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The San Francisco Chronicle has hit California county sheriffs with public records requests demanding lists of concealed carry permit holders. Sheriff Barnes of Sutter County not only declined to release the complete information, but issued a notice to licensees that Chronicle is attempting to obtain their data.

San Francisco Chronicle CCW Gun public records request
Source: Sutter County Sheriff’s Facebook page

San Francisco Chronicle editor in chief Audrey Cooper isn’t happy about their fishing expedition being exposed.

“I am deeply disturbed by how some sheriffs have handled a routine request for public information from a respected and established news outlet. As a result, they have put our journalists in personal danger for their own political gain.

“It is a journalist’s job to investigate trends, and we do not intend on publishing personal information of private citizens. Unfortunately, the sheriffs sought to play up distrust in media when it became clear that they cannot deny access to public information.”

“Play up.” As if that’s even necessary.

If they aren’t going to publish the information, why did the newspaper ask for it? How does revealing that the Chronicle was attempting to identify specific law-abiding firearm owners put anonymous reporters in any personal danger?

Why ever would law-abiding firearm owners be suspicious of a “respected and established news outlet” wanting the personal data of CCW licensees, Ms. Cooper? It isn’t as though papers have ever doxxed gun owners before.

Oh…wait. journal news concealed carry

The New York-based Journal News did just that. And it appears their map was used by burglars who were out to steal guns.

It was reported the burglars went straight for the safe that contained legally registered weapons but they abandoned the theft when they could not get the safe open. One person has been taken into custody.

More than once . . .

As the uproar continues over the wisdom of The Journal News posting an online, interactive map displaying the names, addresses and the locations of the homes of Westchester and Rockland County’s legal gun owners, a second law abiding gun owner’s home was robbed and more legally registered weapons were stolen.

I’m not a fan of doxxing political opponents, but if the Chronicle abuses the data they’re going after in a way close to what the Journal News did, I’m not going to cry if gun rights supporters dox them right back. Again.

I’ve contacted the Chronicle’s Ms. Cooper for an explanation as to how they intend to use the data they are demanding. She has not responded to the inquiry yet.

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  1. “As a result, they have put our journalists in personal danger for their own political gain.” Why does the left think it’s okay to endanger gun owners and then pretend to be victims.

    • “Why does the left think it’s okay to endanger gun owners and then pretend to be victims.”

      As far as they are concerned, the ‘public’ has a right to know exactly where guns are located. The believe they are performing a public service by informing their readers, so that they can avoid those areas.

      And if you home gets broken into and your guns stolen, well, you obviously didn’t secure them well enough.

      Leftists are evil…

      • “And if you home gets broken into and your guns stolen, well, you obviously didn’t secure them well enough.”

        And then YOU go to jail and lose you gun rights. The plan, not a bug.

        Meanwhile in Cali, no bail for the burglar.

      • Tell the law it’s a boot scraper shaped like a gun. The SF Chronicle is as FOS as the streets of SF

      • The public has absolutely no right to any information regarding what law abiding people keep in their home or their person. Neither of these things are public.

        How about this, let’s release a list of the addresses of all persons prescribed opioid medication, since opioid use is an “epidemic” and is responsible for more deaths than guns. Next, we can release a list of all people who keep Bibles in their homes, so homosexual people can be sure to steer clear of these residences in case Christians decide to catch them while they’re walking their cat and burn them at the stake.

        Assuming your proposed motives are true, and the left is attempting to tie CCW holders to the gun violence “epidemic”, then it shows how little they know about the actual issue and they shouldn’t be involving themselves in it. No CCW holder has been involved in a mass shooting, ever. All they have done here is endanger the public further by giving thieves and criminals access to gun hoards, which is probably their plan in the first place. They’ve also endangered innocent citizens and their children for their own political gain so yes, the left is evil. The fact that they’ll lose to Trump again in 2020 is proof enough.

    • I believe it’s always a female editor doing this. Just like the “Moms demand” group. Disarm the good guys? Then what? Idiots.

