Are you mad as hell? Not gonna take it any more? Has a politician or other prominent person shown they’re totally unsuited for the position with which they’ve been entrusted? We’ve all been there. We’ve all screamed at the TV, “tar and feather the bastard!” But that’s not an easy task to accomplish. These aren’t the good ol’ days when there was a pot of tar seemingly around every corner. Getting the maddening miscreant to your bubbling cauldron of black goo can be a big hurdle. And you probably aren’t going to convince, say, Anthony Weiner to visit your lair. Enter good old American ingenuity. Now you can take the tar and feathers to your favorite double-dealing, BS-spouting dirtbag. Just think of all the good use you can put this baby to in Washington alone.


  1. If we were to tar and feather every lying, scheming politician in DC alone, all the chickens in America would be strutting around bare-ass naked.


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