Silencer Review: Griffin Armament Revolution 45 (MOD3) Pistol Suppressor [VIDEO]

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Griffin Armament’s Revolution 9 and 45 silencers were the first available with a modular length feature. Now in its third generation, the Rev 45 still represents a top performing pistol suppressor with solid features and some useful caliber flexibility.

Watch the video embedded above, or click HERE to view it on Rumble. Visit Silencer Shop for the best prices and the easiest, most streamlined suppressor buying process in the country. You’ll find the Revolution 45 on the Silencer Shop website HERE.

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In shorty mode, the Griffin Armament Rev 45 is 6.75 inches long and weighs only 10.5 ounces. This is both short and light for a .45 ACP can, but it performed very admirably and was most definitely quieter than I anticipated.

Full length allows the installation of three more 17-4 stainless steel baffles into the suppressor, which now clocks in at 8.25 inches long and 12 ounces in weight. The Revolution 45, in full configuration, is one of the quieter .45 ACP silencers that I’ve shot.

Notably it had no perceptible blowback of gas or debris onto my face. This is pretty unique for a pistol can and made the Rev 45 that much nicer to shoot.

In today’s market it’s a little plain looking, but the Rev 45 makes up for it with strong sound suppression performance, modular length, ease of cleaning, and a highly adaptable mounting system.

Specifications: Griffin Armament Revolution 45

Length: 8.2 inches full config, 6.75 inches short config
Weight: 12 ounces full config, 10.5 ounces short config
Diameter: 1.375 inches
Build: 17-4 stainless steel baffles, 7075 aluminum tube
Caliber Ratings: full-auto rated on pistol calibers, rated for limited firing schedule use on 300 BLK, 5.56, 7.62×39, .308, and more
MSRP: $849 (about $85 less via Silencer Shop)

Rating (out of five stars):

Overall  * * * *
The Griffin Armament Revolution 45 is an excellent pistol silencer that, in its third generation, is a top performer. It smartly combines durable materials where needed and lightweight materials where appropriate to create a silencer that holds up to fairly hard use yet doesn’t drag down the muzzle of a pistol. If the Rev 45 falls short anywhere it’s in its basic looks and its price point that’s definitely fair, but a little higher than some of its competition.


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  1. How would you say it performed relative to an Obsidian 45? That can really seems to be the benchmark in this category, and certainly the most direct comparison with the modular length.

  2. I suppose I’m at a strange place on my suppressor ownership journey. On pistol cans I’m willing to give some quietness for a shorter and handier length. Rifle cans are different because rifles are just really loud in general anyway, but if I want a really quiet pistol I may as well just grab the S&W 22lr staple gun.
    Tldr- short setup and still bearable noise levels… I like!

  3. Jeremy S. Caliber rating typo! People gonna go nuts for a thread together, aluminum tube, .308 suppressor lmao!

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