWAYS and STILL are against black people carrying guns.

    American citizens who have homosexual sex have a birthright to ARMS. They have historically never supported that human right for the general population. But now they want THEIR guns.

    They are the ones who said it was “a sign of being a straight white male”, “if you owned a gun”.
    Only councilman Harvey Milk and an elected crossdresser in Vermont (I don’t remember his name), both over 30 years ago, have supported gun rights for everyone.

    They do support the Welfare Industrial Complex that has destroyed the traditional black family in many american cities. And they support “gun free zone” public house projects.

    • Well I’ll be, “We” gave “you” people 40 acres and a mule, now your wanting a gunm too?? Why would a black person need a gunm? Them nggrs are up to no good I tell yah. (Just messing with you Chris) And believe you me buddy, growing up in an all white prejudiced town I’ve heard it all.

  15. We need anti-fascists. Maybe not these anti-fascists, maybe more like the old days when neo-Nazis would try to march someplace with lots of Jewish people and everyone would show up wanting to beat them up. Not just the good people of the local area, but decent people of all religions would object to the neo-Nazis and want them beaten up.

    I was cool with that. Even as I understood the First Amendment rights of assholes to walk about with Nazi symbols, and that the cops just had to do their duty keeping the groups apart, I still cheered for the local Jewish people and all their friends of other religions to beat the snot out of marching neo-Nazi scum.

    That’s a very long time ago and I’m much older now.

    These days, it’s gotten into a very dangerous situation. The neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Alt-Right, Sovereign Citizen and allied idiots are sporting serious firepower and so too are these Anti-Fascist “LGBTQ+WTF” groups. It’s like people are carrying around buckets of gasoline, bad attitudes and hurt feelings all seeking a spark.

    Not liking this situation at all.

    • Here’s an idea… Compared to communists, Nazis were altar boys. But you don’t have a right to beat the piss out of either if they are peacefully assembling.

      Here’s an interesting fact. There are no Nazis. They haven’t been relevant or in any way prevalent for decades. Commies, on the other hand, regularly take over entire city blocks and attack innocent people.

      • Bullshit. Revisionist history and excuse making. Nazi Fascists, Marxist Socialists and Communists all have evil, bloody histories of slaughter and mass murder. There is no ‘better than’ among those groups, they are all evil scum.

  16. From this day forward I am to be referred to as First Earl of the Moon and Dreadlord of the Sea of Tranquility.

    • Watch it there fella. Buzz Aldrin has first claim to that territory and the last time somebody challenged him on it he clocked him good. That steely eyed rocket man has still got it!

      • Last time I saw Buzz he was hauling ass back to the blue rock where he belonged. #byefelicia

      • “Steely eyed rocket man.” Absolutely hilarious! And so true he clocks that clown who was harassing him.

        • “And so true he clocks that clown who was harassing him.”
          As ANY man would do when some asshole gets in your face and yells that you are a LIAR and a COWARD, Buzz showed him that he was NOT a coward and at the same time displayed how offended he was at being called a liar.. Apparently the judge agreed as the charges were dropped in court..

    • Sweet! Do you get those cool “fist across the chest while stomping the foot” salutes too? Also, you dont have hair one if your byline on your next review doesnt say that. ALL HAIL THE FIRST EARL OF THE MOON! /Thumps chest while stamping foot

  17. “Leftist ‘Anti-Fascist’ Groups are Arming Up and Carrying Guns to Provide Security and Defend Themselves”

    They are just itching for an armed conflict, and IF they’re not careful, that’s exactly what they’re going to get…there are far right factions out there that welcome this and are more than willing to accommodate them…

      • They’re getting bolder with every encounter, and without pushback from “authorities”, they’re going to continue on their violent path…

    • They will find out the hard way guns don’t work like they do in Call Of Duty. Most PoTGs can hit targets beyond 25-50 meters. Many can engage targets at 300m and beyond.

  18. Annnnnd I do not support everyone having guns. These criminal azzholes are insane…

  19. Disappointed in some of the comments. “Rights for me, but not for thee?”

    Those dumbass Nazi communists are afforded the same 2nd Amendment rights as everyone else. And the moment the ABUSE that right, they deserve to be shot in the face, just like anyone else.

    Speech is not action. They can say whatever they want. Once they start physically assaulting, as they have, that’s when their right to guns, liberty, and even life end, whichever is the appropriate and just punishment for that individual person’s actions.

    • Speech is absolutely action. The 1st amendment is not carte blanche to form a communist insurgent group that goes out looking for “nazis” to shoot.