    • If this isn’t communism, someone smart please inform the thinking legal citizens just what communism is. Time for people to get off their butts and get politically active and smart and the sooner the better. The liberals have been trying to ban so called ‘assault weapons’ for years thinking the American people are simpletons and stupid to think there’s a difference, wrong , any gun can be used as an assault weapon!. Ironic thing though, worthless slugs like good ole ‘fart ‘ faced dianne feinstein, ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’ and her nephew gavin ‘giveaway the store and just about everything else for free newsom have and carry guns but want to deny the law abiding citizens guns for their own personal protection. Time for this namby pamby BS of sitting back and letting these liberals take our constitutional rights away is long over. Wake up America, the liberals are trying to abolish the second amendment of the Constitution ‘the right to keep and bear arms’. I could go on but what’s the point if people here are going sit on their butts and let these no good thieves, liars and downright anti American communists turn America into another communist SHIT PIT

  2. Well that’s an easy fix. Just publish the names and addresses of all the people who DON’T have a gun in their house. I’m sure plenty of burglars would be interested in that list.

      • It would be easier to create a fake list with the leftist address as gun owners. Let’s see how the tables are turned.

    • Illinois was going to publish all the FOID card holders a few years ago. I knew a few people who got cards and didn’t have a gun. Because publishing the have and have nots makes it easier to rob someone’s home.

    • Not having a CCW is not the same as not having a firearm in the home. There are many more firearm owners than CCW holders.

  3. Looks me like the SFC is planning “False Red Flag Law Abuses” on a massive scale….ya reckon ?

  4. How does California’s law — compelling Sheriff’s to share CCW personal information with the public — not violate CCW licensee’s Fourth Amendment rights and attendant right to privacy?

    • What?!? It’s not like gun owners are commiting infanticide. What do they need a right to privacy for?

      • You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. John Adams said that, I believe. Or was it Joseph Goebbels? Same difference, right?

        • Sadly, nowadays, making that comparison is not tantamount to issuing fighting words because the underlying sentiment is apt. We do live in sucky times. My late grandfathers just may be rolling over in their graves, so to speak.

        • Now days, making that comparison will fly over most people’s heads given the current education system products.

    • What makes you think they care about any other of our enumerated Rights, that are supposed to be protected, since they are obviously/blatantly anti-2A, and are proud to force their views down every single persons throat they are able to

  5. ‘The Truth About Guns’ is such an odd name for a website the clearly panders to left leaning, nanny state loving cowards.

    • There’s a critical difference. Leftists are much more likely to use the info to do harm than those who oppose them. Not that there aren’t violent, self-righteous nutters on both sides, but it’s baked in with the Proggies.

  6. I was on the Journal News’ gun map. The one bright side? That was the event that turned me into a hardcore, no compromise gun rights advocate.

    • Without celebrating the unfortunately circumstances of the event, that’s a good response on your part.

      Few people care more about their rights than those of us who have found ourselves in the figurative or literal crosshairs of those determined to strip those rights from us. It’s no longer a “what if” game, or an “eventually”, or a “may be able to”, it’s a “they DID, at least once.. far.”

    • “The one bright side?” Placing the lives of NY Pistol Permit holders at risk was justification for an amendment change to **FULL CARRY** (from more restrictive permits). Many astute permit holders filed these requests — and many were approved.

  7. We need a federal law to keep such information out of public hands. And you can tell the ACLU to go fly a kite if it opposes such an idea.

      • Not always true. They used to fight for free speech for everyone. They’ve never been much interested in defending 2A, but there were pretty solid on free speech. Now, they’ve gone full dark side and pick and choose who they back. Proggies have hollowed out and taken over various civil rights movements and organizations, and now wear their skins like a disguise.

        • The ACLU has NEVER supported the free speech civil rights of christians. And many other groups have never been supported.

    • Let’s publish the names of people who’ve had abortions at a publicly funded clinic. If it’s taxpayer funded, we have a right to know who got our money. It’s not a pro or anti thing. We just have a right to know.

      • I like that idea!!! If its public money we have a right to know who gets the money and why.

      • They’re actually different things…one’s a matter of public record (such as marriage, property ownership, etc.) while the other’s a use of public funds. Otherwise, I like your train of thought and would expand it to include all recipients of welfare. Then we could doxx all the Mercedes-driving people who are “too poor” and receive public assistance.

