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On Sunday the TTAG crew attended SIG SAUER’S range event and put some rounds through their new CROSS rifle. A lightweight, modern take on the bolt-action rifle, the CROSS is sure to turn heads and generate interest among precision shooters as well as hunters.

Weighing in at just 6.5 pounds, the CROSS is lighter than the vast majority of traditional bolt-action rifles.

It employs a one-piece aluminum receiver rather than a stock or a chassis with a steel action bolted onto the top. The bolt rides inside the receiver and locks into a barrel extension. It’s all very AR-style rather than traditional bolt-gun style.

Channels are cut into the bolt body to help guide it and keep wobble to a minimum.

The highly adjustable, precision style stock offers tool-less length of pull and cheek rest adjustment. Additionally the recoil pad can be easily moved up and down and can also be canted left or right.

With the push of a button and a lift upwards on the hinge, the stock folds to the right and captures the bolt to lock it in battery.

On the range we stretched the CROSS out to 500 yards and it performed like a straight-shooting 6.5 Creedmoor should.

We found it light and maneuverable, but recoil was perfectly acceptable. The two-stage trigger was crisp and clean, though maybe slightly heavier than I would personally set a precision trigger at.

Action on the bolt was a bit grittier than we were expecting — not the glass-on-glass feel of a decent, custom action — but then again the MSRP of $1,699 to $1,779 or so is lower than we were expecting.

Overall it shot very well and has modern, sleek looks. Given the light weight, the folding stock, and the reasonable MSRP it should have no trouble finding a ready market.

The CROSS will be available in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 277 SIG FURY in either black or camo. Stay tuned, as we have more information on the new 277 FURY cartridge going live tomorrow.

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  1. I’m sorry but these new gunms just ain’t cutting the mustard. I need something I can fall in the mud and bash heads with.

    • That would be an M1 Garand, or a Mosin Nagant. The upper receiver + barrel for one of my big bores works well as a club but its about 25Lbs.

    • And where do you attach the bayonet? Really? No bayonet lug?
      I would not be surprised to see major arms manufacturers soon start introducing/reintroducing muskets in the near future. Behold the new SIG musket in .227 Musket or the Glock .40 muzzle loader, also available in .22.
      The manufacturing industry is slowly abandoning the Second Amendment as we knew it and gearing up for Confiscation 101. Little do they care that thus the are in fact opening up the doors for confiscation 102, et al. The purpose of the SIG CROSS was to allow us mere mortals to eventually have access to the newly developed military holy grail of belt fed squad weapon cartridge, the 6.8 SPC, reincarnated as a civilian .277 SIG Fury. Previously, companies that were once renowned for revolver prowess and just about abandoned them are reintroducing them. And, most recently some who had never shown much recent interest in wheel guns are adding them to their lineup.
      All of these recent actions prove to me that in spite of assurances to the contrary, the firearms industry is slowly distancing itself from the Second Amendment and gradually falling off, so that when the left attacks the pro 2A in the rear and assail on their right and left, the defense of the Second Amendment will be brought to an abrupt halt, but the firearms industry would have at least by then generated a decent profit as they position themselves to be the bootleggers of a century later. (Trust me I did exactly that against the Romans at the Battle of Cannae.
      I hope to be wrong, but are they our friends or just profiting from us until they can no longer. Don’t forget S&W’s betrayal in an attempt to beat their competitors and stay in business.

      • Its not the 6.8 spc, its an over pressured 277-308 wildcat running at 100k psi with a hybrid case, and yes the industry except PSA is abandoning the 2nd

      • you dont need a bayonet if you popping them from 500+yds. this is a niche gun. discrete carry, set up from a roof top or window. and lay dow accurate fire. “discretely.” or hunting carry in a pack .no one would look twice walking by. they would have a egg, you walking around with a 45in boom stick though.

    • You should listen to Kevin’s podcasts. Q and Sig appear to be very close and Kevin has talked about all of the Sig engineers that have sent resumes to him.


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