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As we’ve written in the past, wild game — hogs, deer, elk, moose — can carry disease. That’s why it’s a good idea to take proper precautions when processing animals in the field. But brucellosis apparently isn’t the only bug infecting wild game any more. Hunters now have to concern themselves with the Wuhan Flu, too.

From the New York Times . . .

new study of hundreds of white-tailed deer infected with the coronavirus in Iowa has found that the animals probably are contracting the virus from humans, and then rapidly spreading it among one another, according to researchers.

Up to 80 percent of deer sampled from April 2020 through January 2021 in the state were infected, the study indicated.

That’s twice the results of an earlier study that found evidence of infection in about 40% of white-tailed deer . . .

Earlier this year, a multistate survey of white-tailed deer by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service turned up antibodies for the virus among less than half the deer in four states, but that study confirmed exposure, not infection. (Antibodies could mean the deer fought off infection.)

While it hasn’t been shown that deer can transmit the virus to humans, some states are suggesting hunters to take additional precautions. As in wearing a mask while field dressing deer.

how to field dress a deer
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From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . . .

While [Wisconsin] DHS said there is no evidence wildlife, including white-tailed deer, are a source of COVID-19 illness for people in the U.S, the recent findings caused the agency to expand its recommendations to hunters in advance of the start of the gun deer hunting season Saturday.

The list includes three new measures: wearing a mask while field dressing deer; limit cutting into and handling the deer’s lungs, throat, and mouth/nasal cavity to only what is necessary (for example, submitting a head for CWD testing); and if you are immunocompromised, consider asking for assistance with carcass processing and handling. 

As COVID-19 spread through the human population in 2020 and 2021, some researchers began looking for the disease in other species. They found SARS-CoV-2 in mink, otters, tigers, lions and non-human primates, mostly in captive settings, and white-tailed deer both in captivity and in the wild.

Many states’ deer seasons are now under way or will open this weekend. Will you be throwing some masks in your pack as you head out?


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    • I thought the problem in Wisconsin deer herds was CWD. Now it’s COVID, too?

      There go my plans to touch some dead deer. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do with my spare time in the woods.

  1. I don’t know…i read a CDC story the other day where a guy got covid from a can of green beans. Or, maybe it was a glass of tap water.

  2. The surgical masks are nothing but a spot guard, they do not filter what you inhale and they do not stop people from getting infected.

      • Surgeons wear them to stop bacteria, the molecules of which are much larger than viruses and can actually be stopped. Trying to stop a virus with a mask is like stopping mosquitos with a chain-link fence.
        The more you know.

        • With some exceptions (tuberculosis) viruses do not fly around on their own. They have to ride on droplets. The droplets are much bigger than the virus. It’s like your size verses the size of your car.

          The most recent study I’ve seen and actually believe after digging into it indicates that real procedure masks are partially effective if used properly. IE: wear it over the nose and mouth, don’t touch it, change it regularly. Cloth masks seem to be wholly ineffective. N95, if you have a real one and it has been properly fitted are very effective.

    • When one considers that most water filters clearly state that they do not filter viruses although they will filter 99.9% of other pathogens, one has to wonder just what those dinky blue mask actually filter if anything. Perhaps huge gobs of mucus as one emits a gigantic, uncontrolled sneeze. Viruses, not so much, considering that they are so small they are a rather late discovery in terms of medical knowledge.I believe it was the invention of the electron microscope that finally revealed the presence of viruses. Then medical science had to figure out what the heck they were and what they did. It is more theater of the absurd, like TSA searches.

      Even the effective N95 mask only filters out 95% of a certain size particle. One can obtain 100% masks which filter out 100% of that particular size particle which is the test standard. Unfortunately, 100% masks are hard to breathe through. Whodda thunk?

      Those flimsy blue masks are just theater. Those easy-breathe masks made of material easy to breathe through, keeps the mask nazies away but doesn’t do a thing for particulate filtration. And that, boys and girls, is the whole problem. It is all theater. Even Ole’ Two-Shot wasn’t wearing a mask this past week standing behind a sign that clearly said “Masks Required” unless of course, it was photoshopped. But he was in the store with mandatory mask signs on the doors.

  3. Where is the evidence deer can give humans covid?
    Oh that’s right, there is none. Doesn’t matter, wear a mask.
    Unbelievable. Actually it’s very believable. Reality doesn’t matter any more in this country.

    • “Reality doesn’t matter any more in this country”

      incorrect. for the ones behind all this, their reality matters, yours doesn’t.

