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(courtesy CSGV Facebook page)

Hey, I’m crying too. I’m crying because these kids have been brainwashed into thinking that there’s no one who can keep them safe from school shooters. Actually, that’s not true. They’re right. There isn’t. Thanks to Bush the Elders’ Gun Free School Zones Act and the stupidity and political correctness of politicians, parents, teachers and school administrators, thousands of public and private schools are “gun-free zones” (a.k.a., unopposed, target-rich environments). There’s only one solution to this threat—which isn’t a perfect solution—restore Americans’ right to keep and bear arms inside (and outside) school grounds. And then encourage them to do so. As for the CSGV using this cartoon to rally support for civilian disarmament, bah humbug. You bastards.

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  1. Both of my college age daughters got 3 cans of pepper spray and a sign off on their FOID cards (Illinois.) Yes both of their schools are gun free zones but at least they have something to protect them.

    Our son still in middle school here has been taught to safely handle, load and shoot everything we have as well as being told if there is a shooter at his school to run like hell out of there and head into town, where we will pick him up. No Matter what the teachers or staff tell him to do.

    • I too am an Illinois resident; if I have girls, or boys for that matter I am going to encourage them to attend a college in a “campus carry” state. I wish schools would wise up, security at most around here (I am in the construction industry, I see a lot of schools) especially Elementary and Middle schools are just wide open to attack. When you start wargaming it down the only thing between the kids and the bad guys are thin wooden and metal doors and its sad because it doesn’t need to be that way.

      • University of Colorado lets students with a valid permit carry anywhere on campus, sexual assault and violent crime has plummeted on and around campus. My student group helps direct students to get free CCW classes.

        I recommend you guys make a donation to these guys because they’ve helped a lot of broke college students stay safe!

  2. They honestly think they will save children s lives by demonizing the NRA. Pretty sad. I wonder why they were not invited to the white house meetings on gun control? Too radical even for Uncle Joe I guess.

    • “They honestly think they will save children’s lives by demonizing the NRA.”

      Worse than that, do they honestly think that a “bullet proof” vest will save any child in a close-in mass shooting? About as effective as the bullet resistant white board, I should think. I do not need or want to go into the details of how even a pistol can defeat a vest in these situations, and NO vest a child can or would wear will even slow down a 5.56 AR round or a 7.62 AK.

      The level of ignorance of these people is amazing, but perhaps the reason for their irrational solutions?

  3. “There’s only one solution to this threat — which isn’t a perfect solution — restore stop criminalizing Americans’ right to keep and bear arms inside (and outside) school grounds.”

    There. Fixed it for you.

    Our right to keep and bear arms pre-exists government. Our government can neither take it away nor restore it. They can only stop calling us criminals and prosecuting us for exercising our right to keep and bear arms.

  4. I kicked the hornet’s nest by leaving a comment on their photo putting in some well placed facts. Some moron proposed that an “automatic weapon” could shoot 20 times in 300 seconds. I pointed out that 300 seconds is 5 minutes, and that pretty much anything can do that.

    • A reasonably well trained Militiaman with a Brown Bess musket could fire 20 times in 300 seconds.

      Even if they were dyslexic (not the militiaman) and got this backwards that would be a fully automatic weapon firing at 900 rounds per minute. Not impossible, perhaps, but how many criminals or deranged mass-shooters have such a thing? (Except in Hollywood.)

      • I probably shouldn’t point this out … But in a school shooting situation, all else equal the faster the bad guy runs out of ammo the better.

        Full auto wouldn’t kill or hurt as many kids as the same number of carefully (or even somewhat casually) aimed individual shots.

  5. “They put armed security in some post offices. They put them in Social Security offices and court houses. They put them in government buildings to protect bureaucrats and politicians. The politicians who argue that guns can not defend against bad people with bad intentions, still go to work every day in buildings that are heavily guarded by the very guns they abhor. These hypocrites hide behind armed men and then insist that our children aren’t afforded the same protection. They couldn’t care less about your kid’s life, no matter what they say when the cameras are pointing at them.”

