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An admitted SIG fanboy, I’ve long had my eye on the expensive Blaser R93 line of precision guns. But at north of $3K, these will have to remain in the realm of fantasy for now. I’ve also considered SIG’s own home grown precision rifle, the SSG 3000, designed in Switzerland and made in Germany. The SSG doesn’t have the caliber/barrel interchangeability of the R93 line, but it makes for a pretty competent .308 rifle. I’ve done a some research, and while it’s not as well known or popular as some other guns, it’s been pretty well reviewed. But it isn’t cheap either, with an MSRP of $2,799. If you can attend a class at the SIG Academy, you can grab one for under $2,300. Cheaper, sure than the Blaser, but still not exactly cheap. But that’s about to change . . .

According to a recent change on SIG’s website, the price of the SSG-3000 is about to drop.  This page (which isn’t linked from SIG’s site, but can be found through Google) puts the MSRP at $1,499. No, it’s not a misprint. I confirmed this with some of my contacts at SIG. But there’s a catch – this is going to be the price for an SSG-3000 made in the U.S.

So, let’s get this straight – move the production from Germany to the U.S. and knock $1,200 off the price of the gun? Okay, I know it costs more to build a gun in Germany and import it to the U.S., but a $1,200 difference? Folks I spoke with at SIG tell me that the stock on the U.S. gun will be different, but that hardly accounts for even a fraction of the price change.

“Something,” as Shakespeare wrote, “it rotten in Denmark.” Either SIG has decided to offer one of the greatest bargains in precision scoped rifles or else someone knows that the U.S. version is going to be a piece of crap and have priced it accordingly. Consider the fact that under the new pricing scheme, the SSG 3000 has a lower MSRP than Sig’s 516 AR-15 style patrol rifle. Hell, it has a lower MSRP than a couple of my SIG pistols (granted, they were made in Germany, but still).

So what does this mean for this gun? Your guess is as good as mine. If I had the cash, I’d probably look at picking up the German model while it’s still available.  On the other hand, it’s tempting to roll the dice and see what comes out of Exeter when the U.S. model begins to ship. We may be looking at one of the great gun bargains of our time, but the sound of the old adage, “you get what you pay for” is hard to get out of my head.

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    • Very Interesting. This is a recent change. Last week when the article was written, it showed $1,499. I suspect that my bitching at the Sig Pro Shop last week might have got back to someone higher up and they changed it back until the U.S. version ships. It will also be interesting to watch as I suspect the description will change with the less expensive rifle.

    • When out door life reviewed the SSG 3000 over a year ago they listed it at $1495.00 I
      th parts were said to be mage in Germany but th rifle was assembled in th USA. Sound like dishonest monkey business going on with sig. This will kill sig where I’m conserned.
      what’s going on?

  1. I can’t understand why anyone would want this rifle when the FN SPR is available for around $1500 and is made in the USA and is controlled round feed Winchester action versus the push feed action of the Sig. The price is very reasonable and the accuracy is great by all accounts. Someone please tell me why I would be better off buying a push feed Sig. All you are paying for in the Sig is the European social welfare system. What you get is a less sophisticated action (push feed). Yeah, I know FN is a European company but so what? They are making them here and making a good product.

    • Nothing against the FN but I’m curious…

      Is there any real-world data that proves push feed is a deal breaker over controlled-round feed in a snuggled-in long distance shooting situation? Our military has been using versions of the push-feed Remington 700 for decades. If a fella finds himself shooting from all kinds of on-your-side or upside down positions like hunting dangerous game where getting stomped is a real possibility controlled feed would be an advantage but for a sniper-type rifles used at long distance I can’t see what quantifiable difference either mechanism would make.

    • Don’t know much about the FN, but what I was able to quickly dig up suggests that the cheap version of the FN lacks a number of the features found on the SSG-3000. Adjustable stock for one. Adjustable trigger is another – and by adjustable trigger, I mean not only pull weight, but length of pull as well as the ability to move the whole trigger forward and backward to get the perfect placement of your trigger finger.

      Also, according to Wikipedia, while the SSG-3000 has a lot of military/police users around the world, the only mil/police user of the SPR is the FBI HRT and they use the A3G model, which at $2,900 street price is a bit more than the Sig.

  2. Thats an easy one. They cut back on the kommittenfaben & no longer reinsch the duselhauser. Don’t flame me, I’m half German & half Swiss heritage, Randy

  3. Ive shot the target version here in Norway, it is called the Sauer STR 200. Accurate rifle, but heavy since it weighs 5,5 kilos.