  4. Be easier to ask these branch covidians “when is it okay to not wear a mask?”
    My guess is none will say it ever is without at least a dozen caveats attached because there’s only a 99.8% chance you’ll make it!!!!!

  5. You should also have your trophy buck submit a cologuard test to ensure he’s not infected with colon cancer. I’d rather catch COVID than butthole cancer.

  6. Mysophobia continues to run rampant. Lol.

    I can’t wait until the neurotics offer the “final solution” to animal reservoirs and the environmentalists start have having Scanners moments.

    Oh well, at least we’re not Austia, Ireland, Gibraltar, Australia, Germany, England, Canada…. well, basically any other Western country. Lulz.

  7. Hearing this BS in Oklahoma too. Whatever
    The system just can’t stand the fact that we are and life is good even with another virus.
    Pulling out tomorrow. Good luck to y’all

  8. We don’t want hunters to suffer from the 10% of aerosols that surgical masks will actually filter out.

  9. I just dont believe the dear are congregating in such large numbers when no one is looking. Especially after some sick hunter sneazed on one deer that let the sick bastard get so close.

    What I easily believe is some group, (I don’t know maybe a rabid anti hunting group)not letting a crisis go to waste, to advance their agenda.

    • The agenda is far bigger.

      They’re jabbing zoo animals nationwide and you can already detect the coming push for pets.

      Sucks for the giraffes. They don’t seem to do well.

      • “you can already detect the coming push for pets”

        at $50 per taxpayer-subsidized shot, expanding the target base by several billion just makes good business sense.

        • Oh this is just the start. The fringier parts of the Covidian cult are already murmuring about animal reservoirs across whole families of animals, many of which are not domesticated or which have wild relatives.

          It’s just another aspect of the cult that’s taken over most facets of the West.

      • Did you hear about the Giraffe who got a Viagra stuck in his throat….woke up with a stiff neck

    • Ouch!

      (Don’t get me wrong: I like it and mentally ill d’boy deserves all the derision that he receives.)

  10. So the chinaflu spread to Bambi? How about Thumper? Do pigs get covid? Inquirering minds want to know…BREAKING: pallets of bricks reportedly found in Kenosha alleys.

    • “… pallets of bricks reportedly found in Kenosha alleys.”

      If several unarmed demonstrators merely walking into the U.S. Capitol building is an insurrection, then placing caches of pallets of bricks (for the obvious purpose of maiming/murdering people and destroying business and property) definitely constitutes insurrection. Whoever conspired to create those caches of bricks needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned accordingly.

      Note: it takes a certain kind of truck and lift system to transport and unload pallets of bricks. There are not very many of them and it would seem to be relatively easy to determine which truck delivered those bricks. And once you determine which truck delivered those bricks, it becomes relatively easy to determine who dispatched that truck and thus who conspired to foment an insurrection.

      • “If several unarmed demonstrators merely walking into the U.S. Capitol building is an insurrection, then placing caches of pallets of bricks (for the obvious purpose of maiming/murdering people and destroying business and property) definitely constitutes insurrection”

        this presumes equal standing for you and them, but they don’t see it that way. leftists, imitating the religion of their owners, see themselves as the reason for the universe, and the rest of us as exploitable resources. you opposing them in any way is wicked rebellion, while them increasing their rule and control over you by any and all means available is righteous justice.

        • “several unarmed demonstrators merely walking into the U.S. Capitol building… “

          Strange, there seemed to be several Republican Congress critters shucking and jiving, blocking the doors and hiding under their desk.

          Where does the rubbing shit on the walls and chanting “hang Mike Pence!” part come in?

          And the shaman is going to do 3 1/2 years in the pen, Huzzah!

          Wonder if it’ll be the same Fed facility that Kyle will be serving his time for the strawman purchase federal felony?

        • rant7,

          I am well aware of the mindset which you described.

          I have been describing it in a somewhat similar way:

          According to the Progressive mind, whether or not something is wrong or right depends on the politics of the initiator and the recipient. For example: if a Progressive punches a Conservative in the face, that is okay–and if a Conservative punches a Progressive in the face, that is wrong.

      • most cities have at least some traffic/surveillance cameras. A truck kitted out to deliver bricks to grade level should show up on those cameras SHOULD.. But we know this IS Kenosha, and that the stringpulllers thereabouts have an agenda…. one most of us will not like.

  11. Looking at those numbers- looks like the deer have reached herd immunity. If they’re carrying the antibodies- they’re not infected.