      • Abolish congress slush fund to pay off sexual victims. YOUR tax dollars at work. We have a right to know who is spending our money and for what purpose. Go to work tomorrow and tell your boss that you need a slush fund because your a pervert and shouldn’t have to pay for your own mistakes. Is it any wonder why congress is 9% approval rating. Here is a thought. If all of my co-workers voted yes to a slush fund does that mean I work with a bunch of perverts? Hmmm???

      • Just read a story about a 37 yr. old woman who is a virgin by choice/saving herself for marriage. The comments from men and women were tearing her apart for it. I blew up!!
        To the men: Seriously?? How can you rip on a woman for showing some class and standing on her principles. Not your principles her principles.
        To the women: Shut the hell up!! What about My Body, My choice?? Does My Body, My Choice only apply if it is abortion? If that is the case there is way over a million dead, aborted little baby girls. Where is their choice?? This is to every living human being on earth- YOUR MOTHER CHOSE LIFE !!!!!

  8. Proud to be a red dot on that Journal News map and proud of my fellow local gun owners whose red dots illustrate the truth.

  9. So… using public records law to find out the names of gun owners is okay but revealing that such a thing is happening is… not?

    “Unfortunately, the sheriffs sought to play up distrust in media…” Yeah why would anyone distrust a media source that wants to SECRETLY get a list of all the gun owners in an area?

  10. Some years back, a paper in Bloomington, Indiana (the home of Indiana University, and a town with more than a few radical-lite types) Published the addresses (and perhaps the names) of all the CCW permit carriers in the area. The editorial board was stunned at the backlash, and whined it was done for safety purposes or some such rot. Even the warmed over hippy crowd down there saw an intimidation tactic for what it was, however.

    There was also a paper in New York that did something very similar in 2012. Though that might have been the whole state.

  11. Dox her address to the public and then post “This is a gun free zone!” After all, she’s irrelevant!

  12. I like doxing every employee of the Chronicle. After all the public needs to know just who is deriving benefit from potentially bad behavior.

  13. So doxxing gun owners doesn’t put them in danger but refusing to help dox them puts journos in danger?

    • They’re always the victim, no matter what. And they’re THE NEWS for crying out loud! You’re just supposed to trust them to do the right thing.

  14. Just one more pathetic example of a liberal shi*hole trying to shine a light somewhere other than on them. Get yourselves some good attorneys people, sue their as*es off!

  15. The only way to stop these elitist sh#tbags is to treat them like they treat people that they have so much disrespect for.

    If you can find a hundred people in California. I would have them protest around the chronicle office building carrying cardboard cutouts of AR-15 rifles. And people wearing an empty holster.

    I know the chronicle supports folks wearing a strap-on dildo well-fitted for public attire.

  16. Case in point that having to pay or litigate your God given right to defense with a square piece of paper is in itself a dangerous endeavor when government is involved.

    • If you are editor Audrey Cooper, I would certainly like to read what reason you have to request such information.

    • Ms. Cooper, if you are replying to this article, then it’s pretty obvious that contact has been made.

      Since you are here, don’t kick the can down the road to another day and a private conversation. Let the light on in and answer the author’s questions right here.

      “If they aren’t going to publish the information, why did the newspaper ask for it? How does revealing that the Chronicle was attempting to identify specific law-abiding firearm owners put anonymous reporters in any “personal danger“?”

      Here’s your chance to answer directly in your own words.

    • Do you remember what happened the last time a news organization published the names and addresses of individual gun owners?

      Here, I’ll refresh your memory:

      Keep in mind that this was right after the Newtown shooting, in a neighboring state. This was perhaps at the height of anti-gun sentiment among the public, in a part of the country that would have been the most sympathetic. Yet, the backlash, both locally and nationwide, was as fierce as it was swift.

      Times have changed since then, and what the Journal News reporters experienced will be a playground disagreement compared to what’s coming to the San Francisco Chronicle if you follow through with publishing the names of CCW holders.

      For your sake, and for the sake of the friends and families of all of your reporters, I do hope your request is merely background research that will be aggregated and anonymized.

      Treat lightly.

  17. This is just a drop in the bucket. Wait until they start trying to obtain information from manufacturers and websites like that sell 80% lowers and polymer80% glocks. They’ll have all that info and try to put it out there. Idk if they can obtain that info or how but who’s to say they stop there. Oh you bought a barrel for an Ar in 06 put him in the map hes got a ghost gun.