  20. The social networks these idiot children occupy are much more likely to intersect with the social networks of violent criminals, through the drug trade. We have seen this play out before. In the 60’s and 70’s the Manson Family, the SLA, the Black Panthers and other left wing groups mixed idiot children and criminals to produce a wave of violence that swept the country. It did not end well for most of them. Those that survived spent lots of time in prison or became university professors in California and Chicago.

    • True that for many it did not go well. But those that survived have fat university pay checks and tenure. They are also indoctrinating the young. Where do groups like Antifa go to justify their criminal behavior? Right to the burnt out radicals of the prior generation.

  21. Your attacked by a leftist with a weapon be it a fist or acid shoot them in the face problems solved.like it or not it’s going to come to this

  22. I, for one, cannot wait to see Antifa openly carrying weapons at more of their ‘events’.

    They have been tolerated so far because they are mostly harmless. Start shooting people and things will change really fast.

    • Not sure If I accept the “mostly Harmless” part of that statement.

      If you define “mostly Harmless” as “has not yet killed someone”, then I suppose your right. I think that’s a pretty loose standard though.

  23. “When you see law enforcement escorting Nazi groups to parades…”

    I cant fuking stand how short sighted we have all become. “They make me feel uncomfortable so i feel physically theatended. So now they cant talk.

    This is America, If you have the proper permits and are non violent you can march. I dont care if your values are diametricaly opposed to to mine. THATS THE WHOLE POINT.

    I grew up near Skokie illinois and while I wasnt alive in ’77 for the famous “Nazi” march as the grand child of Holocaust survivors it was an everyonce and a while subject of conversation.
    My entires families opinion, including that of my grandparents was to let them march. Thats the deal in America regarding free speech. Once they stop allowing it because I dont like who’s speaking we are all screwed.

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  24. I have the same opinion on gun control as everyone else. I want people I trust to be armed and people I don’t trust to be unarmed.

    These people fall hard into category 2.

    • The only people I don’t want armed are those who would use their guns to harm me. For everyone else, it doesn’t matter. I like the Pink Pistols’ attitude. Armed gays don’t get bashed.

      If a guy wants to chop off his pecker and call himself a woman, it’s his pecker, not mine. All I might suggest is that he have it stuffed for use by a woman who wants to be a man.

  25. Well they better not carry an EBR or any firearm that carries more than 2.7 rounds of ammo.

    Cause nobody needs anything like that after all.

  26. Can somebody remind me of the last time the “alt right” attacked a left wing assembly? Like a pride parade? Never happened you say? Funny how everybody is always screaming about how the “alt right” are evil when ANTIFA is out putting people in the hospital and attacking government facilities?

    The “alt right” may be idiots, but at least they don’t go out of their way to attack people. If they want to have a little tiki-torch march, well, that’s not my problem. Funny how the only time you see any violence at their events is when ANTIFA shows up.

  27. In light of the suicide rate in the trans community, this seems to run afoul of the sound mental health requirement that’s a foundation of “common sense” gun control pushed by the likes of Bloomberg, et al.

  28. Well, hopefully most of them live in anti-gun states that put them at a disadvantage.

    On a side note, maybe they will defect to pur side when they see how stupid their gun control laws are.

    • I think that’s an understated possibility. Some people buy a gun for protection and unexpectedly end up becoming an enthusiast. In their quest to learn more about firearms, it could also expose them to some “diverse” opinions that they aren’t used to hearing.

  29. When the Drumpf Nazi’s in Charolettesville murdered an innocent woman by running her down the normal Americans that came to protest against the Drumpf Nazi torch bearing and heavily armed Storm Troopers began to realize what dangerous Nazi Fanatics they are now dealing with. The Stats show a continual rise in hate groups under Herr Drumpf and his Storm Troopers which has woke the left up to reality. Trump may indeed refuse to leave office if he is defeated at the polls and if the military backs him the Far Right will declare a new Utopian dawning and reincarnation of the 3rd Reich American style complete with cattle cars, concentration camps with gas chambers and a Christian Caliphate. Freedom of religion, and especially freedom of speech would be the first casualties of a Far Right American 3rd Reich.

    • Yup… you gotta be on the lookout for those Nigerian Trump supporters running around with bottles of bleach and nooses made out of 30lb clothes line… in -20F weather.

    • Looks like the OLD Vlad Tepes’ ass is starting to pucker something fierce. He got his own avatar now. Talk about desperate. He must dirty his undies every time he blogs. LMFAO.

    • “a continual rise in hate groups under Herr Drumpf and his Storm Troopers which has woke the left up to reality.”
      Really? If the left ever wakes up to reality it will mean a comeback for self-flagellation on a level that has not been seen since the Middle Ages. I am talking about legions of ex-leftists, bare from the waist up, whipping themselves through the streets, begging for forgiveness in an unending procession.


      Avatar? I don’t need no stinking avatar.

