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This year, SIG Sauer brings us some new products, reinvents their old, and revamps lines that have been closed down for years. The offerings from SIG address all facets of their pistol product line – from tactical, to compact carry.

Pictured above: SIG’s 1911 POW/MIA. It’s the brainchild of Rado Skoczylas; he designed the 1911 POW around a set of POW/MIA Hogue grips. From there, it’s all in the details.

Barbed wire runs along the slide, signifying the prisoner status of the POW. The American Flag graces the slide, symbolizing that “these colors don’t run.” Topping it all off: a pair of dog tags drapes the front sight, one reciting the Soldier’s Oath, the other “Not Forgotten.

Currently, only two of these puppies exist. SIG’s going to produce 500 this year @ $1499 a pop. During May, SIG will be auctioning of a “one of a kind” variant of this pistol inlaid with 24K gold. All proceeds will go to the American Legion. Now that we’re past the door-prize, on to the rest of SIG’s new offerings.

The new

SIG’s P290 came to the attention of the gun world at SHOT this January. A small frame, deep concealment defensive firearm that packs the 6 +1 round whalop of the 9mm Luger cartridge into a frame typically sized for .380.

To increase saleability, SIG’s priced it at $758, with swappable grip panels for comfort and style (aluminum, G10, and wood). Completing the complete mouse gun package: a custom-designed integrated laser module (ILM) which fits neatly in front of the trigger guard, contoured to blend with the rest of the gun. All that for $856.

The improved

SIG adds four members to its existing lines: the P226 Extreme, P229 / P226 Enhanced Elite, as well as two new models in their 1911 lineup. These pistols offer the same features and functionality of the standard line with a few benefits.

The 226 Extreme is a “tricked out” 226; SIG added a Nitron coating to the slide, hard coat anodizing to the aluminum frame (which sits ready to accessorize with a built-in accessory rail), front cocking serrations, a reversible magazine release and grips of the Hogue variety. The same stands for the 229 Extreme. All that and a bag of chips for an additional 100 clams over the $1050 MSRP of the 226 standard.

The Enhanced Elite is less dramatic and flashy than the Extreme models. Available now for the P226 and P229, the EE package brings you the features of SIG’s Elite series and tacks on the one-piece ergonomic grips familiar to those who’ve shot SIG’s Handgun of the Year (Shooting Illustrated) E2 line.

A new SIG 1911 can be had in either officer’s length or full-size. The Ultra Compact Two Tone comes in nickle-stainless and sports checkered wood grips with low profile SIGLITE night sights standard. In the hand it feels smooth, and well – like a 1911 compact. Sitting next to it’s full-size brother, the Reverse Two Tone. More aesthetically altered than functionally new or different, the Two Tone shows off a black on stainless look, SIGLITE night sights. and black Hogue grips.

So far, SIG’s done nothing absolutely stunning with the new releases, save for the defensive offering in the 290. They’re pinning new clothes on old models, and rolling them into an already robust and option-heavy product line. They’re the same quality you expect from a SIG SAUER name, just dressed up and tricked out a little more than usual.

The back from the dead

Around 2005, SIG halted production on the P210, the former pistol of choice for the Swiss Military, and various law enforcement groups in Europe. For 2011, SIG has opted to re-integrate this pistol into their product line, updating it with more modern features such as a carbon steel slide milled from solid billet steel, a carbon steel frame, and offering it with their SIGLITE night sights.

Coming again to us from SIG SAUER GmbH in Germany, the very birthplace of its predecessor, the P210 looks old, but in a classic SIG kind of way. Coming in right at $2199, SIG only plans to release ~1000 of these this year; if this “modern” piece of history needs a spot in your safe, you’d better hurry and place the order. Want the “Legend” model with the engraving? You’ll be getting one of only 210 produced.

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  1. Hah. LE and military are the only people that can afford to carry around a P210. You can buy a damn nice gun with OPM.

  2. “To increase saleabilty, Sig priced it at $758.” Are you kidding? I would be hard pressed to go $400 for that thing and I love Sig. I can understand that price for a machined pistol but not one molded of plastic. Must be trying to recoup initial engineering costs all at once.

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