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No liquor today at the Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.  Instead, we have the Concerned Tactical Citizen line-up from Jonathon in Seattle.

Given how Seattle has devolved into an Antifa paradise, he’s a wise man to carry.  He’s not so wise to carry on an empty chamber with that GLOCK 19 Gen 3 oldie, but a classic.  With custom stippling.  I question whether a G19 needs a compensator by Agency Arms though.  The RMR is nice.  And he’s got a Streamlight X300 weaponslight on it too.  I hope the 37-year-old has the skills to run all that as a “concerned tactical citizen” and it’s not a case of buying what someone thinks are skills in aisle 3 of the big box gun store.

Interesting Stealth Pen and Lioe Design EDC tool.  He also has the Lioe Design business card holder too.  The Phantoms Dark Blade watch looks like something from another planet.

Kudos for the reload and the blade.  But I surely hope he’s not drawing that G19 everytime he needs a flashlight.

All in all, nice EDC, Jonathon.








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  1. What makes you think he carries in condition 3? Maybe he only chambers a round when he is carrying.

        • Riiiigggggghhhhhhht. Because everytime he stops carrying, he unholsters, clears the chamber and pulls the trigger. And then puts the round back into the mag and reseats the magazine perfectly.

          Sure thing, mate.

        • David, that’s actually exactly what I do. When I stop carrying, I remove the mag, clear and check the chamber, (1911) close the slide and set the hammer down, insert the mag with the round back in the mag. It’s really not that complex of a process. When I go to carry again I chamber and holster.

      • It’s on a table, not in holster on his hip. If I did one of these things the gun would be unloaded.

    • I unchamber for pictures like this, mainly when my gun leaves the holster at home – which is only for the rare EDC pic and cleaning or swapping carry ammo. My nightstand g22 stays ready to rock, and so does my g43 in the truck in my lock box, which has is housed inside a kydex holster mounted inside the lock box easily accessible once opened with bio’s. All other guns have mags but nothing in the chamber, even the ones in my safe. Not sure how John came to that conclusion either, but I do love the way he said it. It’s been a hot topic here lately at TTAG, and I applaud John for understanding the value in carrying condition 3 when EDCing. Pretty sure it’s the reason it got mentioned at all.

    • Yeah I’m gonna pile on here. Every other EDC post the TTAG author says “Herp derp! No round in the Chamber what a fool!” Yet it’s pretty likely all these people take pictures of their gun unloaded. Which is the proper thing to do, as it’s not on your person. I think I’m gonna post one of these just to make people squeal. No round in the chamber, FMJ’s, 6 mags, two back ups with FMJs, a can of dip, and no knife.

      • Just take the slide off and the barrel out. That’ll make their heads literally explode.

        I genuinely HATE when the writer or commenters assume something related to whether the gun is chambered or not.

      • Take pictures of your gun with no round in the chamber? What the hell for…it’s an inanimate object sitting there being photographed. Good grief! Snap the damn pic, put it back in your holster. UGH! Safety Sallies are driving me insane! Ok, I’m done now. (smile)

  2. I like the carry and the spare mag, but the rest is a bit too… hexagon. The only thing I don’t see working very well is trying to conceal such a carry, but I know some people can. Since there is no holster, but there is an OWB mag pouch, I assume he OWB’s openly, which is legale in WA without a permit. That watch though, is a whole new level of ugly. I just hope that if this guy does OWB openly, that he is tactful and responsible enough to deal with the one idiot who makes it a big deal. It’s bound to happen if you OWB openly. I’ve had more positive run in’s and even people thanking me…. but that one person will consume your entire reserve of responsibility and tactfulness. Especially somewhere like Seattle. Sadly, most open carries I have seen here in MT, are completely ludicrous. Like the one who had a serpa paddle OWB of his pants front pocket, or the cowboy with a 7″ barrell in a full covered leather holster in his red pants, tassel shirt, and white cowboy hat (think Marty McFly), or the one who had his tucked in his belt at the 4 o’clock… And judging by the amount of extra’s on his gun, again – if he OWB’s openly – I can only assume he is a bit of a show off and thinks of himself more like batman. Which makes sense, when you refer to yourself as a “Concerned tactical citizen”. Sounds like a bad “citizens arrest” turned kidnapping charge waiting to happen.

