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What are the chances? First the Ruger-57 and now the Diamondback DBX. Two new 5.7x28mm guns that nobody saw coming. And they’re both great! In the video above, Diamondback gave us the run-through of the DBX and then we put a few rounds downrange.

And it was great!

The DBX is sort of like a miniaturized AR-style gun. In fact, it accepts standard AR triggers, safeties, and grips. A Picatinny rail on the rear is ready to accept pistol braces like the SB Tactical FS1913 seen in these photos, or a shoulder stock like the about-to-be-released Black Collar Arms Stock Option.

The DBX is gas piston driven, with two pistons acting on the bolt to set it in motion rearwards at the right time. This is different from other 5.7x28mm firearms on the market, most of which are using some sort of delayed blowback mechanism. It shot smooth and soft, as you’d expect.

FN Five-seveN magazines (or ProMag aftermarket versions) are used in the DBX. It has a reciprocating charging handle that can be quickly and easily switched from left to right side.

One of the best “features” of the DBX is its weight: about 3 lbs without the brace and 3.7 lbs with it. It feels incredibly lightweight and maneuverable. This would make for a fantastic critter hunting gun, whether it’s for prairie dogs or gators.

Diamondback will begin shipping the DBX on 5/7/2020 and MSRP is $1,299.

Our initial impressions of the DBX’s machining, fit, and finish are very high. It looks and feels like a well-made gun, and though we only shot a few rounds through it it seemed well-sorted and ready to rock.

The Diamondback DBX 5.7×28 was one of the coolest and most interesting new releases at Range Day. We don’t know what’s up with this sudden 5.7 interest, but the rumor around town is that a few ammo manufacturers are circling back to the cartridge and looking to put out some more ammo options and some more affordable ammo options. If that happens, there are some new guns in my future.

Obviously TTAG will work to get our hands on a DBX as soon as we can for a full review. Please send ammo.

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    • Only problem with that is there’s no magazines out there like the Five-Seven, they’re all single stack, low capacity mags.

      Unless Diamondback is planning to make their own pistol in 7.62×25 and use proprietary mags.

    • Well, with more options to choose from than just FN now – the 5.7 may finally come into its own and the ammo prices will finally drop to reasonable levels.
      Makes me wonder if the P90 might just drop down to a price I could realistically consider for my budget.

  1. This is the gun part. A Range Day where you get to shoot up guns and ammo that you don’t have to pay for and can’t afford anyway.

    So, just have fun ringing some steel plates!!!

    … some Tannerite would be a gooder time too 🙂

  2. CMMG brought their 5.7 uppers out that work on standard AR lowers, direct blowback, and also have full guns/pistols, 5”/8”/16” options, or barrel/BCG only to build your own. They have new proprietary magazines that work on standard lowers as well, 40rd variety. Same overall price as this. BBL/BCG combos are around $420, uppers with 2-3 mags, $825. This seems to be the best option for 5.7 so far.

    • They mentioned before I shot it that last round hold open or manual bolt locking or something wasn’t yet operational on this prototype gun.

  3. Really impressed how little recoil there is. Going gas operated allowed for a very light bolt carrier, I guess.

  4. Cool…but for $1299 I’ll pass. They seem to be upping their game with new pistol’s that actually work. Never hear anything bad about Diamondback AR’s. This looks like something I’d rent for fun😃

  5. They can make this piston driven gun for $1200 but the 9mm guns are like $3k.
    This is is tempting if 5.7 comes down in price. Would make a nice HD gun with a can. Quieter than a 5.56 sbr and probably just as effective at cqb ranges.

      • Honest answer, Diamondback is owned by Taurus, which isn’t known for their customer service. I bought a DB AR pistol in a nice FDE cerakote. Had to send it in TWICE to DB/Taurus for service. Both times they FAILED fixing the problem. Apparently they can’t fix their firearms correctly. One big hassle. The upper receiver had a headspace problem that they WOULDN’T fix. DB/Taurus wouldn’t replace the upper receiver while still under warranty. Had to take it to my local gunsmith to correct the issue. You should consider other manufactures.

  6. What’s up with the 5.7 and 22? Well probably that’s all we’re going to be able to get, then the BATFE will declare 5.7 Armor Piercing no no

  7. “Fully aluminum…”


    “Well, Earl grabbed on the shifter
    And he stabbed ‘er into fifth gear
    And then the chromium-plated
    Fully-illuminated genuine accessory shift knob
    Come right off in his hand
    I says, “You wanna screw that thing back on, Earl?”

    • fully aluminated illuminium.
      never heard that one.
      stranded a kingswood estate on shrine pass outside minturn. snow cat almost wouldn’t get her.

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