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Last Friday’s horrific attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary School was not unexpected. As news filtered in, Dan and I discussed our previous concerns that a spree killing would unleash a wave of gun control hysteria that would sweep away many it not all of the gains made by the gun rights movement since TTAG began some three years ago. We shook our heads in disbelief at the heinous crime, rolled up our metaphorical sleeves and got to work. Drawing on Nick, Bruce, John and other contributors, we’ve published dozens of articles on the resulting anti-gun gestalt. We’ve also provided a platform for gun owners who understand that America’s firearms freedom is a defense against evil, not a contributing factor. I wish it was¬†unnecessary.¬†I wish this brutal act had never occurred. Nothing—no law, no argument, no words on a screen—will ever heal the heartbreak of the victims’ friends and family. Nothing. And yet, in their name, we carry on.

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  1. My deep thanks to all the writers who have posted about this tragedy and to all my fellow commentators here at TTAG. Keep your back to a wall and your powder dry. God Bless.

  2. Thank you for carrying on! I am not as informed as some so I turn to your site for information and you have helped a great deal lately and I thank you for that.

  3. Thanks Robert…
    We do carry on, but never forget….
    You all work very hard, and make the best attempt at providing all of us an avenue in which to educate others.

  4. It has been a hell of a week. If nothing else TTAG allows us a place to vent a little and learn a little at the same time. The low, base nature of some of the blood dancers leaving comments here just confirms that we are facing an evil enemy. Every bit as evil as the mad man that did the actual killings.

    But I’ve been around a while and we still have more gun freedoms than we did in 1970. Most of the country then was discretionary issue and we did not have a supreme court ruling that confirmed the individual’s right to own a gun.

    Look at the court ruling that just happened in Illinois. It got drowned out by the tragedy and the subsequent anti civil rights howling by the likes of hmmmmmmm, but it’s still in place and still a legal ruling in our favor.

    So, we soldier on. I never expected this battle to end in my lifetime and it won’t. Freedom has to be fought for every day. See you in the trenches.

  5. I only found this website a couple a months ago and I’m glad I did because of statements like this. You guys are well reasoned and articulate, not to mention level headed. This site has very little commenters that go out of bounds too. Thank you for a great, classy blog.

  6. I’m grateful for this site. It is a great resource for things related to gun politics. The enemy uses lies and emotions. Their barking should always be answered because there are new people interested in the debate every day. They want us defenseless and thoroughly enslaved so they can have their way with us.

    Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

  7. Thank you TTAG . As someone who has just gotten into firearms as a hobby and who used to be anti gun ownership , I have nothing but praise for the well written editorials and informative reviews. If you are new to firearms and seek useful,informative and entertaining content TTAG is the place for you. God bless you
    gentleman ,Merry Christmas….oh yeah be safe and happy shooting to all!

  8. Thanks for all you do guys. Your articles are plastered all over my social networks to inform all who care to read. Keep up the good work.

  9. I’d just like to give a huge round of applause to everyone who makes this site so awesome. I don’t regret a minute I’ve spent reading the incredibly well done articles and thoughtful comments here.

    I consider this site a place to go when I just need to share my opinion as a proud gun owner, regardless of whether anyone hears me or not. Regardless of whether I get replies or not, I still feel like I’m contributing to a much bigger cause with every comment I post and that’s what matters.

    I used to look at the gun debate with indifference having spent most of my life in NJ, but since I got into the hobby two years ago I’ve been kindly introducing friends any chance I get. We all need to do this. Don’t be pushy, but offer to take all your friends and family shooting who’ve never done it before. Even if they say no, they may reconsider and, hey, nobody ever gained anything significant from not taking risks.

    Stay vigilant ladies and gents; we’re in for one hell of a roller coaster ride in the coming months. Stay strong and keep making your voices heard. I won’t sugar coat it, our gun rights could disappear at the stroke of a pen by Easter, but at least I’ll have the pleasure of knowing that we’ve put up a damn good fight along the way should our worst nightmares come to fruition.

  10. Thank You all!! All the editors, writers and commentators.
    “we remember them to honor them”
    ” we honor them by continuing to fight the good fight for the rest of us and for their departed souls”
    “In Gods name I pray we have and display every second of every day the moral courage and fortitude to keep fighting for those who can’t” Amen.

  11. Props to TTAG for keeping up with the insane news cycle. Hopefully, articles posted on this site get plenty of reviews from rational, open minded people who might not be gun owners, but can understand that more gun laws aren’t going to fix our country’s problem with violence.

  12. I love your blog, but Robert, the harm you’re doing in the world is incalculable. Jadegold recently remarked that you’re not even sincere in these beliefs, that you’re basically in it for the money. I hope that’s not true.

      • I guess if TTAG wasn’t here there would be no guns in America? We exercise 1a and 2a rights and we’re guilty of some crime? The blathering opposition to this site is something I see as proof that we’re on the right track, keep up the good work RF.

  13. I disagree with the assertion that easy access to handguns (or as you call it: “Firearm freedom”) is not a contributing factor. It might not be causal, but it is certainly a contributing factor.


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