  18. What is wrong with publishing the address and phone numbers of reporters who ask for the same information from the people they interview?
    These same reporters write where people live and work. Even when those people don’t want that information published.

    I don’t like doxxing. But this is the 21st century now. You have no expectation of privacy. And that is really sad.

  19. The lists are being prepared thanks to the hard work of our Journalism Freedom From Oppression Writers.

    When President Bernie seizes power and appoints AOC as Czaress Against Gun Violence, the Bitter Clingers will find their time in the Mandatory Education Centers most enlightening.

    There they will learn how only The State can be trusted with guns, how the FBI will redistribute the Weapons Of War to the patriots in Antifa/Atomwaffen/The Base, where they will become Implements Of Peace, and how the old despotic racist patriarchal system will be crushed, in the name of The People, by The People, and for The People.

    Bitter Clingers, your time is past. Submit to the Will Of The People or suffer the fate of the kulaks!

      • Laughter will have to be pre approved in The Peoples United Socialist States, and only appropriate laughter will be allowed.

        For instance, if Czarina Against Whiteness Kamala Harris makes a Cheech and Chong style joke about reefer in her hip hop days as a Prosecutor, polite chuckling is allowed (and encouraged.)

        However, if President Bernies dentures come loose while ranting about the difficulties confiscating USS farmers tractors and shipping them to Africa, laughter is definitely prohibited.

        You will not want to be denounced for improper laughter, in the Name Of The People.

        • You remind me of the movie “Cabaret”. Where laughter was not permitted. You are very funny.

    • Go back to reading “Reds” and self-pleasuring at the thought of personally executing all those hillbillies, Jethroes, bitter clingers, and other deplorables.

      • Yes, it is true Obama can read our minds.

        How else could he know exactly what we need and want?

  20. “The press are the enemy of the people.”
    President Donald Trump

    The “press” has never supported the Bill of Rights. They only like guns for their own security guards. And they only like the 1st amendment for themselves.

  21. The Cleveland Plain Dealer and several other Ohio newspapers tried that stunt a while back.

    Publisher’s, editor’s and reporter’s:
    * home addresses
    * phone numbers
    * pictures of homes
    * property information
    * divorce proceedings
    * criminal records
    and a plethora of other data was posted online.

    Strangely, those attempting to endanger gun owners were seemingly astonished that THEIR information was widely disseminated. Since then, their enthusiasm for doxxing has been VASTLY diminished.

    There was an episode of the classic documentary “The World at War” which touched on the strategic bombing campaign against Germany. Of the Germans’ shocked reaction at Berlin getting the same treatment as Guernica and Rotterdam, Sir Lawrence Olivier slyly remarked words to the effect of, “Aerial bombing was something that happened to OTHER people…”

    When corrupt media figures try to harm gun owners, gun owners need to give them their own “Hermann Goering moment”.

    • “Hermann Goering moment”
      I wish more people understood just what this means. The turn out for Lobby Day in Virginia is an example of this without falling RDX explosive bombs. Politicians who vote for these unconstitutional laws should be picketed at their homes. The Left has been doing this at conservative homes for years now.

      In the1980s union members and homosexuals would protest at churches where politicians worshiped. They even protested at the elementary schools where the children attended school.

      I don’t recall the three L’s saying it was wrong.

  22. “Is the San Francisco Chronicle Trying To Dox Gun Owners Again?”

    Did they stop? I missed that.

  23. The Spokesman Review in Spokane WA did a request to get all the records of who participated in the bump stock buyback. The WA legislature passed a law and shut that down just in time. I emailed the paper and got a response from someone I didn’t recognize as a regular writer for the paper. They might have been, but not someone I knew of. They said they too didn’t have any plans for the info.
    One of the reasons I don’t subscribe anymore.

  24. Why would the S.F. Chronicle want the C.C.W. records from Sutter County? Sutter County is nowhere near S.F. That is like N.Y. wanting records from Indiana. The request makes no sense.

    • Sutter county is rural california in the northern part of the state. There are many CCW holders in that county. In SF county maybe only 20 or 30 out of nearly a 2 million county population. Basicly the big city Liberals can’t find anyone close by to harass. So they have to travel 100 plus miles out of their way to find conservatives to bother.

