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From Magpul

We’ve been developing innovative products for firearms enthusiasts and the professional users for more than 20 years. Our eyewear merges that same innovation with style and advanced features. Our latest model, the Defiant, is designed to deliver functional, adaptable, ballistic eye protection along with maximum coverage and visibility. When your environment or location changes, the Defiant has a unique lens replacement capability so you can transition to the coverage and color you need.

The Defiant excels at providing extreme impact protection without sacrificing comfort. It gives you Z87+ ballistic protection and has been tested to MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic standards. Its lens shape accommodates both large and medium faces without sacrificing peripheral vision or protection coverage.

The unique lens and frame interface enhances the lens’ ability to flex when worn, optimizing user fit, and its 7-base curvature is purpose-built for optimal clarity and light transmission. Critical touch points such as the rubber overmolded temple pads and the soft rubber nose pads keep the Defiant comfortable and in place, even when you’re covered in perspiration or on the move. The Defiant’s temples are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points while wearing over-the-ear hearing protection and integrate seamlessly with helmets or headwear.

With its easy-to-use quick-release lever system, switching between the three unique Defiant Replacement Lenses is quick and simple, meaning you have different polarization, color, and light transmittance options available at any time.

Comes with a black large DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made with lens-safe cleaning material.

MSRP = $139

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  1. Overpriced. But some will pay for it. When they first put out their sunglasses, i bought a pair only to return them as they felt cheap and rubbed in all the wrong places. For $100+, I wasn’t about to put up with it.

    However, when they clearanced them out at $19, I bought a couple.

    • Would, $130 is on the low end of quality eyewear today. Price Ray Ban and Costa. Besides, what are your eyes worth? Sounds like you value yours at $20.

    • $130 is too much to protect your eyes, but $20 is good. That makes as much sense as a hot soup sandwich.

  2. I’m willing to spend $200+ if they’re comfortable and do what I want them to do. I wear them everyday so they better feel good. I had the perfect sunglasses that were only about $90, except they broke after about five years. I went back to buy the exact same ones, but of course they were discontinued. I ended up with some Oakleys that are near perfect. I don’t like the tint quite as well as the other, cheaper one I had.

  3. i’d pay 130 for no rub, not paying 20 for rub.
    i need to go around the block to see if they make contact anywhere and how much and where any wind sneaks in.
    so far the 1.95 shop glasses are no.1 but they scratch from looking through them.

  4. My comment was held for moderation, then it disappeared. However, the Lisa Savage’s spam is good to go.

  5. Whoa. I don’t normally rag on Magpul, but the $139 is for the frames and one lens. The other lens colors (only 3) are $69 EACH. Pretty expensive and they don’t even have yellow

  6. Magpul needs to concentrate on great gun items and forget the overpriced tee shirts and sunglasses BS.

  7. “The Defiant’s temples are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points while wearing over-the-ear hearing protection and integrate seamlessly with helmets or headwear.”

    You don’t wear muffs at your temples. If you use over-ear protection, the problem with these is the same as almost all other frames out there: they are too thick and don’t allow the best seal to protect your ears. The only one I’ve found that does, with a wafer thin frame, is ESS Crossbow One, which doesn’t cost anywhere near this, the lenses are above mil spec, you can buy multiple lens colors to swap out, you hardly feel them on. The one caveat is that you have to wear over-ear protection or else they don’t stay on well without it. For me, I don’t care, I’ve got cheap sunglasses all over the house. If anyone can find one that tops ESS, I’ll try it, I’ve never found any.

    This? Good Lord no.

  8. Defiant?
    What more Alpha Tango Bravo Sierra military shit.
    So me and the psychiatrist started jumping up and down saying “Kill, Kill, Kill”

  9. Make oodles of money from home!
    Just make optically-flawed cheap sunglasses and market them to operators operating operationally to the donut shop.

    The markup will make you $$$$$$$$$!!!

  10. I would not like defiant sunglasses. Makes it sound like they’ll keep trying to push themselves off your face or something.

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