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No caption necessary. Nice.


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    • You’re gonna see to it that happens, right, Leftist Scum?

      • “Leftist Scum?”

        (laugh) can’t help but hear that with the tone used in that star wars line, “you rebel scum!”

      • To be honest I don’t think Kyle will get off scot free. He will probably be acquitted of the most serious felony charges but may be found guilty of a lesser charge like reckless endangerment. He hit what he was aiming at but could easily have missed and hit someone who wasn’t directly threatening him.

        • The logic of that charge is as dumb as a manslaughter charge for driving by a pedestrian that’s walking on a sidewalk. He deserves a medal for his actions considering everybody who’s job it was to protect the city from pedo commies was sitting on their thumbs.

    • Not if they are sane. We get it you think rights are privileges that come from Governement. Now fuck off.

    • You almost have a point.

      Two of the shootings, to a jury would be self defense outright – IF – a jury follows the exact word of the law and jury instructions – and IF – every fact in the case eventually aids in leading to that conclusion – and IF – there is enough reasonable doubt for those specific incidents – and IF – a whole bunch of things. As much as gun carriers/owners look at this and would like to think otherwise, gun self-defense to a jury is not an cut-n-dried as they think.

      If gun self-defense were as cut-n-dried as gun people want to think it is the jury would not be in day four of deliberations asking to see specific video evidence over and over again. When a jury starts asking to see specific self defense case evidence over and over it usually means there are still some with doubt as to if it was self defense or not.

      The Rosenbaum shooting seems to be giving them problems. They have numerous times now asked to see that involved video evidence more than any others of the video evidence. Yeah, someone is going to jump in with “but this-that-other…” yeah well guess what, it doesn’t matter what that someone might think about the Rosenbaum shooting, its going to be as the jury perceives it within the frame of law and the jury instructions.

      • “IF – a whole bunch of things”

        exactly. if the jury has not been intimidated – and we know it has.

        but some people here just want things to go their way, and see anyone pointing out the obvious contrary as a naazi – just like they’ve been trained.

  1. Yes! It’s not a good sign that the jury is taking so long to deliberate on the Riddenhouse trial. Meanwhile all the other rioters, looters, arsonists, and pillagers get away with destroying the city. The anticipated mistrial will set him free though. Meanwhile, we can expect all these LEO’s to stand back and watch our cities burn down again, while our pubescent young men stand in the gap for these folks that have sworn an oath to protect us.

    • “while our pubescent young men stand in the gap”

      the only remaining militia. the rest will not act until the problem is right at their door.

        • you’ve been well-trained to equate “citizens standing together” with “Government”. you’ve been trained to equate freedom with standing alone.

          you’ve been set up to lose, by people who know exactly precisely how to manipulate you into choosing between submitting to them or standing alone so they can pick you off individually.

          “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed.”

    • Heh heh…there’s some scuttlebutt that Alec “lady killer” Baldwin wasn’t supposed to pull the trigger in the movie scene rehearsal. That puts him in the cross hair’s of Gloria Alred.

      • “…there’s some scuttlebutt that Alec “lady killer” Baldwin wasn’t supposed to pull the trigger in the movie scene rehearsal.”

        Yeah, I read that, as well.

        His life is about to get very interesting, and *expensive*.

        Bankrupt that POS. Oh, the bitter irony of scum like him doing what he thinks we do… 🙁

        • Think about the worst person you know. Then multiply that crapulence by 1000. Then square it. At that point, you have a *small* glimpse of the kind of ‘man’ Geoff is. I mean, just a worthless POS. 🖕🤡!

        • “Think about the worst person you know. Then multiply that crapulence by 1000. Then square it.”


          Don’t be so hard on yourself, revel in the mental illness that pollutes what you think is a brain.

          Now go play in traffic like ‘Frogger’… 😉

        • “Think about the worst person you know. Then multiply that crapulence by 1000. Then square it…”

          Oh, so you’re saying Geoff is a pillar of society when compared to a shape shifting TTAG troll such as yourself.

          Thank for clearing that up for everyone here on TTAG.

      • Perhaps Al can hire that PS Ben Crump for his defense. What rock did that SOB crawl out of? Obviously trying to replace Saint Jesse of Jackson.

    • “watch our cities burn down again..”

      Which is why I refuse to live in a place with people who would burn their own. Seriously, why should I care when the people who live there observably don’t?

      • Those burning Kenosha were not locals. In fact, many of the businesses torched were black owned and run. So much for antifa and blm’s social justice.

        But locals won’t sit around and “give them room to destroy” next time.

      • “Seriously, why should I care”

        because when they’ve finished off the power centers that might have defended you, they’ll be perfectly free to target you next.

  2. I suspect it will be acquittal on most charges and hung on the remaining. There is likely someone who will not for any reason find him guilty of anything and they will not change. I know if I was on the jury after having watched most of it live, I would find him not guilty and nothing on gods green earth would change my mind.

    • I’m thinking the only good way out of this mess is Mistrial With Prejudice. Threatened jurors, big media outlets already heaping on the judge and proclaiming KR’s guilt, doctored video by prosecutors, a fear of more rioting and jurors being blamed if they find not guilty- almost impossible for a verdict that reflects what actually happened. I’d like to see Not Guilty/Self Defense rather than acquittal but that’s asking a lot of the jury, who must now be scared as hell.

      A mistrial would just fall on the judge’s shoulders. Let the judicial system then deal with that- it might take Kenosha, at least, back to normal. Let ‘em continue to burn Chicago, Portland, Seattle, etc. Someday, everyone will get tired of it.

      • Yep. The lad can hardly go back to Il after this. Perhaps we can find him a home in Iowa. A future in firearms instruction (or 1st person shooter BS).

      • I agree. A mistrial with prejudice is probably the only way justice can be done at this point, for the reasons you’ve named.

  3. Anyone else wonder from the original pictures of Kyle versus the pictures in the court of what happened to the sight?

    • Probably in an officer’s collection. No serial numbers, no paperwork, doesn’t exist as evidence.

    • Depends may of been one of those take all your accessories off the gun and we will put just the gun into evidence.

      • That would destroy a substantial amount of the evidentiary value of the gun, frankly. You just CAN’T go around modifying seized evidence, or allowing it to be changed prior to seizure; As modified, it is no longer actually ‘evidence,’ as the legal system requires a standard of ‘first, best’ to qualify something as ‘evidence.’

        I would be surprised if this wasn’t brought up during trial by the defense: “Where’s the sling? Where’s the magazine? Where’s the sight? Why are the sling and sight not on the firearm? Why were they removed? Who has them? Is it a practice of the police to tamper with evidence?”

        Ammunition, of course, is different; THAT normally doesn’t come into the courtroom except under VERY controlled conditions, and that only if absolutely necessary; Experts testify on manufacture, caliber, type, and other details. The empty magazine should be available, uninstalled, and perhaps even installed, after proper and verified status, to show the jury the correct condition of the gun ‘as recovered’ (but unloaded and ‘flagged,’ of course).

        • you can remove attachments or accessories on the gun as long as you do alter the mechanism directly involved with firing the bullet. It still remains evidence, which is why they have not objected to it.

          Basically, anything not permanently attached or not inherently part of the gun and its interaction in firing the bullet can be removed from the gun if the evidence value of firing the bullet is maintained.

        • to clarify:

          Its the gun its self that was the evidence here, not the attachments or accessories. Part of the prosecution case was that the gun its self was being carried illegally due to being under age. There is no law that says you can not carry gun accessories or attachments so those are not evidence here. The evidence value and integrity of the gun was maintained here even though attachments/accessories were removed.

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