    • I’m sorry for all the nonsense I puked on this site. My old head injury is acting up again. Now if you excuse me, I’ll go stick my head in bucket of ice water. It helps ….sometimes.

  30. I want to head up a very profitable ‘non-profit’ that specializes in collecting and disbursing funds for trans-women’s abortion rights.

  31. When you consider the threat that the alt right poses it would make sense that the leftists arm themselves also. I mean what would you do when faced with an armed blood and guts maniac with the latest version of an AR15? The right wing who call themselves “Patriots” are nothing more than military veterans who yearn for the days of war and destruction. Fine. Yearn all you want and we’ll take those AR’s away and the 50 pistols you carry with you all day, every day. To threaten others just because you feel superior and have a “nine” in your belt is bullying the weak. We are far from weak as will find out next year when Kamala buries all that you love.

    • We are repairman Vlad Tepes, here to fix another broken post.

      When you consider the threat that antifa poses it would make sense that non-criminal citizens arm themselves also. I mean what would you do when faced with an armed blood and guts maniac with the latest version of an airsoft imitation AR15? The morons who call themselves “social justice warriors” are nothing more than spoiled brats who yearn for pretend war and destruction. Fine. Yearn all you want and we’ll take those imitation airsoft AR’s away and the 50 airsoft pistols you carry with you all day, every day. To threaten others just because you feel superior and have a professor filling your head with lies is bullying the weak. We are far from weak as will find out next year when Kameltow goes down in flames.


      Avatar? I don’t need no stinking avatar.

    • She’s not going to “bury” jack shit

      Any overstep on her part (and others) will be a gross miscalculation, and in this hyper partisan situation, America has already become a powder keg.

  32. I live and work in the greater Seattle area, from what I’ve seen up here, looks like about 1/3 of antifa still live with their parents (I’m being serious) and another 1/3 are homeless/street rats. With that being said those people should cull back their mobilization/call to arms because if any real combat broke out they would get put down, quickly.

    • If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be hilarious.

      They actually believe if they buy a cheap AP and a few mags and go to a range for a few hours they will be ready to rock-n-roll.

      Dumbshits don’t understand it takes time and practice.

      And they won’t practice because Trump supporters are found at the gun range.

      What a beautiful ‘Catch-22’ for them. Oh, well. Every ‘Army’ needs cannon fodder…

    • They have nothing to lose. What the right lacks is not ability but will. These people have no such limitations.

  33. Don’t start a civil war when you will be up against us and the U.S. military.

    • We’ll be up against the likes of *you*? That’s the very definition of being a joke.


      You know that military you think will be backing you up? You know, the folks with the tanks and helicopters and attack aircraft?

      Over 80 percent vote Republican. Oh, and another pesky detail for you –

      They took an oath to protect America from *all* enemies, foreign *and* domestic.

      Do you know what a domestic enemy is, dumbass? It’s anyone who orders the US military to open fire on the citizens.

      That means *YOU*, asshole…

  34. Instead of embracing a new group of gun owners who can add strength to us, I see a lot of ill-informed transphobic posts.

    • Why would you think I’m afraid of people who have their genitals professionally mutilated? Thinking someone’s nuts is not the same as fearing them.

      • I was thinking that thinking someone’s nuts is not the same as cutting them off or adding a pair. You’re right though, these pathetic creatures scare no one, they may anger some, but that’s not the same thing.

        • A better term would be ‘transist’ or perhaps ‘XY/XX chromosomist’ maybe. Or maybe just ‘pro-science’.

    • Be patient. You have to give conservatives a little more time to compromise their beliefs and principles around identity. Don’t worry in a few short years trans people and communists will be the new and hottest 2nd amendment spokespeople, better than the old and busted gays and minorities. Personally I can’t wait for drag kids and the adult men who love them to be BEST gun right supporters after that. 🔫🤡

      • That’s a great fantasy. Wishful thinking. But they didn’t show up to protest the forced closing, by the city government, of the last gun store in San Francisco. The progressive socialist gun owner has a great deal to evolve from the intolerant, anti-civil rights bigots that they are now.

        Back in the 1980s they declared themselves to be fans of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf The homoseuxal group ACT UP was the second incarnation of the “Brown Shirts”. And ACT UP were big fans of the open gay leadership including its open gay leader Ernst Rohm. Most people don’t know that Nazi Germany was a sexually liberated Left wing society. San Francisco is just a city size version of late 1920s Germany.

    • Should we also embrace ISIS chapters? I hear they are absolutely “pro gun” in the leftist standard.

  35. Leftist is the exact example of being a Fascist…all they spew is Fascist.

    The right is for freedom in this republic not some example of communism and socialism.

    Leftist communism and socialism is pure Fascism.