    I would suggest however not giving the deer mouth to mouth to try and revive them…

  12. I did not wear a mask when I field dressed my deer three days ago. And I will not wear a mask if I am fortunate enough to have more deer to field dress.

    The primary reason for wearing masks is to prevent the mask wearer from transmitting the SARS-2 virus (via large mucous droplets from sneezing or coughing) to other people. Wearing a generic mask does almost nothing to prevent the mask wearer from inhaling SARS-2 virus.

    Furthermore, the primary transmission mechanism is airborne mucous droplets with the virus in those droplets. Guess what? A dead deer (we only field dress dead deer, not live ones) cannot possibly spread airborne mucous droplets since it is not breathing anymore.

    • “cannot possibly spread airborne mucous droplets since it is not breathing anymore”

      now there’s some uncommon sense.

    • Dang! That’s what I have been doing wrong. I’ve been truing to field dress them while they are still on the hoof and it is danged tough, believe me. Some years back I was going to New Mexico for what was billed as a bison hunt. When I told my customers I would be out for a week or so. A lot of them said, “Oh, you’re not going to kill them?” I enjoyed my rejoinder, “Well, it really works better when you start to eat them if they are dead.” With several minutes of thought most of them replied, “Yes, I guess that’s right.” Duuuuhhhhh.

  13. We have mulies in these parts, and no, I didn’t wear a mask when field dressing a nice four-pointer last weekend.

  14. da mug nappies are worse than useless in preventing contracting, or spreading, the disease. If you couugh down toward the ground or floor yuo won’t spread anything to any other victims.Or ifyuo cough into the crook of yuor elbow, close up, preferabl with a long sleeve over your arm, it will also not spread.

    The evil vie russ is about point zero two eight to maybe point zero five six microns in diameter. The smallest space it could come through on the typical blue junk mask is about 300 microns. You do the maths. Divide 300 by .056, that is how many can hold hands in a flank line and waltz rought therough the SMALLEST pores in tose masks. Then we get to the reeeeely big openings between theyarns.. hooboy, line up a few thousand of them and the flank line can skip through the wide way.

    and HOW can these ever be effective?
    Ever do nay sanding (wood, metal, paint)? Wear a n expensive N 95 mask, the ones used in surgical theatres, do that work for an hour, take off the mask and check what’s oozing out of your nose…… the very dust the mask is intended to prevent entry. If that dust can get though, a few thousand of those pesky diabolical chinese virus cells can, too. Simple maths. How stupid do tjhey really think we are? Must think we’re alot stupider than THEY are. But they’re wrong on that count.

  15. I’m not buying deer are getting covid19 from humans. And I’m pretty sure that co-v2 has been around for years.
    So it’s just more B.S.

  16. So does deer meat with antibodies help people, or will it be irrelevant by the time it is cooked, jerked or been through the digestive processed

  17. Hopefully they won’t give them the experimental mrna gene therapy they call a vaccine with out fully informing them and without coercion so as to be in compliance with the Nuremberg Code.

    Talk about contaminated meat.

  18. How did the deer get covid in the first place? As I understand it most human/deer interaction occurs when the deer is dead. If the person, or perhaps driver, encountering the deer has covid the mere fact that the deer has stopped breathing would seem to be a limiting factor to the ability of the virus to spread, both to that deer and to other deer.

    As a Respiratory Therapist (until January I hear) the first thing I would do if I had access to a dead deer was look at the lungs. I don’t get to see many covid lungs outside the body so that would be really interesting.

  19. Total BS. So what if they do carry COVID antibodies? Wild animals carry lots of diseases, many of those are much more lethal than COVID. This is getting to be a worn-out record of ‘cry wolf’ hype to keep people in compliance with their COVID mandates. If they are really concerned with the presence of COVID in humans, why doesn’t the CDC do a study of how many humans are carrying COVID antibodies that have no adverse symptoms? Hmm?
    That wouldn’t fit their narrative or agenda, now would it? Humans carry many disease antibodies in their systems without adverse effects. That’s called ‘natural immunity’. Stuff that, phony Fauci.

  20. How in the hell is someone going to get Covid from a dead dear? How many of you have been within 6 ft of a live deer and they’ve actually breathe or sneezed on you? The mass supposedly prevent you from giving the deer covid not the other way around. So quit blaming the non-vaccinated people for spreading covid when it’s actually the deer.
    A person can sure tell who’s been vaccinated because the stupidity is just been getting unbelievable since the shots.

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