    • That Glock in the pic looks like a space ray gun. Very tacticool…not my style. I wonder if that thing “prints” much through his clothes while carrying.

      • I don’t believe in the whole tacticool theory when it comes to a modded carry. It’s 2019. Sights, lights, and mods are more than just a fad, they are functional and purposeful. Personally, I would have chosen a smaller light and left the compensator out, but It’s no longer than a full size carry this way, and the compensator helps with recoil. If you only have one gun, why not. Serves it’s purpose for every aspect of self defense. Also, I took into consideration that the only thing modded is the Glock. The rest of the carry may be modern and innovative, but far from tactical.

        • To each his own, but slapping an RMR, compensator, and long-nose tac light onto an EDC makes it not only much more difficult to conceal, but also to reliably draw from the holster due to the extended overall length. Nothing wrong with it, but I lean more toward the simpler-is-better side.

          G43 for me.

  3. I like the pistol and the fact that he has a reload. With the exception of the light, I can’t say I care much for all the gadgets he hung on it though. Still needs a handheld light. Not even sure what some of that other stuff is. Not saying this is the case with this gentleman, but you can’t buy skill. You have to earn it. If you have a handgun, (quality holster goes without saying, or should) reload, senceable blade and light you’ve pretty much got it covered. A little first aid doesn’t hurt anything, but if you can put it your pocket it’s probably not going to do a lot.

    • He told me that he OWB’s with a “Modified” Griffon Industries glock 34 holster. Not sure of the modifications, but I suspect the reason it’s not pictured is because he had to chop half of it off and it’s fugly. Personally, if I was going to carry with these mods, I would spend the money for a holster that accommodates them, or make my own.

      But I agree. That “multitool” and many tools like it of which the purpose evades me just seem like they are taking up space. It goes from 8mm to 14mm, but it’s certainly not going to give you the leverage you need if that 14 or 9/16 has a little loctite on it.

    • Gasden flag I agree on a flashlight and a serviceable blade for sure. First aid/medical as well, but you would surprised what kind of trauma level dressings you can carry on body.

      A Phlster Flatpack Tourniquet carrier with SOF-TW TQ, will allow pocket carry of a TQ, and the Phlster PEW, (pocket emergency wallet) can carry Combat Gauze or other Hemostatic gauze like Celox Rapid, chest seals, mini Israeli, and Glove all in one pocket slightly taller than a wallet. You can add Nasal Airway, chest dart etc. Depending on your skill level, personally I carry that set up and so does my GF.
      The handheld light is a must in my opinion, for multiple purposes, seeing in the dark is a huge advantage, be it in a a black out, stuck in a building or changing a flat. I actually used mine during a (false) fire alarm while at a hotel, it was dark and in the stairwell it helped see markers better than 1 or 2 Emergency lights every 10 feet.

  4. Yawn…getting really tired of the absolute insistence that everyone carry chambered. You do you and I’ll do what I damn well please…

  5. Carry everywhere ever day. Today sitting with the usual seniors at the gathering place( Carrols patio) a large dog came upon the property. Comments from some were” Well if he comes over here I’ve got a ball bat in the house”, to “Well Ive got a gunm in mine and he better not come over”. I just sat there , didn’t say a word, because I didn’t need to go anywhere to acquire my weapon, it’s in the IWB. My girlfiend has a bad habit of ” I will go get.”, Miss Possum everybody’s got a gunm, quit saying that… A few decades back, picking up a load of seed beans my boss made a joke of non payment. The owner said “I’ve got a .357 in the office” my boss pulls his out from behind his back and says”,you mean one like this?” The guy turned a little white.. My philosophy is everyone has a firegunm, keep your mouth shut about yours, and hope you never need to make it talk

  6. All these guys rolling around with tactical pens or, in this case, a “stealth pen V2” (??) make me and my bics feel inferior :-\

    They’re the nice metal clickable bics, if that matters!