    They want to change definitions to fit their utopia like San Fran banning pronouns.

  36. LE Escorts and provides various levels of security for all permitted protests/Marches. Black, white, Left, Right, LBĢT, neo nazi or others, Its an assignd Duty and not any form of alignment with demonstrators views.

    The very real problem is that ANTIFA DOES NOT PROTEST PEACEFULLY and physically attack persons with opposing views and stop their exercise of 1A Rights. These aren’t use of physical force for their defense, its 100% aggression with mob mentality without personal or moral restraint while hiding behind masks. They already use fist feet, clubs and chemical agents without physical provocation. We can forcast the oucome of these same criminals with firearms. It also appears there is no regard for area firearm Laws, example: gonna “Carry in D.C.”, we’ll see how that works out.

    I have no problem with anyone from any “group” legally carrying firearms as long as they do so responsibly.

    • The responsibly is the issue. How many of them truly understand the law about using deadly force in legally justified self defense? What is the legal effect at shooting at someone you think is threatening you and hit someone else? A through and through with the same effect? That someone wearing black and a mask and pointing a gun at someone is very possibly creating a reasonable belief in their inflicting death or great bodily injury (and, thus, legally justifying the use of deadly force against them)? Or, that wearing black clothes and masks to protect others using deadly force dressed similarly, makes them part of a conspiracy, an accomplice, thus legally stripping themselves of innocence, and, thus the legal ability to assert self defense? And without the legal ability to assert self defense, anyone they shoot is at least manslaughter, if not second degree murder.

      Sure, in a place like Portlandia, they may not face prosecution for political reasons. But that makes the situation no different from the authorities not prosecuting hood wearing Klan members in the south, and part of why the 1960s era Civil Rights laws were enacted, allowing the feds to step in, when the state authorities refuse to act.

  37. These “anti-fuh-fuh-fuh” have been carrying, and using weapons, while organized, instructed and trained in getting physical to make a point. Not terribly well organized, instructed and trained, but some. And done even poorly, demonstrating both will and intent. Also organized & etc. to control their messaging to the “press” up to braining a guy simply recording what they were doing.

    /Now I don’t want to get off on a rant, here, but…
    Consider that guy who got brained in Portland. First, there was printed instruction to the press and observers — with the not very subtle, “or else, get brained” if you did not journalism the way the wanted. Then, orchestrated, planned behavior to restrict, threaten, and harass “unfriedly” journalists. Not people mis-reporting. People accurately reporting when the accurate points were “inconvenient truths” for the agenda. Then coordination before n during to target *that guy*. Finally, of course, they brained him.

    I think the people in various lovely CA college towns where Milo was scheduled to talk would make a similar point about bats, shields, barricade defeating gear and tactics, and fire bombs; planned, directed, orchestrated, and in fact used.

    Our surveillance state did nothing to interdict ahead of time, stop in the event, or apprehend after. Yet what we know of what was done, and how it was orchestrated comes from that same panopticon. What good is your call monotoring — just metadata for “associations” — rapid-response dispensation, and processing farm taking up half of Utah if you can’t stop soy-fed basement dwellers from burning city blocks with bic lighters and vasaline?

    They were permitted. Tacit approval by more than the Mayor of Portlandia.

    The working definition of facism is roughly: “Everything within the state; nothing outside the state; nothing against the state.” It seems that these anti-fuh-fuh-fuh are pretty state-y, at least in the accommodation of their antics.

    Facism is particularly characterized by fake “non-state” actors: businesses “owned” and “run” independently … so long as they are in line with Maximum Leader’s wishes; “independent” “grass roots” activists and enforcers who just happen to enforce the state’s preference, but n unofficial uniforms. The defining characeristic is a single, unitary vision: “Solidarity is strength; strength is all.”

    Anti-fuh-fuh-fuh are well along the way. Blatent mis-labeling is another tactic. Without tacit, sometimes active govt. sanction they’d mostly be in jail aready, to encounter real, purposeful, organized, violence without comfortable bourgeois limits. Not LARPing like tiki-torch Nazis on Spring Break.

    For gun rights, the anti-people look to cast peaceful, responsiblee gun owners like those schumcks. Our mot powerful message to the unconvinced is: “We’re not like those people. You can tell because with pushing half a billion arms in civilian hands, we’re not all dead. You can tell by the lack of riots. Some people can’t be trusted in civilized company with garbage can lids. We’re not them, so maybe stop trying to Ban All The Things as if everyone were so ill-mannered and destructive as the adrenaline addict arm of your ideology.”

    • What is “braining”? I’ve never heard that expression before…

      As far as these antifa losers being armed, that’s fine by me…. Let’s get this party started the RIGHT WAY!