  6. Why would they want bullet-proof vests? In a school shooting incident the embodiment of evil has all the time in the world to shoot where the vest is not covering.

    There is no real solution to this problem, not even destroying all the guns in America or removing them from private hands would stop deranged psychopaths from their plans, they’d just have other means, which could be even worse, such as in Bath Michigan. Well, there actually is a solution but such drastic economic reform and improvement in the medical and mental health is almost impossible.

    • The Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba, Cambodia, they all tried drastic economic reform AND gun control. Didn’t seem to do much to reduce the body count. Never has, never will.

      • well, here we are a few hours later, and it looks like either he deleted all of his comments, or CSGV removed them. pro-gun comments are still up, so probably the former.

        • I’ve never dealt with CGSV before, but I’m somewhat impressed that the pro-gun comments are still there. I’ve been blocked and banned from both MDA and Brady after only one comment.

    • I’m on my phone so I can’t really pull up thw reaearch, but please feel free to point out that most “children” included in the homocide statistics are counted all the way up to age 20. You can guess whay sort of activities they are involved in when they got shot.

      PS you are wrong about hunting with AR/AK rifles. A ton of people hunt with those rifles these days. Myself I have used a regular AKM 7.62×39 with a 4x scope and 5 round mags. Makes an excellent brush rifle out to 200 yards.

      • “..the homocide statistics are counted all the way up to age 20. ”

        One of the studies included up to 24 years of age.

      • Yep, sorry about that. I’m a PA resident and we can’t use ’em here, as far as I know. I was trying (poorly) to get the conversation away from the normal “you don’t need an assault rifle for hunting” crap that the antis normally spew.

        A hunt would be fun with a modern sporting rifle! All I have ever done is hunt whitetails in PA with my trusty Remington 760 pump 30.06…


  7. I’m always shocked by the sheer volume of stupidity seen in those facebook pages. I can’t find people that stupid in real life (luckily), are they all in the coastal regions?

  8. “There’s only one solution to this threat”

    Not entirely true. No argument gun free zones have been and continue to be a disaster. A true solution would be making sure that people get caught way before they get to the point of a mass shooting, not by police, but by the larger community. People simply don’t go from completely stable to mass murder overnight, nor do they make that transition without warning. Isolation fosters unhealthy mental states. If we were really serious about preventing these events, we would pay more attention to what our friends and neighbors are going through and honestly, without judgement, do our best to help.

    Obviously, it’s not always possible, which is why these gun free zones need to go away, and why the media needs to stop fetishizing guns. But as a nation we aren’t even trying. We handcuff our schools to the point they’re afraid to do anything at all for fear of being sued, isolate kids with electronics, don’t give them any outlet physically or emotionally, and then wonder what happened when a kid goes postal. It’s not brain surgery.

    • “It’s not brain surgery.” Actually, in an odd way, it kind of is.

      The brain organizes itself around the input it receives and the work that’s demanded of it. Put together all the things you mentioned, and you’ve got a recipe for the kind of neural change that even surgery couldn’t do.

    • I wanted to get my 9 year old neice a BB gun this year, but her mom wants to wait until next year. I had a 20 gauge by that age, but hey, I can’t make those calls.

  9. Visited the CSGV post with this cartoon on Facebook and skimmed through the comments.

    I’ve never seen so much hysterical nincompoopery concentrated in one place. I can almost picture someone behind the scenes at the CSGV directing their one rabid supporter: “Look out, the Evil Gun People are using facts! Quick, fling more poop! Shriek, people! Shriek louder!”


  10. “They all want bulletproof vests.”

    but DHS bought them all up, now there is no protection for the children except these old GUN FREE ZONE signs

    • Haha! Yes!

      If I wasn’t so antisocial(media), I’d put that up on my wall. Er, stream. Er…yeah. Somebody needs to put that in a comment on the CSGV’s Facebook post.

  11. Okay, I left a comment, then browsed that page, then left some more comments. Holy hell, it’s like wandering around my old high school and accidentally entering the special ed classroom.


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