      The Libertarians Liberals and the Left have never believed in “Live and Let Live”.

  25. Try taking away their 1st amendment rights and listen to them scream. Wouldn’t surprise me if the left is working on that too, but they do control the press.

  26. Gun Violence – There are a lot of emotional arguments on both sides, and “Feel-Good” Legislative activity at the State levels – so let’s break down the official numbers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): New numbers are 38,000 deaths a year; however, the ratios are probably the same
    • In 2017, there were 32,000 deaths from Gun Violence in the USA – 40,100 in car accidents
    • 60% are suicides = 19,200 (conveniently omitted fact)
    • 3% are accidental = 960 and 4% are justified = 1,280
    • 33% are homicides = 10,560
    • However 80% of them are gang related = 8,448.
    • That leaves 2,112 in society of 312 million
    • As we all know, it is not politically correct to discuss the prevailing Black-on-Black crime and Latin Gangs – Back population is 14%, however they represent more than 50% of the homicides.

    No NRA member has ever been charged on gun violence, so why are they always implicated in that in public opinion. Yet, NRA is the organization teaching gun safety.

    Finland and Switzerland have some of the highest per capita gun ownership in the world, yet some of the lowest gun violence. Both of them are small culturally homogeneous and well-educated societies with mandatory military service for all males. USA is not.

    Guns do not kill – people do.

    Criminals would not comply with any gun control laws. However, these “Feel-Good” laws provide politicians the cover – like they really care.

    Most mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones – why – a safe place for the shooter.
    Public Gun Registration would have some serious unintended consequences
    • Let the criminals know which house may not be the best ‘target’ to break in
    • Also, where one could find some guns for their criminal activities

    America does not have a gun problem. We have significant problems with education, culture, and socio-economics. How much does our culture of violence and lack of respect (self and authority) impact the younger generation?

    Mexico is the number two most dangerous country (after Syria – civil war) due to cartels.

    • Jaakko. A significant problem with education? Lol Did California just pass a law that you can not suspend a student for unruly behavior or for disobeying a Teacher. OMG … EVERY student including the class president is now telling themselves ” I can do whatever I want” I remember my mother telling this to every grade school teacher right in front of me. (K through 6th) “If he needs paddled you let him have it and when he gets home he will get it again” Guess what a miracle took place.. Never did anything to need it and never got it…

      • A lady in our church is secretary at a middle school. Quote.. “I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times I have heard 1st and 2nd graders cuss out the principal” My parents would have killed me. I do mean dead-no pulse…My son in law teaches in TN. I asked him how he does it with todays climate in schools. Instantly he replied “We have no problem at all” “We have corporal punishment” He said what is more important is the parents support us 100% I wish I would have asked him about how much it is needed.. My guess is not much…..

  27. What would be wrong with providing the public with the names and addresses of the workers of the san frico cron news paper. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Secondly, I did not know there were any people in the gov’t of the lib nation of CA that had common sense to see this for what it is/was. That you sheriff. It is great to know there is a real man in your office. Great job!

  28. A bunch of Democratic/ Socialist trying to intimidate weapon owners. Someone out their in California sue the paper for excess wants. If they use any of the information against any legal concealed owner.

  29. I fail to recognize how the general public has a right to know and also how they would benefit from a “journalist” obtaining information on the locations of privately and legally held firearms.

  30. Not a CCW holder, but this so morally irresponsible. Not that I think anyone’s information should be made public, But think of victim’s of violence, rape survivors, judges, law enforcement officer’s who have specially went through the process due to active threats. Joe stalker who now knows where you live because the SF Chronicle or any other agency just made your location public? It’s just ludicrous.

    However, the real question is why must this information deemed pubic to anyone, beyond law enforcement. It seems the root cause is the information falling within the Public Record domain in the first place. What would be required to
    change this? It seems some states recognize and prevented this.

    In the Bay Area counties you have to have a pretty good cause to even be granted a CCW and this just puts even more risk against the person who holds it.

    In my experience law abiding gun owners, especially with CCWs, are the most careful people partly due to the fact they would forever lose the ability to defend themselves if they are charged with any felony. And as mentioned before, are photographed, finger printed, and personally screened by the sheriff.


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