Dr. Jason Piccolo
Courtesy NSSF
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For another segment of the 2020 SHOT Show TV season, NSSF Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs Larry Keane sat down with Dr. Jason Piccolo to discuss the longstanding close relationship between the firearms industry and the law enforcement community. Dr. Piccolo, a law enforcement official and host of The Protectors podcast, was eager to share how law enforcement across the country values the strategic partnership between them and the firearms industry, as well as the many initiatives NSSF has launched to help reduce suicide, cut down on criminal misuse of firearms and create more educated and informed gun owners.

Despite media portrayals, the law enforcement community “absolutely loves” the firearms industry, according to Dr. Piccolo. He and Keane spoke of all the ways NSSF actively partners with the federal government, such as with Operation Secure Store, which has helped reduce burglaries and robberies of firearm retailers by educating shop owners on securing their inventory and by working with the ATF to offer a reward for gun store thieves.

They also touched on the appreciation law enforcement officers have for America’s individual gun owners, the value of which was recently exemplified in Texas where a law-abiding gun owner’s decisive action stopped a potential mass murder inside a church.

View the whole video and learn more about how partnerships between the federal government and the firearms industry benefits our communities.

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  1. “Despite media portrayals, the law enforcement community “absolutely loves” the firearms industry, according to Dr. Piccolo…”

    The “law enforcement community” is not a monolith. I.e. cops in DC, which may have never held a gun before training and only own their service weapons, are not going to have the same feelings towards the firearms industry as cops that grew up or live in rural areas where they started shooting as a hobby, rather than seeing guns as a tool of their trade.

    This is also the problem when people talk about “law enforcement” as one body relating to how they enforce laws. I know VA troopers who are currently looking for new jobs because they don’t want anything to do with the gun control nonsense being voted in by the suburbs of DC invading Virginia. But they will be replaced, one way or another, and their replacements may very well not feel the same way.

  2. Thanks for sharing their discussion regarding the firearms industry and law enforcement community.The vice president of the law enforcement community mentioned some of remarkable issues those should be taken in consideration for building a better nation for the future. I am a student of law department and currently I am writing an assignment that you could find here read this article to learn assignment writing tips about different topics you like most.From my point of view the use of firearms should be restricted for the benefits of the man kind by the general people.

  3. Hannibal, if you’ve followed my posts you know I spent most of my adult life in law enforcement. Most of that as a firearms instructor. Most of that training citizens so they could get a C.C.W. Most cops I know like armed citizens. We consider them alies. A few others are ambivalent about armed citizens. Could care less about them. A very few cops are hostile toward armed citizens. Just a few. Fuck them! They are asswipes! Buy a weapon! Carry a weapon! The cops show up after the shit is over.

  4. Yeah, no. Cops enforce gun control laws. Stop pretending they’re our friends. They are literally the only threat to our rights.

    • Yikes. Are you voting for AOC this go around? Shes saying the same thing. Totally sane. Totally.

      We literally out number and out gun the cops 300 to 1. If you factor in shift work for on-duty cops it’s 10,000 to 1 at any given time. If we didn’t want cops around, then they’d all be dead in 15 seconds. Stop being so scared. They’re flesh and blood, and can only use one gun at a time…. just like everybody else.

    • Yeah right, because you know a lot of folks who had their guns or conceal license confiscated by cops. You probably have yourself 15 real life occurrences of cops infringing on your 2A just for the heck of it. On the other hand, if cops weren’t there I am sure gun grabbing politicians and lobbyists would be totally unable to fund groups to fulfill a “mission.” In my state you have to really go out of your way to get screwed with your 2A: credible threat to commit suicide or hurt others, commission of a crime or suspicious activity leading to a lawful search and seizure…it’s not like cops are actively looking to seize some guns or harass in any way, shape or form responsible gun owners.

  5. Nothing like an article to continue the polarization keeping separations going. Almost as bad as the news media pumping the racial division. Agendas from both sides and Americans in the middle.

  6. I have no doubt that there are firearm loving LEO. I also have no doubt that there are wrench loving mechanics out there fixing cars. Let’s not forget the gavel loving judges and the CDL loving long haul truck drivers.

    These are tools…tools of the trade. Many in the trade look down on the novice for having such tools. Regardless of any right.

  7. OK, now how do they feel about their fellow civilian, non-LEO, firearms owners? Attitudes will vary, for sure, but if Ordinary Men is any indication, expect many will act to protect & serve their pensions.

  8. They love the firearms industry because they get carve-outs to own things their fellow citizens are prohibited from owning.

  9. The firearms industry as a whole is not as pro 2a as one might think. A lot of it is just big companies like colt and springfield trying to make money any way they can regardless of politics and consumers. As a whole, the firearms community should stop treating cops like a special entity. No mags over 10 rounds for cops in slave states would be a great start. Yes some big contracts would be lost. I love companies like Barrett that won’t sell their products to LEOs in states where the citizens can’t buy them. We need more companies to do that and we as the consumers need to respond positively with our wallets to such companies.

    • Other than firearms is there any other legit industry in America that expects the end user to do the heavy lifting and bear the expense of fighting to keep that business in business?

      Firearms companies need to step up in this fight.

    • Yeah I think law enforcement for the most part loves the firearm industry, but that doesn’t mean law enforcement agrees that the common citizen should have access to firearms or what, if any restrictions they support. Certainly there are police on both sides, some lobbying in support of 2A, others pushing gun control. Also a lot of police departments are rocking supressors, SBRs, 15/17/30 round mags, “assault weapons” in states or cities where they are restricted or banned, sometimes even full auto. In general where the local police are given the power to approve or deny the second amendment, it is a bad thing, as I think the tendency is to restrict because “it makes their job easier and safer” if no one but them have guns, or if they can just assume anyone with a gun is a bad guy.

      No Cop carve outs or government official carve outs!

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