    • Do not sale those regular Bic Pens short. They’ve been used for bullets and still keep in writing. Also I remember a motell that didn’t allow Bic Pens, I was told by a fellow suite inhabitant that they could be used to make handcuff keys. I think it was that someone may get an eye poked out, or use it to remove deep ear wax?

    • No hate on the bics pens here. Personally I carried one with my note pad until a couple weeks ago. And I found a more robust pen that doesn’t scream tactical pen like most tactical pens. I carry an all metal (stainless) Pilot/Zebra F-701 pen, its heavy duty and just looks like a quality pen. I happened to be in Walmart the other day and saw they had them in stock. They around $6 locally, if they have them in stock. But a great discreet option, that’s quality as well.

  7. I like how the editor talks about the compensator negatively but approves most of the “edc” posts on here where the boomers carry a revolver and 3 knives.

  8. Next time, try to write a edc without alluding to the type or person or group you would kill. Personally, I carry to defend my self against whomever seeks to do me or my family harm. When u start expecting or seeking to identify people you have to carry against then I believe that’s when you start developing biasis. Cheers my friend.

    -Concerned Citizen

  9. Is no one going to acknowledge that he just gave him kudos for a Gerber remix???

    I’m assuming this author also thinks the paraframe is a grail

    • I was actually thinking the Remix was really not a good EDC choice for failures and the quality. The old Gerber Gator lock back folders were pretty good, I haven’t seen one in years.
      I’ve moved to a small fixed blade, and a leatherman rebar for EDC, I’m seeing a lot of people carrying smaller fixed blades lately. I still have some folders to throw on depending on what Im doing too.

  10. I’m not going to jump on there not being a round in the chamber, could be out for the picture. Personally the Comp isn’t for me but if he trains with it and it works good to go. Not my monkey, not my circus.

    Personally what I would have liked to see a few pieces of gear that personally everyone I know who carrys a handgun daily is

    A). Quality Tourniquet at bare minimum (CAT,SOF-TW, TMT or Other TCCC recommended TQ), gloves and maybe some other medical basics Like( chest seals, Zfold gauze or even better Combat gauze, mini Israeli bandage, etc), and the training to use the stuff.

    2 pieces of gear that allow discreet carry of basic medical on body are the Phlster Flatpack tourniquet carrier, the Phlster PEW (pocket emergency wallet) those 2 things carry everything listed above for me daily. It weights less than my loaded spare G19 magazine.

    I see more people who are carrying medical EDC now and having basic stopped the bleed training, while odds we need our firearms aren’t extremely high, not many of us would not carry because the odds are low.
    Medical not only has the ability to treat you if you or someone you’re with is in a violent encounter but alol a car accident, work injury or even a piece of broken glass landing in a bad spot. A massive hemorrhage like a femoral artery wound you can bleed to death in about 3 mins, brachial artery about 5, you can lose your ability to functionin half that time. Average police response time is 10-15 mins, that’s enough for me to carry medial, my GF does as well EDC. Those response times are to a single or smaller crime, in a mass casualties event Medics aren’t going to be able to treat until the threat is stopped. Medical gear is also legal to carry pretty much everywhere as well, I’ve brought medical through multiple secure locations with zero issue other than what all do you carry.

    B) A flashlight, something that will light up whatever is in front of you, friend or foe. For a blackout like we are seeing in multiple states right now or even just a to find something under your seat.

    C.) Leatherman or Multitool of some sort is a nice addition if you want to carry it. Mine has came in handy for quick repairs. Even a keychain tool works in a pinch.

    Just my thoughts and some of what I carry, this doesn’t impeded myou daily life, I’m sure some will disagree with carrying medical and I understand to each his own. Personally this is what works for me, and many of those around me at bare minimum a tourniquet daily, just in case.

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