    • Weight in a precision rifle like this is a good thing as it stabilizes the gun. This is not going to be your field hunting rifle, but it’s not designed to be. It’s still lighter than my .300 win mag and my semi-auto .308

  4. My SIG SSG 3000 cost me $2200 and it is the not the USA version. I believe the MacMillian stock is part of the higher cost, but I do admit that the adjustable trigger, nice stock, smooth bolt and the high level of accuracy make it a favorite of mine. You can get multi caliber with this weapon as there are a few barrel makers that will make barrels for other calibers with the 308 bolt head being the limitation. I have only shot the rifle out to 600 yards as we have no range longer than that but in the near future will be taking a course and shooting out to 1000 yards and beyond. With Federal 168 gr. boatail match ammo it is a tack driver…. shooting much better than I can….

  5. Any new info on this US version of the 3000? I am eyeing a German SSG 3000 on gunbroker for around $2300. Seems like a good deal but if the US version is the same design and performance I can wait to spend a grand less!

    SIG has done this type of wild price drops in the past, two years ago I remember distinctly the 556 dropped almost $500 in retail for no reason at all, and dealers that purchased them at the high price where very upset that others got them for a discount. Could something along those lines be whats happening here?

    • We aren’t going to see much on a us version until fall at the earliest according to my sources at Sig. Then again, who knows what will turn up at Shot Show.

  6. The cheap SSG3000 version is already in the market for almost two years. Retail price of $1399. Item numbers RSSG-H24B-308-P or RSSG-H18B-308-P-TB (with 18″ barrel and threaded muzzle). Cheaper stock and aluminum bedding. The P at the end of the item number stands for “Patrol” version.

    The original SSG3000 with MacMillan stock and glass bedding has a retail price of $2700. Item number RSSG-H24B-308. Just w/o the “P” at the end.

    Be aware! Several dealers are posting the cheap versions but still have the pic of the original version.

    • Makes a lot of sense! No pics yet of the “patrol” version that I can find. Many dealers show the regular version of the 3000 with the patrol price.

      Considering the nature of the JP sauer action, the bull barrel ($700+ replacement cost), and the McMillan A5 style stock (also $700 retail) it’s really impossible to expect the regular SSG 3000 ever being sold for much less that it’s $2800 MSRP.

      • You are absolutely right! A friend of mine that lives in Texas have seen one in a dealer there and told me about it. I live in Maryland and haven’t personally seen it. I asked him to go back and take a pic to send. When he went back few weeks later, the gun was sold! I have been trying for almost 2 months now to find a pic but no luck. I HAVE A FEELING THAT LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL GET FULLED WITH THIS ONE!! The cheap version has bull barrel and sauer action. So, it may be a good buy! Personally, I would go for a FN SPR or Steyr SSG A04 instead of the cheap SSG3000. $300-600 more expensive but definitely better guns than the cheap SSG3000.

        • I have a feeling that the caps lock button fooled you into some erroneous spelling.

          Caps lock may be cruise control for cool, BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO STEER.

  7. Thanks for the correction Matt. I indeed got fooled :). I accidentally hit the caps, and at the end I decided to leave it as is. Cool or not, you have to agree that this is a fair statement.

  8. Spotted at Shot Show 2013:

    Looks like a cheapo version of the German gun, US made receiver and barrel. Stock looks, well, awful.

  9. I bought one on Sunday, 11/17/2013

    I heard on another fourm these were available as selected Walmarts and this is a gun that has been on my want list for quite a few years but I couldn’t justify the $3K sticker and never seeing one locally helped too … practically hidden in the back of the case with a price tag of $1497

    I asked to see it, looked it up and down and said “I’ll take it” …

    It says Made in Germany on the barrel and SIG SAUER INC. Exter N.H. on the receiver, the test target is German also the writing on the box the bolt was in is all in German and it comes with a Swiss military cleaning kit … I’m pretty sure the stock is fiberglass and wouldn’t be suprised if it was US made along with the hard case it came in but can’t find anything specific in the owners manual about it.

    Sunday we had 20-40MPH breeze here with 50MPH gusts so I didn’t even try to shoot it but watching the weather channel Sunday night they said winds were only supposed to be in the 5-10 mph range Monday but back up to ridiculous Tuesday and turning nasty through the end of the week.

    I decided to borrow off my prarie dog gun, its a 20x Super Sniper but I’ve had good results with it … put a Harris bipod on it and for ammo my handloads from another gun with a nearly identical length and twist.

    The obligatory pictures …

    Monday was a good day and I took an extended lunch hour to zip out to the range. First I bore sighted it at 100 to get on paper and 3 to zero. After that I let the barrel cool about 15 minutes and shot 5 rounds … the group measures .962″ outer edge to edge, center to center is .654″.

    So far I’m very happy with everything about it. For me just finding it at that price made it a great deal … I saw a couple on Gun Broker (after I’d already bought this one) for ~$100-$200 less, but by the time you add in shipping and FFL fees you are not going ot have much of a gap. The get it right now, instant gratification factor is worth something too. Not to mention getting to actually inspect the gun before you buy it.

  10. I just got one yesterday, gonna scope it and try it out today. Do you know if it has a muzzle brake, or just a flash suppress on the barrel.

