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ATI, importer of all manner of crazy things, is now going to offer this “flare launcher” for your favorite dress up gun. According to the ATI representative, the launcher isn’t strong enough to fire lethal ammunition (and therefore isn’t a GCA controlled firearm). Which begs the question: what would happen to your hand if you tried to fire lethal ammo through this? We may have to investigate.

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  1. These have been around since at least the 1990’s if not earlier. IIRC they are 37mm which means they shouldn’t be able to chamber a military 40mm round.

  2. Uh, in addition to likely blowing the hell up, you will be in possession of a “DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE” as per ATF- Unregistered 37mm launchers are legal to possess and use ONLY with non-lethal, non-anti-personel rounds…..
    And yes, 37mm rounds are available in same, but even possession of such rounds with an unregistered launcher is big no-no.

  3. Actually, a smooth-bore 37mm is usually not a “have-to-be-registered” deal. Again the most you can fire from it is flares, bird-harassing rounds and a few others.

  4. If legal in your state, there is no Fed requirement for registration, if possessed and used ONLY with the flares, bird rounds etc (all with no more than 1/4 ounce TOTAL of powder), but there have been 37mm launchers and rounds manufactured for primarily law-enforcement, and there is provision to register a launcher so that (properly modified), the hotter rounds can be used. There are some pics out on the net showing the devastating injuries incurred firing these things with improper loads. A good source for everything 37mm (and more) is

  5. Spike’s Tactical has been selling similar 37mm launchers for years.

    This ATI one looks more like an M203 though.

    I know Cobray used to make one as well, not sure if they still do.

    In any case, all perfectly legal to own without any kind of paperwork or registration.

    I looked into one of these awhile ago, and watched many videos of rounds being fired (smoke, flare, “bird bomb,” etc). To be honest I was unimpressed to say the least, not much oomph it would seem…even the smokers put out weak amounts of smoke.

    Anyway, I think these things look much cooler than they actually are.

  6. We saw these for sale at last month’s gun show, right next to an instruction pamphlet for how to make your own buckshot rounds for it. Anyone foolish enough to attempt this deserves the mutilated fingers and federal prosecution they’ll probably get for their troubles.

    If you want to blast something into next week with your AR, isn’t it enough to strap an 18.25″ single-shot H&R 10-gauge under it?


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