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 Realtree keeping it real. On some level. (courtesy

Our man Chris Dumm called it: camo is the new zombie. Just when you thought the trend couldn’t get any more bizarre, Realtree unleashes camo-clad sartorial satire on the world: the Ellen (mermaid-style gown), the Olivia (flared hi-low skirt with a detachable net ball gown underskirt) and Payton (strapless camo bodice with a sweetheart band, rhinestone accent and a short net skirt trimmed with camo on the skirt edge) wedding dresses. That said, I’d bet dollars to donuts Realtree’s camo dresses will sell like hotcakes. Google image search “camo wedding” and camo-clad nuptial hotness abounds. Strangely, searching “shotgun wedding” fails to yield the expected intersection of camouflage wedding fashion and firearms-friendly marriage ceremony. It’s only a matter of time . . .

COLUMBUS, Georgia –-( Are you searching for a Realtree camo wedding dress, camo prom dress or men’s camo formal attire?

If so, Camo Formal can meet your camo formal attire needs. Introducing a new fall/spring 2014 line, Camo Formal has a number of great-looking options for those who want to reflect a love for the outdoors during their special event.

The fall/spring 2014 line builds on Camo Formal’s classic styles with new silhouettes and colors as well as a variety of new textures, including rhinestone accents, metallic mesh and even beaded lace.

  • The new “Ellen” full-camo mermaid gown features a sweep train accented with heavily re-embroidered and beaded Alencon lace trim and bodice applique.
  • The “Olivia” boasts a halter neckline with a rhinestone accent, a full lining in a contrasting color, and a flared hi-low skirt with a detachable net ball gown underskirt.  It is finished with a satin sash that matches the lining color.
  • The “Payton” prom dress has a strapless camo bodice with a sweetheart band, rhinestone accent and a short net skirt trimmed with camo on the skirt edge. This dress has been featured in ads in Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom.

A new floral line features burlap, which coordinates perfectly with camo and country-themed weddings.

Check out all of the latest Realtree camo formal styles in Camo Formal’s look book.

About Realtree:
Realtree is the world’s leading camouflage designer, marketer, and licensor with over 1,500 licensees utilizing the Realtree camouflage brand. Thousands of outdoor and lifestyle products are available in Realtree camouflage patterns. In addition, Realtree is committed to supporting individuals and groups that work to ensure our outdoor heritage, the conservation of natural places and the wildlife that resides there. In fact, Realtree is one of the nation’s leading contributors to conservation groups such as Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and others. Realtree promotes its products and relationships widely on Outdoor Channel and other television networks, as well as through and many other outlets. For more information, check out

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  1. A real fashionista would dress up her Realtree camo gown with a blaze orange veil. A touch of nonreflective face paint wouldn’t hurt. And she’d have her bridal registry at Cabela’s.

  2. Typically, I don’t give dresses a second thought, but the one on the left is beautiful…and her husband can cover a recliner with it after the honeymoon. Everybody wins

    • Me too, but more at Robert’s pearl-clutching than anything. The realtree and mossy oak camo- applied to everything-thing has been around for years. There have been hundreds of camo prom dresses and tuxes, and I’ve seen and heard of a few camo wedding attire incidents.

      Like I said at Dumm’s post on this subject, no burgeoning fad to see here people, keep calm and carry on.

  3. Real Tree camo AND real women as models (not Victoria Secret Barbie dolls). Nicely done. I think they cowgirl boots make it look a little rednecky, though.

    How about adding a line of military camo since each branch has their own pattern/colors these days?

  4. Why all the hate?
    Is it “practical” camo? No. Is it “cool”? I think so. Also, kinda by definition anyone who chooses to buy this would also think it was worth the money to them.
    Ill be honest- almost had a “Camo” wedding. Entertained te idea for quite a while. Chose to go te more traditional route, and I dusted off my blues.

    Besides- if the bride likes the look, good for her- none of these dresses look hideous to me- although they may not be welcome in some places.
    Related- anything to get non-traditional hunters excited about hunting is good. Anything to get non-stereotypicly shooters interested is good.
    Even zombies.

    • Hate?

      No, at least not from me. But I do think it falls into the “trying too hard” category.

      Any bride who wants one, and can afford it, can get a camo dress made by a custom dressmaker. A clean line, classicly simple dress from a good seamstress doesn’t cost all that much more than off-the-rack stuff in any case.

      So this is fun and a bit silly, and I have no problem with either, any more than I do with, say, an Auto-Ordnance tommygun. That doesn’t mean I’ll endorse it as practical, however. And a lot of brides and wedding vendors take themselves WAY too seriously.

  5. You’ll know camo has jumped the shark when you see the special 2-hr Camo Wedding Season Finale on Duck Dynasty.

    Actually, the one on the right would look cute on my daughter. What am I saying – No!!!

  6. Anyone who thinks the camo “trend” is some kind of new thing hasn’t been out of a major metro area in a while… In the place where I grew up, in central Illinois, it would be easier to find gold-plated .22LR right now than someone who isn’t wearing a camo pattern on at least one article of clothing. Been that way for quite a while.

    • Well, around here the camo is so good that nobody even notices it.

      And — I sh1t you not — camo is sold at Bloomingdale’s.

    • The comment on the trend is more about cammo showing up on all kinds of mundane things. No argument that cammo as clothing has been popular since at least the end of the Vietnam war

    • Ten years ago I picked up some surplus cammo fatigues to wear to class (UAW automotive classes and welding) and they were so comfortable I would wear them around campus sometimes. I got no end of grief from the west coast urbanites who thought I was some sort of psudo-military wanabe weirdo. Of course not long after cammo became a hot trend and everyone was wearing some version of it from their favorite JC Pennies exclusive celebrity designer.

      I was similarly ostracized for wearing plaid jackets and hoodies in grade school just before Grunge and early “gangster rap” made that popular for a moment.

    • Learn how to say something worth reading, and the moderation will go away. Persist, and I’ll skip moderation and send ’em straight to the trash.

  7. A few years back, at my senior prom, a girl there was wearing a skimpy camo dress. If I remember correctly, nobody was complaining about it.

  8. I still think the entire wedding formal wear industry is backwards. All of that money on a dress, and after one day it hangs in a closet FOREVER. If I had bought my wedding tuxedo, simple classic black, I would have had occasion to wear it in at least 4 weddings since. Not to mention the ability to have tuxedo night….

  9. I don’t own any camo gear and won’t get any until I decide to finally go turkey hunting. However, I won’t be getting any of the fashionista garments. The Bundeswehr makes the most effective camo patterns in the world. I will be buying surplus Bundes Herren BDUs.


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