    • Mine has a flash hider that screws on … 5/8×24 and its held in place by a Torx T7 set screw and blue Loctite

  11. I picked mine up on Gunbroker for $1389 with free shipping. $22 transfer fee and i’m totaling $1411 in the gun. Out of the box I attached my Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40 MilDot ($180) I had laying around on another rifle. My first range experience was limited as I had access to the 50yd range only due to the hi-power match. With that said, at 50yds using Fed Premium Matchking Gold Metal Match (store bought) ammo, I was able to repeatedly score a .37 MOA group. Calculated as overall group diameter at .5″ minus my .308 bullet diameter… I really couldn’t be more happy and once I stretch her out to the 100yd range with the same sub .5 MOA results, I may invest in a Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20×50 MilDot scope… Happy shooting everyone. Though the price drop was significant, the quality seems to be intact.

  12. Bought this rifle about three months ago and have absolutely loved it. Running a vortex viper hs lr 6-24×50 ftp, and have never shot less than .625 moa with any type of ammo. Loves loves loves hornady sst 165 gr polymer tips. You wool not be disappointed.

  13. Got mine last week. UPS must have dropped the box hard on the end as the flash hider poked thru the cheap Flambeau plastic case Sig ships it in. Was worried about damage and accuracy but after taking the action out of the stock (forward action screw/bolt was loose), examining the stock, replacing and tightening everything up, she shoots good. Barrel starting to break in and groups tightening up after 40 shots. Logging every shot by the way. Topped this beast of a gun with a Sightron S-Tac 2.5-17.5×56 scope on a Nikon M223 20MOA mount. Put 3 rounds of Federal 168GMM into one ragged hole at 100yds yesterday, off a Caldwell DFT Lead Sled. Color me impressed.

    • Congrats on your purchase. Sorry to hear about the cracked case and all but glad it’s working out. It seems that a weapon of this caliber deserves a more rugged custom carry case. I’ve put three through one hole myself with her and it’s just incredible what this rifle can do…

        • 168 or 175 grain federal match king gold metal match shoots sub MOA regularly… I don’t reload and that’s why I love the rifle. Shoots factory real well.

          • I was shooting Federal Gold Metal Match (with 168 Sierra Matchkings) in my Stoner SR-25 Match and was shooting 5 to 10 shot groups measuring .7 and under … The SSG-3000 has the same barrel twist so that’s where I started. I’ve only shot the 8 rounds I posted about earlier which grouped .654″. Not quite “one ragged hole” but I was pretty happy with it. I’ve been in and out of the hospital 4 times this year for a total of 7 weeks, but I went to Mayo and they think they have my problems figured out … So I hope to get a few more rounds down the tube this summer

            • I hope everything gets worked out with your med. My one ragged hole three shot group is probably a once in a life time thing fir me. It’s very nice having a sub MOA rifle out of the box though. I’m running heavy leupold mark 4 steel rings and a accu point 20x scope. Happy shooting!

  14. I purchased the SSG 3000 24 Patrol several months ago ( April 2014). I have called and emailed many places now to try and obtain a spare 5 round ( or 10) magazine, even the Canadian supplier in New Brunswick . Everyone tells me they are on back order.I live in Canada – know one in the US will ship to Canada do to “Homeland Security”. I have order one from Elwood Epps and paid for it prior to delivery – whenever that will be ???. Not very impressed with so called customer service. It would be nice if all rifles with detachable magazine came with a spare when purchased just to avoid the above hassle. All handguns come with spare mags.

    • I’ve found the 5 rounders selling for $80 per and up on different websites (gunbroker). Some advertise as 10 rounders but look no different than 5 rounders so I’ll steer clear of those unless I see them in person. At $80 per for the 5 rounders I’ll pass for now but my applications for this rifle could differ from yours.

    • Hi Clint!

      I have a SIG SSG 3000 Target from Germany, Sold by Cabela’s Canada see link below;
      It was so unique to North America even the SIG Headquarter in the USA didn’t know about the model!
      Anyway, there is a gunstore in Calgary they have 5 round magazin in stock 100$ a piece! Its called Calgary Shooting Center, you may want to give them a call! My SSG 3000 Target came with 2×5 round magazin but I am looking for the 10’s.

  15. Just got one… Some of your facts may not be completely correct… All the metal on the rifle is made in Germany, the stock is US. The 100 metre test target is from Germany… This means the rifle was assembled and put together in Germany, plus I can put five rounds into a half inch at 100 m with factory ammo…
    How much better could I do with the McMillan stock?!

  16. Has anyone found a nicer stock or chassis for the SSG 3000? Although I can shoot 0.6″ groups with it so maybe I shouldn’t complain but it just looks cheap. When you could get the McMillan it was around $1000, and I’m not looking to spend that much but I’d definitely be interested in something in the $400-$500 range, the plastic stock on the US model is functional but I’d really like something more appealing to the eye.

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